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Morning @BorisJohnson 👋. Grow the fuck up, & for once in your life put the country you pretend to love before yourself & take some personal responsibility, you spoilt, pathetic, whiny, selfish, greedy, infantile, reckless, narcissistic, lying, cheating, bigoted perpetual victim. ImageImage
By 2019, EVERY TORY MP, member, & donor, & every single right-wing newspaper editor, #TuftonSt think tank, Brextremist, & Tory voter knew EXACTLY what the serial cheat & pathological liar with his infantile clown act was like - but STILL supported him. 🤬

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Hitler, Franco, & Mussolini all headed coalitions of Nationalist Fascist & Conservative factions, & all subscribed to a far-right ideology which we may call National Conservatism, & which involves scapegoating minorities & the Left as threats to 'Western Civilisation'. ImageImageImageImage
Should we be concerned that it was Britain's turn to host the National Conservatism conference aka #NatCon, aka the #NatC conference?

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that in May, the American hard Right came to England. Calvin Robinson did not speak at it. Image
Unlike in Hungary, where last year's gathering of Europe’s extreme-right figures was an offshoot of the Trump & Bolsonaro supporting US Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the NatCon conference here was backed by the Edmund Burke Foundation.

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by all means read this

never forget, the #TuftonSt style dark money Koch backed "think tanks" hold far more sway and power in the US, & they desperately WANT the most extreme EXTREMIST Libertarian right wing fascist Death DeSantis to win..... there'll be more articles like this
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Unlike Andrew Neil, I haven't got the luxury of being Chairman of an establishment magazine which represents its billionaire-owner's interests.

Nonetheless, we need to talk about Andrew Neil's climate change stance & history of working for overseas-based billionaires. Image
Here's Andrew Neil in 2013, asking: "Is the whole global warming schtick over?"

Global warming is, as kids know, the long-term heating of Earth’s climate due to human activity, primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. Image
And here's a testy & revealing exchange following Neil's bizarre question, between journalist Andrew Neil & climate expert Bob Ward, who has served as policy & communications director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment at the LSE since 2008. Image
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So yesterday, I came across this petition to "Remove GB News' Broadcast Licence".

I & many others have legitimate concerns about this "news" channel (which I'll come on to), so without really thinking about it, I quickly signed & RTd it.

I now regret that.

Here's why: Image
The brief text accompanying the petition says "@Ofcom refuse to regulate this nonsense news channel that spreads lies, misinformation & conspiracy. Stop the damage to the UK's media by ending this station preying on the simple & scared."

Allow me address each of these claims:
CLAIM 1: "@Ofcom refuse to regulate this nonsense news channel".

This is patently untrue: GB News has been investigated on at least four separate occasions by Ofcom, two of which resulted in Ofcom ruling broadcast rules HAVE been breached by the channel.…
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This is a #THREAD about propaganda, right-wing populist nationalist Christian authoritarianism, @BBCr4today, Sebastian Kurz, your health records, the NatCon conference, & Libertarian billionaire, Peter Thiel. I know this sounds like the introduction to an Adam Curtis documentary. Image
Radio 4’s Today Programme has lost 800,000 listeners in the past year as they switched to podcasts & rival talk radio shows.

It has also had to deal with Rishi Sunak’s government cutting access to government ministers as part of a deliberate communication strategy. Image
An expert on right-wing authoritarianism, Ruth Wodak's February 2023 article, 'Analyzing the shift to the far-right: the Austrian case', is Open Access (free to read), & helps explain @BBCr4today's loss of listeners, & recent developments in #propaganda.…
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If swivel-eyed anti-woke alt-right populist nationalist #QAnon #ProLife #Brextremist #TuftonSt #Manosphere #Christofascist conspiracy theorists organised a conference, sponsored by libertarian billionaires...

National Conservatism conference, May 15-17, Marsham Street, London. ImageImageImageImage
Keynote speaker at #NatCon, Heritage Foundation President: “Heritage’s position, to be really plain, is that marriage is between one man & one woman, full stop.” Asked if that means annulling existing same-sex marriages, he says “I hope so. That would be good for civil society.” Image
What follows is a summary #THREAD of the 'Statement of Principles' offered by 'National Conservatism', a Christian nationalist project of the Edmund Burke Foundation - a lobbying 'institute' founded in 2019 with the aim of strengthening the principles of national conservatism".
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Today, you'll see the claim that 'Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world'. What you are unlikely to be told is that the survey is solely about who people are comfortable having as a neighbour - it doesn't address other forms of #racism.…
Another recent detailed study into racism in the UK received much less coverage - especially in the right-wing media.

EVENS is a major new survey designed to help us understand the realities facing ethnic & religious minorities during the pandemic.

The research was published in a book called 'Racism & Ethnic Inequality in a Time of Crisis'.

The “UK is immeasurably far from being a racially just society. The kinds of inequality we see in our study would not be there if we had a really just society.”…
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Telegraph Editor (& IEA Award Winner) Allister Heath, today: "NET ZERO IS A TROJAN HORSE FOR THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN SOCIETY!" Image
Allister heath is an unreconstructed free-market fundamentalist ideological extremist, who in 2018, made the infantile claim that "Cultural Marxism is running rampant", & last September welcomed the catastrophic mini-budget submitted by Kwasi Kwarteng, with unbridled enthusiasm. ImageImageImage
"This was the best budget I have ever heard a British chancellor deliver, by a massive margin. The tax cuts were so huge & bold, the language so extraordinary, that at times, listening to Kwasi Kwarteng, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming."
- Allister Heath Image
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#TuftonSt #HJS #HenryJacksonSociety

I don't know how I came across this, but I'm absolutely gob-smacked!

This is a detailed, lengthy, University of Bath report on just one #TuftonStreet "think tank" & how it intertwines with all the wheels & inner sanctums of govt
whilst its head office is in Millbank, this detailed report blew my mind - read it & think of all the so called think tanks that influence tory policies

this report shows how they could *all* potentially be inter-related

I've not seen so much detail before!
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I did a tour of the small business units on my estate this pm, & held a TRA

10 of 27 are closing next month as their bills have all increased by 400% to 700%

50 jobs lost

11 have contracts to next April, & the other 6 for 18 months

corner shop cafe closing too, 11 staff going
#EnoughlsEnough #energy #EnergyCrisis

is anyone else in my circle able to check with mixed use housing estates in their area, on how their small business units are doing please?

I *honestly* do feel as though I'm the only account here highlighting these issues

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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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#EnoughIsEnough #energybills
last night the FT reported Truss will immediately invoke Article 16 causing a trade war whilst we have rampant inflation, are heading in to recession & at the moment 70% of businesses will fall off a cliff in October when they renegotiate energy bill
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
several quotes here from 300% increases to over 1,100%.... as I have been alerting everyone to, since the 10th March.

if govt doesn't step in immediately, the UK will have businesses failing faster & harder than they did in 2008
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
here's my thread from the 10th March stating businesses will fall off a cliff, nearly 6 months later STILL NO ACTION has been taken, this is INEXCUSABLE! If I knew it in March, then the govt sure as hell did!
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