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Do you see it yet? This is a permanent program ushering in digital passports, #surveillance, & a new #data economy, global in scale. #Vaccines are about emerging markets - not health. The bedrock of #4IR #biotechnology going forward.

"#Mask of the Future - World Economic Forum"
"BreathTech-S³ #smart-material sensor & #Bluetooth-connected app. allows users to monitor breathing #data in real-time... #IoT

#CO2 build-up - if air quality [] is reduced, the user will be alerted to find a safe place to take a breath of fresh air,..."
Chatham House Futurescape, 3-D digital model of London, 2021-2035. A jumbotron on left reminds (faceless) citizens to #test. 'VR holidays' which appear in 2060, "are already being rolled out today as a reaction to the restrictions on travel." [April 14, 2021] #4IR #GreatReset
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#Universal Sign-on #VS #Single Sign-on: Imagine logging into an app.

1) First you load the site

1.5) Load the login page or locate the sign in forum

2) Then you click single sign-on with examples: @apple @google or @microsoft @facebook @twitter

3) A pop up window loads
4) In that pop up you have to either login again but to a different service or if you’re lucky already signed in

5) Grant access to the site to one of your above accounts FYI @apple has great privacy email options now
6) Pop up closes

7) you are sent to a new page which triggers the login and now the logged in version of the site loads (Multiple page loads here)
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International Air Transport Association.



The International Air Transport Association (@IATA is a trade association of the world's airlines founded in 1945. IATA has been described as a cartel since in setting technical standards for airlines.


The Travel Pass app, developed by the International Air Transport Association (@IATA), will allow passengers to present pre-departure tests or vaccine certificates on arrival at their destination, enabling them to sidestep quarantine or other restrictions.

@IATA is currently in talks with the UK DfT over the apps use and to which the new 'Covid Status Certificates' for those who have been vaccinated could be added and tied to.
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Future Thread:


An apparent one-world digital-identity is in the works with its introduction being '#VaccinePassports', which will affect & impact every human being on the planet from the first day of birth going forward.

Below is a schematic of the ‘game plan’. It’s called @ID2020 & its the most comprehensive digital #biometric #blockchain surveillance system being implemented involving international organizations & governmental agencies all steaming data.

If you look closely, you realize the importance vaccinations play in this alliance & the role big pharma has in providing ever-increasing numbers of future next-tech experimental DNA vaccines, which probably will never see legitimate scientific testing for safety or efficacy.
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'Surveillance data will be gathered through Vaccine Certificates, Digital IDs & Biometric Data.'



The engineers of the 'plandemic' recognized that new technology is often resisted by the masses, but could be adopted quickly due to a public health crisis.

'With the pandemic, the 'digital transformation' that so many analysts have been referring to for years, has found its catalyst. One major effect of confinement will be the expansion and progression of the digital world in a decisive and often permanent manner' - Klaus Schwab

Contact tracing plans largely failed because people were un-co-operative & the technology was not well developed. Now companies such as @TraceSafeTech and @Estimote have created the next wave of contact tracing tools in the form of biometric wearable devices.
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If you think lockdowns were repressive, then you have no idea what is to come! Vaccine Passports are set to pit humans vs humans, the vaccinated against the un-vaccinated. Access & control vs denied service & personal freedoms.

The globalist's secure exit strategy in this pandemic is through the powerhouse marriage of #biometrics & #blockchain, the new era of global digital identity is now dawning.

Digital IDs are the backbone to assuage our thirst for digitalization in our economy & the answer to closing the identity gap of the over 1 billion undocumented in alignment with the United Nations’ (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 “legal identity for all” by 2030.
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Digital ID Thread:


In 2016:

Dakota Gruener the Executive Director of @ID2020, a global public-private partnership, which brings together technologists, advocates, implementers and funders toward a common vision: A global digital ID for all based on #blockchain. Image

@ID2020 partners believe that ethically implemented, privacy-protecting, user-managed, and portable digital ID solutions offer an opportunity to put the ownership of personal data back in the hands of the individual.

Dakota launched @ID2020 in 2016, following her work at @gavi the Vaccine Alliance, where she served as an aide-de-camp to the CEO, @GaviSeth.… Image
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Super Thread:

The Digital #NewNormal Part 11:

The globalist's Master-Plan introduces NEW restrictions on our daily lives, we are now being offered only 2 choices.

A. Forced to stay in Economy busting Rolling Lockdowns or B. Prove immunity via Tests & Vaccine Certificates.

The core of this #COVID19 conspiracy is DATA, our Health data, that's what they ultimatly want & according to that data using #AI and #Analytics to form the new social control structures and privileges.

This also opens the way for touchless, #Biometrics & smarter societies.

Tony Blair Today:

"We have the best data systems in the world. Collecting data in one place, with one patient record is going to be absolutely vital, testing, vaccinations, every single thing to do with the development of this disease, is needed."…
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Super Thread:

The Digital #NewNormal Part 10:

#COVID19 is to usher in a new age of Health #DigitalIdentity alongside #ID2020 and #Industry40.

#COVAX Image

Speculation about "Digital Immunity Passports” were treated as Conspiracy Theories, but now the @WHO is mandating Digital Immunity Passports to allow people who receive the Coronavirus Vaccine to travel internationally.…

For those who have done basic research will find there are no pathogenic viruses. They do not exist, what exists is the biology and electricity of the human body.

When our terrain's electrical system becomes unwell, we are prone to infections & feeling unwell. Image
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The first UK lockdown began on 16th March 2020.

3 days later this article appeared.

Bill Gates pointed to major changes for ordinary people that could have privacy and civil rights implications.

What did he say?…

“Eventually we will have some 'Digital Certificates' to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” said Gates.

Gates also called for a “National Tracking System”.

This was the first official hint as to what was planned. Image
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"We must move on from Neoliberalism in the post-COVID era. The 'Great Reset' offers an opportunity to re-evaluate sacred cows, defining the pre-pandemic era: the coming #Industry40 and the digitization of countless economic activities."…

"The #COVID19 crisis is going to accelerate a number of changes and transformations in human society. Notably, the pandemic is expected to significantly accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution."…
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The Digital #NewNormal Part 7:


#COVID19 #DigitalIdentity #ID2020 #GreatReset #NHSCOVID19app #HealthPassport #ImmunityPassport
#CommonPass #COVAX

In Jan 2020 The @wef published a document "Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative"…

"For healthcare players, a patient-led connected health experience offers more targeted and sustainable treatments even at home, reducing the cost of processing health records and of hospitalization, and opening the door to truly personalized, targeted healthcare"

This is the digital future we need.

"We stand at a pivotal moment in the creation of our digital world. We urge leaders, practitioners and experts from all sectors and countries to contribute to and support these processes"…
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Following the launch of #NHSCOVID19app AKA the new Digital Health ID and #HealthPassport.


Its been downloaded by over 14 million people in England and Wales, around 25% of the population now have it. Image
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We know #COVID19 testing is really about Collecting and Scraping our DNA for Genome Analytics and Data Science.

The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) Regulations 2020 was recently extended.


As an open public example of this.

Coronagenes is using our #DNA from the PCR Tests to find out why some people get sick and some don't.

Uploading your #DNA home test data can speed up #COVID19 DNA genetic research.
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If you haven’t already got up to speed yet, please read Part 1 Super Thread here.


Part 1.5 is here, which looks at International Travel and the new #CommonPass platform.

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@fascinatorfun @mikarv It looks like the SI for the 2nd six-month extension of the retention of #DNA & #biometrics powers for National Security Determinations, under s24 of the #CoronavirusAct2020.

The statutory guidance for NSDs is here:…

If they are using NSDs (which must...
@fascinatorfun @mikarv in writing, and signed by a senior police officer in each individual case) for any purpose OTHER than those laid out in the relevant counter-terrorism laws, then they're truly fucked.

Maybe ask the Biometrics Commissioner how many NSDs have been made under COVID?
@fascinatorfun @mikarv Extending 'em a further six months is worrying for reasons other than just the extraordinary powers themselves, though: it's an admission from Government that police forces' capacities are as limited as they were at the peak of the first wave, for matters of #NationalSecurity...
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Context for this [Thread]:…

And overview of @WFP #SCOPE: ……

Noting it is also a #biometric #IDcard:…

53 out of 80 million 'potential beneficiaries' is dwarfed by the 1.253 *billion* on #Aadhaar; ~140 million...
...adults on #CNIC in Pakistan; the 110 million whose #biometrics have already been taken for the as-yet-undelivered Brazilian #IDscheme; & is (roughly) equivalent to the numbers now registered on Nigeria's #centralisedID system.

@WorldBank's dataset:… ... a bit dated, and focused on who's NOT registered - it's everyone's "right to be officially #identified', don'tcha know - but I do the maths periodically to keep an eye on the global picture as it #metastasises.
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Oh, @ukhomeoffice has been working on it for quite some time!

Alan will no doubt remember the #UKBordersAct2007:… which at the time we (@NO2ID) said was the thin end of the wedge...
For years, @ukhomeoffice has resisted a proper #statutory framework, independent #oversight & #safeguards for its use of #biometrics. And its risible 2018 'Biometrics Strategy':… paved the way for it to spend hundreds of millions on its "#HOB"...
...(#HomeOfficeBiometrics programme) which is clearly not intending to stop at just #faces and #fingerprints 👇 Image
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ICO opens investigation into use of facial recognition in King's Cross…
“Scanning people’s faces as they lawfully go about their daily lives in order to identify them is a potential threat to privacy that should concern us all,” Denham (@iconews) said. “That is especially the case if it is done without people’s knowledge or understanding.”
@ICOnews "Last month the House of Commons science and technology committee suggested authorities cease trials of such technology until a legal framework was established."
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(1/7) What roadmap should #fintech take in the future? Huang Qifan, academic advisor of CF40 and Vice-Chairman of CCIEE shared his insights on P2P and Internet finance on CF40 Yichun Forum.…
(2/7) Huang said “In recent years, under the cover of internet finance, #P2P has successfully attracted savings from netizens with de facto high-interest loans. Repay the debt with new lending through cash pooling has resulted in a host of Ponzi schemes under the internet system.
(3/7) Either #TechFin or #FinTech doesn't and won’t overthrow fundamental principles of traditional finance and financial security. In this regard, we should not only exert the #digital platform to the utmost, but also stick to principles and ideology of modern finance.
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Clear risks of government 'abusing' biometric databases, says UK's Biometric Commissioner.

"Under an agreement signed in 2018, the two agencies will share biometric data of individuals registered in each of their systems."

"By late 2019, IOM and WFP plan to have exchanged data for more than 700,000 people across the country."…
"while passengers may be able to opt out of scans for now, this seems unlikely to be an option in just a few short years."

"Govts are aware that it takes only small steps to desensitize citizens to technologies that can erode their freedom & liberties."…
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