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This week on my #podcast, I read my @Medium column, "#GigWork Is the Opposite of #Steampunk," about the worst-of-all-worlds of #bossware, where an app is your boss, and you live at work because your home and/or car is a branch office of the factory:… 1/ A woodcut of a weaver's loft, where a woman works at a hand-
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
As with so much of my work these days, the column opens with a reference to the #Luddites, and to @bcmerchant's superb, forthcoming history of the Luddite uprisings, "Blood in the Machine":… 3/
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Resonant News:
🔴Proscribed TERRORIST GRPs of #NorthEast hv lost many SENIOR cadre in last few months. After drone attacks on their camps by PDF (Feb 9th), they suffered huge loss. Terrorist grp now claims, INDIAN COMMANDOS(21 Para #SF) didnt let them infiltrate into India for
treatment. 🙄
Terrorist grp lost 2 senior men on Jan 4th, then they were shocked by the 81mm mortars showered on their camps (9th Feb) and now 4 more have been eliminated at the border too.Ouch! 😶

These terrorist groups carry out attacks on INDIAN SOIL and then escape to their
camps in Myanmar. Now they want India to let them treat their injured terrorists. The LOGIC is fantastic! 😑

You can read articles on the Feb 9th and Jan 4th attack here 👇

@threadreaderapp unroll
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Je fais des podcasts de jeux de rôle. Ils sont assez narratifs pour que ça plaise autant aux fans de JDR qu'à celleux qui veulent écouter des histoires.😇
Ça vous intéresse ? C'est là 👇
#JDR #Podcast #ActualPlay
Étranges Réalités est un mélange d'#enquetes, de #surnaturel et d'un peu de #SF. Il y a un côté Lovecraftien, mais ça n'est pas du #Cthulhu.
- Apple Podcast :…
- Spotify :…
- Tout le reste :…

#JDR #ActualPlay
La dernière saison est en cours et...
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🌎 ¡Acabo de encontrar una serie de mapas increíbles realizados con #RStats! Desde mapas interactivos hasta diseños 3D, hay algo para todos los amantes de los datos espaciales
👇 ¡8 cuentas a las que definitivamente vale la pena darle un vistazo!🧵
#dataviz #maps #geospatial #gis
✅ Tyler Morgan-Wall @tylermorganwall

Mapa 3D giratorio con puntos de luz (mapa anterior)

La red de cable submarino de fibra óptica de la Tierra.

Utiliza #rayshader #rayrender #rayverse
#dataviz #maps #geospatial #gis
@tylermorganwall ✅ Milos Popovic @milos_agathon
Mapa % de empleados en la fabricación, datos Eurostat.

#dataviz #maps #geospatial #gis #rstats #DataVisualization #stats #DataScience
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Last week, Last week, I decided to go to the Tenderloin "Linkage" Center to see what it's all about. You see, my son Roman is an addict with mental illness and has been on and off the streets for a few years. I needed to get in & see how this place is "helping" people with SUD. Image
Lots of workers standing on the outside (on phones) as well as security.
My process:
1) Ask for help getting off drugs.
2) Answer two q's - Why are you here? Do you have weapons?
3) Told to come back on Mon for help w/ SUD, but I can come in & use
I was led to the "harm reduction" area. People were doing all kinds of things from resting, sleeping, talking, dancing or passed out on the ground. Loud music played in the background. It looked like a party scene
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✨In the generes I rep, I'd love to see more projects by writers from Black, Indigenous, Latine/x, Asian, AAPI, Middle Eastern, and African communities and their far-reaching diasporas, as well as the LGBTQIA+, trans and nonbinary, and disabled and neurodiverse communities. #MSWL
✨Aro-ace rep and meaningful platonic relationships
✨Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with non-western settings and cultures
✨Anti-colonialist, -caste, -patriarchy, -establishment, etc. with driving plots and strong characters
✨Dark academia w/ high personal stakes and rich settings
✨Asian-inspired SF/tech-fantasy crossover in the vein of Xiran Jay Zhao.
✨South Asian, SWANA, and Middle Eastern voices in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror
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んで黒人俳優のSilvan elf(と髭無し女性ドワーフ)盛り上がりを眺めてるのですが、#theringsofpower #JRRT精読


#theringsofpower #JRRT精読
ただ日本語圏ではHistory of Middle-earth全12巻も最新のNatureOfMiddle-earthも邦訳がないので
01)エルフの容貌については、#JRRT の最初期から最晩年までにいろいろ設定や範囲に変更があり、どの時点のものを「原典」とするかで違ってくる
01b)エルフの肌についてのfair of skinという表現は「白い」「美しい」いずれを(も)意味するのかEldar以外も含むのか…はけっこう微妙
#theringsofpower #JRRT精読
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What could go wrong?😏
#Miami may put #homeless in encampment on environmentally-sensitive #VirginiaKey. That wld imperil fed 💰 bec feds prioritize #housing over drug addiction, a la #SF.…
@JennyChachan @citizenj17 @michelletandler @JeffreyBrandes #SoFL
@JennyChachan @citizenj17 @SteveAdams80182
@JeffreyBrandes @John_Kass @SethBarronNYC @karol @michelletandler Uh-oh! 😲

1/ MT @newschica #Miami Comm. Diaz de la Portilla came out of his liquor-induced fog for a moment, asks for a reconsideration, then changes his vote to a YES. Image
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🤖On arrête tout, des #robotstueurs, c'est la fin du monde !
Mais ouais, vous rigolez sur du gymkhana de robot de @BostonDynamics , mais ils s'arment déjà.
L'humanité est perdue !

#robot #t1000 #terminator
1⃣ On a pas besoin de robot pour ce foutre sur la gueule.
2⃣ #Spot de @BostonDynamics est sorti en 2016, c'est une évolution de #BigDog sorti en 2005

#robot #chien
3⃣ Oui, l'armée à des avantages fort à avoir des éléments mobiles, autonome à + ou - grand niveau pour aller sur des terrains dangereux (par la guerre ou la toxicité) à fin de #transport, #reconnaissance et pointage de cible.

[Qui tire ? Pour l'instant l'humain]

#rover #drone Drone terrestre, extrait de la série Tchernobyl de HBO
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As much as I love everyone FINALLY embracing remote work from anywhere, been in this game for a while now…

In 2016, I set out to build a globally competitive AI #startup from Sault Ste Marie, Canada.

Here’s how that went:
I had a vision.
I had a dream.

I wanted to revitalize a steeltown with tech.

I wanted to prove that you could build best-in-class tech from ANYWHERE in the world. In 2016.

I was proven wrong.
I was literally laughed at by Toronto investors.

Most Waterloo investors didn’t believe my dreams could be possible up “North”.

I ultimately determined that local Soo investors would have been more likely to fund a cupcake shop than deep tech AI; despite endless attempts.
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Et si je lançais un thread de mes #lectures pour 2022 ? Hop, c'est parti.
1- "Elder Race" d'Adrian Tchaikovsky. Novella entre #SF et #Fantasy, sympathique mais qui m'a moyennement convaincu malgré de bonnes idées. Les quiproquos engendrés par les différences de culture/langage sont cependant bien gérés. Peut-être lue sur trop de temps pour en profiter. Image
2- "Vivez l'Aventure > Minecraft, Les mines de Kômoriom" par Alain T. Puysségur et Vladimir Subbotin. Revival de la série de Gründ, ici en s'appuyant sur #Minecraft. Aventure sympa, pas trop complexe avec énigmes accessibles aux + jeunes (avec juste un tout petit peu d'aide). Image
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#SF 2021: 1000s's of overdose deaths the lethality of fentanyl, the infamy of nonprofit profiteers, 1000's of predatory drug dealers, nonexistent law enforcement, shit policies & the power of the brain’s opioid receptors to suppress/surmount human instincts to live.
Endless failures but the most egregious is our nihilistic @SFDAOffice @chesaboudin a man who lacks both a moral compass & a conscience to protect these kids. “As long as we have people who are addicted to drugs, who are willing to destroy their own bodies and their own lives, no
amount of investment in law enforcement is going to solve this problem.”
— San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, The Wall Street Journal. Let that quote sink. Chesa's sole job is to protect citizens esp. vulnerable kids like Scott but Chesa adamantly refuses to prosecute
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𝗣𝗼𝗽𝘂𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝗔𝘂𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗲 𝗦𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿 𝗛𝗲𝗹𝗱 𝗨𝗽 𝗔𝘁 𝗚𝘂𝗻𝗽𝗼𝗶𝗻𝘁, $𝟯𝟬𝗞 𝗶𝗻 𝗚𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗻: “𝘐 𝘩𝘢𝘥 𝘴𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘢𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦 & 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘧𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘤𝘬 & 𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘳.”

@clintonkane has more than 100M streams & in town for a video shoot. #SF
Friday afternoon around 3 he & friends parked in the Marina. Shortly after they noticed men breaking into their car.

Kane & his mates gave chase. That’s when he said they were held at gunpoint.

Kane joked with me that he would never come back to SF.
In reality he says he *will be back in SF for your in December. Though he says he won’t be bringing anything valuable with him and reminds others not to keep valuables in the car. #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth #SF
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#BroadbandForAll is not only about online connectivity but it's also a job creator! It's a needed solution across sectors that impacts our health, education, jobs, and even remote family visits with elders. @CAGovernor @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins @NancySkinnerCA #BroadbandCantWait
In California, Gov. Newsom proposed $7B for broadband that the legislature should vote into action now to start closing the digital divide. We don't have time to waste anymore. #BroadbandForAll #CABudget #BroadbandCantWait @CAGovernor @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins @NancySkinnerCA
Sacramento set aside $7B to build high capacity broadband infrastructure for all, but might vote tomorrow to "think it over." CA's largest 5 foundations @calfund @TSFF @siliconvalleycf @sd_fdn @eastbaycf support entire investment w/out delay #BroadbandForAll #BroadbandCantWait
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We're listening to public comment and debate for an environmental impact appeal to a coffeeshop before @sfbos at 1801 Mission Street. It's already called a "tech hub" cafe, a "high-end" cafe, and a "luxury" business twice.
The cafe will be located within the American Indian Cultural District (which includes Mission Dolores and Dolores Park), which callers say was not consulted on the proposed cafe.…
A caller brings up the "Walmart effect" of the proposed cafe at 1801 Mission St. FYI the cafe is the Creamery, which wants to move from 4th and Townsend. Background:…
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NEW: #COVID in 2020 closed schools and stores and cast social inequities in stark relief. Now we're seeing signs of an #SF that is more civic-minded. Reforms that have been elusive for years helped renters, businesses, the unhoused, and others.… 1/
The changes hardly offset the pandemic’s toll; more than 500 of our neighbors are gone. But there are clear improvements spurred by COVID. We’re taking a closer look at 5 of them — streets, spaces, homelessness, housing, and Muni. 2/
With Slow Streets and Shared Spaces in particular, we're looking at an inconceivably quick set of transformations, the most dramatic since @SundayStreets kicked off in 2008. Can you imagine the ordeal something like that would have required pre-COVID? 3/
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J'aime aussi dessiner de la #ScienceFiction, à partir de bouquins 🧪✏️📚💫 ! Les Seigneurs de l'Instrumentalité, de Cordwainer Smith... Image
Machineries of joy - Ray Bradbery 🎛️🔩🍄 Image
The inverted world - Christopher Priest 🌇🛤️🌏 Image
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Conservatorship is a hot-button topic in #SF.
But for Supervisor @RafaelMandelman, the issue isn’t just about policy. It’s personal. We spoke with him about his experience conserving his mother & why he thinks conservatorship can help move SF (1/5)
.@RafaelMandelman’s mother battled mental illness and homelessness throughout her life.

“I'm a freshman at Yale, and I'm on a payphone in the library talking to her in a homeless shelter, which was this sort of crazy dichotomy," he said. (2/5)
This personal experience led @RafaelMandelman to become a major supporter of conservatorship in SF.
But he’s disappointed with its slow implementation so far.
In nearly two years, just one person has been placed in court-ordered treatment. (3/5)…
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Oh hey, my home area of Northern California is trending. It's great place to live, especially if you love #nature, #travel, and #photography...
So, you folks like Northern California #photography? Here, have some more #nature and #travel shots from around the state: Big Sur, Muir Woods, Pinnacles NPS, and Mount Shasta!
Here, have some more Northern California #nature and #travel #photography: Mount Diablo State Park, Cascade Falls in Mill Valley, whale watching a few miles from Moss Landing, and some of the coastline near Pebble Beach.
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Jonathan D. Chang’s portrait (below, left) of Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, killed on the streets of #SanFrancisco has became a symbol on #socialmedia in the fight vs anti-Asian violence in the US. Join me, the Thai-American community & others for #JusticeForVicha #VichaRatanapakdee
Originally from #Thailand, #VichaRatanapakdee 🙏moved to #SanFrancisco to help care for his grandkids. After finishing his daily routine of prepping his grandsons for their day, he was on his usual morning walk when he was violently shoved & kicked. #RIP…
“Disgusted, angry & sad”: L.A. artist Jonathan D. Chang says about killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee in #SF.

Indeed. One more unprovoked attack against Asian Americans, many elderly.… #JusticeForVicha

🙏 @raburnreport @jdschang @danieldaekim @LondonBreed
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Vielerorts steigen d. Kosten für #Wohnen. Die Forderung nach #leistbaren Wohnen ist eine nachvollziehbare polit. Forderung. Verschieden Instrumente stehen zur Zielerreichung zur Verfügung. Viele Städte (uA #Berlin #SanFrancisco, #Wien) haben eine (teilweise) #Mietkontrolle 1/n
D.h es gibt in diesen Städten #Höchstmieten, #Mietendeckel #Mietobergrenzen, ... gleiche/ähnliche Konzepte. Ich möchte hier kurz empirische Evidenz diskutieren, die zeigt, dass diese #Mietkontrollen kein adäquates Mittel sind, sondern wahrscheinlich sogar kontraproduktiv. 2/n
Vorab diese Politikmaßnahme ist nicht neu & wurde von ÖkonomInnen theoretisch ausführlich behandelt. Hier etwa eine Schrift aus dem Jahr 1981. Mit Beiträgen uA. von #MiltonFriedman, #GeorgeStigler 3/n…
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01/09 > Une forme de vie pourrait-elle exister dans des étoiles comme le #Soleil ? via @Numerama #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 29/08 > Les espèces auto-reproductrices peuvent-elles s'épanouir à l'intérieur d'une étoile ? via #LettersinHighEnergyPhysics #LaMethSci
19/08 > Les tunnels de lave de la #Lune pour­raient abri­ter des villes entières via @UlycesEditions #LaMethSci Image
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🍎 #CodeAlimentation, notre expo-game sur l'alimentation du futur, se termine ce dimanche 6/09 !

Vous ne pourrez venir en profiter d'ici là ?

Alors suivez-nous dans une visite guidée en tweet, concoctée avec les médiateur·trice·s @ScienceAnim @PlanetSciOccit🤓

⬇️à dérouler ⬇️
[🍎#CodeAlimentation ]

Scénarisée avec des auteurs de #SF, chercheur·se·s & scientifiques, cette expo-game vous embarque dans une visite-expérience atypique avec manips, jeux, expériences sensorielles, défis, autour des enjeux de l'alimentation de demain
[ 🍎 #CodeAlimentation ] Bienvenue à l'Agence !

Dans le sas d'entrée, découvrez votre mission : voyager dans le futur vers la ville de Trapellun pour comprendre comment on s'alimente dans le futur grâce aux spécimens, des innovations alimentaires, et en ramener dans le présent !
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