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I've sat for a while trying to figure out a solution to try to save everything from what is left. It has cost me more than I would like to admit, even to myself.

It really did cost me and many others everything.

I could lose more; but I think I've lost enough.
In what I have lost was my way to see my own life as my own.

I think that's why there's a certain emotion in the air.

We had "antivaxxers" (@JennyMcCarthy) due to the lack of understanding around autism and its cause.

I wouldn't call her an antivaxxer tho; more like
Anti-Guinea pig.

We also had Antifa & Black Lives Matter light that first fire. Whether it was good or bad; it lit the torch for the rest of the world.

It's all connected and interconnected and I've tried to explain this to you for so long, and so have others.
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All right let’s see....

On the topic of the Patriot party:
I see some people saying Trump started it or didn’t. We need it or we should stay Republicans.

I’m just thinking out loud here so bear with me:
“We need to stay in the R party and primary the bad ones”

Well what has the R party (half of the uniparty if you’re awake) really done for us? They barely protect our guns, they obviously can’t protect our speech, they haven’t protected marriage and they definitely don’t care...
About protecting our babies enough to stop [PP]. They had 2 years during 1/2 of Trump’s (still the president) first term and accomplished little. Could have built the wall? Caved. Could have stopped China? Caved. Could have stopped the Rona madness? Caved. The R party is a part..
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Dear the @USArmy @USMarshalsHQ @USSOCOM @82ndABNDiv @USNationalGuard @SpaceForceDoD @usairforce do you really realize that the election cheaters won, even when there was FOREIGN interferences in 2020 national election? @DNI_Ratcliffe @SpaceForceCSO
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This is history repeating itself. ET's have a nickname for our planet: "The Slave Planet". The same sadistic wealthiest groups of people are trying to control the population by enslaving them through systems: financial, Healthcare (sickcare), pharmaceuticals, education, debt...
Suppressing knowledge such as the full table of elements, ETs & IDs, dimensions, our etheric body, the quantum realm, advanced ET technology that can cure any disease or ailment, for quantum travel and to provide zero-point free unlimited energy, our true history, staged events..
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"No evidence of #Voterfraud", just ignore...

-Ballot Harvesting
-Ballot Curing
-Unsolicited Absentee Ballots
-Shifting Votes Electronically
-Stopping the Count
-More Votes than Voters
-Bins/Trashbags/Boxes of Ballots Brought in After Counting
-Smartmatic Peter Neffenger with Biden Transition Team
-Out of State Voters
-Machines Hackable in 5 Minutes
-Swing States Still Counting
-Media Collusion
-Hundreds of Affidavits
-100% of "Glitches" go to Biden
-Backdating Ballots
-Dead Votes
-Illegal Votes
-Felon Votes
-Burning Ballots
-Tearing Ballots
-Discarding Ballots
-Blocking Republican Poll Watchers
-Suggesting Voting Biden at Polling Stations
-Pristine Mail in Ballots, No Folds, No Marks
-Deleting Ballots that Vote Straight Republican
-Paying for Votes/Ballots
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The concern over this 'system' has been ongoing for years.
No wonder folks are taking this seriously;

'we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.'
This is from the @AP

@SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @GenFlynn @RealJamesWoods @RealRLimbaugh

"... the CEOs of the three biggest U.S. voting equipment manufacturers who all say voting machines are not 100 percent secure."

Here's another from @AP

Listen to some of the points she makes.

"States buy new voting systems running old software"

It's quite an eye-opener. Of course, all is forgotten when Biden leads. #TrumpWon

(read the recent comments on the video)
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