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Liebe. Beziehung. Sozialkontakte: real, nicht virtuell. Leiblich. Nähe, Wärme, Berührung.
D a s ermöglicht, stärkt, fördert physische wie psychische Gesundheit, Abwehrkraft, Genesung und Heilung.
Nicht: Abstand, Trennung, #socialdistancing.
#Corona Maßnahmen, Regierungen
Bindung - Beziehung - Berührung - Verbundensein - Heilung
Solche für jeden Menschen lebenslang wichtige, unentbehrliche, heilende Bindung, Beziehung, leibliche Nähe, Wärme, Berührung, Halt, Gehaltensein, Verbundensein gibt, gewährt, schenkt kein (halluzinierter, phantasierter) "Gott", auch keine Droge und kein Buch.
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➡️ Jueves 13 de Octubre 2022⬅️

Sitges 55è Festival internacional de cinema fantàstic de Catalunya

⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️
Realizamos RESEÑAS sobre series y películas que vamos viendo a medida que se estrenan tanto en salas de cine, como en plataformas.

Todo ello, siempre desde la mirada del espectador.…
➡️ Oficial Fantàstic
➡️ 1 h 38 min

La tierra está gobernada por los animales, que aunque han desplazado al ser humano, caen en los mismos errores.

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#Transformation in #neuland heißt Umwandlung oder Umformung. Zeit, sich einmal anzuschauen, welche Begriffe sich bislang in der #Zeitenwende so gewandelt haben, umgeformt
wurden oder sich noch wandeln. (Ein Thread) #AllianzFürTransformation (1/13)
#Pandemie: während bis 2009 (oder 2007) für die Ausrufung eine Pandemie bei der #WHO hohe Infektionszahlen UND viele Todesfälle relevant waren, reichen seitdem hohe Infektionszahlen (in Clustern und versch. Ländern etc...) (2/13)
#NewNormal: Wurde seit 2020 verkündet, quasi verordnet. #SocialDistancing ist sozial, Nähe gefährlich. Die Normalität von einst kommt nicht wieder. #Isolation ist #Nächstenliebe, allerdings dem #Kollektiv, nicht dem Nächsten gegenüber. Das alte #Normal ist passé (3/12)
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#HTNumberTheory | HT analysis suggests that measures such as lockdowns may not be necessary and can actually hurt. Here are four charts that show why

(report by @naalmot)…
#HTNumberTheory | The seven-day average of deaths at the national-level does not seem to be increasing consistently

This is simply because #Kerala has been reconciling its figures for past deaths (pre-#Omicron) on a daily basis

Read more - | by @naalmot Image
#HTNumberTheory | To be sure, governments are correct in advising caution, despite the chances of lower fatalities

This is because hospitalisations, can put huge pressure on the finances of Indian households

Read more - | by @naalmot Image
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Wuhan - china virus , 2020 was a beginning - with breaks here and there ,without respite , the virus spread was and is scary. Today TN reports ,number of cases increasing , discharges are lesser, yet they're stopping testing for Omicron; vague statement stating that by the time
testing is completed they've recovered - I don't understand the logic - do you ? @thangapushpam03 @pardhu_leo ? Temples are closed/ Normal life has now become a new normal which people seem to be forgetting - added to this was my surgery ,which another dimension to the new normal
Where/when/how this is going to end seems to be a question without an answer. Somehow my native town and the district has escaped the wrath so far, but today I heard scary reports of the wholesale market being flooded with people - and the next 2 days is going to be more . I have
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#Pakistan case numbers ⬆️by 50%.The ripples of 5th🌊 have begun. We detected #Omicron in samples as early as Dec 6. It has a doubling time of 1.5-3 days, much faster than Delta. How do we brace ourselves? Recipe is the same: #mask #SocialDistancing #boosterdose as eligible 1/
Who should get the vaccine? Anyone who is 12 and above. Who should get a booster? 1:Immunocompromised (all ELIGIBLE age groups)
2: Those 50 years & above
3: Healthcare workers
*Booster when last vaccine give at least more 6 months ago 2/
Recovering from Covid? Wait for 28 days before getting a booster.
All vaccines being offered as boosters: Sinopharm, Sinovac, Pfizer or Moderna 3/
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When the vaccine drops to ~50% efficacy, what does it mean in practice? This is how I interpret it.

when a vaccine is ~50% effective it does not mean "breakthrough" infection will be 50% less severe.

No, it means that out of 100 vaccinated, 50 will be protected & 50 will not
The problem with such efficacy is that one cannot know in which "50" group one is: protected group or unprotected group.

In practice, it means that when one is vaccinated but the vaccine drops to ~50% efficacy, a given individual can be 100% protected or 0% protected.
Now, let's analyze what we know about current vaccines. Multiple studies reported that by ~ 6 months post 2-dose vaccination (and starting at 3 months) vaccine efficacy drops and reaches below 50%…
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🔴Transmissibility or Virulence : What should really worry us ?
Since these two have been widely discussed, given #omicron is around. A short explainer 👇.
3 plots below - from ~2x of Rt value and 1/2 of hospitalization rates (less virulent) to basal value (~ Delta wave)
Rt is the effective reproductive no.
One could clearly see why 2x Rt would create a sharper and ⏫rate of hospitalizations.
For a less virulent and highly transmissible variant, assuming 1/2x hospitalization rate, this would still create a significant wave of hospitalizations.
A much detailed mathematical basis to this was discussed in the past by @AdamJKucharski
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/10/2021…
‘Last, best, and final offer’ from Deere to UAW members…

#ContractNegotiations #ContractProposal
We’re Heading Straight for a Demi-Armageddon…

#ClimateChange #mitigation #consequences
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1-Don’t get me wrong, I’m v pleased that @UKParliament are now taking #COVID seriously & doing SOME of the simple things we know ⬇️ transmission.

#Masks #SocialDistancing #WorkFromHome

Assuming everyone working on the estate is >18, the vast majority will be doubly vaccinated.
2-So tell me, why are pupils (largely unvaccinated), education staff & families of both not afforded such protections?
I searched the #DfE website HOPING for advice on 😷s, social distancing, options for CV/CEV pupils & staff to work/learn from home, ventilation?
3- But NOTHING, just👇🏼from @nadhimzahawi in the last few days re LFTs, NO MENTION of any other mitigations at all.

#COVIDVaccination has only just begun in the 12-15s, so what are CV/CEV pupils, staff & those with CV/CEV family members to do?

Maybe the @UKHSA can help….?
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1/8 It was not unexpected that pts w/ #STEMI would fare worse w/ than w/o #COVID19
2/8 However, our study was unique in design compared w/ prior studies, allowing for more accurate estimates of mortality risk: 1) larger, more representative cohort; 2) more contemporary control groups
3/8 We characterized mortality risk separately for pts with pre-hospital and in-hospital #STEMI
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Now I’m getting really angry @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk

This document isn’t t worth the paper/screen it’s written on!

Who advised you on this unscientific, dangerous nonsense?

@PHE_uk by any chance?
The same PHE that has failed HCPs on #PPE throughout the pandemic?
Just for a moment put the children, staff & families who’re being unnecessarily exposed to #COVID19 day after day in schools that are almost completely MITIGATION FREE.

Who’ll be caring for #COVID patients in the INEVITABLE, but AVOIDABLE surge that we’re at the start of?
WHO Mr Williamson?

My HCP/NHS colleagues have for 18/12, & will continue to, put our lives, & those of our loved ones, at ⬆️risk to provide the care that patients w/ #COVID19 need across ALL healthcare settings & in their homes.

Day in day out!

@TheDA_UK @sbattrawden
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For anyone who hasn’t realised just how deep the #BackToNormal lunacy runs, take a look at some of the “nearly 50” @Conservatives who are actively supporting @UsforThemUK’s dangerous & irresponsible campaign to make 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools #COVID19 MITIGATION-FREE!

The ring-leader is @SteveBakerHW, of #CRG AND #ERG fame. Neither he or his #CRG mate @Mark_J_Harper appear to have any understanding of #airborne viral transmission.
Mr Harper’s clearly also a fan of the unscientific & reckless #LivingWithCovid mindset.

But it’d be unfair to give @halfon4harlowMP ALL the credit for causing unnecessary harm & suffering.

Several other high profile @Conservatives are members of the @UsforThemUK support group.

Some of the “usual suspects”-
@MPIainDS @SirGrahamBrady @DesmondSwayne @EstherMcVey1

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1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. @OttoKolbl
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It’s exactly the same as absolutely ludicrous instructions to the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿public to “proceed with caution” & “remain vigilant” given by @BorisJohnson & @Conservatives in July.


@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid @RishiSunak @CMO_England @uksciencechief
In the weeks since Jul 19, we’ve seen the slow but sure abandonment of #COVID restrictions
V few 😷s in indoor public places, 5-10% ppl are still wearing them, if that.

Festivals are happening, nightclubs are open, there’s virtually nothing that’s out of #Covid19UK bounds.
#SocialDistancing gone!

Restrictions on numbers gathering anywhere gone!

“But don’t worry guys, as long as you wash your hands singing Happy Birthday” & coat yourself liberally in hand gel, the #DeltaVariant (OF AN AIRBORNE🦠) won’t get you!”
3/ Image
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Good afternoon @RishiSunak & @BorisJohnson

Claims that “we can’t control the spread of the virus.The virus is doing what’s doing….”, that we must learn to “live w/ #COVID” & exert “personal responsibility” are incorrect, disingenuous & dangerous!
@BBCNewsnight @simakotecha
What you actually mean is that YOU (& your government) have deliberately CHOSEN to prioritise the ECONOMY over the HEALTH & WELLBEING of the British ppl…..but are dishonestly & patronisingly pretending there is no other option?

@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid @Conservatives

W/ easy access to scientists & public health experts, anyone used to researching, looking for & assessing evidence, can find plentiful, accessible information on how to reduce #coronavirus transmission!

For highly educated ppl like yourselves, it would be an absolute doddle!
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1/🧵 Ivermectin & Masks: A #COVID doctor’s opinion…
It’s not political. This is medical.
I’m a dad to 3 daughters w a brother who has Down syndrome. I validate parents who want kids to play freely in school & interact w/out a mask as if times were normal. But they aren’t…
2/ Ivermectin: I have good friends, dear people, who don’t believe they can get #Vaccinated because mRNA #Pfizer & #Moderna were safety tested w fetal cell lines, so they want to use Ivermectin instead.

3/ The Fetal Cell line in question is HEK-293. It was NOT used to create the vaccines. It was used to test them, but so is nearly every other drug in your medicine cabinet, including Ivermectin. More about HEK-293…
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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On 19 July, England moved to Step 4 of the #roadmap - lifting most of the legal restrictions around #socialdistancing.

Using @Google Mobility data, @AdeleGroyer analyses how the public responded in our latest blog.…
There was a small uptick in presence at "Retail & Recreation" facilities such as restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, museums and cinemas.

At the weekend, people took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and spent time outdoors in "Parks" which includes places like public parks and beaches. ImageImage
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I’m here at the Orange County federal courthouse for the second day of testimony in Michael Avenatti’s client theft trial. I’ll tweet updates on this thread, so stay tuned. 🧵
The jury isn't in the courtroom yet, and prosecutors and Avenatti are fighting about exhibits being admitted during Geoff Johnson’s testimony today. Selna wants everything disclosed.
Prosecutor Alex Wyman is reading a list of them now. He’s only giving the numbers, but they are bank records. Avenatti is pointing out problems with declarations and exhibits, saying they're mismatched.
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Daily New Cases continue to show a Declining trend during #2ndWave

Only 34,703 new cases reported in the last 24 hours

Less than 50,000 cases being reported everyday for the past 9 days


The number of districts reporting >100 new cases on a daily basis, have come down from 531 (as on week ending May 4, 2021) to 262 (as on week ending June 4, 2021) and then to 91 ( as on week ending July 4, 2021): Joint Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA

In India, 80% new cases are being reported from 90 Districts.

It indicates that infection is now spreading in a localised manner within limited geographical area, calling for need of focused attention in these areas

There are 15 such districts in #Maharashtra

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🎨⏳📜Nautilus Cup, Chicago Art Institute
During the Age of Discovery, European artists were inspired by the exotic materials suddenly available to them. Goldsmiths seized on the opportunity to include wondrous and seemingly magical materials -
-including coconuts, ivory, ostrich eggs, and, in this case, a nautilus shell from the Indian Ocean - into works of art that celebrated both nature and artifice. These types of objects were also popular with collectors during the 19th c, when the mounts on this cup were reworked.
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The #COVID19 pandemic has triggered a global crisis, but its impact is not shared equally.

Social hierarchies, inequalities, and injustice reproduced during the pandemic have added to existing challenges faced by vulnerable categories of people. #Thread Image
The fear of contagion ignited by #Covid19 has renewed old associations between dirt, disease, and particular communities.

@kanthiswaroop and Joel Lee discuss society's reaction to sanitation workers during the pandemic.…
The #COVID19 lockdown has disturbed the lives and livelihoods of tribals and forest dwellers.

Minaketan Behera and Preksha Dassani emphasise on food security and protection mechanisms to help the communities.…
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