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1) #WHO & #CCP

The story they told the world 🦠 THREAD 💥

January 12 2020 - WHO posted info with links🔗 to China Health Commission 🇨🇳
#coronavirus #COVID19 #Pneumonia
2) #CCP

Dec 31 2019 💥 #Pneumonia
27 cases
No obvious person-to-person transmission
Prevented & controlled by preventing indoor air circulation, avoiding public places where people are concentrated, wearing masks😷 when going out

South China Seafood City 🦇 #WetMarkets
2) #CCP 🇨🇳

January 1 2020 #Pneumonia

The South China Seafood Market in Wuhan has been closed, and there is a mature monitoring system for unexplained

South China Seafood City 🦇 #WetMarkets…
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1/ Excellent update on #COVID19 by @SaraElOualiMD @ibdlive

🔺Despite the rumors-There is NO current treatment for COVID9 - trials on going

🔺#SocialDistancing needed to prevent /delay transmission & #FlattenTheCurve = Not be sick & go to the hospital when it’s beyond capacity
2/ #COVID19 @SaraElOualiMD @ibdlive
Beyond URI #COVID19 can
🔺Cause GI symptoms 50% pts
• ⬆️ w dis severity
•Can preceed fever/URI
🔺Persist in stool up to 47days
•Implications to #GI endoscopy
•?Implication using public BR
🔺Cause Loss of taste/smell
🔺Cause conjunctivitis
3/ #COVID19 @SaraElOualiMD @ibdlive @MRegueiroMD

Older pts are at higher risk of complications & death

BUT young ppl (20-44) are severely affected too:

🔺20% of hospitalized
🔺12% of those in ICU
🔺Up to 20% of death

#SocialDistancing is for everyone! #WereInThisTogether
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Pharmacy pearls I’ve noticed in ICU COVID patients... 1) ⬆️ triglycerides (from HLH features of these patients) make using propofol sedation regimens difficult, have had to use BZDs to achieve apparopriate sedation for paralysis... 1/
2) look for Co-infections. These patients can be persistently febrile but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s due to COVID alone. Co-infections DO happen. Viral or bacterial. Trust me.... 2/
3) the need to keep patients net negative/even with diuresis/ ultrafiltration makes pts more sensitive to hypotension from propofol (when you can use it). 4) the drug interactions with Kaletra/plaquenil and other drugs makes me want to 😭..... 2/
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We lost power for like 8 days after hurricane Irma. Our phones only worked sporadically, if at all. On maybe day 3, I drove about 9 miles to a parking lot near a working cell tower. I checked in w/ friends & family, submitted some documents & pictures to insurance companies...
...sought out locally relevant news and timelines. Where to go for water. If the tax deadline had been extended. How to make my mortgage payment. What stations had gas. When we might get power.

It was all so present. So immediate.

I remember looking at facebook. My local friends feeds were of devastation and largely unsolvable problems, and so, so many questions. While for everyone outside the blast radius, life just goes on. Birthdays and pet pics and memes and life, as it should be.

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Used to be 2 weeks, caught w/in 100 miles of border, but now you'll have to prove you were here for 2 YEARS--& they can snag you anywhere--or else you can be deported WITHOUT seeing a judge.

Takes effect immediately, but comments ARE allowed.
This pdf is the "change in regulation," as sent out by DHS this morning, which will allow them, potentially, to deport many, many more people without judicial oversight or review. People who've lived here for years.…
And this is where, starting tomorrow (TUESDAY) you'll be able to start leaving comments on the Federal Register. I suggest you do. DHS needs to know what you think about their gestapo tactics.

Hm. I may have betrayed my hand there...

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