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🗣 Dear @GreenPartyWomen @TheGreenParty members

Just as we can't seperate lesbians from 'lesbianism' or women & girls from 'feminism', we cannot divorce actual living breathing Trans people from the concept of 'transgenderism'

Any organisation calling to "eliminate the..

..practice of transgenderism" is at best attempting to deny real actual (Trans) ppl from equally participating in society free from discrimination, hatred, & prejudice

Any GPEW liberation group or individual party member platforming &/or supporting these organisations is..

..complicit in the wilful attempt to ensure Trans ppl are not only mandated out of society but also denied the opportunity to thrive as they know themselves to be

Any political party that allows these organisations &/or individuals to freely promote this eliminist rhetoric..

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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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1/ Thank you very much once again for bringing up pensions @MartynDaySNP yesterday at @CommonsHealth to @SteveBarclay

Some important answers in there (& some factually incorrect ones) so lets break them down, as its very important & shows govmnt (misguided) thinking

2/ The SOS claims "there's something that was started in Covid, the ability of people to, to return to the workforce whilst continuing to top up their pension" - this is not correct.
3/ That was about "abatement" which only affects a tiny proportion of the workforce (for doctors thats only mental health officers, a *tiny* proportion of all doctors).
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It won't stop unless the UK joins the #SingleMarket
Shortage of European workers is a major contributing factor to Britain’s economic gloom.
‘Britannia Chained: Brexit has Left the UK in a State of National Decline’ – Byline Times…
According to the IMF, even Russia – hit by massive international sanctions – is set to out-perform the UK. When it comes to our nearest global competitors, the self-imposed economic sanctions of Brexit appear to outweigh all others.
Even Russia...
Disaster capitalists, r/w populists and fascists have hobbled a once stable country that rarely suffered the sort of political ruptures that affected other nations. 7 years of BS since the vote to leave the EU, Britain has become a byword for political chaos.
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy 1st February have a great day 😀
Brexit will forever be the thing that destroyed this country, along with the stinking rotten Tories who care for no one but themselves and their donors, never have we had a more corrupt, lying, selfish,
self-serving government than this who spend so much time gaslighting this country I'm surprised they have time for anything else, we must not give up, and we must not become overwhelmed we are #StrongerTogether we must #SupportTheStrikes we need a #GeneralElectionNow
Along with stopping the #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry because they are #ToriesUnfitToGovern we need the #ToriesOut209 Now! #EnoughlsEnough #NotMovingOn
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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Tories are torturing and killing their own citizens.
What are you going to do about it?
Austerity is a fascist policy choice.
The Govt's hands are soaked in blood. #EnoughlsEnough
The Guardian view on Tory austerity: an unpopular policy returns…
Unions are now criminalized for daring to demand pay rises in line with inflation, yet private sector workers disputes are settled sensibly. Anything to do with the public sector is a target for ruthless libertarian attacks...during times of exceptional crisis.
Hunt the 'tech bro' promises to turn the “UK into the world’s next Silicon Valley, made possible by Brexit”
this will only favour the saver-investor class, deregulation will tailor laws to allow the private sector to literally get away with murder, subjugation chaos and disorder.
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@euro writes (vital thread) to warn us that

1/ EU regulations are not perfect but are not ‘red tape’ either. They improve the quality of our everyday lives by protecting our rights as #workers and #consumers, our #environment and #wildlife and the quality of the #food we eat.
Please, read on 2/ to get more detail on the #REUL Bill (Retained EU Law)
I personally experienced that EU decisions were all scrutinised by UK Parliamentary Committees before they became law!…
2/ These EU laws were created with the support of the governments of all the political parties when the UK was in the EU.
EU laws – that the Government now wants to dismantle – protect us in the workplace. They guarantee our paid holidays, reduce the gender pay gap and protect
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Many have said they lost confidence in the Public Order Emergency Commission (#poec) because of how the feds behaved and how the #poec managed the inquiry.
In addition to the heavily redacted and late disclosure of documents from the feds there were two other serious issues we identified👇👇:
(1) The feds refuse to release the legal opinion they claim justified the use of the Emergencies Act (EA); and

(2) The #poec is giving Trudeau and his Cabinet a secret report on Feb 6 and Parliament & the public get the report on Feb 20.

Does this sounds transparent to you?
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Fiona Bruce introduces James Barthlomew as an "author & journalist".

A quick #THREAD about how this description of him is misleading, & deliberately conceals vital information.

Bartholomew trained as a banker in the City of London, & claims the welfare state as "dysfunctional"
In fact, someone at the @BBC really likes what Bartholomew has to say, & in 2019, @BBCNewsnight gave him airtime to make the absurd claim that not just Britain's, but ALL welfare states are "dysfunctional".
Batholomew's book 'The Welfare State We're In' received the free-market fundamentalist 'think tank' Institute of Economic Affairs' Arthur Seldon Award in 2005 & the Atlas Foundation’s Sir Antony Fisher Memorial Award in 2007.

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The already grotesquely wealthy richest 1% pocketed two-thirds of ALL new wealth ($26 TRILLION) created since the pandemic began.

They own most platforms, press, & media, fund free-market think tanks, & bribe, support, or threaten Govts.

Food and energy companies more than doubled their profits in 2022, paying out $257 BILLION to already wealthy shareholders at a time when globally, more than 800 million people were going hungry.

#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich Image
Only 4 cents in every dollar of tax revenue came from wealth taxes, & around half the world’s 2,700 or so billionaires live in countries with no inheritance tax on money they give to their children. The UK has around 170 billionaires, many of whom have non dom status.
#TaxTheRich Image
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"For the past 13 years people have been obliged to live their lives at the mercy of this irrational force called the market. But we know to our cost that this approach has failed. The market must serve our needs, not we the needs of the market" - John Smith, 1992.
Govts "have power... to bring about change, to improve the lives of the people whose trust they carry. That is why it is so unacceptable, so unbearable to see the injustice in our country, the waste of human talent, the lack of hope, loss of pride, because it is not inevitable."
"This Conservative government has an idea about people that I must say I find totally objectionable. Fundamentally, they believe people are driven, purely by greed and self-interest. They believe all of us are motivated by a desire to accumulate wealth with no regard for others."
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For every action, there is an opposite reaction.
As Tories increase prosperity for the rich, disaster capitalism cements austerity as policy choice which increases paycuts, strikes, foodbanks, collapse of public sector and rule of law. UK is a Kleptocracy.…
Govt announcing spending cuts matches the amount of profit that corporate hegemony has reaped, there is no lack of money, it's just unequally redistributed. All on the back of crises, you see how it works?
Deregulation goes hand in glove with wealth accumulation. City of London corporation is a charter city (est 1075) with it's own laws, offshoring gains to tax havens, private businesses dominate the electorate and have an unelected Remembrancer in HoC.
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Good morning everyone 🌸 🌞🌸
As the weekend starts and we all reflect on the strikes this week I feel it's important to say I support all the strikes but I have to be honest my heart belongs to the Nurses.
Yesterday I had a frightening experience that really brought home to me
What an absolute mess the NHS is in.
Going to the chemist to pick up my prescription I was informed that my heart medication was not available,
I need this medication to stay alive!.
On the phone five hours later I had sourced some.
In the greater scheme of things it may seem
Small but for me it was frightening.
This is the fault of this government for the years of underfunding and Brexit.
There's lots of medication shortages I fear it's going to get worse.
Again we suffer at the hands of this lying, theiving ,odious government incompetence.
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Good morning everyone 🌸 🌞🌸
What a week its been.
The Tories are continuing their gaslighting and lying ,some things never change.
I'm hoping everyone understands the INDEPENDENT pay review is NOT! I'll repeat NOT! independent ,
It will not cost £28 billion to give essential
Services a decent payrise.
In actual fact it's approx £14 billion.
where is Michelle Mone? Could she could pay back the money she stole?, then we could pay essential services a decent payrise.
It's time for change, it's time for a #GeneralElectionNow #EnoughlsEnough
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If you've never zipped up body bags on a shift, you shouldn’t be deciding how much Ambulance crews earn.

If you've never watched a person suffocate to death from their own blood, you shouldn’t be deciding how much Ambulance crews earn

If you've never had someone attempt to punch you in the face for trying to assess your patient, you shouldn’t be deciding how much Ambulance crews earn.

If you've never had someone beg you to not let them die, you shouldn’t be deciding how much Ambulance crews earn.

If you've never had to look into parents eyes or hold them while they crumble as you call the time of death of their child, you shouldn't be deciding how much Ambulance crews earn.

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Good morning everyone 🌸 🌞🌸
What a sad sad day for the UK, hailed as hero's during the pandemic,this government has finally broken them.
I support the nurse's 1000 %.
They are hero's not villains,this government are the villains!,its time for us to support them now.
Time to
Stepp UK!.claps don't pay bills!.
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Morning everyone. So people are complaining about strikers. Do they think people want to strike. These people are doing this so they can fight for a better living wage. So they can support their families. The @Conservatives have driven people to this.
This only happens under a Tory Government, where they've created a #CostOfLivingCrisis, another recession, poverty, low wages, fuel crisis and food banks. Nobody wants to strike. I fully support anyone choosing to go on strike and fight for better way of life,
Something the @Conservatives are determined to take away. Whatever they tell you about being the "party of the people" is just a lie. Enough is enough. It's time they were held accountable for bringing about poverty, another recession, forcing people to use foodbanks.
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Let’s talk #strike not one person wants to strike!!! What we want is to do our jobs with fair pay, decent conditions to have enough money to pay the bills and feed our kids!!! We want recognition for the amazing job we do day in day out…. 1/
Our jobs aren’t easy, we take them home in our heads and our hearts because it’s what we do!!! WE CARE!!! We just want #FairPay along with hospital staff, firefighters, rail workers, civil servants, postal workers, care workers. All those who keep this country running…,,2/
This government seem to forget that we are the ones who work for the people and those people do appreciate us even if those in power care only about their money. It’s time for action. It’s time!!! #EnoughlsEnough #FairPayOrFireStrike #FairPay4HomeCare #FairPayforNursing
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Quick #THREAD on fee-paying schools.

“When I say we are going to pay for kids to catch up at school, I also say it’ll be funded by removing private schools’ charitable status.”

Under current rules, independent school fees are exempt from VAT.

Starmer has repeatedly pledged to remove independent schools' charitable status on policy grounds and to increase tax revenue (as they will no longer be subject to the beneficial tax treatment enjoyed by charities).
Withdrawing charitable status and the current VAT exemption, it is claimed, would raise around £1.7 billion, with this money being earmarked for Labour's other education sector commitments.
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What follows now are the images we caught from our #HeartsForMurderedWomen vigil yesterday, which we held during the #16DaysOfActivism, the day after #IDEVAW #16days #SayHerName @tweet_tdas @FemicideCensus @CountDeadWomen
The #HeartsForMurderedWomen were strung from the statue of #OurEmmeline and hung between the trees lining #StPetersSquare in #Manchester #16DaysOfActivism #IDEVAW #16days
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@RishiSunak when are you seriously going to act like a PM? you are not my first or second choice but for now we are stuck with you,I'm serious when I ask when is integrity,professionalism and Accountability coming into your government?,your a liar,just like Johnson you said you
Didn't know about @GavinWilliamson well I'm calling you a liar,it's just one more thing you've been trying to get away with,your sad apparently that @GavinWilliamson resigned,you should have sacked him,you left him in office knowing full well he is misogynistic and a bully,you
Knew he was terrorising people in office over years,not days,not months, but years,did you extend your sorrow to the people who were bullied,NO! Your not fit for office,your not fit to lead this country,you only have a small window to impress I'm sure you know that, you have
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Austerity is now definitely coming back, 2022 is going to be remembered as the year the @Conservatives put the finishing touches to destroying our country, we will never recover from this unless an immediate #GeneralElectionNow is called #EnoughIsEnough @trussliz is worse than
Johnson who ever thought that was possible not me,@Jeremy_Hunt saying we have difficult decisions to make, NO! @Jeremy_Hunt the decision is easy #GeneralElectionNow it's time the citezens of the United Kingdom had their say, that's what democracy is, as for @trussliz you can say
She's not up to the job along with some quite disgusting things but you voted her in #ToriesThisIsOnYou,it's time the people of the uk were allowed to democratically vote in who we want to run our once great country #GeneralElectionNow
#EnoughlsEnough #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry
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It's Friday let's end this week on a whole bunch of questions.
Why are children being deprived of free school meals if their parents income is more that £7,400 take home pay a year,that's £125 a week,why? #ToriesThisIsOnYou
Why is the only thing @KwasiKwarteng can say
At the dispatch box is #antigrowthcoalition when he is challenged,why not an adult debate? #ToriesThisIsOnYou
Why are energy prices gone up 215% while in France they've gone up by 4% #ToriesThisIsOnYou
Why do the @Conservatives believe giving money to the rich is incentive
Rich need a payrise to work harder
Poor need a pay cut to work harder.
Home insulation for homes has been cut exponentially since 2012
Why @Conservatives?
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To be clear, BMI is nothing more than a tool of oppression. How?

1. It separates people into different groups using arbitrary and totally inaccurate numbers and then attributes certain false characteristics to each group (healthy/unhealthy, at risk/not at risk)
2. It is DELIBERATELY biased against marginalised groups such as Black & other non white European folks. And disabled folks. (This has nothing to do with bone density or fat so please stop using that as an excuse)
3. It is used to gatekeep medical procedures/treatments/surgeries from those who are often the most vulnerable and in need. It has created a 2 tier medical system.

4. It is used to STEAL FROM (statistically poorer) folks by unfairly increasing their insurance premiums.
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