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Election activists: Take a moment, breathe, and look around.

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#ElectionFraud #ForeignInterference

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As with @Thaleresq, all of the discussion I see is focused on who delivered the message & how it was delivered.

Based on discussions last night, @CannConActual & @realjoeoltmann saw more info & are justifiably frustrated that it wasn’t all put in the public sphere. 2/25
I agree with them. No one should be allowed to sequester information about our elections.

The public deserves to know everything.

But why aren’t we talking AT ALL about the information that was presented?

Why are we always so focused on the messenger? 3/25
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Dr. @P_McCulloughMD asserts the development and rollout of #BioWeapon C19 vaccines was not "warp speed," but a DARPA-funded US Military Operation begun in 2012.

Sasha Latypova asserts in an interview with @laralogan that documents show DoD is Chief Operating Officer of Operation Warp Speed and controls all mRNA injectables.

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🚩Trump also contracted McKinsey a small fortune for Covid-19 messaging #polqc
Hate to ask, but is the recent wave of immigrant-bashing also coming from the same firm?
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Someone please explain why @AlboMP is following Fiona Barnett’s alleged sister Alina Arlyko, aka Alina Rylko, aka Alina Derevyanko.

Check for your self?… Image
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Dear the @USArmy @USMarshalsHQ @USSOCOM @82ndABNDiv @USNationalGuard @SpaceForceDoD @usairforce do you really realize that the election cheaters won, even when there was FOREIGN interferences in 2020 national election? @DNI_Ratcliffe @SpaceForceCSO
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In this thread, I'd like to provide to you some #FACTS then calls for the brave of our #POTUS in this fight for #ElectionIntegrity and how @realDonaldTrump can prevent #ForeignInterference in upcoming elections
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Stunning news as @ofbjp_usa, a major support base 4 India's Hindu nationalist @BJP4India which mobilized 1000s of Indian-Americans 3 travel 3 India to campaign 4 the party, is reportedly under investigation by @TheJusticeDept & has suspended all activities. #ForeignInterference
News comes from @ashoswai, who reports it's circulating in internal #OFBJP WhatsApp groups & @ofbjp_usa is desperate to suppress the news. No surprise they want to keep it quiet considering Indian-American #BJP backers were backbone for Modi's election.…
In 2019, @ofbjp_usa President Krishna Reddy Anugula, estimated the group had a loose network of up to 300,000 Indian-Americans. In 2014, it had boasted 18 chapters in 13 states, approx 4,000 members, an elected National Executive Committee of 10, & a 40-person National Council.
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1/4 Points Of Contention #CDNpoli

RE #Scheer's Post #Elxn43 Caucus Statement

Conservatives appointed John Baird to analyze failed campaign strategy

Baird works for Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group colluded w Time magazine to run #ForeignInterference in elxn…
2/4 Points Of Contention

RE #Scheer's Post #Elxn43 Caucus Statement

#CDNmedia failed to challenge Scheer & distributed #FakeNews based on his false claims

This is not the strongest opposition + weakest govt in #CDNpoli history

2004: CPC 99 vs LPC 135
2006: CPC 124 vs LPC 103
3/4 Points Of Contention

RE #Scheer's Post #Elxn43 Caucus Statement

Everyone knows #CDNmedia fails at math

But difference of 36 seats between CPC & LPC in 2004 is identical to current govt

1979 was weakest govt & strongest opposition in #CDNpoli history:

Tory 136 vs Lib 114
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1/28 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn43 #ForeignInterference

As some of you already know, my blockbuster investigation RE dubious interference in #Elxn43 (mostly via social media) is now being censored by Twitter, so it says "tweet unavailable" in RTs & threads

2/28 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn43 #ForeignInterference

Several of you have sent screencaps to prove this censorship is happening

I thank @TrippettaRaffe for being the 1st to let me know, especially because Twitter doesn't notify account holders when it censors individual posts
3/28 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn43 #ForeignInterference

An hour after @TrippettaRaffe notified that my investigation is being censored by Twitter, my fiancé was able to confirm the same issue

Of note, he's a federal govt scientist who now can't see my post

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1/9 #CDNpoli #USpoli #UKpoli #ForeignInterference

So, I set out to find contact info for Twitter to get in touch RE incidental censorship of political journos due to new company policy

Upon digging through the SEC I discovered theres a #TwitterPAC & I'm too busy to deal with it
2/9 #CDNpoli #USpoli #UKpoli #ForeignInterference

The #TwitterPAC is interesting enough to share though, in case any American journos wish to inspect

A few highlights:

- Twitter uses Deutsche Bank
- They donated to Chuck Grassley
- They also donated to the Tea Party's Mike Lee
3/9 #CDNpoli #USpoli #UKpoli #ForeignInterference

Today Dorsey stated

"We've made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally. We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought"

Yet this conflicts with a #TwitterPAC…
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1/3 I'm informed my pinned tweet is being censored by @Twitter @TwitterSupport

This is the post RE my investigation into #CDNpoli #Elxn43 & #ForeignInterference

It had 1.1K retweets & 1.3K likes before they killed it

See photo for how it appears now
. Image
2/3 I tested with help of others & although my pinned tweet RE #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #ForeignInterference appears on my page, it shows 'tweet unavailable' to those who RT'd & its erased from public view entirely

This @Twitter @TwitterSupport censorship is an affront to #PressFreedom
@Twitter @TwitterSupport 3/3 It's also disturbing that @Twitter is preventing a member of the #CDNmedia from reporting about #CDNpoli #Elxn43 & #ForeignInterference, especially because the tweet they censored encouraged further investigation by the RCMP & @ElectionsCan_E

Please amend, @TwitterSupport
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1/40 #CDNpoli #Elxn43

ICYMI Here's my investigation into #ForeignInterference in the Canadian election

RE Roger Stone, Frank Parlato, Warren Kinsella, Matt Ricchiazzi, Buffalo Chronicle, First Nations

In this thread I have a bit to respond/add/clarify

2/40 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference #Elxn43

I appreciate the hoards of bricks & bouquets (mostly good only a few criticisms) because it means you're reading it & that's the most important thing I set out to do:

Cause you to care about the sovereignty & legitimacy of our election
3/40 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference #Elxn43

Now most important thing you need to do is make sure you also read the last "ORIGINAL/ARCHIVE" link to Ricchiazzi's piece on his alternate website that I included in my final paragraph

Because it contains summary & outline of agenda
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1/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice #Elxn43

It appears RCMP will need to investigate if the allegations of voter fraud in #ABleg have now tainted the federal election

More than 1 person from Alberta has come forward with an illegitimate voter ID
2/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice #Elxn43

For the record, I have not engaged in doxing Mr. Gabriel

He made his complaint & photo of the illegitimate voter ID card public, with a request that everyone shares it widely…
3/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice

Moreover, Mr. Gabriel's example illuminates that voter ID cards are being distributed to non-Canadians via post office box numbers & not physical addresses, so any foreign entity could easily interfere in #Elxn43
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1/3 #CDNpoli #Trudeau

ICYMI, here is my interview with @canadianglen via YouTube for easy listening

RE Collusion in #CDNmedia #Elxn43 coverage of the #Blackface/#Brownface scandal & #ForeignInterference

My investigation + supporting evidence in #2 & #3

2/3 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Trudeau

Here is my original investigation into @TIME magazine's coverage of the PMJT #Blackface/#Brownface scandal & issues it raises of #ForeignInterference in #Elxn43

So far 30,000 have read & many reported to @ElectionsCan_E

@TIME @ElectionsCan_E 3/3 #CDNpoli #Trudeau

And here's the #thread with my release of new evidence that implicates #CDNmedia in collusion with a political party over #Blackface/#Brownface coverage in what appears to be a coordinated #Elxn43 effort

+ Link to @ElectionsCan_E

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1/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

Here's the supporting docs to my podcast interview with @canadianglen

The ORIGINAL exposé by Mercedes Stephenson on Global News concealed Conservative Party as source of the racist video depicting PMJT
2/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

That disingenuous story by Mercedes Stephenson was followed up by David Akin, also from Global News

That same afternoon, he told PMJT to step aside & quit the election so someone else could take over LPC…
3/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

Global News then dramatically edited its original story by Mercedes Stephenson, to finally admit they received the PMJT video from Conservative Party

But they concealed that significant edit too #Ethics
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