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1) "Persönlichkeitsentfaltung"? Darum geht es nicht bei Geschlechtsidentitätsideologie und Gesetzesvorhaben wie dem #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz. Entpacken wir das an einigen Beispielen.
#FrauenSagenNein #Womanface #Turds #ZDFMagazinRoyale #TerfIsASlur #ÖRR
2) Die Verbreitung von Stereotypen wie Frauen zu sein haben und dass Männer "Frauen" sein können, wenn sie sich an diese Stereotypen halten, ist keine "Persönlichkeitsentfaltung". Es ist #Frauenfeindlichkeit.

#Turds #ZDFMagazinRoyale #Oerr
3) Wenn Männer sich "Mutter" nennen, ist es keine "Persönlichkeitsentfaltung", es ist #Frauenfeindlichkeit.

#ÖRR #ZDFMagazinRoyale #Turds #FrauenSagenNein #oerr
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My #FGM Horror💔
"My Leg Was Dislocated During FGM; I Now Limp!"
Nastehe Abubakar Recalls It:
"I was led to the bush first before my colleagues were taken there; I thought I was just going for a short tour when my mother led me into a hut. Suddenly, a group of #women wrestled me
to the ground and tore my clothes.
As I struggled to escape from their grip, some pulled my legs apart while the others held my arms down. My mom abandoned me in the hands of the women.
My leg was dislocated in the struggle as they went ahead to have their way, the blade piercing
sharply through my flesh, leaving me in excruciating pain.
After the cut, they didn't bother to check whether I got other injuries but instead bound my legs together with a rope to the waist after sewing my wounds.
For almost a month, I was bound to my waist and slept on my side;
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Question: if it is not acceptable to wear a "blackface" then why is it acceptable to wear a #womanface I find it DEEPLY offensive that a man can put on a skirt and make up and say he is a woman. It demeans everything I am.
I have bled, I have given birth, I have nearly died giving birth; I have produced milk for my babies; I have been sexually assaulted; I have been passed over for promotion; I have been harrased and threatened because of my sex by men who think it is fun and games to
frighten a young woman; I have been stalked; I have been talked over, had my career sabotaged and my ideas pinched and all because I am a woman.
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So, people are assigned a sex at birth. Why are some people assigned male while others are assigned female? On what basis would a medical professional assume the sex of the child?

#women #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #whatisawoman #WomanFace #transman #transwoman Image
The reason is that certain biological characteristics are given the name male, while certain other biological characteristics are given the name female. A person who objectively has the given characteristics is called either male or female.

Males and females go through a
process of aging and development. Young females are referred to using the word "girl" while adult female persons are referred to using the word "woman".

People "assigned female at birth" have the biological characteristics of a female and are girls who will grow up to be women. ImageImageImageImage
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Jordan Gray loves his indecent exposure facilitated by @Channel4.

He is a patron of Educate & Celebrate, which installs gender identity ideology in schools with the chant of "smash heteronormativity".

#safeguarding #ChildSafety #RedFlag #WomanFace Patrons Educate and Celebrate https://www.educateandcelebrat
@Channel4 You can tell Gray's sex - as only a man would describe himself as a comedienne or actress in 2022.

How many schools has he visited?
Educate and Celebrate is "transforming schools," using Jordan Gray to mislead children that sex sterotypes can mean they are the opposite sex.

This is creating avoidable distress.

#WomanFace #safeguarding #RedFlags
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this is a bad, racist argument & feminists need to stop making it. criticise drag all you want, I’m no great fan, but the comparison to blackface glosses over the historical meaning of minstrelsy in a way that equivocates rather than illuminates. /1
minstrelsy was historically created to parody the immutable characteristics of enslaved afro americans. Its primary purpose was to entertain working class whites with subhuman depictions of black slaves in order to reproduce their complacency toward ancestral chattel slavery. /2
drag was created to engage in absurdist appropriation of arbitrary fashion conventions of gender but only incidental simulation of immutable sex characteristics of women as a subversion of the gender norms that dehumanize gay men for their insufficiently masculine sexuality. /3
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I really think more women need to wake up to this nonsense. I think too many of us have stayed quiet because we don’t want to hurt feelings and are too concerned with being polite. I’ve had enough. I’m not going to be quiet. #womanface is disrespectful. #boycottulta
One of the things that bothers me the most is that these men want to claim womanhood and oppression but they have no problem marginalizing women who have a problem with it. No one gets nastier to women than a man claiming to be woman who gets called out. #boycottulta #womanface
How is it okay for a woman to be told what womanhood means by a man who can never know. These men have the most shallow and stereotypical view of women that I have ever seen. Wake up ladies! We as a group talk about #toxicmasculinity but are afraid to call this out. #boycottulta
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Over the last few years, along with the TWAW chant, trans rights extremists have said some pretty ridiculous things! Here are some of the craziest:

#TransCult #TransActivismIsMisogyny #TranswomenAreMen #TransmenAreWomen
“Gender neutral toilets are fine. We all have them in our own homes!”
I mean, who amongst us hasn’t encountered an unknown male in our private toilet?! What a winning argument! (And they still make it. All. The. Time.🤦‍♀️)

#SexMatters #SingleSexSpaces #SexNotGender
“Nobody can tell a transwoman from a biological woman.”
Nope. Far too difficult. There is absolutely no way that I can spot the TIM here!

#WeAllKnow #MenArentWomen #WomenArentMen #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #SexMatters #KPSS #KeepPrisonsSingleSex #SaveWomensSports Image
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