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What follows now are the images we caught from our #HeartsForMurderedWomen vigil yesterday, which we held during the #16DaysOfActivism, the day after #IDEVAW #16days #SayHerName @tweet_tdas @FemicideCensus @CountDeadWomen ImageImageImageImage
The #HeartsForMurderedWomen were strung from the statue of #OurEmmeline and hung between the trees lining #StPetersSquare in #Manchester #16DaysOfActivism #IDEVAW #16days ImageImageImageImage
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@RishiSunak when are you seriously going to act like a PM? you are not my first or second choice but for now we are stuck with you,I'm serious when I ask when is integrity,professionalism and Accountability coming into your government?,your a liar,just like Johnson you said you
Didn't know about @GavinWilliamson well I'm calling you a liar,it's just one more thing you've been trying to get away with,your sad apparently that @GavinWilliamson resigned,you should have sacked him,you left him in office knowing full well he is misogynistic and a bully,you
Knew he was terrorising people in office over years,not days,not months, but years,did you extend your sorrow to the people who were bullied,NO! Your not fit for office,your not fit to lead this country,you only have a small window to impress I'm sure you know that, you have
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Austerity is now definitely coming back, 2022 is going to be remembered as the year the @Conservatives put the finishing touches to destroying our country, we will never recover from this unless an immediate #GeneralElectionNow is called #EnoughIsEnough @trussliz is worse than
Johnson who ever thought that was possible not me,@Jeremy_Hunt saying we have difficult decisions to make, NO! @Jeremy_Hunt the decision is easy #GeneralElectionNow it's time the citezens of the United Kingdom had their say, that's what democracy is, as for @trussliz you can say
She's not up to the job along with some quite disgusting things but you voted her in #ToriesThisIsOnYou,it's time the people of the uk were allowed to democratically vote in who we want to run our once great country #GeneralElectionNow
#EnoughlsEnough #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry
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It's Friday let's end this week on a whole bunch of questions.
Why are children being deprived of free school meals if their parents income is more that £7,400 take home pay a year,that's £125 a week,why? #ToriesThisIsOnYou
Why is the only thing @KwasiKwarteng can say
At the dispatch box is #antigrowthcoalition when he is challenged,why not an adult debate? #ToriesThisIsOnYou
Why are energy prices gone up 215% while in France they've gone up by 4% #ToriesThisIsOnYou
Why do the @Conservatives believe giving money to the rich is incentive
Rich need a payrise to work harder
Poor need a pay cut to work harder.
Home insulation for homes has been cut exponentially since 2012
Why @Conservatives?
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To be clear, BMI is nothing more than a tool of oppression. How?

1. It separates people into different groups using arbitrary and totally inaccurate numbers and then attributes certain false characteristics to each group (healthy/unhealthy, at risk/not at risk)
2. It is DELIBERATELY biased against marginalised groups such as Black & other non white European folks. And disabled folks. (This has nothing to do with bone density or fat so please stop using that as an excuse)
3. It is used to gatekeep medical procedures/treatments/surgeries from those who are often the most vulnerable and in need. It has created a 2 tier medical system.

4. It is used to STEAL FROM (statistically poorer) folks by unfairly increasing their insurance premiums.
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I detest this government and everything they stand for,I detest their lack of integrity, I detest their lack of honesty,I detest their lack of honour,I detest everything about their #AntiGrowthCoalition I detest their lies,I detest their obvious distane for the vunerable. #GTTO
I detest the obvious disregard for human life,I detest how they only value the rich and powerful,I detest how they openly lie to cover the lies and corruption,I detest how they supported Johnson and partygate,I detest how their supporting @trussliz @KwasiKwarteng in destroying
Our economy,I detest how they had to be bailed out by the Bank of England,I detest how they weren't concerned about old people's pension,I detest how they've broken people's mortgages,I detest most of all how they just don't care,I detest how unless your rich or a donor your not
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“They’ve stolen the railways …
They’ve stolen the post.
They’ve stolen our telephones ..
They’ve stolen our buses.
They’ve stolen our water.
The only reason they haven’t stolen our air is that they can’t get a meter up our noses.”
- @drmcarley 🔥
#EnoughIsEnough #Bath
“They have turned this into naked class warfare. But remember there’s more of us than them. And they need us more than we need them, because we’re the ones doing the work! The wheels of the world don’t turn unless we make them turn. - @drmcarley
#EnoughIsEnough #Bath
“All we have to do is shove our hands in our pockets and everything stops …
There’s not a train going through here today.
There’s nothing leaving that sorting depot.
The college for 3 days this week closed down. Everybody’s coming out.”
- @drmcarley
#EnoughlsEnough #Bath
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It’s time to say #EnoughlsEnough

This Saturday, October 1st, we’ll be protesting in 50 cities and towns across Britain:

For pay rises, against the energy rip-off, to end food poverty – and to say no to handouts for the rich.

RT to spread the word 👊

It’s time to say #EnoughlsEnough 👊

No to handouts for the rich and hardship for the rest.

Protest: Saturday, October 1st, 12PM, Kings Cross station, N1 9AL.

It’s time to say #EnoughlsEnough 👊

No to handouts for the rich and hardship for the rest.

Protest: Saturday, October 1st, 12PM, Piccadilly Gardens, M1 1RN.
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Next UK PM will be pile on crisis on top of crisis, their only interests are to cede political power to private corporations, hence the Tories track record of anti-governance. I can't believe people aren't out on the streets rallying their communities to say #EnoughlsEnough
The Brexit clean slate is going to be filled up with the most cruel and humiliating 'policies as punishments' the UK will ever have experienced, these are tried and tested tactics of the libertarian right, radical right ideology made flesh. Tories admit there will be much pain.
Tories policies were christened by the radical rights ideology of physical and economic violence. Decades ago social sciences based think tanks were subverted by private corporations partisan interests, they demanded Govt have nothing to do with taxing their wealth accumulation.
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I did a tour of the small business units on my estate this pm, & held a TRA

10 of 27 are closing next month as their bills have all increased by 400% to 700%

50 jobs lost

11 have contracts to next April, & the other 6 for 18 months

corner shop cafe closing too, 11 staff going
#EnoughlsEnough #energy #EnergyCrisis

is anyone else in my circle able to check with mixed use housing estates in their area, on how their small business units are doing please?

I *honestly* do feel as though I'm the only account here highlighting these issues

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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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60% of working adults work in SMEs

52% of UK GDP is generated by SMEs: £2.3 trillion

70% of SMEs need to renegotiate energy contracts in October (according to Sky News research)

"tories will help low income households with packages announced, & a bit extra"

#EnoughlsEnough #energy
can absolutely no one else see the issue here?

60% of working people in the UK work for SMEs

70% of SMEs are about to see their energy costs go from




think of the complicated, intertwined supply chains for most SMEs, raw materials etc
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#EnoughIsEnough #energybills
last night the FT reported Truss will immediately invoke Article 16 causing a trade war whilst we have rampant inflation, are heading in to recession & at the moment 70% of businesses will fall off a cliff in October when they renegotiate energy bill
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
several quotes here from 300% increases to over 1,100%.... as I have been alerting everyone to, since the 10th March.

if govt doesn't step in immediately, the UK will have businesses failing faster & harder than they did in 2008
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
here's my thread from the 10th March stating businesses will fall off a cliff, nearly 6 months later STILL NO ACTION has been taken, this is INEXCUSABLE! If I knew it in March, then the govt sure as hell did!
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For decades the working class have been told, because of the FPTP system, they need to compromise to get the Tories out, for decades they've been betrayed by so-called Liberal allies in suits, who've promised much, & delivered little. 1/21
For decades many of us have, despite our reservations, voted for the lesser evil, comforting ourselves that at least we didn't vote Tory. 2/21
But what happens when the not Tories, effectively govern just like the them? What are we supposed to do then, grit our teeth and continue to vote for them, when they will bring the same misery to our communities! 3/21
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#EnergyPriceCap Should Be Frozen At Current Rate, Energy Bosses Insist
Politics Home #EnoughlsEnough #CostOfLivingCrisis…
/2 The October #EnergyPriceCap will be confirmed on #Friday this week, with analysts predicting that annual bills could top out over £3,500, before another rise in January, and again in April. The government is facing urgent calls to address the spike in #energyprices
/3 which is expected to plunge a significant number of households into fuel poverty this winter. #Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson told BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme that ministers should “freeze the #EnergyPriceCap roughly where it is” at £1,971 per year,
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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How to explain what a charter city is to a 10 year old.
One day the Govt allows a big company to buy the land your homes are on, they're so wealthy they decide to change the laws so they can make more money. They will draw up a new contract that you have to sign where you agree to live by their rules and not the Govt's anymore.
If the company don't like you for disagreeing with them because they lowered your wages and demanded you work more hours for even less pay, they might force you to leave their town and go and live in a special area they built for the very poor just so you don't bother the company
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