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Yesterday, #ElSalvador's Attorney General's Office arrested former minister Munguía Payés and announced ex president Mauricio Funes will also be investigated, for unlawful acts in relation to the 2012-2014 gang truce.

Is negotiating with criminal gangs an unspeakable crime? /1 Credits: La Prensa Gráfica
According to sources, Munguía Payés was the mastermind of the 2012 government-facilitated dialogue between the country's 3 main gangs (MS-13 & the 2 factions of the 18th Street gang), commonly known as "gang truce".

The goal was simple: reduce homicides. How did it work? /2
In exchange for the gangs’ pledge to scale back their use of violence, the govt would commit to meeting some of the gangs’ requests, including less strict prison regimes for jailed leaders and boosting investment in marginalised communities /3
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Como les decía en mi tweet anterior, compré en eBay un disco del View-Master del año de 1946 de San Salvador, #ElSalvador. Un View-Master eran unos visores esteroscópicos en 3D muy populares entre los 40´s a los 90´s.
Aquí adjunto en este hilo las fotografías...
La plaza Libertad en #SanSalvador #ElSalvador, noten la cantidad de árboles que habían entonces.
Una vista de la catedral de #SanSalvador en 1946, esa catedral se incendió en 1951.
La fotografía fue tomada desde el Palacio Nacional.
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#EleccionesInternas | Te compartimos la lista oficial de posiciones para las votaciones de candidatos a diputados de los 14 Departamentos de #ElSalvador.

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#OTD #OscarRomero Arbishop of #SanSalvador was celebrating Mass in chapel of the hospital where he lived. a warm day. From the altar, he saw an assassin line him up thru the open door. Romero didn't flinch to protect others. His clothing shows the sweat 1/
In 2018, I was fortunate to travel with @RomeroTrust on pilgrimage to beautiful #ElSalvador to explore #Romero's life & legacy. Armed guards outside most shops reminded us of the gang scourge. But the beauty & dignity of those we met was unforgettable. 2/
Those who knew Romero: the sister of a murdered priest, Fr Octavio Ortiz, who lost 5 brothers in the war; the young lawyer who worked with Romero on cases of the disappeared. In every village, Romero's memory is revered as the priest who stood with them in crisis & death. 3/
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El #virus no es un organismo vivo, sino una molécula de proteína ADN cubierta por una capa protectora de lípido -grasa-, que al ser absorbida por las células de las mucosas del cuerpo cambian el código genético -mutan- y las convierten en células agresoras y multiplicadoras.
Como el #virus no es un organismo vivo sino una molécula de proteína, NO SE LE MATA, SINO QUE SE DESINTEGRA. El tiempo de desintegración depende de la temperatura, humedad y tipo de material donde reposa. #eduquemos a #ElSalvador #COVID19SV
El #virus es muy frágil, lo único que lo protege es una capa fina externa de grasa, cualquier jabón o detergente es el mejor remedio, porque la espuma CORTA LA GRASA. Al disolver la capa de grasa, la molécula de proteína se dispersa y desintegra sola. Image
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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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#ElSalvador | Una semana después de que el presidente Nayib Bukele pidiera una semana de "paciencia" para que los diputados discutieran el préstamos para el la tercera fase del #PlanControlTerritorial, cerca de 300 personas se concentran frente a la Asamblea Legislativa.
#ElSalvador | El expresidente de Arena Walter Araujo, quien hizo viral la convocatoria a través de sus redes sociales, llegó a la concentración. “Han tenido siete meses para tener los fondos necesarios para financiar un plan que ha salvado 5000 vidas”, dijo.
#ElSalvador | Durante la semana, Araujo habló de una manifestación de cerca de 9000 personas. Ahora dio un discurso de 15 minutos frente a un aproximado de 300 asistentes, en el que dio 15 días adicionales a los diputados para que aprueben el préstamo.
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This is the UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres for the 590th day; this @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric has been asked 10 question incl on #Cameroon #Myanmar #HongKong China #coronavirus #Samoa UN rapes Denmark - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, given that 8,000 people have fled from #Cameroon into #Nigeria in the past two weeks because of an upsurge in violence and some arrived with gunshot wounds - what is the UN doing? Why didn't SG Guterres even mention this at the AU?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, February 13-2: On #Myanmar, what is the SG doing to get the Internet turned back on, as he didn't in Cameroon?…
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#ElSalvador | President @nayibbukele’s confrontation with the Congress over the financing for his security plan has the country on edge. The president has ordered Congress to come to session on Sunday, called for a protest the same day, and talks about “insurrection.”
@nayibbukele It’s the first time in years a president has called for an “extraordinary session” of Congress, and the only time *demanding* members vote on a funding bill. He is basing this demand on Article 167 of the Constitution.
@nayibbukele Salvadoran President Bukele has threatened members of Congress with “consequences” if they don’t meet what he has called “their constitutional obligation.”
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#ElSalvador El presidente @nayibbukele quiere forzar a los diputados a aprobar un préstamo de $109 millones para financiar la tercera fase del #PlanControlTerritorial.
#ElSalvador Bukele, a través de su Consejo de Ministros, quiere obligar al pleno de diputados aprobar el préstamo. Dice que el artículo 167 de la Constitución lo respalda.
#ElSalvador El #PresidenteBukele ha dicho que si los diputados no acuden a la plenaria extraordinaria puede ser aplicado el artículo 87 de la Constitución de la República que "reconoce el derecho del pueblo a la insurrección".
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#ElSalvador | Desde el miércoles pasado, el presidente @nayibbukele empezó a presionar a los diputados para aprobar un préstamo de $109 millones.
De ese total, $46.9 millones estarían destinados para “movilidad estratégica”, incluyendo dos helicópteros y un buque. Otros $25.9 millones serían para pagar infraestructura y cámaras de videovigilancia.
Este préstamo financiaría la tercera fase del #PlanControlTerritorial. El plan ha sido la principal apuesta del gobierno en materia de seguridad.
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The list of truly fundamental needs for human life is a short one.

Food is on that list.

▶️This is how climate change impacted crops in 2019◀️

This is terrifying.

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food #2019InReview
*North America*

The midwest was plagued with heavy rain, leading to flooding & causing major challenges with corn, soybeans & other crops

This was widely documented by farmers themselves: #noplant19

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food
This caused investors to revisit their investments:

Impacts spanned the Midwest and beyond, including Wisconsin, Indiana, ...

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food #2019InReview
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2019 in Review📅Article by @charlottecuthbo (Thread👇)

#BorderCrisis Peak, #Mexico Cooperation, and Judicial Wrangling

The year began with President Trump declaring a #NationalEmergency at the southern #Border.…
The #BorderCrisis escalated, and in May, nearly 133,000 #IllegalAliens were apprehended by #BorderPatrol, with a further 11,000 presenting at ports of entry without legal documentation.

By the end of fiscal 2019, almost 1 million people had entered the US illegally.
Over 600,000 of them were either individuals within a family unit or unaccompanied minors—both vulnerable populations that often arrived sick and required more care than #BorderPatrol was set up to provide.
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A palpable revival of #UniversalJurisdiction is underway in Europe.
Here are 7 examples of recent important activities (trials, arrests, investigations) that have taken place only in the last few weeks.
There are certainly more that I am unaware of.
And certainly more to come.
1. #Sweden
>> Arrest of an Iranian national allegedly involved in the #1988Massacre of thousands of detainees. First ever #UniversalJurisdiction case on #Iran to go ahead.…
2. #Belgium
>> The trial of a #Rwandan man accused of having participated in the 1994 #genocide of the Tutsi minority is currently underway.…
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"We love immigrants, as long as they do it the right way!"

Trump ended #TPS for #ElSalvador on 9/9/19. Extension was granted to 1/20/20--but #TPSElSalvador holders have no proof of this beyond USCIS website, and it's causing all kinds of chaos around here. Cruelty upon cruelty.
So, so tired of hearing #MAGA nation scream at my clients to do things "the right way" as they gleefully watch this administration rip up the very few options they may have had left.
To be clear, #TPS recipients are still in lawful immigration status for the next few months... but a substantial number of them don't actually know that and are now unnecessarily terrified that they are undocumented. Also seeing them (wrongfully) lose jobs, cancel intl travel
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It’s a HUGE chess game. Each piece has it’s part. For example, it LOOKS as if Trump is suddenly interested in slamming #Mexico with tariffs instead of building a wall. Think what these tariff will do to Mexico. $25.00 per car. Cars sold around the world. And one cannot exactly
2/ hide the cars one ships. If #Mexico doesn’t fall in line in the next week or so (yes, Trump said YEAR, but look at #NorthKorea ) he effectively watches Mexico go up in smoke. He already froze payments to #ElSalvador #Nicaragua & #Guatemala
3/ This is the same guy who finished off the guys OBAMA was supporting: #ISIS I don’t doubt he will get it all done. But keep in mind there is a lot of distraction going on. Just know the main guy never loses sight of the ball.
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#Immigrant felons come from #ElSalvador #Guatemala #Nicaragua & #Mexico The seeds were planted in 2014 by Obama. The Caravans are carrying BUBONIC PLAGUE, LEPROSY, TYPHUS, malaria, STD’s, HIV, PNEUMONIA,DIPTHERIA, measles (There is a State of Emergency right now in Oregon)
2/ TUBERCULOSIS, Mumps, rubella, POLIO, & a flesh eating bacteria, as well as an eye disease affecting children the CDC cannot name or treat. The #illegals put their children in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. This is not a HEALTH CRISES, it’s a WMD. The CDC predicts 50% of our
3/ population could be affected by airborne diseases. Flying anywhere? Who is on that plane & where did they come from? TUBERCULOSIS alone could cripple our economy.…
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.@USAfricaCommand Gen Thomas Waldhauser & @Southcom Adm Craig Faller about to testify before the #SASC

Lawmakers already asking about growing influence of #Russia #China in their regions, as well as need to keep the pressure up on terrorism
"Overall US strategic interests in #Africa are very clear" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "Prevent the undermining of our alliances or destabilization of African nations,counter violent extremist organizations,decrease the potential for Africa to become a failed continent"
"Persistent pressure on #alShabaab #ISIS & #alQaida associated groups remains necessary to prevent this destabilization" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser
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@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Claro, x eso se ensalza #NAZIonalismo #Razista #Supremacista #Egoista #Excluyente fundamentado en la DIFERENCIA con el VECINO y en producir TENSIONES y CONFLICTOS incluso BÉLICOS como en #Balkanes o #Ukrania o el q venimos padeciendo #ETA y a punto reventar en #España VERDAD?
@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Por eso quiénes están detrás son justamente #Rusia #China

#ISISRsEl y #USA verdad?
XQ quieren q seamos más fuertes contra ellos, no?

Claro.x eso nos empujan a #GuerraCivil y #Balkanizacion para estar tan UNIDOS como #ExYugoslavia o #Ukrania

Sois vendidos #Elite #NWO #Dugin
@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Vamos a ver sí te enteras un poquito, o mejor, a ver sí dejas de intentar engañar

#Salvini CERDO #Sionista #NazBol aliado d #Putin y #Trump pertenece al Club #Ambrossiano el pequeño #Bilderberg ITALIANO y es habitual d las fiestas/recepciones #Rothschild trabaja #Destruir #UE
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This is Cristina Abarca, 36yrs old...+ her two children, Aracely (16yo) and Roberto (10yo)from. They fled from El Salvador after Cristina says Aracely was kidnapped and raped by the gangs who then tried to recruit Roberto #ImmigrantChildren #Immigration
Cristina says she blames herself after her 14yo daughter (at the time) Aracely was kidnapped and raped by the gangs. Cristina was at work and says now Aracely won’t talk about that experience...they head to Boston to live w/ family @NBCLatino @NBCNews
Roberto (Cristina’s 10yo son) describes what it was like to stay in detention after being separated from his Mom and sister....says milk and juice were bad and food was expired and that they slept on the floor in detention in what he referred to as a “cage”
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