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[Thread] 1. Are the 5.6 mil #Pfizer doses the US gov is donating to SA in addition to the Pfizer doses we've already procured ? YES (confirmed by @healthza)
2. How many #Pfizer doses has SA received up until now (so doses we've bought/paid for)?
@healtza figures:

Pfizer (bilateral deal): 6, 606, 990
Pfizer via #COVAX: 1, 392, 300

TOTAL: 7, 999, 290
3. How many #JnJ doses has SA received so far (without #Sisonke's JnJ research doses)?

@healthza figures:
1, 553, 600
(1, 49 million doses will be at clinics next week — these are the doses released by Aspen to #JnJ on Monday)
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🆕 study reveals 1.5 million children lost primary caregivers incl. at least 1 parent 👨‍🦰 or grandparent 🧓 to #COVID19 during the first 14 months of the pandemic. Advancing #VaccinEquity through #COVAX is urgently needed to save lives & protect children

The death of a parent or caregiver can have immediate & lifelong harmful consequences for children incl. increased risks of:
🔸physical, emotional & sexual violence
🔸#MentalHealth problems
🔸family poverty

3 in 4 🧒 suffer physical punishment &/or psychological violence.

1 in 5 👩 & 1 in 13 👨‍🦰 report having been sexually abused in childhood.

Watch some of those survivors' stories & lasting impacts violence has had on their lives

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@DrTedros address to the International @Olympics Committee. #Tokyo2020 #AGoal4All…
"More than any other event, the @Olympics have the power to bring the world together, to inspire, to show what is possible. And more than any other event, they command the attention of the world’s people. And that is why I have come"-@DrTedros #Tokyo2020 #AGoal4All
@Olympics @DrTedros "I've been invited to the @Olympics Games before, but have never been able to attend. I've come this time – to this global mountaintop – with a message for the 🌍’s people to hear. In fact, I've come to answer a question"-@DrTedros #Tokyo2020 #AGoal4All
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[Thread] 1. On Mon we did 223, 969 daily vaccinations — by far the most daily jabs since the start of #VaccineRollOutSA. How many #COVIDvaccine doses have we got left?

Answer: By the end of Mon, we had 2.8 mil doses (#Pfizer + #JnJ) left (confirmed by @healthza).
2. Where do 2.8 mil #COVIDvaccine doses leave us?
1. If we use 220 000 doses/day, we have 12.7 days of stock
2. We start with full w/end vaccinations on Aug 1
3. 12.7 days takes us to +/-Aug 3 (if we don’t count 24, 25, 30 Jul = w/end days + work with 20-30k jabs/w/end day)
3. So will we run out of jabs on Aug 3?
Answer: NO.

Why not?
Because we have consistent weekly batches of #Pfizer stock arriving.
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@DrTedros "Last week marked the 4th consecutive week of increasing cases of #COVID19 globally, with increases recorded in all but one of WHO’s six regions. And after 10 weeks of declines, deaths are increasing again"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "We continue to hear reports from all regions of the world about hospitals reaching capacity. The Delta variant is ripping around the world at a scorching pace, driving a new spike in #COVID19 cases and death"-@DrTedros

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[Thread] 1. #CyrilRamaphosa: The AU has reached an agreement that will improve the supply of vaccines in Africa and SA. Aspen in Gqeberha will deliver of 17 mil #JnJ vaccine doses (fill and finish) over the next three months starting in July.
2. This number of vaccines produced (filled and finished) by Aspen, will double monthly from October. Initial stock will be released in SA and other African countries from July.
3. #JnJ is committed to adjust the current arrangement so that we can produce JnJ under license in SA rather than under contract. That means we will have more control over the allocation/distribution of vaccines.
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🔴 #Arg 🇦🇷
Cuando se logró que cambiaran una palabra, Cafiero III, informó que comprarán vacunas de #Moderna y no de #Pfizer.
Y no han informado que ese laboratorio haya presentado su protocolo de aprobación en la ANMAT.
Moderna no está autorizada para menores de 16 años
Desde @vacuna_me las familias de chicos con comorbilidades están reclamando la vacuna de #Pfizer y además manifestaron que no quieren que a sus hijos les apliquen la de #Sinopharm.
La vacuna de de @pfizer si se aplica para mayores de 12 años, achicando esa brecha 4 años (16/12).
#Moderna no tiene ese rango de autorización aún, si consultamos en la @US_FDA.
#CafieroIII de Peronia✌🏽🚩dijo además en Diputados que Argentina 🇦🇷 ya compró 27.615.730 de vacunas #COVID19:
📍11.265.830 de #SputnikV
📍6.768.000 de #Sinopharm
📍580.000 de #AstraZeneca (Covishield)
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Strikes me that some may think taking a stand against the mass infection policy and freedom day means that I lack faith in our excellent vaccines and, apparently, am a "lockdown zealot".
I'd like to reassure everyone who knows/follows me or sees this at random that this is untrue
This sort of polarisation of debate is all too common on twitter, and is sadly churned up and propagated by certain cynical characters combined with consecutive failures in pandemic policy. It's in no way black and white, but the main thing is that we ALL want an end to this...
So, in an attempt to collect my thoughts, I've followed advice from @lucy_prodgers and FINALLY written a list...🤪

1. First, we have some AMAZING vaccines, developed by scientists and companies, importantly WITH govt backing, with efficacy and safety proven by trials and real
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I’m struggling with how best to stress how fragile the global situation is, so I’ll be blunt:

Each week >2.6 million cases and >53,000 deaths are reported to @WHO

Reported, meaning that there are many others.

Stop and think about that.

(Short thread⬇️)
Compared to last week, there has been about (exact % will be shared in tomorrow @WHO sit rep):
➡️ 15% increases in cases in @WHOAFRO
➡️ 29% increase in @WHO_Europe (last week was 10%⬆️)
➡️ 14% increase in @WHOEMRO
➡️ 7% increased in @WHOSEARO
➡️ 10% increase in @WHOWPRO
There are also increasing trends in deaths in @WHOAFRO, @WHOEMRO, @WHO_Europe & @WHOWPRO.

Every death is a person—a parent, a grandparent, a son, a daughter, a friend—people who are loved, cherished, treasured.

The loss is unbearable. These losses are preventable.
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Are these countries also importing vaccines from India? Is #CoWIN being bundled here for vaccine access in the name of demand management tech? cc @anivar @asdofindia
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#FactChecking Atribuyen falsamente a Reuters #fakenew contra la vacuna cubana #Abdala. Ni la información es oficial del IVIC ni fue publicada por la agencia. La operación psiológica -impulsada por portales de alto tráfico como MSN- pretende generar temor en la población.
El bulo es un comunicado firmado por seis investigadores del IVIC que fue publicado por el portal de la Academia Nacional de Medicina y fechado en Altos de Pipe, Miranda el 28JUN 2021. El documento se atribuye a la Asociación de investigadores del IVIC (AsoInIVIC).
La información fue presentada como una nota de la reconocida agencia Reuters. Sin embargo, la última información emanada sobre ese tema fue el 24JUN: "Venezuela recibe primer lote de vacuna cubana Abdala, dice que países ricos "sabotean" mecanismo #COVAX".
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Opening of the Small Island Developing States Summit for health with @DrTedros…
"I would like to warmly welcome you to the SIDS Summit for Health, the first ever gathering of leaders focusing exclusively on health in Small Island Developing States. Today is about you and the many health threats your nations face"-@DrTedros
"#COVID19 has presented a dire economic and health crisis for SIDS, while other health risks such as #ClimateChange, non-communicable diseases and malnutrition have further put your communities at risk"-@DrTedros
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THREAD 🧵: Why is the world failing on #vaccines, despite ideals of charity, solidarity, or even self-interest - when no-one is safe until everyone is safe? Are new plans for local manufacturing and IP waivers enough?

In a new #OpEd for @SCMPNews, I set out to explain.
To work out what is needed on #vaccines we need to go back 40 years ago to a key issue pointed out by the Nobel Prize winning Amartya Sen: That when people are hungry - in famine - that is not necessarily imply there is a food shortage. It's most often because of distribution. 2/
Right now, most countries in the world are facing a "vaccine famine". Just look at data for #Africa's 55 countries - current vaccines delivered can protect 2% of the population, at best.
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WHO & its #COVAX partners are working with a South African consortium to establish its first #COVID19 mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub.

More details 👉 #VaccinEquity Image
This international collaboration between WHO & a South African consortium comprising @biovac_inst, Afrigen Biologics & Vaccines, a network of universities & @AfricaCDC marks a significant step towards achieving #VaccinEquity.
Establishing this COVID mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub will help scale up production and access to #COVID19 vaccines, particularly in the African region 🌍.
More details 👉 #VaccinEquity
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#Covax is failing. Big picture: even as delivers doses, it won’t deliver goal of EQUITY.
Short term: By June was to reach just 3% of LMIC pops. Delivered only 1/4 of that (88 of 337m forecast).
We need to talk about why & learn real-world, politically-informed lessons
The goal: at a high level, COVAX as a pillar of ACT-A aimed to “ensure that every country gets fair and equitable access to eventual #COVID19 vaccines…. By acting as an insurance policy.” At this point, it's clear this model has not been successful /2
Not #VaccinEquity: Dec 2, 11, 21 of 2020 UK, US & EU authorized #COVID19 vaccine.
6mos later, so many ways (data, stories, lives) to see inequity outcome of current vaccine prod & distrib systems.
Here's 👇from @fibke:% pop vs % vax does NOT approach equity /3
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@DrTedros "Globally, newly-reported cases of #COVID19 have now declined for 8 weeks in a row, and deaths have declined for the 7th straight week. This is good news, but new infections and deaths remain high globally"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Last week more than 2.5 million #COVID19 cases and almost 64,000 deaths were reported – that’s 250 cases and 6 deaths every minute, that we know of"-@DrTedros

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@DrTedros "Globally, the number of new cases of #COVID19 reported to WHO has now declined for 7 weeks in a row, which is the longest sequence of weekly declines during the pandemic so far"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "While weekly cases are at their lowest since February, deaths are not falling as quickly. The number of deaths reported last week was similar to the previous week"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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#G7 "Leaders have pledged over 1 billion doses, either through #Covax or directly."
PM Johnson starts #G7 press conference with "The world was looking forward to us to reject nationalism."
Something's not adding up....
Live now here ->
👏 that @GPforEducation has reached 1/2 of 5-year funding target.
But absolutely incredible how #G7 during largest #pandemic in a century fails to do something similar with #Covid19. They could have. They didn't.
"Vaccinating the world - we can do that together" PM Johnson states at #G7.
He didn't add: "But we decided not to."
#vaccinenationalism #VaccinEquity #PeoplesVaccine #Covid19
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COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, abbreviated as COVAX.

India, the Single Largest beneficiary of #COVAX programme shamelessly hid face from the programme.

(Thread) Image
The Gavi COVAX Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) mechanism will make COVID-19 vaccine available to 92 lower-Middle income economies for free of cost.
India is a part of COVAX AMC programme. Image
By #COVAX, India to receive 97,164,000 doses for Q1 & Q2 2021. On the priority basis. Image
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Maximizing potential benefit of vaccine donations depends on doses going where they can do the"most good" but there's no consensus on where that would be

Murray @IHME_UW @RCReinerJr & I propose an approach that prioritizes epidemiology over geopolitics 1/…
This week's summit in Cornwall, UK should be the time when G7 leaders finally act on their promises to send surplus COVID-19 vaccine supplies to the many other countries where they remain scarce #G7UK

But how will those vaccine donations be allocated? 2/…
COVAX has been criticized by @ZekeEmanuel @GovindPersad & others for its population-based allocation scheme that does not direct most of its early vaccine supplies to the settings at the greatest risk of otherwise having high COVID-19 death rates 3/…
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The #G7 are failing in their duty to provide global leadership to end the COVID19 pandemic for everyone everywhere. More than 1m people have died from COVID since G7 leaders last met back in February, when they pledged to increase the global vaccine supply.
@ChathamHouse @CHGlobalHealth @UNAIDS @HelenClarkNZ @DrMikeRyan @yates_rob @G7 Of the 1.77bn doses of COVID vaccines given globally, 28% have been in @G7 countries. In contrast just 0.3% of COVID jabs have been given in low-income countries.
COVID-19 related deaths are increasingly concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. This is heart-breaking.
The scale of this inequality is not an accident. It was predictable months ago. President Ramaphosa @CyrilRamaphosa called it “#VaccineApartheid” - and it is.

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📣NEW📣 Our monthly #INFOGRAPHIC is here, with all you need to know about how #African countries are responding to #COVID19.

Our headline?

While deliveries are still far too low, #China has surpassed #COVAX as #Africa's top vaccine source. How and why? Read on 🧵👇🏾!

2/ The first fact to be aware of is that #Africa accounts for under 3% of global cases, under 4% of global deaths, and under 2% of global vaccines administered.
3/ African governments and the @_AfricanUnion have so far ordered doses to cover 50% of the population. But only 1.9% of the population could be covered right now. It's a huge discrepancy, because deliveries are too slow.
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THREAD: The World Health Organization holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more here:
WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: Globally, we continue to see encouraging signs in the trajectory of the pandemic. The number of new cases of #COVID19 reported to WHO has now declined for 6 weeks, and deaths have declined for 5 weeks.
@DrTedros: However, we still see a mixed picture around the world. The number of deaths reported last week increased in 3 out of WHO’s 6 regions: Africa, the Americas and the Western Pacific.
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"Globally, we continue to see encouraging signs in the trajectory of the pandemic. The number of new cases of #COVID19 reported to WHO has now declined for 6 weeks, and deaths have declined for 5 weeks"-@DrTedros
"However, we still see a mixed picture around the world. The number of deaths reported last week increased in 3 out of WHO’s 6 regions: Africa, the Americas and the Western Pacific"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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