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🚨 We've already told you that multi-million £ contracts have been awarded for the continued maintenance & development of Test & Trace incl. the #NHS #COVID19 app.

But it gets worse. @NHSDigital are hiring for *permanent* #COVIDPass management ⤵️…
🛂 The Govt removed their advice/guidance for the domestic #NHS #CovidPass on April 1st & that it would remain on the NHS app for a 'limited period'.

This is in stark contrast to the job opportunities from @NHSDigital

Now we know they don't want this going anywhere.
We maintain that it's naive for any individual or organisation to conclude that simply because the legal reqs to present an #NHS #CovidPass at certain events & venues were dropped, that it was finished.

Another wake up call for everyone that we're not done with this yet.
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On Mar 7th we contacted @HumzaYousaf re: domestic #vaccinepassports in #Scotland, we've received a response.

◽️ No indicative timescale clarified as to whether domestic, voluntary COVID-status certification will end. All we're told is it will 'therefore remain'.

◽️ Even though @scotgov advised businesss' who opt to use voluntary certification to be clear about their objectives checking COVID-status, doesn't make the scheme *itself* justifiable or proportionate to continue.

◽️ Intl #CovidPass will remain for 'at least' another year.
◽️ 'Helping customers feel safe' is an example of creating an artifical, nonsensical 'demand' for certification, which does *nothing* to prevent spread of #SARSCoV2.

◽️ Blaming a virus for 'inequality' is ridiculous. Govt overrection caused more damage than #COVID19.
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🚨🚨 @sajidjavid - “Having gone through the Delta wave and so many South Africans having being infected with Delta whether there is a high degree of natural protection through infection”

➡️ Government just removed natural immunity from #CovidPass

➡️ Ignore science for control
If the Health Secretary thinks South Africa may be coping better with #Omicron because of natural immunity then why is the UK Government now refusing to even acknowledge this as I explained here to @iancollinsuk
Even Chris Whitty was talking about the impact of natural immunity on reducing the hospital rate - the immune system offering good protection against infection.
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Soeben erschienen: ein 3-Teiler mit @JannesvanRoermu über #Covidpass #Covidzertifikat Wir haben nachgehakt, Zusammenhänge mit #FunctionCreep und E-Id gefunden. @RecheckHealth hat einen Leak gekriegt um was mit unsere Daten passiert #CovidGesetzNein #CovidGesetzJa (1/)
Was #FunctionCreep von Innovation unterscheidet ist die qualitative Veränderung der Funktionsweise. Einer der möglichen Function Creeps für das #Covidzertifikat überschneidet sich mit der Agenda von mächtigen Interessensgruppen #Privacy #Datenschutz #digsec
Unterdessen behauptet @BAG_OFSP_UFSP das #Covidzertifikat #CovidPass sei nur lokal in der App der Smartphone gespeichert. Ein Leak und weitere Recherchen haben gezeigt: es stimmt nicht. #UVCI #transparenz #digsec >>…
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Just out: a 3-parts series with @JannesvanRoermu on #Covidpass #Covidcertificate We’ve been digging deeper in its links to #FunctionCreep and E-id. Bonus material: @RecheckHealth received a leak on what happens with our data when tested/jabbed #CovidGesetzNein #CovidGesetzJa (1/)
What distinguishes #FunctionCreep from innovation: it involves a qualitative change in functionality. One of the possible function creeps for #Covidpass #Covidcertificate coincides with the agenda of powerful interest groups. #privacy #dataprotection…
Meanwhile, in Switzerland @BAG_OFSP_UFSP claims #COVIDcertificate is stored only locally in the App on your smartphone: "Neither personal data nor the certificates are stored in a central system”. A leak and further research showed: it's more complicated than that #UVCI (3/)
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🛂 Jan > Mar 2021: 300,000 people in #Britain said #NoVaccinePassports. Whitehall opened their first Call For Evidence.

🛂 March 23rd - @CommonsPACAC began an inquiry into COVID-status certification. On June 12th they threw the book at #vaccinepassports…
🛂 By July the #NHS #CovidPass streamrolled its way past Parliamentary scrutiny, debate, & voting, readied for domestic events & intl travel.

🛂 In the next 'cycle', HMG hope to push through the #CoronavirusAct 2020 on Oct 19th & mandate #vaccinepassports to 'save Christmas'...
🛂 To defeat #vaccinepassports we need *total* non compliance coupled with local/national boycott against those who use these measures.

🛂 Apart from @wearethentia & their legal action against the ScotGov, it's unlikely other orgs will follow through & take on HMG.
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🟥 The Johnson regime hold personal responsibility for driving the UK #vaccinepassports black market.
Scrapping these measures will extinguish demand for 'fake certification'.

🟥 #Telegram is not encrypted, only one-to-one calls are E2E.

(contd.) 👇…
🟥 "They will also be used to ensure that care home staff have been fully vaccinated when it becomes mandatory next month."

Where did MoS journalists get info about #NHS #CovidPass becoming mandatory in November?

🟥 UK Border don't require every arrival be double jabbed. Lies.
🟥 You cannot use a QR code or #NHS #CovidPass to fill in a UK Passenger Locator Form. More lies.

🟥 Criminals don't exclusively use PayPal or crypto, more smearing & lies.

🟥 Our organisation was probed by one of these journalists moling for information & they were shut down
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🔴 We've contacted @CommonsPACAC over recent reports about the integration/interoperability of the #EU #COVID19 Digital Certficate & #NHS #CovidPass.

🔴 The Govt can barely produce a DPIA yet will allow the EU access to UK vaccine data... (contd.)…
🔴 There has been no proper scrutiny, oversight, costings, impact assessments & VOTE for #VaccinePassports in #Britain & they must be scrapped, not put in reserve for a Plan B.…
🔴 .@PPaulCharles of @ThePCAgency said, "I think the #UK public will get more & more used to it & you are likely to see it being integrated into daily life".

Daily life? Sounds like something one of Tony Blair's clients would like from @wef @MyCommonPass
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🧵 .@NHSDigital won't publish its contract for 'security reasons'. So what does that also tell us about transparency surrounding the #CovidPass?

The audacity of @iProov saying they won't disclose how long they hold facial data for.

🔴 These revelations come as no surprise to us & we began questioning this back in early January 2021:

🔴 The public have a right to know what contracts exist between the NHS & these private companies who're handling our sensitive data, esp. when a DPIA hasn't been published.

We need greater transparency & accountability from the NHS, Govt, & tech companies like @iProov
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🧵 .@libertyhq one of #Britain's biggest voices on civil liberties & human rights, should have taken a lead position against #vaccinepassports since the Johnson regime first spoke about them back in April 2020...

1⃣ "We all want, and hope, that some form of normality is round the corner"

It's worrying when groups like Liberty echo regime language & talking points like this.

We & the greater public want a *full restoration* of liberties, incl. the removal of all travel restrictions.
2⃣ "the Govt has continually raised the possibility of #vaccinepassports and mandatory vaccinations as an innocuous route to freedoms"

Newsflash for Liberty - vaccine passports are *here*, i.e. #NHS #CovidPass, along with mandated jabs for care workers.
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So the Gov't has gone from promising a review of #VaccinePassports in February...…

to officials saying #domestic uses are "dead" and "not going to happen" in May...…

to the review stating they won't be #mandated in early July... @BorisJohnson announcing they WILL be #mandatory for (mostly) young people from the end of September:…
Meanwhile, and despite MONTHS of denials*, it turns out the Government has already spent £23.6 million on #VaccinePassports 👇 and has already cut deals that could run until 2023 at least...…

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Following the launch of #NHSCOVID19app AKA the new Digital Health ID and #HealthPassport.


Its been downloaded by over 14 million people in England and Wales, around 25% of the population now have it. Image
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New Travel Pass Information Digital Framework from @wef is coming

#CommonPass: Helping people travel the world in the Covid era.


This simple digital solution could help streamline global travel and boost trade during COVID.

#CommonPass could jumpstart economic recoveries by helping people safely travel between countries, all while protecting their private data and containing the virus.

The framework lets travelers access lab test results & vaccination records held through existing data systems or personal digital health records apps (such as Apple Health or @Android Common Health).

So both #COVID19 Testing and Vaccine Data is shared.
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Super Thread: #NewNormal Part 1:


Using behavioural science, society will be nudged towards routine DNA testing.

To Get Back to the Things we Love. Let’s Get Tested. Image
The Behavioural Insights Team - also known as the Nudge Unit - is now a social purpose company.

It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta.…
The BI Team applies behavioural insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver positive results for people and communities.…
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