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What is the probability that .@sarahjestock - who is the Program Director of @WellcomeLeap - should be randomly the corresponding author on a paper that she didn't write, relating to datasets that can't be audited, showing "no pregnancy problems with mRNA vaccines"?
And what is the probability that @sarahjestock has written 50 papers in 2 years whilst being a full time obstetrician, university professor at two universities, program director at @WellcomeLeap...

And in her papers declares no conflicts of interest...…
Except when she declares conflicts of interest.

It's hit and miss, you see. When it's a pregnancy in vaccine paper there are no conflicts of interest. When it's another paper, we'll declare them but they aren't really conflicts because they are just Pharma so that's fine ImageImage
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(2/15) Image
プラスミドdsDNA 混入疑惑
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BOOM! 🧀🧀🧀

The @acog and ACIP's @kevinault absolutely busted.

They accepted more than $12 million in awards to tell you to take an experimental therapy in pregnancy, with ZERO safety data.

These people need to go to jail

h/t @Maggie_Thorp ImageImageImageImage
This is just one of the awards.
I have only just started going through this document.

None of this was declared to the public, so every ABOG member who advised a pregnant woman to take this drug is guilty of undeclared conflicts of interest.… Image
#Placentagate just took an even darker turn
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Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated
with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and
adolescents - A scoping review…

Let's not talk about #Placentagate, right? ImageImageImageImage
It's a nice and damning record on the uselessness of the masks. But hardly the reason for the birth rate collapse and stillbirth rate.

@Jikkyleaks @Maples46014332 @DoorlessCarp @AllTheRisks @JesslovesMJK @AllTheRisks @carl_jurassic @ClareCraigPath @kacdnp91 @knigotnik @KathMLee1 ImageImageImageImage
@Jikkyleaks @Maples46014332 @DoorlessCarp @AllTheRisks @JesslovesMJK @carl_jurassic @ClareCraigPath @kacdnp91 @knigotnik @KathMLee1… (1)

How did they know in 2022 about the Cochrane review published in 2023? Look at the history of the study?

This fish smells really bad! ImageImageImage
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A 🧵on recent #Pfizer documents published early April 2023.

#pfizer searched their safety database for all BNT162b2 vaccine cases reporting any exposure to
vaccine during pregnancy or exposure to baby via lactation from all time through 28 February 2021.

673 cases identified.
Out of 673 identified cases:-
- 458 involved BNT162b2 exposure during
pregnancy (mother/fetus)

- 215 involved exposure during breast-feeding.

In the 248 cases which involved BNT162b2 exposure during pregnancy (mother/fetus), 51 cases of abortion spontaneous was reported.

#pfizerdocuments Image
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Can we possibly imagine, following the #placentagate revelations that the governments KNEW there was at least a doubling of miscarriages associated with COVID vaccines, how many fetal losses this interview by @KAllred1 caused.

I dread to think.
And it looks like @BorneCharity actually endorsed Viki Male running this propaganda campaign that resulted in untold numbers of dead babies.

And @BorneCharity should have known that @VikiLovesFACS advice that these vaccines were safe at any stage in pregnancy was NEVER valid.

We have been here before.

Doubling of miscarriage risk with 28 days of receipt of influenza vaccine.
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Note: This is NOT an effect of the rollout of the COVID mRNA vaccine to healthcare workers in Leeds, followed by the general population.

Nope. 11 months' miscarriage rate above the +2SD control line... it must be climate change.

#ClimateActionNow. #Placentagate. Image
I was right! Thank God. I thought for a moment it could be all those nurses being coerced to take an experimental mRNA gene therapy in early pregnancy with no safety data at all.

Instead it was just global cooli-warming.

Note that the data source for this graph will not be released. If you want to confirm it, please put in a FOI to Leeds teaching hospitals trust.
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26/50 The detected "SV40 promoter with 72bps indel" is a "nuclear localization signal" that means either the #plasmid or one of its expressed proteins can be transported into host cell nuclei,...
27/50 ...where the host DNA is found, creating an open question of whether host DNA interaction will occur and to what effect e.g. integration with human DNA.…
28/50 Potential effects of plasmid #contamination in vivo? Notable, five chemistry professors from German universities have been studying #Pfizer #BionTech's covid vaccine. They addressed some questions to the company. Where does the gray tone come from?…
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Following the #placentagate revelations NHS Scotland shows a sustained 25% rise in terminations since the COVID vaccination rollout in pregnant women.

@joshg99 @MaryanneDemasi
In the 50s when #thalidomide caused a generation of babies without limbs.... ultrasound was not available for assessing fetal anatomy.

In 2023, congenital anomalies are screened for - a rise will result in an increase in terminations.

This is real.…
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Excellent Substack article on the fertility issues we're seeing. #Placentagate
Cleaned-up, de-watermarked copy of Maj. Joseph Murphy's DARPA whistleblower report - first 8 pages. Should be easier on everyone's printers - @RWMaloneMD I recall you were seeking this. @Jikkyleaks too:

(1/2) ImageImageImageImage
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@Jikkyleaks I think so... Can you please explain! Why do you see something different than everyone else? What is your explanation? The vaccine/booster shows a short time effect. Your point is nonsense. Cumulative incidence! Only fresh booster reduces the risk. Why is another question! See……
@Jikkyleaks Also, when you talk about #Placentagate. We need more...

What do you see? I see a rat having a bad day. After reading the docs and substacks you linked, we can see some clearer signals, but come on: it's enough to investigate further (especially since we know that shit is bad!),……
@Jikkyleaks No hate! Just saying. Doesn't mean you're wrong, but it might trigger some of the "real" scientists (who turn a blind eye to this issue) ...
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@NarfGb @DoorlessCarp [KNOWINGLY]
Remember why they called it co-miRNA-ty?
Well, they sure fixed that loophole quickly!
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Nanoparticle nepotism.

Did Viki Male, the obstetricians front-person for novel mRNA technology delivery to pregnant women, forget some more conflicts of interest?

Did she forget that nanoparticles get everywhere?
Of course not.

[KNOWINGLY] #placentagate
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PSA: I am planning to reduce the activity on this account.

I'll explain why.

Two days ago I released a bombshell tweet exposing the shenanigans that the pharma companies and academia play in order to suppress toxicity data related to novel therapies.

This is the tweet, with the hashtag #placentagate
The #placentagate tweet was then completely suppressed by twitter in a new shadowbanning technique that rendered the tweet invisible even to people who tried to click on it.

There was something special about this, so we dubbed it #placentagategate
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More #Placentagate 🧀🧀🧀

This could be one of the biggest scandals in medicine.

Check this out.
What do you see?… Image
Can you see that there are fewer fetuses in all the treatment groups compared to saline?

It's not dramatic, because the authors published that figure instead of the number of fetal losses.

Look what the Pfizer BNT162b2 animal study showed:… Image
In that study the fetal loss rate DOUBLED (4.2% to 9.8%) but had little impact on the overall number of fetuses.

This is how this information is hidden. That single slide should have been enough to prompt much more investigation, because it showed fewer fetuses in EVERY GROUP Image
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Let's make it a bit more clear.

This thread shows that Viki Male, Ofer Beharier, Leena Mithal and Mary Prahl published results that they KNEW did not show that the COVID vaccine wasn't reachiing the fetus.

Their data was then used to lie to the public.
Paper 1. Prahl.
Falsely presenting a story that mRNA products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate IgM serology in the fetus.…
Paper 2. Mithal.
Falsely presenting a story that mRNA products weren't transferring across the placenta, using inappropriate IgM serology in the fetus.…
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More cheese on #PlacentaGate 🧀🧀🧀

.@VikiLovesFACS is relying on the lack of fetal production of IgM to claim that the magical LNP (that we now know gets to the placenta), doesn't get into the fetal circulation.

But the fetus doesn't produce IgM in any meaningful quantity...
This is fetal Immunoglobulin production. The fetus (and baby when born) relies overwhelmingly on maternal IgG transfer for the first 6 months of life.

One of the major reasons to breast feed for at least 6 months! Image
IgG crosses the placenta from the mother but IgM doesn't, because it's a pentamer (so 5x the size) and not actively transported.

Of course, LNPs remove most barriers to size-based transfer of drugs - as we are finding out. So even big molecules can go anywhere.
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@VikiLovesFACS @MarchandSurgery @drdrew 1/ I am going to retweet this, just an FYI. For posterity.
"Small non-coding RNAs transfer through mammalian placenta and directly regulate fetal gene expression"
EMA has admitted non coding RNAs exist in the RNA ""vaccines". These are TGA.…
@VikiLovesFACS @MarchandSurgery @drdrew @Jikkyleaks 2/ I can post more studies.
As I posted in anther thread under one of these videos,we have the regulatory lord and master of the UK medicine division, which is pro vaccine and pro RNA (and pro lockdown), that there are noncoding fragments in the vaccine. So that is proven.
@VikiLovesFACS @MarchandSurgery @drdrew @Jikkyleaks 3/ that study I just posted about the fragments, come from plants! We are not even in vaccine world yet! I just posted about a plant. The kind that you eat!
Here is the full report right from the UK website and again, this is not up for debate.…
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This tweet is a lie and I'm going to post a new paper that shows it.

Viki Male should not be allowed to post this kind of dangerous disinformation and should be sanctioned.

Viki doesn't actually quote studies showing the vaccine does not cross the placenta but a new study has just come out showing Lipid nanoparticles crossing into the placenta and delivering active mRNA.

This is what luciferase expression in mouse PLACENTAS from LNP-mRNA look like
And this is the paper. I have a feeling there will be pressure put on the authors to retract, by the Pharma companies and their lobbyists.

It's a bombshell
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