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First time in Philly last weekend, but certainly not my last. Whether you asked for it or not, here is it—Philadelphia #urbanism takes: a 🧵 Image
30th Street Station is one of the most striking Amtrak stations in the US. Truly stunning! Though it is surrounded by large roads that make leaving by foot difficult. Image
The Porch at 30th Street Station transformed redundant vehicle lanes and parking places into a wonderful plaza. The swinging benches are a nice touch. Image
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Urbanism in London (from a first time visiting for a week)!

🧵 to be updated throughout the week!
1. Paying for transit (buses, tubes) via mobile pay without the need for a separate app is clutchy 🧾
Some bus shelters face away from the street... Maybe this is to prevent splashing on riders during wet months Image
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A boulevard is a wide street with trees along its sides. The word comes from Dutch and means bulwark/ rampart. The earliest boulevards were built in the ancient Middle East. Paris has some of the most famous boulevards from the 17th and 18th centuries.

A thread on boulevards 🧵
There are many examples of boulevards around the world, each with its own history and charm. Some of them are:

Champs Elysees in Paris, France: One of the most famous and elegant boulevards in the world, lined with luxury shops, cafes, museums and monuments.
Commonwealth Avenue Mall in Boston, USA: A green oasis in the heart of the city, featuring statues of historical figures and a wide pedestrian path
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Under Art. 29 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, anyone can make a SUBMISSION or OBSERVATION on planning applications.

This is a feature of living in a democracy although some might paint it as a pesky glitch in the system.

These submissions are called “Third Party Observations” and can be submitted within 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt of the planning application stating the name & address of the person making the observation / submission + a fee of €20.

❗️The period for Local Authorities to make decisions on applications doesn’t change if there’s zero or 10,000 “Third Party Observations”.

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For the second part of the four part series of spatial zoom ins on the trends of urbanisation in Tamil Nadu, we look into western TN.
The dynamics of urbanisation outside of Chennai's sphere of influence is seldom discussed in popular discourse. That makes the next 3 zoom ins that much more interesting to start a dialogue on the regional dynamics of urbanisation in the state.
Western Tamil Nadu has urbanised rapidly in the last 15 years as seen evidently from the maps. The region already had a strong textile processing and manufacturing industry which has matured considerably in the recent years.
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Everything matters when we think or talk about housing.
The way homes are discussed today is in number of bedrooms but housing is so much more than that. A home is at the core of one’s identity, individuality & sense of fulfilment; they must be flexible enough to allow this.
As an architect, my biggest satisfaction comes from hearing a client discuss their projects, it often starts from a very practical sense including bedroom numbers and where the sink & hob might go…
But this quickly changes once they feel comfortable enough to tell us how they like to live and what their everyday & social lives are like. That’s when a project truly becomes the reflection of our clients with due consideration of their practical checklists.
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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Ring roads as a ‘spatial imaginary’ has been quite a hit around the world. Most large cities around the world have one.
Bypasses around many large and small towns were built in many areas when many old roads were upgraded to four-lane status in the 1930s to 1950s, leaving the old road in place to serve the town or city, but allowing through travelers to continue on a wider and faster route.
Construction of fully circumferential ring roads has generally occurred more recently, beginning in the 1960s in many areas, when the U.S. Interstate Highway System and similar-quality roads elsewhere were designed.
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Trying to escape the endless heat of the Maltese Summer, we found ourselves looking for some lower temperatures in #Romania. Not your typical #Ferragosto destination but here comes a 🧵on a proper millennial-style trip in #Bucharest (1/9)
If you don't know much about the city and its past, your first conclusion would be that the city is kinda abandoned. However, the real story is fundamentally different. This is a city that saw the darkness and it's now trying to embrace the future -and that takes time (2/9)
While it's hard to ignore the neglected buildings, some of them of magnificent architectural value, it's also easy to observe the great potential of the city. Greener than many other #EU capitals, Bucharest is catching up super fast with all current trends of urban mobility (3/9)
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Costs of existing houses & apartments for purchase in Dublin are extortionate.

What is equally incredible is the amount of work many of these potential homes need.

Sure, many are liveable & have good locations, however most will require new owners to sink extra €€€.

Take this B3 BER rated home in Harold’s Cross advertised at €695,000 for example:

The cost per sqm for this house is over €5,000. If you were to consider renovating this house for a conservative figure of say €800/sqm, you’ll need an extra €100k.

Let’s see Phibsboro:
€350,000 for 65sqm, E1 BER (€5300 per sqm)

Same deal: upgrade windows,replace floors, new kitchen, bathroom, paint, at a dubiously low figure of €800 and we’re looking at a property that will send you well over €400k.

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a thread about how heritage listing this building would be catastrophic to the sustainability, walkability, and prosperity of our city. Well, the Heritage Council has provisionally registered it, and folks its really bad. #Canberra #CBR #Urbanism 🧵
Here’s a link to the Heritage Council’s reasons. There are 8 grounds for Heritage listing places in Canberra, and the Heritage Council found that this building only satisfied 1- ‘Importance to the course or pattern of the ACT’s cultural or natural history’…
The Heritage Council was unsatisfied that the building was aesthetically or architecturally significant. It also isn’t satisfied that the building will contribute to an understanding of the ACT’s cultural history, or of any importance to a community or cultural group or so on
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The @TheAtlantic has been doing some excellent work on NIMBYISM and it's costs over the past few months, and the latest piece from @AnnieLowrey is an absolute banger. #CBR #Urbanism…
I can tell you that everything in this article is equally applicable to Canberra as it is to San Fran. In both, our planning debate skews very old, very wealthy and very white. And in both they have a large degree of power over what gets built.
And in both, "The flip side of so few participating so much is that everyone else participates so little. Who can blame them?" I have been called brave for turning up to community meetings as the only young renter in the room. I've met so many that went once and then never again
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1/3) Some good-citizen rules for the Roman homeowner: "Every householder must keep the public street in front of their house in good repair, keep gutters clear and ensure wagons have clear access. Renters should see to this if the owner does not, and deduct costs from their rent.
2/3) "..Nothing should be left in the street outside workshops, except for launderers who hang up fabrics and carpenters who need to place wagon wheels outside - but they must not obstruct traffic. No one should allow any fighting or disorder in front of their property...
3/3) ..It is forbidden to throw out dead animals or animal hides on the street. Any person that throws down or pours anything from their building onto the street will be fined twice the cost of any damages caused."

(Justinian's Digest, 43.10) #roman #history #urbanism #law
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Alright to this evening's housing thread is brought to you by this question:

'I have friends who think a vacancy tax would do more to solve Seattle's housing problem than upzoning. Is this true?'

#Seattle #urbanism #housing #taxes
And before I begin, still underemployed and would love to hit $40 for this thread.

venmo: houstonace
CashApp: $Archstar

Ok let's go!
So the first thing I want to do is get a few things out of the way. 1) even though a problem may exist in a similar city (let's say SF for example) it's important to remember that although the problems are similar, given the differences in laws the reasons could be different.
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1) The streets of ancient Rome were chaotic and rowdy - the philosopher Seneca lived next to raucous public baths and had to learn to live with the constant row: "As I study in my apartment overlooking the baths I'm surrounded by every type of racket..."
2) "Sounds that make you loath being able to hear: I can hear the groans of the bodybuilders pumping iron and throwing their heavy weights all over the place, either really putting their backs into it or just hamming it up..."
3) "Even when it comes to the lazy chap having a massage, I can hear the slap of the hand on his shoulders - I can even tell the difference between a flat slap and a hollow one. When the ball player comes along, yelling his score - then that's me finished!.."
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Done. #GreenNewDeal #transit #urbanism ST/SST 2040: A Green New Deal Proposal for Seattle and the Puget Sound…
And I’m just going to casually tag @sunrisemvmt @Sunrise_WA #GreenNewDeal
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(yes I’m working on the maps and I promise you will love them)
Speaking of: quick map flashback -

So we have the bus / bike lane map:

Basically anywhere with 40' can automatically have bus only lanes while maintaining a car lane in each direction


60' means it needs some work but we'd also get new sidewalks…
and then the neighborhood map, which aims to break down Seattle into its smallest parts (and subject of much debate)

#Seattle #urbanism #mapping…
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Alright, quick thread since I'd rather write a long-form article at some point when I can get the will and mental space to do so, but let's talk about Design Review in Seattle:


#housing #seattle #urbanism #design #architecture
Today, city council passed an emergency resolution tied to Design Review and COVID. The current system requires most developments in the city to have public meetings. Given that option is currently impossible, the system has been edited (temporarily)

Projects that normally have to go through full design review will go through administrative design review, and affordable (aka publicly subsidized) housing projects will be exempt from the process. This will be for six months, or until online meetings are able to be held...

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I think every University & College in India must have a small Public Museum in their campus portraying their key strengths. This will provide soft perspective, public outing & direction to the city, state and country.
#museum #tourism #architecture #urbanism #citylife #edutech Image
More in City Tourist Spot means more number of family & teetotaller commuting outing in weekends. Check the thread above. Secondary sales. Cross Selling. Suggestion. @rapidobikeapp @Vogo_rentals @YuluBike @Olacabs @Uber @bounceshare @makemytrip @bookmyshow @Paytm
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Post Corona Virus Pandemic the Urban Planning & Landscape Planning Jobs Sector seems to be flourishing for next 15 years. Social Distancing, Adequate Space Management, Adequate number of Socially funded Infrastructure for quarantine, reducing concentrated stress of high rise
apartments, Urban Transportation of Goods & Mobility etc. In the good faith of tackling with next Pandemic making regulatory changes will be easier.
#urbanplanning #urbandesign #urbanism #urbandevelopment #urbanphotography #realestate #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture
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I've started an open @googlephotos album to help us all document and share what our cityscape looks like during this historic period of time. All public realm imagery is welcome, but inspirational shots are particularly welcome! #COVID19 #urbanism…
@googlephotos Here in #NYC I've catalogued a number of empty streets and public spaces while out for a run or walk, with more to come. There's also streets/public spaces that are struggling to accommodate demand as business as usual is no longer feasible with social distancing norms in place.
And to be clear, I’m seeking images beyond NYC. Cities and towns, large and small, share your pics!
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The tacit idea that we're making constant progress as species is dangerously flawed.

We've progressed in some areas, but also regressed in many.

We developed sophisticated engineering skills–but we use them to build soulless, hideous cities.

#Urbanism ImageImage
Contrary to modernist belief, this is TRULY sustainable, cosy, pleasurable, and, above all, what humans deeply need and desire.

#GoodUrbanism ImageImage
No matter what the “data” says, this is not sustainable nor “green”.

–> which brings me to another point: we live in a world of information abundance, but we're starving for wisdom. Image
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A (short) Thread on #Urbanism


#TaditionalUrbanism is far more sustainable, more graceful, cheaper, and encourages a more ethical and ecological way of living than #ModernUrbanism. ImageImage
The return to traditional architecture and settlement patterns is an overwhelming necessity – yet we are incentivized to focus on cosmetic solutions. We think we need veganism, we think we need “green” skyscrapers, we think we need “green” fuel.

Nonsense. Image
We don’t need #veganism; we need to re-encourage local, small scale and ecologically-sensitive farming. It’s not about changing your diet; it’s about changing – going back to – the way we (used to) generate food.
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Like many of you, I'm deeply inspired by the #MarchForOurLives speakers. These students modelled a couple of key changemaking principles, relevant to #cities and #urbanism, worthy of serious contemplation.

@davidhogg111, a white male Parkland student noted that media didn't give his fellow #Black students equal space in the convo, Naomi Wadler, a brilliant Black girl addressed ways racialized victims are not equally valued + most of the students acknowledged their #privilege.

This degree of self interrogation, meaningful inclusion, and courage to challenge movements from within is how we achieve true #inclusion and #justice for all.
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