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“Those with the condition don’t have a shortage of attention. They pay too much attention to everything”
“People with ADHD are disorganized, because just about every organizational system out there is built on two things — prioritization and time management — that individuals with ADHD do not do well.”
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*Know the evidence of great Past~
The birthplace of the great twelfth-century Sanskrit cum Odia poet Jayadeva has been quite unknown to public,(I am not talking about researcher)
Even this had led to a bitter feud between some north states with odisha
In this particular series I want to explain you about Jayadeva's life time ,where & how his composition took place
*The evidences of Jaydeva found in 4 great Indian temple of Kalingotkala
Which showcase the movement of the Emperor Anantavarma Chodaganga Deva and SriJayadeva
people believe that he was a poet in eastern Indian state but don't know much about his life
*Jayadeva's ashtapadis are central to the repertoire of Odissi music, the trad. music of the state of Odisha.
Which is clearly reflects here in one of the oldest ancient manuscripts
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Did you know ?
The First national conference hall of Odisha was established at Berhampur ,Ganjam.
It is Utkal Ashram
ଉତ୍କଳ ଆଶ୍ରମ , ଓଡିଶା ର ପ୍ରଥମ ଜାତୀୟ ସ୍ୱଭାଗୃହ
1/3 Image
ଏହାର ପ୍ରତିଷ୍ଠାତା ଥିଲେ ଶ୍ରୀ ଗଜପତି କୃପାମୟ ଅଙ୍ଗଭୀମ ଦେବ , ରାଜାସାହେବ ଦିଗପହଣ୍ଡି।
2/n ImageImage
It's foundation stone was laid on 20-2-1920 by collector of Ganjam in Madras presidency.
And it was opened by HE viscount , the governor of Madras on 1925.
Courtesy:DrAnantaramKar ImageImage
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Is #govt doing #Enough for #Covid_19?
There is huge debate about govt not doing enough or hiding true data. Majority of people look at the data & facts published by govt with skepticism. The blame is , data are tailored to portray the shining picture in #Covid_19 management. 1/
I,as one, neither completely deny the accusation nor completely agree to it. I shall try to touch upon if actually govt doing enough or not in another space but let us first ask ourselves.
ARE WE DOING ENOUGH ??? Let’s ask few questions to ourselves before we question anyone!
1) are we taking all precautions ?? Do we wear masks as much time as possible ? How many times we put the mask down without reason ? Are we using right mask?
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An event that slipped by quietly is,
#Moody’s upgrading #YesBank's long-term foreign&local currency deposit ratings,from Caa1 to B3

Foreign currency senior unsecured #MTN rating of #Yes,raised from (P)Caa1 to (P)B3

Rating upgrade,follows successful #FPO,where Yes raised 15000Cr
Surprising,how mainstream media that went hammer&tong at the @narendramodi govt,in March 2020,when #YesBank collapsed,thx to a fraudulent #RanaKapoor&his ilk,is silent today,post the brilliant recovery of #Yes,coming back on track

PSB,#SBI,is doing a good job in resurrecting Yes
A significantly improved #Solvency ratio,#Moodys said, "strengthens #YesBank’s resilience to potential asset quality risks from impact of economic slowdown& #coronavirus related disruptions"

Moody's also lauded Yes Bank’s funding&liquidity that moderately improved in June'20 qtr
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Did #Torosaurus use its horns for #defense?

Um, #YES, and here is why.
Triceratops is my favorite dinosaur of all time. The no-nonsense, T-Rex-killing, three-horned wonder was my hero as a little kid. My like for triceratops is one of the reasons I was interested in the ceratopsian dinosaurs, of which triceratops is one. From the formidable
Styracosaurus to Protoceratops, whose fossils inspired the myth of the Griffin, these dinosaurs are among the most interesting to study, triceratops being the most interesting. Indeed, out of all of the ceratopsians, only a few could rival triceratops in size.
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Did #Triceratops use its #horns for #defense???

Um, #YES, and here is why:
Like most people, I was fascinated with dinosaurs as a kid. Heck, I still am, having 6 books and about 20 or so documentaries on them at home. I have a fascination with these scaled and feathered giants of old, those titans of horn and fang that dominated the earth before God
silenced their roars with a meteor 65 million years ago. Such realities are the stuff from which folklore, mythology and fantasy can derive, a true tale that can spawn the tall tales of tomorrow.

And such tall tales are not the purview of fiction novels.

Now and again,
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1/n #YES bank, some thoughts and views.

This is a communication failure. You don't impose a moratorium on a major bank without a clear end game.

Markets hate uncertainty.

It will create panic. RBI's goal should be to not create unnecessary panic.
2/n #UnintendedConsequences

50k withdrawal restriction is presumably to prevent run on the bank and buy time.

Depositors don't like arbitrary restrictions. Every depositor will withdraw 50k.

It will create a mini-run. I hope they are prepared.
3/n #WhatShouldTheyHaveDone

Get everyone in a room, and come out only with a complete solution (bailout, buyout whatever).

Has been done before by Volcker and JPMorgan.

Cannot play this out in the public domain over days. Crucial trust is lost in the banking system.
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My Top Ten Columnists of 2020:

Day 1/10: "I am a horrendously big fan of @kmckenna63. My finest memory was when he accompanied me to his local foodbank in Glasgow where he listened to a man who endured a level of poverty it is hard to comprehend." Image
My Top Ten Columnists of 2020:

Day 2/10: "@KirstyStricklan has the political antenna of a parliamentary assistant, the literary eloquence of a frontbench speechwriter and always communicates in a thoughtful and reflective manner." Image
My Top Ten Columnists of 2020:

Day 3/10: "@alexmassie is often my first pit stop when I pick up a @SundayTimesScot. His exposure of uncomfortable truths and balanced critique of his side of the constitutional question is potentially unrivalled." Image
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Communique for


• <> (13:32—17:59) — and — (17:07–17:59):

Δ1 reached:
12:30 PM AEDT, Nov. 29th 2019, at:

33° 46’ 06” S, 150° 54’ 50” E

7:45 PM AEDT, Nov. 23rd 2019

Δ0: 5 days, 16 hours, 45 mins (5.69791(6) days)

x² : 11² : 3² : 8² — <>

Average duration of the sidereal year (‘Yr’) of Earth** is:

365.256363004 days (365 d 6 h 9 min 9.76 s) (at the epoch J2000.0 = January 1, 2000, 12:00:00 TT)

Yr / Δ0 = 64 (8²) days

** International Earth Rotation and ... ‘Rock’ 5 : 15UB. 75 – 93.10Logarithmic ≡ Linear 👇🏻9.23.17 — (23) | ((8^1) + (9^1))

Reference System Service (2010) — <…>.

[(log{\sub{3}}א) = 2]
[(log{\sub{2}}א) = 3]**


[(P(א{\sub{א}}) = 0) = 0 = 1]

where, this power set as a frequency (≡ Δ1), and absolute stationarity cf. conventional motion the result:

Further ...
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Appreciate @ACPA Commission for Professional Prep hosting this webinar on using the Strategic Imperative on Racial Justice & Decolonization in #SAGrad & #HigherEd programs. Thanks for Drs. @DianSquire, @DrDLStewart, @esjayque, & Jamie Workman for sharing their time & expertise!
@ACPA @DianSquire @DrDLStewart @esjayque If #SAPro & #FacultyLife folks haven't seen it yet, check out this very helpful framework for gudiance:… @ACPA
@ACPA @DianSquire @DrDLStewart @esjayque Dr. @DianSquire suggests utilizing historical #HigherEd analysis such as Ebony & Ivy (… and).
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Come to SA to spew some good 'ole FUD.
But STAY for the baggies.
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How off-mark were the analysts about Yes Bank stock.

Today, share price of Yes Bank crashed to Rs. 71.25 on concerns surrounding financial misreportings by Crompton Greaves Power (CGP). Yes Bank has 13% stake in CGP. The stock was trading at Rs. 400 abt an year back. Thread 1/11 Image
For many-many years, people cast aspersions on lending practices of Yes Bank and doubted the low NPA numbers it reported quarter after quarter.

All those fears came true post cutting short of Yes Bank's MD, Mr. Rana Kapoor's term by RBI in Sept. 2018. 2/11
Bewildering though, in this entire saga, is the cluelessness of the equity analysts (the supposedly well-informed lot). The level of ignorance was such that even after RBI action, many analysts kept giving 'buy' calls. Below is a list of such misplaced, ignorant calls. 3/11
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1/ "note the use of the phrase “modern times” in the title of chapter 1. This time frame is an imposed restriction since the suspicion or occurrence of clergy malfeasance is no new note in the history of deviance & criminality."

~Anson Shupe, "Spoils of the Kingdom", Preface
2/ "I coined the term clergy merge religion & criminological concepts. Clergy is generally meant to be synonymous with cleric (by which any religious functionary with formal or delegated or self-delegated authority, ...). ...
3/ "Malfeasance can be construed as a religious leader’s malpractice...or cruel treatment or actions contrary to official (fiduciary) obligations to safeguard the interests and persons of lay persons, parishioners, or disciples. ...
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1/ Saw wee bit of @daily_politics #BBC2 #Scotland superfluous to their #Brexit discussion. Job losses, limited youth opportunity, choking off of essential labour force enhancement as well as curtailment of #DevolvedPowers & real threat posed to @scotgov continuity is meaningless!
2/ That short discussion centered, as it was within #Westminster bubble & which toxic #Tory is internally most palatable to their party & who can lead 'next round' of post #Brexit negotiations. #BorisJohnson seems favourite held back from embarrassing himself awaiting election.
3/ #Scotland just isn't in the mix at all. We face the gaping maw of #Brexit with only @theSNP truly, directly & unequivocally holding us back; saying with the facts of devastation all the while: we must stop this threat in its tracks before its too late.
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.@WCalsen opens up with her story of joining the firm @DeloitteUK and the shifts she has saw in her 17+ years here. She continues to thrive here and grow within the firm! #womenintech
Wendy talks about her first ambition - being the first female president of South Africa, where she was raised! 🇿🇦✨
Wendy discovered her love of snowboarding 🏂 and started coding to feed the hobby 👩🏼‍💻. Getting into tech through becoming a coder and pivoting into tech architecture - building things and forming them from scratch!
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Dark Matter Hunters Pivot After Years of Failed Searches - WIRED

“Pivot” is an interesting choice of words. Sorta implies that one is pivoting from one thing (WIMPS) to something else. In which case the “something else” needs to be specified.…
The whole dark matter search community reminds me of Daffy Duck in the episode quoted from IMDb here. [shockingly, I do not instantly find a gif of Daffy falling off said cliff.]
Reading this article does not inspire confidence. Sounds more like they’re poised to make the same mistakes all over again. Having spent decades in a fruitless search for WIMPs motivated by the WIMP miracle - an irrelevant numerical coincidence - might they decide to learn more?
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I was born and raised in the beautiful city of #Curitiba, southern #Brazil!
This region is famous for being cold and cloudy (yes it can be cold in Brazil!).
It is also famous for its very endemic and beautiful #Araucaria pine trees. #voicesIWS @IWS_Network @500womensci /1
#Actions speak louder than words! I am thankful for my parents for being who they are. Both always showed love for Nature, different interests and #curiosity! So no wonder by observing them I grew up to be a very curious girl who really loved Nature. #voicesIWS @IWS_Network /2
During High School I became fascinated by the #mendelian #genetics classes and the work of #gregormendel! I also loved studying animals, ecosystems and climate so the obvious choice for me in University (@PUCPR_oficial ) was BIOLOGY!! @IWS_Network #womeninscience #voicesIWS /3
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Panel 2, on granting agencies and #citizenscience w/ @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG + Ted Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH + Serge Marchand @FRQS1 + Louise Poissant @FRQSC + Michael Strong @CIHR_IRSC #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd says #citizenscience and participative science is incredibly important. This isn't only including public in research, it's engaging communities who have knowledge incl #indigenous traditional knowledge.
... Current project ongoing, is a northern community that wants to better document the status of their natural resources (air quality, water) and to analyze the impact of #climatechange & other human impacts on these. There is added value to including these communities. #CSPC2018
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Ok I’m going to share a story with you regarding a crisis pregnancy I had many years ago, I have previously shared this story on my own account but think it might be good to revisit it. I was 15 when I became pregnant, 15 when I gave birth too. My eldest is now 27 #togetherforyes
I concealed my pregnancy for 5.5 months, they were very frightening times indeed. I was in school in 5th year in an all girls school. I went back to school three weeks after delivering my baby. This photo is of my and my lovely little one when she was 4 weeks old #togetherforyes
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OK, look, sometimes people mess up. We all have times when we mess up. We all have times when we make two or three bad errors in succession. We're human. #1/23
The @newsundayherald is one of the important institutions of Scotland's news media. Admittedly it's less important now as our new media develops, but it was a big win for #Yes when, in 2014, it nailed our colours to its mast. #2/23
However, there's two aspects to that decision: yes, @newsundayherald's decision to come on board helped the #Yes movement, but the #Yes movement repaid that with a substantial boost in sales for the @newsundayherald. #3/23
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