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"Erkek saldırganlığı" ve "kadına şiddet" hakkında 25 parçalık bir zincir.

1/ #EmineBulut sonrası gördüğüm 3 farklı yaklaşımdan bahsedeceğim:

-Klasik muhafazakarlık ("o saatte orada ne işi varmış")
-Yeni sağ ("asıl mağdur erkekler")
-Yeni sol ("bunların hepsi sosyal inşa")
2/ İlki hakkında denecek yeni bir şey pek yok.

300 bin yıllık insanlık tarihinde, kadının erkeğin malı olması 10 bin senelik bir ara dönem (Neolitik Devrim). Çoğu toplumda daha da kısa.

Miyadını çoktan doldurdu, salt gelenekle devam eden artıkları da azalarak bitecektir.
3/ Ha, bazı gençler "Tanrı böyle emretti" demiyor da "farklı evrimsel üreme stratejilerinin sonucu" diyor.

Zıt kutuptalarmış gibiler ama ikisi de, tarihin %1'ini oluşturan bu ara dönemi "insanın doğal hali" veya "olması gereken hali" olarak yorumluyor.…
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#URGENT #911 Over the course of the next few weeks, I need twitter to show out for me. My children and I, WE NEED A MIRACLE. We are in a crisis of incredible proportions because of an abusive man and the systems that protect men liIke him.

Please keep reading this #THREAD
I CANNOT fight back alone. I desperately need the help of Twitter. And I dont have much time.

A hearing date has been set for OCTOBER 25th.

This is it. The day it will be decided how much longer my 10 & 12 yrold will suffer abuse, how much longer we'll know that man's torment.
What that means is that I have WEEKS left to get anything, everything I can think of that may help and protect us to the lawyer.

I have been working around the clock for months, fighting desperately to protect my children. I've given everything I have and more of what I don't.
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I can't recall where I first saw it, but the distinction between "claim rights" and "liberty rights" was mentioned this week in regards to the hegemonic (male) TRA position.…

#ClaimRights #LibertyRights
"A claim right is a right which entails responsibilities, duties, or obligations on other parties regarding the right-holder. In contrast, a liberty right is a right which does not entail obligations on other parties, but rather only freedom or permission for the right-holder."
For rhetorical purposes, male TRA's and their wokerati would assert that they seek "liberty rights" analogous to those of Black people or homosexuals, to be treated equally in minor ways that affect no one else in any substantive way.
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Leute! Bei #Drohgebärden, #ToxicMasculinity, offen gezeigtem #Rassismus, #Sexismus, #Ableismus etc. sieht man nicht weg!

#WirSindMehr. Das heißt: Aufstehen. Mund aufmachen.

Fallt nicht auf den #Zuschauereffekt rein! Der Gegner verlässt sich drauf. Wir müssen #unteilbar sein. >
Der #Zuschauereffekt, auch #BystanderEffect, tritt auf, wenn Menschen Zeugen von Situationen werden, in denen man eigentlich eingreifen und Hilfe leisten möchte (unterstelle ich mal – wenigstens aber: sollte).
Je mehr Zuschauer, desto unwahrscheinlicher, dass einer eingreift. >
Das heißt im Klartext: Je mehr Ihr seid und je größer damit Eure Erfolgsaussichten wären, desto unwahrscheinlicher ist es, dass auch nur einer von Euch tatsächlich etwas tut. Alle ziehen den Kopf ein.
Hier ein paar Hintergrundinformationen:… >
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Let me tell you about the time I rage quit a tech study because it was #toorapey

we're going to call this the rapey noise study™

what's the rapey noise study™, you ask? great question!

it's a (not good) study about interacting with a computer using your brain by focusing on a noise while other noises are playing.... [look ma, no hands!...]

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was burnt (allegedly because the author(s) "#VertigoPolitix" closed down the account themselves). It was entitled "The #emasculation of White Male #Identity". It argued that ALL major movements and decisions in the past 100 years ..
.. had one ultimate goal: to make European White males become powerless and, eventually, extinct. As the interesting narration appears to be available in text-form on the web, I will transcribe the entire narration here. I repeat that the author is "VertigoPolitix", not I.
.. Beginning of my transcription.
»[Voice of Noel #Ignatiev (no picture of his shown):] "The task is to bring this minority together in such a way that it makes it impossible for the legacy of #Whiteness to continue to reproduce itself." [Voice of narrator:] With only
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1. Toxic masculinity killed 25 people
2. State negligence and refusal to invest in the train system continues to kill #Egyptians
Clearly, the long-running neglect by successive #Egyptian regimes of the rail network has claimed too many lives. And re yesterday’s tragedy, the long-running refusal to confront patriarchy & toxic masculinity - on state and street level - will also continue to claim lives.
A fight between 2 men killed 25 people. When I write or talk about feminism and the need to dismantle patriarchy, I hear “This isn’t the time!” When is the time? Men who benefit from patriarchy don’t care about its toll on others. It took a toll on 25 people yesterday. #Egypt
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Remember man who shot dead 2 women at a yoga studio,injured 5, and killed himself? An investigation has found he “planned the attack for months and had...a documented disdain for the opposite sex.”Does such misogyny qualify as terrorism?… #ToxicMasculinity
3 month’s before the mass shooting, Scott Beierle “shared a link to his website “Path of Defiance” with a childhood friend & his wife,who was so disturbed by the content — it included songs about the rape and torture of women — that she shared it with the FBI.” #ToxicMasculinity
“If I can’t find one decent female to live with, I will find many indecent females to die with. If they are intent on denying me life, I will have no choice, but to deny them life,” a document recovered from a hotel room where Beierle had been staying, said. #ToxicMasculinity
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Reminder that the "journalist" recording this, interrupting and talking over a cis lesbian trying to give a talk is Michael Conroy of #ThisManBoxIsNoGood Their idea of a male "feminist activist" who speaks against toxic masculinity. Again, beyond parody.
I find it disturbing he is allowed into schools when he clearly has no idea about safeguarding trans kids. What will his "lessons" on toxic masculinity involve when he is so trans hostile? Not to mention hypocritical when he speaks over and dismisses women.
#toxicMasculinity is a big problem, and Michael Conroy displays some of its worst features.
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Alright - are you a man who's offended by the #GilletteAd? Thinking of doing the #gilletteboycott? Think the add portrays all men as awful?

No you don't (he said, diplomatically not calling you a fucknuckle), and I can prove it. 1/
Let's start with any dads out there, or people like me who want to be dads - who look forward to it, who've been thinking about it forever.

If you're like me, you've probably grown up (as a kid) imagining what kind of dad you'd be. How you'd treat your Sons. Daughters.

Maybe you think about what you're going to do when your son starts dating. What the talk is you're going to give him. Maybe you've got the conversation planned. Do you buy him a box of condoms, or do you let him find them?

Maybe you warn him about trouble, heartbreak.

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#Gillette Where this commercial goes wrong is with the virtue signaling and assumption that masculinity in and of itself toxic and abusive. This is #ThirdWaveFeminism at it's finest. #3WF is not accepting of anything less in a man than psychological & emotional castration ...
#Gillette #3WF

The fact that a man has a penis is offensive and construed as #ToxicMasculinity. The only way men escape this #LeftistCult #3WF label is
to wear a pussy hat and be submissive to all women regardless of your sexual
orientation. But pls understand....
#Gillette #3WF

the #ToxicMasculinity label has nothing to do with
abuse/sexism/me too/rape. It's about perpetuating the victim mentality of third wave feminist in the leftist cult. The psychological message is "all me
are inherently toxic/abusive so all women are victims"...
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What happens to boys when you tell them that masculinity is toxic?

“First off, why are we even talking about “toxic masculinity”? The crime rates in the United States, in North America more broadly, have fallen 50% in the last 25 years.

That includes pretty much every category of violent crimes. So the term itself is terribly defined. I think it’s appalling that faculties of education are pushing this sort of nonsense, and I think that if your kids are exposed to that kind of idiotic, social justice, pseudo...
education, that you should pull them out of the schools, because they’re not being educated, they’re being propagandized. There is also no evidence that we construct our identities as masculine feminine by being expressly taught them by teachers, almost all of that is learned
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OK, Twitter. Pour the tea. It’s time to talk about #ToxicMasculinity and the #myth of the #AlphaMale . You ready? I got my tea right here. It’s green tea spiked with whiskey, honey, garlic, mint, and wasabi because it’s going to be that kind of thread. Here we go.
First off, let’s deal with this #AlphaMale nonsense. Take a quick look in the mirror. Are you a wolf, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, or a bonobo? Are you a chicken? Are you a large herd animal, like a horse or a bighorn sheep? No? OK, then you’re probably not an alpha anything.
Alpha males, which distinguish themselves based on physically dominating behaviors DO exist in gorilla and chimpanzee societies. But guess what doesn’t exist in those societies? Higher-order organizational structures such as governments, militaries, or police forces...
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You voted for those people, America. They represent you.
-The majority of white American women voters vote GOP —> Grassley and the all-male Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
-There has never been a woman GOP Senator on that committee. It is 2018. #KavanaughHearings
It is 2018. These are the GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committee.
- Old white men - average is 62, Grassley is 85.
- A majority of white American women voters vote GOP. They are footsoldiers of the white supremacist patriarchy that hurts us all.
It is 2018.
- Regardless of how you vote, as a white American, white supremacy works in your favour.
- But if you’re a white woman, patriarchy does not.
I urge all white American women to remember that and to fight it by fighting gendered racism. #KavanaughHearings
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Fellow men, I want to share with you a truth. If you express non-platonic interest in a woman and she rejects that interest, it will hurt. Here's what a man does next: he lets that go and moves on. #ToxicMasculinity 1/?
It's okay to recognize to yourself that being rejected stings. Feel your feelings. We're allowed to do that. Being hurt, however, does not last. Being hurt grants you no right of revenge. A boy throws a tantrum. A man lets it go and moves on. #ToxicMasculinity 2/?
We are failing on so many levels by not teaching boys how to be men, to offer our feelings honestly and to accept rejection gracefully. A man accepts rejection as a thing that happens, because we respect those to whom we offer our feelings. #ToxicMasculinity 3/?
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Let’s talk about #ToxicMasculinity.

1. Men are by nature conquerors. We want to win. We don’t want participation trophies. We want to do our best and reap the rewards. There is nothing wrong with this.
2. Manhood is an elite club. It means you have learned the important lessons of denying your narcissistic tendencies to provide for the people you love. There is nothing wrong with this.
3. Men aren’t usually cuddly by nature. When we have a genuine affection for another guy, we shake hands, pull it into a short hug with back pats. We’re brothers. There is nothing wrong with this.
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Thank you @EricFlackTV @wusa9 @charlesallen for confirming what we’ve been saying for years. @ChiefNewsham @DCPoliceDept @DCPoliceUnion @USAO_DC @SafeDC @MayorBowser are #GUILTY

#StopMPD #StopFOP #NoNewMPD #DivestFromPolice #DisarmThePolice
#BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter
# of people killed by police in 2018: 264
Police officer isn’t in the top 10 most dangerous jobs.
Roofer: 4x more dangerous
Sanitation worker: 3.5x
Truck driver: 1.8x…

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Recently, @michaelianblack tweeted + wrote in @nytimes about “suffocating, outdated” systems of masculinity helping drive the epidemic of mass school shootings. As folks who explore #toxicmasculinity in school quite a bit we thought we might expand on this topic further. [1/11]
From ’95-’15 there were 31 mass school shootings. Each shooter was male & all experienced challenges to their performance of masculinity, through homophobia & other forms of gender policing. The response? To prove their tormentors wrong & assert control (Farr, 2017). [2/11]
We know that homophobia, sexism, & gender policing are still prevalent in schools, though individual acts of bullying are somewhat on the decline. Unfortunately, overall, educators’ intervention in these incidents is also on the decline... [3/11]
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