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Vote No publications for The Voice Referendum.

'The indigenous Voice to Parliament? The NO case'

by Peter O'Brien.
Published by Connor Court Publishing in 2023.
There are 11 chapters, 122 pages.
ISBN 9781922815477

#VoteNoAustralia #VoteNo Image
'Beyond Belief Rethinking the Voice to Parliament'

edited by Peter Kurti and Warren Mundine. Forward by Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price.
Published by Connor Court Publishing in 2022.
There are 12 chapters, 171 pages.
ISBN 9781925138795 Image
Fair Australia has an electronic booklet to read online or print. It is for the referendum No case.
'One Together, not Two Divided'. 10 reasons to Vote 'No' to the divisive Voice. Image
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Let's look at some cold hard facts. #TheVoiceAustralia

1. Australians are being asked to vote on a concept that has not yet been put into action. A political idea in other words.

2. Voters are being encouraged to grant politicians an open mandate to implement the plan. Image
3. The financial implications of the proposed initiative, known as "The Voice," have not been assessed.

4. Full impact studies on individuals and society has not been fully investigated.
5. Lack of representation: There is a risk that the voices being selected or elected may not truly represent the diverse perspectives and interests of the entire community, leading to certain groups or viewpoints being marginalized or excluded. #PoliticalHijacking
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Stuff that doesn't make it to twitter.
1. Image
2. Image
3. Image
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Australia will hold a referendum later this year on adding an 'Indigenous Voice' to our constitution.
The government & mainstream media are telling us that its nothing to fear, but their narrative doesn't add up...
The 'Yes' campaign's explicit strategy for victory is to keep the details as vague as possible, which is a tacit acknowledgement that only a uninformed public will support it. And it seems they were right as the more the public hear about the more they oppose it.
2/🧵 Image
The government is claiming that the Voice will merely be an "advisory body" with no actual powers, totally subject to the parliament's legislative control. So why do they want to put it in the constitution? The entire purpose of constitutions is LIMITING government power.
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Did @PaulineHansonOz just expose the agenda of the Voice?

10% of Judiciary, military & police etc to be indigenous. Rivers, steams, beaches & mines returned to indigenous tribes. The Voice to analyse & review all government appointments, policies & legislation - and more ……
This is heading towards confiscation and compulsory acquisition in reparations. It’s part of the five stages of decolonisation.

#VoteNOAustralia #VoteNo #NoConstitutionalAmendments #ProtectDemocracy #Auspol2023
Further information on decolonisation

United Nations and decolonization…
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The Uluru Statement of the Heart and the Final Report of the Referendum Council are documents that completely rewrite the actual history of Australia, replacing it with revisionist fiction. It may as well have been written by Bruce Pascoe. #VoiceTreatyTruth #Yes23 #VoteNo
References to “First Nations”, “Frontier Wars” and “sovereignty” are nothing but attempts to westernise the Stone Age hunter gatherer tribal society. These documents are erasing actual aboriginal history and replacing it. How this is not seen as racism is beyond me. #VoteNo
The documents seek to replace all our actual history, all the first hand contemporaneous accounts of aboriginal cultural practices with a completely fictional revision of a wondrous utopian peaceful world, which was simply not the case here or anywhere else in the world.
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AFTER THE VOICE is a legally binding Treaty. This Treaty will be underpinned by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Article 26 of the UNDRIP gives the rights to ALL Australian land to aboriginals. How about those details Albo? #VoteNo #VoiceTreatyTruth
It is completely unethical that any sitting government would actively campaign for #yes23, but here we are. Why they’re pushing it is in the detail we will be told AFTERWARDS. With all indications this will not go well for property owners, #VoteNo! #VoiceTreatyTruth
The changes to the constitution from #Yes23 will give the ALP/Greens the ability to create a three part tricameral apartheid state, with one arm of government dictated by race where any opposition party will be rendered nugatory. Effectively, the end of democracy. #VoteNo
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Michael Mansell also wants to levy a race tax as a form of racial tribute to the supposed owners of the content.

3% of GDP would require at least a 12% raise in government revenue collection. This is just one demand from one group.…
As far as the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia is concerned, Aboriginal Law remains the Law of the Land, as the Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory governments have territorial rights only, through their dominance in numbers, police and military. Image
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@GlobeSecPMC @igorsushko @Stefan_Laurell @legion_svoboda 2/ The #RussianResistance which includes the #NationalRepublicanArmy and other small groups and individuals that don't know each other have been continuously targeting government infrastructure, websites, & persons working directly for the government or assisting with propaganda.
@GlobeSecPMC @igorsushko @Stefan_Laurell @legion_svoboda 3/ When TV stations are hacked, they put anyone from the Russian Opposition on it, whether all of them get along or not.
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This morning’s rant will be about Prop 121, how important it is that #workingfamilies understand our role in #taxpolicy and fighting for #fairtax to reach #economicsecurity

CO’s flat income tax rate means the wealthy always pay less in taxes than me & probs you #copolitics
First of all, this is a great ballot guide if you care about economic security and recovery. @BellPolicy nerds out on this stud so we don’t have to. They have produced tons of data throughout the years to show us what it means to thrive or struggle in Denver, & CO.
First, it is a #VOTE NO on prop 121 ya’ll, let’s get into it:

This prop would lower income taxes across the board. But it isn’t what you think it is. We can’t afford to lower taxes, we have to make #fairtax possible by finding ways to make them #equitable
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So here's a summary of what ISC2 is changing in its Bylaws and why you should vote NO in the upcoming Bylaws vote. Hold on to your wigs:
1/ The board will no longer have elections. Instead they will propose a slate of candidates equal to the number of open seats. They still call it an election, but it is officially a coronation. #VoteNo
2/ The board drops the Ethics Committee as a standing committee of the board. Rumor has it that the board will offload Ethics to management. I can't summarize how bad this is. #VoteNo
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This interview exposes the enemies from within using the manipulation of aboriginal issues, what it means for all of us. It is one of their devices but the most cruel.
A plot of international actors conspiring to commit Treason, under law you are a traitor & face a life sentence.
Introducing Tanya Hunter,
With something important to reveal to all Australians,
She was persecuted for exposing the truth.
Here Tanya starts her early life,
More to come ...
Tanya Hunter:

"This is a true and accurate documentation of a chronological timeline of Latoya Rule’s fraudulent claims of aboriginality and when she first came to my attention"
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A thread on why I #VoteNoAug2
Because I would have died, but I didn’t. And pregnant people will die, when they shouldn’t.

In October 2019, my endocrinologist confirmed that I was pregnant. But I knew it didn’t feel right. 1/x
Sure enough, my hormone levels bounced around, and they aren’t supposed to do that. A week before we were to leave for Thanksgiving, a transvaginal ultrasound confirmed an ectopic pregnancy. 2/x
My body thought it was pregnant, but the pregnancy was growing in one of my fallopian tubes. I was “lucky” - we caught it early. Many ectopic pregnancies are not caught until the woman is bleeding because the sac has ruptured. 3/x
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Those #VoteNo people parroting the "not enough detail" schtick from LNP & RW politicians, click hungry #SoCalledJournalists, outright bigoted TV talking heads and SM influencers would benefit from reading the mountain of detail amassed over the last decade:
2012: Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians…
2017 Referendum Council report.…
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Q: "What is astroturfing?"
Weary attempts at maintaining a failed experiment, to save money, save face and to preclude any lawsuits for #dental enamel #fluorosis. Do not be #StampededCity, #Calgary. #SaveTheBees #NoToFluoridation #yycfluoride #yyccc #FluorideFacts #yycvote #yyccc
Promoting the science of #fluoridation, by trying to hide opposing viewpoints. That should be all it takes to #VoteNoToFluoridation, #Calgary. #Pathetic.
Seems an epidemiologist is not welcome in the #StannousFoilHat circle, eh?
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THREAD re the proposed variation to the EA at Unimelb. #voteno @NTEUNational @NTEUfightback @NTEUVictoria 1/17
As you probably know, things aren’t good in higher education at the moment. They haven’t been for a long time. But the pandemic is both exacerbating existing issues and being used as an excuse to drive through further cuts and structural reforms to teaching and research...
by both university management and government. The effects are already severe, and felt hardest by the most precarious and least advantaged; students included. This is true in Australia as elsewhere.
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ACTION ALERT: We need your help. Today, and every Tuesday from now through the confirmation hearings, we will be asking you to call senators to tell them to #VOTENO on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. Tell them #WhatsAtStake.…
And we’ve made it easy to remember. RSVP for our weekly call-in days on Facebook:…
If Kavanaugh is confirmed, we’ll no longer be able to rely on the federal judiciary to protect the rights of the most vulnerable people in our country. Even worse, much of our progress toward economic, social and racial justice could be rolled back.
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"Abortion is murder." Except it's not. On the day #men4yes has taken off, a thread about probably the key issue at the heart of the debate on the #8thAmendment and effectively the only argument #VoteNo have: that abortion is murder.
In particular, this thread is an attempt to reach out to those who either are going to #voteno or those who are leaning that way, because - if in doubt about whether abortion is murder - it may seem safer to err on the side of caution.
I think it's useful to note that I was, as a teenager, a relatively devout Catholic so I would have been "pro life" - this lasted for a few years even after I left religion, largely because, on the face of it, the "life is sacred" argument seemed so clear-cut.
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1) Here are our thoughts on the latest repeal effort to take away healthcare from working families. Read this thread & call 866-426-2631
2) #CassidyGraham is a last-ditch effort to go back to a damaging, secretive & partisan approach to repeal the ACA and take away our care.
3) #CassidyGraham would drastically cut #Medicaid - endangering vital services for seniors, people w disabilities, families & children
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You thought it was bad when Republicans drafted #Trumpcare in a back room? We have no idea what's in the bill we're voting on TODAY.
There are a lot of proposals floating around. All of them are terrible & inhumane. #Trumpcare
To be clear- a yes vote on the MTP is a vote to steal health care from 30 million Americans. #Trumpcare #VoteNo
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