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#BroadbandForAll is not only about online connectivity but it's also a job creator! It's a needed solution across sectors that impacts our health, education, jobs, and even remote family visits with elders. @CAGovernor @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins @NancySkinnerCA #BroadbandCantWait
In California, Gov. Newsom proposed $7B for broadband that the legislature should vote into action now to start closing the digital divide. We don't have time to waste anymore. #BroadbandForAll #CABudget #BroadbandCantWait @CAGovernor @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins @NancySkinnerCA
Sacramento set aside $7B to build high capacity broadband infrastructure for all, but might vote tomorrow to "think it over." CA's largest 5 foundations @calfund @TSFF @siliconvalleycf @sd_fdn @eastbaycf support entire investment w/out delay #BroadbandForAll #BroadbandCantWait
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We're listening to public comment and debate for an environmental impact appeal to a coffeeshop before @sfbos at 1801 Mission Street. It's already called a "tech hub" cafe, a "high-end" cafe, and a "luxury" business twice.
The cafe will be located within the American Indian Cultural District (which includes Mission Dolores and Dolores Park), which callers say was not consulted on the proposed cafe.…
A caller brings up the "Walmart effect" of the proposed cafe at 1801 Mission St. FYI the cafe is the Creamery, which wants to move from 4th and Townsend. Background:…
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NEW: #COVID in 2020 closed schools and stores and cast social inequities in stark relief. Now we're seeing signs of an #SF that is more civic-minded. Reforms that have been elusive for years helped renters, businesses, the unhoused, and others.… 1/
The changes hardly offset the pandemic’s toll; more than 500 of our neighbors are gone. But there are clear improvements spurred by COVID. We’re taking a closer look at 5 of them — streets, spaces, homelessness, housing, and Muni. 2/
With Slow Streets and Shared Spaces in particular, we're looking at an inconceivably quick set of transformations, the most dramatic since @SundayStreets kicked off in 2008. Can you imagine the ordeal something like that would have required pre-COVID? 3/
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J'aime aussi dessiner de la #ScienceFiction, à partir de bouquins 🧪✏️📚💫 ! Les Seigneurs de l'Instrumentalité, de Cordwainer Smith... Image
Machineries of joy - Ray Bradbery 🎛️🔩🍄 Image
The inverted world - Christopher Priest 🌇🛤️🌏 Image
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Conservatorship is a hot-button topic in #SF.
But for Supervisor @RafaelMandelman, the issue isn’t just about policy. It’s personal. We spoke with him about his experience conserving his mother & why he thinks conservatorship can help move SF (1/5)
.@RafaelMandelman’s mother battled mental illness and homelessness throughout her life.

“I'm a freshman at Yale, and I'm on a payphone in the library talking to her in a homeless shelter, which was this sort of crazy dichotomy," he said. (2/5)
This personal experience led @RafaelMandelman to become a major supporter of conservatorship in SF.
But he’s disappointed with its slow implementation so far.
In nearly two years, just one person has been placed in court-ordered treatment. (3/5)…
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Oh hey, my home area of Northern California is trending. It's great place to live, especially if you love #nature, #travel, and #photography...
So, you folks like Northern California #photography? Here, have some more #nature and #travel shots from around the state: Big Sur, Muir Woods, Pinnacles NPS, and Mount Shasta!
Here, have some more Northern California #nature and #travel #photography: Mount Diablo State Park, Cascade Falls in Mill Valley, whale watching a few miles from Moss Landing, and some of the coastline near Pebble Beach.
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Jonathan D. Chang’s portrait (below, left) of Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, killed on the streets of #SanFrancisco has became a symbol on #socialmedia in the fight vs anti-Asian violence in the US. Join me, the Thai-American community & others for #JusticeForVicha #VichaRatanapakdee
Originally from #Thailand, #VichaRatanapakdee 🙏moved to #SanFrancisco to help care for his grandkids. After finishing his daily routine of prepping his grandsons for their day, he was on his usual morning walk when he was violently shoved & kicked. #RIP…
“Disgusted, angry & sad”: L.A. artist Jonathan D. Chang says about killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee in #SF.

Indeed. One more unprovoked attack against Asian Americans, many elderly.… #JusticeForVicha

🙏 @raburnreport @jdschang @danieldaekim @LondonBreed
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Is #Pakistan Arming the #Kashmir Centric #Terrorist Groups with #Turkish Drones?

🔶Lately, #Kashmir has witnessed several #Drone sorties from #Pakistan dropping weapons & cash. #Chinese #Kamikaze & #Turkish Bayraktar may be next lethal #weapons in hands of #Lashkar & Jaish.
🔶After article 370, it appears that so-called “#Kashmir issue” is tottering to its natural death. With every passing day, the false narratives, lies, & deceitful structures of jihadist violence are slowly & smoothly inching towards a dead end.
🔶Can #Pakistan afford #Kashmir slide out of its control? Once perception of “#Kashmir not being an issue anymore”gets ingrained in #Awam, #Pak faces existential threat. It won’t be able to justify mammoth budgets it has been accumulating for decades in name of #Kashmir to #Pak
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Vielerorts steigen d. Kosten für #Wohnen. Die Forderung nach #leistbaren Wohnen ist eine nachvollziehbare polit. Forderung. Verschieden Instrumente stehen zur Zielerreichung zur Verfügung. Viele Städte (uA #Berlin #SanFrancisco, #Wien) haben eine (teilweise) #Mietkontrolle 1/n
D.h es gibt in diesen Städten #Höchstmieten, #Mietendeckel #Mietobergrenzen, ... gleiche/ähnliche Konzepte. Ich möchte hier kurz empirische Evidenz diskutieren, die zeigt, dass diese #Mietkontrollen kein adäquates Mittel sind, sondern wahrscheinlich sogar kontraproduktiv. 2/n
Vorab diese Politikmaßnahme ist nicht neu & wurde von ÖkonomInnen theoretisch ausführlich behandelt. Hier etwa eine Schrift aus dem Jahr 1981. Mit Beiträgen uA. von #MiltonFriedman, #GeorgeStigler 3/n…
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Story of a surrendered #Terrorist

#Kashmiri #kashmirilivesmatter

🔴 Aijaz Gojri , who surrendered to the #SF says he was driven by the #Pakistan based operatives & LeT to join #Terrorism.

#Kashmir_With_India #KashmirBleeds
🔴He added that many like him are fed with false info about #India & its #SF across border.They are misguided in the name of religion and are send to kill innocent men and women.

🔴During an operation Aijaz was arrested by the #SF & was given a chance to have a normal life again Image
🔴 Many like Aijaz are caught under the webs of these #Pakistan based #Terrorist organizations and heart in heart want to live a normal life again.

🔴This is for all the #Kashmiri brothers who have fallen prey to the false narrative and want to come back to their loved ones. Image
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🚨Breaking news🚨

👉Encounter started between #Terrorists and #SF in #Sirhama area of #Bijbehara #Anantnag

👉#SF launched a cordon and search operation on specific information about the presence of #terrorists in the area. #Kashmir @AdityaRajKaul @ajitsinghpundir Image
🚨News update 🚨
👉 As #SF approached towards the suspected spot, the hiding militants fired upon them which was retaliated, triggering a gunbattle.
👉As per sources, 02-03 militants are believed to be trapped in the area
#KashmiriLivesMatter #kashmiri #KashmirBleeds Image
🔴News update🔴

#Sirhama #Anantnag #Kashmir

👉 Heavy exchange of gunfire going on between trapped millitants and security forces.

Further details to follow .
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🟠Breaking News🟠
01 #terrorist neutralized in a joint search operation launched by security forces in #Macchihom #Tral based on input from @JmuKmrPolice around 08:50 am today

#terrorist lobbed two grenades and was killed in ensuing firefight

🔴Update 🔴
Killed #terrorist identified as Irfan Dar an Al Badr #Terrorist
He was also responsible for grenade lobbying at Awantipur PS last year
01 Pistol with Mag & ammunition recovered.
🔴News Update🔴

👉DSP @JmuKmrPolice convincing the #terrorists to surrender but instead, Irfan choose to lob a grenade on the SF.

All we want is #Peace in #Kashmir

@AdityaRajKaul @Republic_Bharat @indiatvnews @GreaterKashmir @kashmirobserver @KashmirPolice
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01/09 > Une forme de vie pourrait-elle exister dans des étoiles comme le #Soleil ? via @Numerama #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 29/08 > Les espèces auto-reproductrices peuvent-elles s'épanouir à l'intérieur d'une étoile ? via #LettersinHighEnergyPhysics #LaMethSci
19/08 > Les tunnels de lave de la #Lune pour­raient abri­ter des villes entières via @UlycesEditions #LaMethSci Image
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🍎 #CodeAlimentation, notre expo-game sur l'alimentation du futur, se termine ce dimanche 6/09 !

Vous ne pourrez venir en profiter d'ici là ?

Alors suivez-nous dans une visite guidée en tweet, concoctée avec les médiateur·trice·s @ScienceAnim @PlanetSciOccit🤓

⬇️à dérouler ⬇️
[🍎#CodeAlimentation ]

Scénarisée avec des auteurs de #SF, chercheur·se·s & scientifiques, cette expo-game vous embarque dans une visite-expérience atypique avec manips, jeux, expériences sensorielles, défis, autour des enjeux de l'alimentation de demain
[ 🍎 #CodeAlimentation ] Bienvenue à l'Agence !

Dans le sas d'entrée, découvrez votre mission : voyager dans le futur vers la ville de Trapellun pour comprendre comment on s'alimente dans le futur grâce aux spécimens, des innovations alimentaires, et en ramener dans le présent !
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[#Parution] 2019 > Vie™ par #JeanBaret via @lebelial ; couverture d’@AurelienPolice #LaMethSci Image
[#Podcast] 2019 > De la #SF plein le cartable un #LaMethSci avec #JeanBaret à (ré)écouter via @franceculture ! Image
J Baret > Mort TM, le dernier volet de la trilogie, sortira finalement au 1er trimestre 2021, probablement mars ! #LaMethSci
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[#Parution] 2019 > #TerraIgnota - Tome 1 : Trop semblable à l’éclair par @Ada_Palmer aux éditions @lebelial #LaMethSci Image
[#Parution] 2020 > #TerraIgnota - Tome 2 : Sept Redditions par @Ada_Palmer aux éditions @lebelial #LaMethSci Image
.@Ada_Palmer > je pense terminer la série début 2021. Quand je fais des modifications, c'est de l'ordre d'une phrase ou d'un paragraphe seulement. Ma préparation est très précise en amont #LaMethSci
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Today in pulp... my Top 20 DAW book covers from the early years of this legendary imprint.

I'm only looking at the first 10 years of DAW (1972-82), but believe me there's plenty to choose from! #SundayThoughts Image
I'll choose two DAW covers from each year between 1972 & 1982, which I think set the bar for pulp sci-fi cover design. It will be quite an eclectic mix. Image
I'm not ranking my Top 20 DAW covers, just suggesting they're amongst the best of DAW's first 10 years in terms of capturing the feel of the 70s and early 80s. Feel free to disagree... Image
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If there's a large migration of talented people from SF and NYC to Austin, Austin has a shot at being the next Silicon Valley.

#SF #NewYork #SiliconValley #technology #Austin #Texas


Remember: Texas actually has a long tradition of innovation.

For example, the integrated circuit was invented at Texas Instruments.…

#technology #tech #Texas ImageImage

More recently, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple have announced major campuses in Austin.

Google is building a new riverside building, and Facebook already has one.… ImageImage
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L’#expoWisigoths est une occasion en or de parler des "Barbares".
Ce terme, utilisé originellement par les Grecs, est souvent employé aujourd’hui dans la création artistique pour définir un guerrier solitaire ou une horde. #Boucherie
Alors empoignez vos scramasaxes, sellez votre fidèle poney alezan, parez-vous de votre peau de bête autour de la taille, et allons sur les chemins de la réception du "Barbare" dans la #CulturePop en compagnie de @MathieuS31
Le terme "Barbare" définit au départ celui qui ne parle pas la langue commune, donc l’Autre.
Mais bizarrement, cet élément sera peu repris dans la création fictionnelle du Barbare, au contraire de leurs caractéristiques physiques et sociales.
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Hey #CCSF Board Trustees, we know you have a mtg tomorrow and will deal with some issues in closed session. Public comment is very limited; 2 minutes is hardly enough.

There’s a coalition of students who are concerned about Chancellor/administrators, grades, & BUDGET.
We need an independent forensic audit to understand the financial situation. Of the past years. Anything less would be disrespectful & frankly lazy. Be diligent.

We’d like to talk to one Trustee before tomorrow’s mtg to understand what you’re doing to help #CCSF students now.
#CCSF needs clear, unified leadership right now. That includes our Trustees actively seeking feedback and input from a variety of involved students, including critics. Don’t put the entire burden on Student Trustee or our school reps that are barely surviving in this pandemic.
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#CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #oakland #hospitals #emt #doctors #nurses #sick #Isolation #quarantine

PLEASE HELP. a friend of mine -- who is in an at-risk group -- thinks this is all a hoax (more below). can you PLEASE post vids in reply? esp. from the #sf #bayarealockdown
if you are a medical worker maybe ask if patients would mind being videoed ?-- i KNOW y'all are too busy for this, but maybe it can help keep others like him at home.
because "it's all hype" doesn't cut it., and i'm worried that he is going to not shelter in place, and endanger himself, and those closest to him, two of whom are also in high risk groups!
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Today, we're starting a tweet series with insights on the impact of #coronavirus and measures such as #socialdistancing, from Numina sensors around the world. We'll start with our own New York City. Follow #numinadaily #coronacount
Midtown Manhattan #NYC maintained typical pedestrian traffic thru 3/11. After @NYGovCuomo announced restrictions on mass gatherings & shutdowns of institutions like #Broadway, we observed steady ⬇️ in ped volumes to now <40% of normal! #numinadaily #coronacount #socialdistancing
When are declines are occurring? Comparing Thurs 3/19 to 3/12 in #NYC, pedestrian & bike lunch & rush hour peaks have flattened. While overall truck volumes are smaller, there is more activity this week in AM hrs, perhaps to meet new delivery demands. #numinadaily #coronacount
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Short thread on Irish election #GE2020 for my non-Irish followers. 1. #FF the party that informed Peter Mair’s ‘cartel party’ will not be a cartel party again. It will never regain its pre-crash standing. 2. SF emerged as the largest party in vote terms. @BrigidLaffan
The performance of #SF was a surprise given their 2019 EP & local elections performance but they managed to frame a manifesto that really resonated with the electorate @BrigidLaffan
The election was not about BREXIT but domestic issues-housing & health were the top two. Irish voters not concerned about jobs or the economy for the first time in 10 years. @BrigidLaffan
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I like #ScienceFiction, but the quality of a lot of #SF movies and TV is awful. A while ago I threatened to do a thread of rules for SF scripts. This is it.

All these rules degrade to mere guidelines if the drama is a comedy.

#ScienceFictionScriptRules ...
The overriding rule, never to be forgotten, is: "Coincidence is a failure of art." - Tom Stoppard

It is easy to blow something up. It is hard to have a character say something original, insightful and clever. But writers are dirt cheap. The ratio of explosions to wit should be 1:10 or less.

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