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1/ As an OBGYN, it's important to address misconceptions. Let's clear this up: Birth control DOES NOT cause abortion. Birth control methods like pills, patches, and IUDs work by preventing ovulation and/or fertilization. #ClearingTheAir #BirthControlFacts
2/ Understanding the science behind birth control is crucial. Why? Because groups like @StudentsforLife spread lies that BC causes abortions - and trust me, the right is coming for #birthcontrol next. #ScienceMatters #BirthControlFacts
@StudentsforLife 3/ Abortion involves the termination of an established pregnancy, whereas birth control prevents pregnancy from occurring in the first place. The two are distinct and separate methods. #ScienceMatters #BirthControlFacts
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Science matters.

What a treat to have @CaulfieldTim to speak to us #EPeeps about why science matters, battling misinformation & the importance of accurate #SciComm!

#HRS2021 @HRSonline #ScienceMatters Image
Social media is a huge superspreader of misinformation #SciComm #HRS2021 #EPeeps Image
(As an avid user of kimchi myself, I also say, 👏🏼NO👏🏼kimchi 👏🏼does👏🏼*not* 👏🏼help 👏🏼w 👏🏼COVID)

#SciComm #HRS2021 Image
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Casually doing some research for my final dissertation chapter and come across the new (or new to me...the dissertating grad student under a laptop rock) Impossible Food "Guide to Talking About Climate Change"

Aside from the obvious offense anyone above the age of 10 should feel when viewing this guide or the terrifying propaganda geared towards manipulating our youth - the first three "chapters" do a decent job of outlining climate change...
Chapter 4, on the other hand, finally makes the draw between climate change and cattle - presenting incredibly misleading information on cattle's contribution to climate change.

This image. I can't.

My @GHGGuru "Debunkinator" hat is on, follow along!

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Today, on #TheMisplacedMenagerie -

We report the exotic (for #India) apple #snail, #Pomacea diffusa, also known as the spike topped apple snail, from the #Mumbai region, as part of our ongoing studies on #urbanwildlife, and the #ecology of introduced species, in #India, Mumbai.
The study was officially published in the 'ELA Journal of Forestry and Wildlife' - a peer reviewed #science journal, which is also the official journal of the #Maharashtra State #Forest Department.

Link to paper:…

#sciencetwitter #TwitterNatureCommunity
Spiked Topped Apple Snails in #Mumbai (and other parts of #India) are the direct result of the #aquarium trade - either as accidental, or deliberate releases from home aquaria.

#InvasiveSpecies #sciencetwitter #ecology #naturalhistory #urbanwildlife
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Draadje 🧵👇🏽

Wij, wetenschappelijk onderzoekers en onderwijzers #WO aan #NL universiteiten en universitair medische centra,

@WOinactie @Lisawesterveld @ivanengelshoven @markrutte #normaalacademischpeil #925Miljoen
Zijn enthousiast over nieuwe plannen die de aanstaande regering richting geven en ons allen vooruit helpt,

Begrijpen de importantie van een goed draaiende #economie die ons thuis een warme maaltijd bezorgt en internationaal op de kaart zet,
Wijzen op het door het demissionaire #kabinet gepropageerde belang van de #kenniseconomie om onze welvaart te verbeteren,
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ब्रह्मान्ड मानव सभ्यतेच्या 14 अब्ज वर्षाआधी अस्तित्वात आलेले आहे आणि आपल्या सूर्यासारखे आणि सूर्यापेक्षाही जास्त वयाचे असंख्य तारे अजूनही अस्तित्वात आहेत म्हणजेच त्यांच्या आसपासच्या ग्रहांवर जीवन अस्तित्वात येण्यासाठी पुरेसा वेळ मिळालेला असेल (1)
तरीसुद्धा आपल्याला या तारांच्या दुनियेत कोणत्यातरी चाहुलीची आस का असावी?
याचे दोनच कारण असू शकतात
1.एलियन सभ्यता अस्तित्वात नाही आणि आपण संपूर्ण ब्रह्माडांत एकटेच आहोत जी की एक भयावह स्थिती आहे,
2.दुसरे कारण असे की प्रगत आणि मागास सभ्यतेत संपर्क शक्य नाही (2)
जरा विचार करा आजपासून साधारण 100-200 वर्षांपूर्वी एका ठिकाणाहून दुसऱ्या ठिकाणी संदेश पाठवायला घोडे,पक्षी यांचा वापर होत होता, त्या वेळी एका टोकापासून दुसऱ्या टोकावर संदेश पाठवायला महिने लागत असायचे,
पृथ्वीच्या बाहेर संदेश पोहचवणे हे तर दिवास्वप्नच होते, (3)
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There will come a time when our future generations will embark great voyag through the void of space.
They will sail the light years to explore and colonize the distant worlds, perhaps some of them will be courageous enough to glide through the darkest region of the cosmos.(1)
Some of them will go through the unknown world,
Never to see again...
May be the great distance of interstellar space will cut any communication between them. (2)
It will not be me or you who will step on the alien worlds one day, it would be someone in the far future that may look like us but will be totally different from us
With much of our powers and less of our weaknesses
There culture language and appearance will be far different (3)
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New research – published today in our aptly named journal @softmatter, digests previous work demonstrating that wombat poo forms its distinctive shape within the wombat’s intestines, not at the, er, point of exit as previously thought. @ScienceMagazine…
The discovery was made by an international team – Patricia Yang, Scott Carver and David Hu, along with their teams @GeorgiaTech and @UTAS_ and in collaboration with Taronga Conservation Society @tarongazoo.

#sciencetwitter #ScienceMatters #wombats
This research is not just a great party conversation – it could have important implications for human health.

Find the full article here ➡️ […] Great reading material for when you’re... you get the point :p #wombats #sciencetwitter Image
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This #NewYear we must get serious about climate change. A big obstacle: our brains.

Current risks are vastly different from our ancestors, but our brains are wired the same. Knowing the science behind decision-making helps us better talk about climate threats & spark action. 1/
I’ve dedicated my career to understanding what factors influence our perceptions of risk & shape behavioral outcomes, especially around climate action.

We clearly do not judge risks accurately. Let’s try this example. What is more likely to kill you:
Ppl often say shark attacks even though plane parts are 30x more likely to kill us. Attacks are more sensational/easier to recall.

Brains react in certain ways to risks around us, rapidly scanning environmental cues (e.g. snake’s stance) with subliminal and automated processing.
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It happened! Today I, a highly allergic pediatrician who has anaphylaxed twice, got my COVID-19 vaccine. A 🧵
#CovidVaccine #ThisIsOurShot #notthrowingawaymyshot #ScienceMatters #VaccinesSaveLives COVID-19 Vaccination CardGetting my COVID-19 vaccine
While only a few people have had allergic reactions to the COVID vaccine, it has gotten a lot of attention. Just want to remind everyone that even bodies who like to have anaphylactic reactions can get this vaccine safely.
I didn’t have any allergic reactions, and I don’t even have a sore arm. My only reactions have been giddiness and laughter. Ok, I also got teary-eyed.

And while this feels me with hope, joy, gratitude, spike proteins, and antibodies...
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In this time of reaching out across the aisle, I would like for each of you to remember that Trump did this:

Lifted the ban on the importing of elephant trophies and endangered species

Knowing that elephants are sentient animals with families who mourn their dead
Took back Bears Ears/other sacred native lands for fracking & oil

Lifted restrictions for clean water & allowed chemicals from mining, fracking, & oil to pollute the earth & waterways

Approved bear baiting/killing of hibernating bears, cubs & wolves so his own kids could hunt
Lifted bans on #chlorpyrifos which eat our human babies' brains. Google it.

Lifted restrictions on safety at chicken and pork plants. Took away protections from the farmers and gave them back to the chicken and pork sellers. Made it ok for us to eat tumors/cancer in our chicken
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY:Building an Effective,Transparent Federal Government/Only one party understands that qualified,dedicated civil servants serve the people &this nation, not special interests.1/14
#Democrats condemn President Trump's determination to sow chaos and division by inappropriately deploying federal agents to American cities, where too many have used egregious tactics against peaceful protestors. 2/14 #DemPartyPlatform #TrumpChaos
#Democrats know federal agents can ably protect federal property while also clearly displaying badges, insignias, and identifying markings; without detaining Americans in undisclosed locations without cause & without brutally attacking peaceful protestors. 3/14 #DemPartyPlatform
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Medicine was weaponized&politicized over a decade ago easy, not everything is mental health. Folks can't get meds that work for PTSD&pain, etc cz of all the BS @realDonaldTrump

Trump OKs 2 Laws Aimed at Helping Veteran Mental Health and Reducing Suicide…
Please listen for the love of God, there's a bunch of busybody assholes in everyone's doctor's offices. They're even performing major surgeries&not giving pain meds that work afterwards, cheap/generic meds that have been around many yrs @realDonaldTrump
#StandUpForYourPeople 🙏🇺🇸
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Investing in Health Science and Research/Dems have a specific plan for ensuring our scientific agencies &partners have the funding &support they need/the other has been openly hostile to science &medical expertise 1/11
Scientific research is at the heart of medicine—and of health care. #Democrats want the United States to be at the forefront of scientific research and discovery for the benefit of our people, our economy, and our global competitiveness. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #ScienceMatters
#Democrats will support increased &sustainable funding for health &medical research &federal grants across agencies, including at the National Cancer Institute &other components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH),the CDC &the Agency for Health Care Research &Quality. 3/11
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This section deals with Investing in the Engines of #JobCreation Only one party has a specific plan for rebuilding the great American #MiddleClass. ..the other has a loyalty pledge to a con man whose lies cost so many American lives. 1/10
The United States has long been a world leader in science, technology, research, and innovation. 2/10 #DemPartyPlatform #ScienceTwitter #ScienceMatters
Dems oppose the Trump efforts to undermine federal scientific research institutions,apply political screens to research grants & interfere w/work of career scientists/actions which have a chilling effect on scientific discovery &are damaging to U.S. economic competitiveness. 3/10
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11 Ways Trump’s Condition Undermines Our Republic By Vince Greenwood, Ph.D. -- a thread:

#DutyToInform #DutyToWarn #UnfitToBePresident
1. Because of his greater than normal need for stimulation and impulsivity, disruptions to our government’s legal, financial, and administrative functions will accumulate.
2. In the exercise of his duties — at every choice point — power and dominance will prevail over others’ welfare. #DutyToInform
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Mind boggling case
13-year old girl
5 - 6 years on #ayurvedic treatment (shown below) for #Epilepsy. #Ayurveda promised no more #seizure.
Now jaundice, fluid in abdomen, dark pigmentation
#livertwitter #MedTwitter #MedEd #Science #ScienceMatters #pathology #MedicalStudent
#liver #biopsy
Diagnosis: severe #alcohol #hepatitis and underlying #incomplete septal #cirrhosis (rare, #hepatoportal sclerosis) - 2 diseases in one liver! #radiology
See retrieved #Ayurveda #drugs analysis results.
#Chemicals & #Toxicology analysis
#alcohol content - total 26.17 % v/v
#Arsenic content - total 2461.367 mg/kg
Single highest #Herbal #medicine - Arsenic was 1982.44 mg/kg
Two #ayurvedic drugs also contained #CLONAZEPAM - a modern medicine with anti seizure property😞
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In developed #countries, #government policies to restrict private behavior in response to #COVID-19 have had no effect in reducing #deaths at all. Excess all-cause mortality is actually associated, though insignificantly, with increasing restrictiveness.
In developed #countries, #deaths caused by #COVID-19 have had no — zero – correlation with #government policies of increasing restrictiveness such as #lockdowns.
Given the statistical #evidence, it is reasonable to infer, in the absence of contrary statistical evidence, that increasing restrictiveness does not decrease mortality. Any assumption or assertion that it does is not following the #science – and #ScienceMatters.
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We might finally know why the coronavirus spread is out of control again | via @BGR… ImageImageImageImage
U.S. COVID-19 deaths likely higher than reported, study shows | via @Reuters #ThinkSmart #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve #ScienceFacts
Coronavirus autopsies: A story of 38 brains, 87 lungs and 42 hearts | via @washingtonpost #COVIDFacts #ScienceMatters…
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You cannot ignore.....
Our inability to understand and grasp something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

#mystery #cognitiveload
West has yet to understand paranormal phenomenon.

Ancient civilizations has achieved so much that still today we are unable to understand and comprehend.

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🧵If the administration followed science, instead of Stephen Miller, we'd be in much better shape

On 3/'18 @ODNIgov warned of impending coronavirus-like pandemic (From DNI👇)

2018 was also the 1918 flu centennial - opportune time for Dep. of Homeland Security to bolster... Image
...the nation's defenses. Instead, DHS was busy separating children from parents at the border - one of our darkest hours

After a court told DHS to stop and to track/reunify families, the administration had to scramble and gave the job to @HHSGov's pandemic unit (From OIG👇) Image
..that unit: Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparadness and Response (ASPR👇) exists to protect the nation against threats like the one DNI warned about, not cleaning up Stephen Miller's mess

And when the pandemic hit, we found ourselves woefully unprepared

#ScienceMatters Image
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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The Trump administration’s EPA is touting their progress in improving air quality, but let us be clear, the progress that has been made is no thanks to the current administration. #EPAat50 #AQAW2020
When you look beyond this tweet, the hypocrisy becomes very clear. While cheering clean air progress, the Trump administration and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are engaging in a full-on assault on clean air and other public health protections.
Three recent attacks include:
❌Rolling back vehicle efficiency standards
❌Refusing to strengthen particulate matter air pollution standards
❌Undermining power plant mercury protections…
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Some scientists and reporters are saying smoking might protect because you'd expect more smokers in the hospital. Come now. 17 - 46% of smokers lie to their doctors about smoking...
#COVID_19 #FactsMatter #CoronaVirusUpdate ...1/3
Statistics lie and so do patients. Other classic lies include:
* 43% about exercising
* 38% about not drinking alcohol
* 29% about the number of sexual partners
Studies based on questionnaires are flawed...2/3
...@US_FDA warns that smoking makes #Covid_19 symptoms worse. This isn't rocket science. If you can't breathe from #COVID and your lungs are dirty and fibrotic, what do you expect? ...3/3
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