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Koch 1% libertarians are actively changing our Democracy to a government with no regulation or oversight for corporations
While slowly shifting the burden of taxes to the 99%
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
When Ronald Reagan was sworn in and promised to destroy our government because it was “the problem,” we wondered the outcome, now we know,
4 decades of wealth inequality and the steady destruction of our Democracy
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
Before Reagan, we’d passed the right to unionize which built the middle class
We passed unemployment insurance and safety to protect workers
Soc Sec largely ended poverty among seniors, and Medicare provided health care
#ResistanceUnited #wtpBLUE #DemCast #DemVoice1 #ProudBlue Image
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#TrickleDownTheory as explained by #TheArchers. A thread. 1/
Member of landowning family gets to do a talk on being a success & turning her life around after being an alcoholic screw up, as her auntie has given her a job managing posh riding stables. Huzzah! Redemption. Success! #TrickleDown 2/
Her cousins Ben and Josh are given cheap rent in a nice big house, owned by the other owner of the stables. Who happens to be another auntie. Handy! #TrickleDown 3/
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Reflections on the morning after - and especially the markets… 🧵

It may well take some time for the dust to settle on #KwasiKwarteng’s first #Budget (yes, 'Budget’: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s fair to call it a duck)...
The initial reaction from most economic commentators and in the financial markets has been a loud boo! There are some things I would have done differently. But the overall strategy is sound, and sentiment should recover as the economic benefits become clearer...
There are two aspects I particularly liked. One is the emphasis on breaking the ‘doom loop’ of weak economic growth and rising taxes, both with tax cuts and – at least as importantly – structural reforms on the supply-side...
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“Chapter 8,” titled “Castles in the Sky…Cocaine and Booze:

“Gen X/ 13th Generation is a Concocted Generation, born 1961 through 1980”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M Adzema

(pub 9/2022)…

CW22Q 8/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE... #GenX #history #Yuppies #80s #Republicans

CW22Q 8/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “…this swinging back & forth of attitudes is mirrored also in the drug usage of these generations: We go from repressive drugs such as alcohol & tobacco with the WWII Generation;” []

THREAD… #GenX #history #Yuppies #80s

CW22Q 8/3
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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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Steuersenkungen haben keinen signifikanten Effekt auf das Wirtschaftswachstum. Das neoliberale Narrativ „Steuern runter, Wirtschaftswachstum rauf“ #trickledown wird eindeutig widerlegt👇🏼Den Effekt, den Steuersenkungen allerdings sehr wohl haben: die Einkommensungleichheit wächst. Image
Dass Steuersenkungen zu höheren Investitionen führen, ist auch falsch.|Steuern wurden in den letzten Jahrzehnten gesenkt, was zu mehr #Ungleichheit führte & keine positiven Effekte auf Investitionen hatte. Stattdessen fehlen Mittel gg.die #Klimakrise, für Bildung & Infrastruktur. Image
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🧵 Kimbal Musk, PPPillionaire 🧵
Everyone knows that Kimbal Musk stole from the "Family Fund", his restaurants’ emergency tip jar. But did you also know that he was rolling in PPP cash - even as he stole from his employees? #Tesla #SpaceX $TSLA $TSLAQ 1/12
On 4/8/20, Kimbal got $4.93 M in PPP cash for The Kitchen Café, LLC, his restaurant in Boulder, CO. On 4/10/20, another entity (likely one of his) called Next Door, LLC, also HQ’d in Boulder, CO, got $358k in PPP cash. Kimbal’s charity, Big Green, got $783.5k on 4/9/20. 2/12
On 4/21/21, Kimbal scored another cool $2 M in PPP cash for The Kitchen Café. Next Door scooped up $501.5k on 1/23/21. Big Green got a nice $852.3k on 2/24/21. #TrickleDown #Tesla #SpaceX 3/12
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/PM hat die Aussage getroffen, Steuersenkungen schaffen keine Investitionen.

"Liberale" und ihre Verwandten meinen, die Aussage sei falsch.

In diesem Thread möchte ich euch zeigen, dass die Aussage von /PM richtig ist. /TN #Thread
1. Ein wichtiger Akteur für Investitionen ist die öffentliche Hand.

Die öffentliche Hand bist du und ich, die durch Steuern den Staat die finanziellen Mittel stellen.…
Prof. Tom Krebs schätzt das Investitionsvolumen auf 45,7 Mrd. € pro Jahr.
Durch die #Coronavirus-Pandemie dürfte das tatsächliche Investitionsvolumen noch einmal gesteigert sein.

Auch andere Ausgaben - von der Parkbank bis zum Panzer werden aus öffentliche Mittel bestritten.

Eine Kürzung dieser Ausgaben träfe die Wirtschaft also direkt.
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Kannanottomme #omistuskatto ehdotuksesta viiteen (5) miljoonaan sekä vahvemmasta ja avoimesta #varallisuusvero'tuksesta on herättänyt runsaasti reaktioita. Hienoa! Reilummasta ja kestävästä taloudesta tuleekin keskustella.

Seuraa ketju: 1/11…
Taustalla on vuosittainen #vero'tietojen julkaisu sekä viime vuosina kasvanut pyrkimys rikkailla piilottaa tilastot julkisuudelta. Verotietojen avoimuuden lisäksi Vasemmistonuoret vaatii #varallisuusveroa ja yksityisomistuskaton säätämistä Suomessa. 2/…
Keskustelu äärimmäisen rikkauden tarpeettomuudesta sekä #kapitalismi'n ytimessä olevasta eriarvoisuuden logiikasta on käynyt vilkkaana. Kokosimme tämän päivän blogitekstiin yleisimmät kysymykset ja vastaukset aiheesta.

Kysymyksiä oli lukuisia. 3/10…
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Today’s #nusp2018 is on #trickledown. Does it work? Stay tuned!
Group 1 argues it does. First point, trickledown dose not redistribute, it works because it creates extra resources
Group 1 starts from the Laffer curve. Then they mie to investment and job creation, i.e wages and revenues, then the multiplier kicks in
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