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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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#Tuesday #TuesdayThoughts
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This matters! #MondayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #VoteDem #ElectionDay
6 Types of Misinformation to Beware of on Election Day. (And What to Do if You Spot Them.)
2/"False stories, misleading ads and suspicious mailers are an unfortunate feature of most modern political campaigns. But there is another type of misinformation to worry about on Tuesday: the type that strikes on Election Day, requiring voters to wade through rumors, hoaxes and
3/"misleading information on their way to the polls. Here, so you know what to look out for on Tuesday, we break down six of the most common types of Election Day misinformation, as well as some tips for spotting and avoiding it.
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My friends,

In less than 24 hours, the fate of this nation will be decided by the one person who can send a message... Y - O - U! do not be tempted by negative ads by the other party AKA GOP. Do not be persuaded by the poles the news people tell you. only you can decide
My friends,
We....cannot...let....this...election slip through our fingers,period! The fate of this country, the legacy of @BarackObama, the very progress we fought so hard for, and more is at Absolute stake as well as my right as an individual with special needs.
the rights of women everywhere especially my friends in the sex working business and the adult entertainment business especially my friends @MsPrincessDD @drsuzy @thekatiemorgan @Melissa_Hill3x @ChelseaClinton @HillaryClinton and all are at stake in this country.
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Dear friends,

This is my final Twitter thread before November 6th, 24 days ago I started a tweet about why I wanted to vote Democrat and so should you. In the 24 days since it began more than a thousand of you liked it very much and nearly 500 of you retweeted the
thread to inspire people to go and vote. now, in the 3 final days before the most life-changing election in the history of this country, I am saying this with my heart and my soul, when November 6th comes around and you are inside the voting booth, I want you to think about
Everything that I said in the thread, everything I meant was real, everything I said was legit from the depths of my heart and soul. I love this country deeply and I love the people who made America what it is and still do. Everyone of you matter. Every person matters
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@realDonaldTrump Donald Trump and Republicans are putting us on path to recession. The $1.5 trillion Wall Street tax cut went directly to stock buybacks inflating value, exploding our annual deficit, providing no YOY wage growth all while engaging in trade wars with our allies #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump We need to make this abundantly clear. Republicans passed a huge $1.5 trillion Wall Street 1% tax cut which exploded the the annual deficit from $454 billion to $1 trillion. Now, to fix this out of control spending, they want to cut Social Security and Medicare #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump Republicans are suing in 20 states that mandating insurance companies to provide pre-existing condition insurance coverage options is unconstitutional. Donald Trump’s administration is refusing to defend against this lawsuit putting coverage at risk #VoteDemocrat
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Know that @realDonaldTrump wakes up every morning and makes the conscious decision not to lead.

He decides to be racist.
He decides to sow discord.
He decides to treat women differently and worse than men.

He wakes up actually believing that he is above the rule of law.

Everyday, Trump and his cronies actually plot to ensure that fewer people are allowed to vote.

Everyday, Trump signals the tattered remnants of our diplomatic core, our military leaders, and the CIA to do everything in their power to promote fascism throughout the globe.

Everyday, Trump decides to lie.

Everyday, Trump decides to lie again.

Everyday, Trump decides to continue to lie.

Trump lies.

Everyday, Trump mocks the office of Presidency or humliates it, or weakens it.

No, everyday Trump does ak of those things.


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1-The Rothschilds, the bloodline, Soros and all key actors of the Cabal R NOT JEWS. They R Khazarian. Khazarians R the oldest Jew haters in the world. They are a tribe of old Jews who established their own doctrine secretly & separated from the main body. The R infiltrators.
2-To know their history read RING OF THE CABAL but to put it brief & simple; they are ppl behind the biggest pro-Palestine & anti-Isreal organizations. They overthrow the government of Iran in 1978 & created the anti-Jew movement in the middle east. They pay Iran.
.3-Khazarians partnered with Jesuits & established the anti-Isreal resolutions bought the UN & turned it in2 a pro-Palestine operation unite. They empowered CAIR & MB as their proxy. Linda Sarsour from CAIR works 4 Soros. They export Islam. Huma Abedin from MB hired by Soros
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Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler defended Roy Moore not by denying the allegations against him, but by pointing out that Mary, Jesus' mother, was a teenager. THREAD 1 #metoo #believewomen #predator #believeher…
Yes. He compared a man in his 30's pursuing girls ranging in age from 14 to 18 to Joseph, husband of Mary. 2 #statutory #hypocrasy #privilege #itsillegal
The actions below are a Class A #misdemeanor in Alabama: sexual abuse, first degree - #statutory if someone 19 or older subjects another person to sexual contact who is over age 12 but younger than 16. 3…
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