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My daughter's class (London): teacher + at least 12 kids + nearly every member of those 12 families tested positive, including all of mine. At least 4 adults have been hospitalised. (Rant alert at the end of the thread) 1/
We weren't told to isolate until 5 days after schools broke-up, because test results for 1st child with symptoms took 4 days to arrive. 2/
Took 6 days for my test results to arrive, 5 days for the rest of my family. Impossible to follow up, 119 system has no track record of tests. Still no idea what the point of the call centre is. #trackandtrace call further delayed by 1 day. 3/
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1. It's already been decided that #COVID_19 #lockdown and restrictions will continue on till at least 2030 as it has been accepted to be apart of #TheGreatReset initiative by the #WorldEconomicForum.
2. It's clear to see that the #UKGovernment have corrupted the science by involving themselves far too much into independent scientific boards such as SAGE, who advise the government. It’s a conflict of interest. The government are advising themselves and this is not working.
3. The government contracting their friends for pandemic contracts with no competition, especially those connected to the #VOTELEAVE campaign. Which in my opinion was total corruption taking place on a major scale in regards to the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal. The government are
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Looking forward to an interesting discussion about the economic recovery from the #Coronavirus pandemic in #Bristol & #WestOfEngland @FestivalofIdeas #EconomicsFest
Up first, @RichardBonner says that, at the city and region, stakeholders have done a good job of working together to address the common challenges faced during the #Coronavirus pandemic #EconomicsFest
Bonner says that the plans need to be different from the 2008 austerity measures & instead put people the heart of the plans #EconomicsFest
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THREAD. Ive put lots of thought and reading into this-If John Edmunds thinks we should be acting to “circuit break” very soon we SHOULD really listen. Boris is repeating the mistake AGAIN. His experts will be left to scramble about looking stupid & duplicitous. Again. 1/7
Watch this again...7 months later. He’s correct. PANDEMIC Viruses ex Ebola/HIV are stopped with herd immunity. Herd immunity usually relies on having a vaccine & transmitted infection which he knows as he speaks. DON’T get confused with Boris’s lethal vision of herd immunity. 2/7
Hospital capacity. The Gov likely knew they let it go on too long with a reckless “version” of herd immunity before acting. Hospitals likely WOULD not have capacity at the time of lockdown. Set an absurd high bar for hosp treatment & care home decant was used to hide this mess.
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Following the launch of #NHSCOVID19app AKA the new Digital Health ID and #HealthPassport.


Its been downloaded by over 14 million people in England and Wales, around 25% of the population now have it. Image
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1-To keep schools open,economy going we need fit for purpose #TrackAndTrace

Spent 5 minutes this morning analysing track&trace data from 3-9 Sept

Was amazed at the extent of failure of current track&trace

Read through this thread to see what I mean

2-#SercoTestAndTrace proudly declares 73.8% of known contacts reached between 3-9 Sept

Does this means that maybe 26.2% of potential contacts not reached & hence not isolating?

Not really....... read on

@anilkjain61 @DrUmeshPrabhu @DrOKaneAgain @trentconsultant @helenbevan
3-#NHSTestAndTrace doesn't mention out of 18371+cases b/w 3-9 Sept it got close contact details from only 10653 cases

73.8% contacts it reached is infact 73.8% close contacts of 58% not all positive cases b/w 3-9 Sept

42% +cases close contacts it did not even tried to reach
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The new #NHSCOVID19app was recently launched this week in England and Wales, it says it's the fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk from #coronavirus.


Initially dubbed as the #NHSCOVID19app but could this app later morph into a fully functioning #HealthPassport?

Allowing access to segments of society depending on your Immunity Status?

I suspect it may well.
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Boris's new bullshit on coronavirus #coronavirus #covid1984
2. Johnson also told MPs they would be able to get daily briefings on the crisis from Penny Mordaunt, the paymaster general (a minister in the Cabinet Office). A reminder this #PennyMordaunt who for a bet said "cock" 6 times in the House of Commons...…
3. Assume restrictions for 6 months... More details on Boris bullshit here #BorisBullshit #Coronavirus #covid1984…
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We know #COVID19 testing is really about Collecting and Scraping our DNA for Genome Analytics and Data Science.

The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) Regulations 2020 was recently extended.


As an open public example of this.

Coronagenes is using our #DNA from the PCR Tests to find out why some people get sick and some don't.

Uploading your #DNA home test data can speed up #COVID19 DNA genetic research.
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If you haven’t already got up to speed yet, please read Part 1 Super Thread here.


Part 1.5 is here, which looks at International Travel and the new #CommonPass platform.

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Super Thread: #NewNormal Part 1:


Using behavioural science, society will be nudged towards routine DNA testing.

To Get Back to the Things we Love. Let’s Get Tested. Image
The Behavioural Insights Team - also known as the Nudge Unit - is now a social purpose company.

It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta.…
The BI Team applies behavioural insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver positive results for people and communities.…
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"Oh my, how could this have happened, who could have: possibly foreseen this outcome...?"


BBC News - Coronavirus: Scam warning over NHS test and trace…
While we're here, here's @WhichUK, more than 2 weeks ago, explaining how the scam will work and how to avoid it:…
And here's @Ofcom explaining a multitude of scam opportunities, a mere 10 days ago:…
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Dominic Cummings gave £260m of your pounds to some mates of his.

Same mates who used your stolen Facebook data to profile floating Brexit voters by the 100s of 1000s

To build the English version of the NHS Covid19 tracing app

Instead of using the freely available tool kit that Apple/Google supplied to Governments worldwide that will help them create a track and trace app that respects your privacy and does not create a huge Government database

Cummings app will give him and his mates your data which they can then sell

Wonder why England doesn't use the global Apple/Google toolkit based apps?

Scotland, Wales and NI will have used the Google/Apple toolkit to make their apps

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As @NHSX plunge ahead with the #trackandtrace app, here’s a helpful set of basic issues:

(1) “Self reporting” undermines trust in the app

Most “pings” won’t result in illness. If people know the reports aren’t reliable, they may conclude the app’s pings are junk. #covid19uk
(2) BlueTooth battery issues will persist

Despite government claims it is unlilkely @NHSX have fully solved this problem as the device will need to 'wake up'. Battery drain may be worst in commutes, in busy streets etc.

#trackandtrace #covid19uk
(3) The world is going the other way [1]

Most governments are going with Apple and Google’s baked-in solution. This makes solutions like the UK’s unable to work with most of the rest of the world.

Cross-border contacts get more important over time.

#trackandtrace #covid19uk
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