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Let's all take a journey and see what ARPA funds are being used for in some of the States for K-12 education according to plans submitted by each State's Department of Education.

@DrKarlynB @insomnochick

Highlights from Alabama's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Needs


Highlights from Alaska's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Supports

#AKLeg #akpol

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The funny thing is, I am absolutely bored when I listen to @StaffordScotty
But even funnier still is what @ADPAC6 has stated, #WeMatter when saying #Congratulations @ICALondon .

I hope you do not take me the wrong way as this is no way aimed at what ever work @ADPAC6 do as
I have never heard of you until I came across this tweet, however, the person you are talking of is not who you are placing on such a privileged respected level who many who have not been chased off over the years that #TonisArmy have been fighting for #justice4ambrose
and the #LovellTwins👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏾 being the @ProductsSystem part of the exposed bogus @InquiryCSA set up by @theresa_may and @NSPCC @PeterWanless claiming to be dealing with historical @ChildJusticeInc @Lambeth_SA being one of the boroughs included in the #iicsa.
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Joe Biden's repeated ice cream-related detours may seem like good fun, but does he risk alienating millions of lactose intolerant Americans? My latest for Politico:
People are reacting harshly to my (non-existent) article and per Politico rulebook, that just proves that I am extremely right. Next up, I post a picture of a random email I got from calling me a swear word for sympathy. Image
Brb sending out an email to my journo-list serve to have all my buddies tweet about how great of a journalist/person I am (aka "doing a Haberman.") Image
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Vegas gambler Billy Walters had his sentence for insider trading commuted. He was a huge campaign donor and his commutation supported by an ex senator, an ex-gov, an ex-congresswoman, an ex-sheriff, pro golfers and...Lara Logan, who did a fluff 60 Minutes piece on him.

My favorite Billy Walters story is he was on my TV show, didn't like my line of questioning, called me a "motherfucker" during the break, apologized during a later break, then tried to get me fired after the show.

Fun dude.
One of the best pieces ever done on Walters was by @BetsBarnes, who captured the man, his relationships (including with the former sheriff who supported his commutation) and his political donations/influence.…
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So-called land of free speech my ass! YouTube thinks Americans and the world may think the #Truth is to disturbing, so it can no longer be shared, tons of warning labels to try preventing view it&had the damn link, shameful, disgusting&cruel 🙏🇺🇸 Brothers and Sisters #StandAsOne
🖕 YouTube and bring back the draft!!!
There was a few prior to this trying to block view and had the link, so for those who don't they'll probably never see it #WeAreYou #StandAsOne #22aDay
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Finally: Last votes from Clark County are in. As I thought, very slightly favored Trump, but not nearly enough for him:
Biden: 702,277 (50.07%)
Trump: 669,278 (47.65%)

Biden wins Nevada by 32,999 votes, or 2.42 points.

(May be a few ballots left outside Clark.)

Biden won Clark by just under 10 points. The Clark Dem firewall held, again. It was just over 90K and Biden won Clark by 91K. Republicans did not get super-high rural turnout they needed, and even if they had, Biden won Washoe by 11K.
His win here very closely mirrored Clinton's.
That last update flipped a Dem state Senate seat, so Dems lose one off their majority in the upper house. They already had lost their supermajority in the Assembly. Only bright spot for GOP is legislative races. They are still in minority, but made gains in Senate/Assembly.
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Biden lead increases again to more than 34K.

I am told a Biden-Harris van dropped off more votes.

Biden: 664,162
Trump: 629,879

50.17% to 47.58%
Biden's lead in Clark now is almost 89,000.

Remember the Clark firewall was 90,000.

Anyone remember the early voting blog? Seems like months ago:…
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NEWS: New NV numbers from Clark -- small batch, he's now up by 22.5K. Gain of about 2K.

It's still...over.
Only a few thousand ballots added, but Biden continues to win by large margin every Clark update. Third straight update that he has won by 2 to 1 or close to it:

Biden: +5,454
Trump: 2,934


Biden: 632,558
Trump: 609,901

Lead is 22,657, or 1.6 percent
Let me show you how impossible this is for Trump here:

First, three reports of Clark ballots so far -- pattern of large proportional Biden gains. He has now almost tripled his election night lead of 7,500.

So there's that.

But bear with me...
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All right, everyone, there has been some confusion over how many ballots are left in NV -- some miscommunication, so let me clarify with latest via election officials.
In Clark:
The 51K Clark ballots that will be reported tomorrow are mail already through verification process.
There are an additional 63,000 mail ballots in Clark that have been returned but have not gone though the process. A mail percentage will end up being rejected if pattern holds.
Then there are about 60,000 so-called provisionals in Clark.
Those are same-day registrants that need to be verified after mail counted. And then some ballots that will arrive in the next few days mailed Monday or Tuesday.
So may be 175K in Clark, give or take, depending n rejections and new mail.
A few thousand in rest of state.
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Medicine was weaponized&politicized over a decade ago easy, not everything is mental health. Folks can't get meds that work for PTSD&pain, etc cz of all the BS @realDonaldTrump

Trump OKs 2 Laws Aimed at Helping Veteran Mental Health and Reducing Suicide…
Please listen for the love of God, there's a bunch of busybody assholes in everyone's doctor's offices. They're even performing major surgeries&not giving pain meds that work afterwards, cheap/generic meds that have been around many yrs @realDonaldTrump
#StandUpForYourPeople 🙏🇺🇸
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"Tax records expose more than $21 million in highly unusual payments from the Las Vegas hotel Donald Trump owns with Phil Ruffin, routed through other Trump companies and paid out in cash."

"The bulk of the money went through a company called Trump Las Vegas Sales and Marketing that had little previous income, no clear business purpose and no employees. The Trump-Ruffin joint venture wrote it all off as a business expense."…
"Unless the payments were for actual business expenses, he said, claiming a tax deduction for them would be illegal. If they were not legitimate and were also used to fund Mr. Trump’s presidential run, they could be considered illegal campaign contributions."
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I stand with @FairDistrictsVA to #VoteNoOn1: Whenever I think about compromise or incremental change, I always step back to see if it benefits the community overall. And I try to think through any unintended consequences, and whether the positives outweigh the negatives. 1/3
That’s the thing with compromise and incremental change. Sometimes taking that small step forward is the right thing to do, and sometimes it’s best to just walk away. The choice you make depends on who you center in your decisions. 2/3
Some say Amendment 1 is a step fwd, no matter how flawed it is. How do you tell Black & brown people that you know this new system isn’t as good as it can be, but you’ll fix it later? We’re already fighting to fix a 400yr system that wasn’t built for us. 3/3 #WeMatter #VoteNoOn1
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#VoteNoOn1 Why? It has fatal flaws. 1st: 4 individuals have concentrated power - the leaders from each political party in the House & Senate. This gang of 4 have their hands on every single one of the 16 commissioners - whether they’re a legislator or citizen commissioner. 1/5
The gang of 4 choose the legislators who will represent their parties on the commission, and they also choose which citizens to bring forward to the panel of judges that will select the citizen commissioners. 2/5
And 4 of the 5 judges are picked by that same gang of 4. A representative democracy shouldn’t have to depend on your access or relationship with the powerful elite. 3/5
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Big news via @meganmesserly: The Reno airport has informed the owners of an airport hangar -- including two well-known Reno businessmen, one of whom is the head of a conservative think tank -- that this weekend's Trump rally violates the state directive on in-person gatherings.
@meganmesserly Let the froth begin from Lord Farquaad of Virginia and his allies at Adelson's newspaper. Remember, this guy could have been governor:

@meganmesserly Response to @meganmesserly's exclusive is for Laxalt & Co. to spin rallies had been canceled by the gov? Pure gaslighting.
1. They knew the rules going in.
2. The rallies were not "canceled" by anyone except the Trump campaign. McCarran was never even asked about a rally.
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BREAKING: Trump sues Nevada over mail-in election bill.
Alt hed:

Republican president sues Republican secretary of state over NV elections bill.

(She opposed the bill but had to be named as chief elections officer.)
And now I know why Schlapp said ballots can be cast three days after Election Day. That is central to this lawsuit, that if you can't be sure when the ballot was postmarked so it might have been mailed after Election Day. This case could be precedent-setting. Folks:
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THREAD: This got me —> “We have done so much more with so much less that I often forget we’re not competing with the same resources as our opponents. I’m only reminded in moments when it becomes painfully clear, and we’re at one of those moments right now.”
Here are a few things our scrappy team has accomplished across Nevada.

✅ Shine light on the forgotten homeless community living in the storm drain tunnels under the strip

✅Our state staff was the 1st to do a 4 day rural tour to 11 communities in July
✅1st candidate to visit Elko
✅focused on Native American outreach—a community often ignored by campaigns
✅JC’s op-ed standing against military expansion into sacred land➡️
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