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[1/7] Es kann schon davon ausgegangen werden, dass das zusätzliche #XRPL Volumen sehr viel höher sein wird als erwartet. (Besonders am Anfang)

Ernstzunehmende Vorsicht wurde bereits vor Monaten durch z.B. @rippleitinNZ ausgesprochen, bezüglich der Stabilität des #XRPL.
[2/7] Im Vordergrund sollte stets die Funktionstüchtigkeit der #Payments und die Stabilität des Ledgers stehen. Sind diese elementaren Bausteine gefährdet, ist Vorsicht geboten. 🧐
[3/7] Laut den Testergebnissen von @nbougalis auf dem Blog von @RippleXDev sind "optimistische" zusätzliche 384 TPS zu erwarten, allein für das Minting.

Man kann also allen #XLS20 "#Mintern" nur anraten, vielleicht nicht sofort ab der ersten Sekunde in die Tasten zu hauen. RippleXDEV NFT Minting TPS Overview
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Weekly Alpha Leak 🚰 When it Rains, It Pours - 'Tis Exploit Season

Dates Covered: October 8-14, 2022

October isn’t even over and it’s already made DeFi history with hackers stealing $718M across 11 protocols.


💊 Top Bullets: $116M Mango Markets exploit, BNB Chain hard fork to reverse $100M hack, Matter Labs Ethereum Layer 3 scaling prototype, Polygon and Matter Labs zkEVM competition, Bank of New York Mellon to custody Bitcoin and ETH, Cosmos critical software vulnerability

📊 Data Highlights: Smart money near ATH for how much of their holdings are in stables, Largest Smart Money Inflows this month into cETH, cDAI, followed by regular DAI, Largest Smart Money Outflows this month,
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1/14 The new package of sanctions against Russia is confirmed!

What sanctions are directly attacking #cryptocurrency and #digitalassets in Russia?

Were the previous packages so #crypto-focused?

Let's find all the answers right now!
A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵
2/14 Since the beginning of the #UkraineRussiaWar, Russia has been attacked with multiple sanctions packages from all around the world.

Although they didn't directly attack #cryptocurency and other digital assets, they did make some damage to the Russian #web3 community.
3/14 Here's a direct quote from the original EU package of sanctions from 23rd February 2022.

This happened right after the #Putin regime declared the recognition of the non-government-controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk areas.
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1/12 What would happen with CT and #crypto as an industry if @elonmusk really bought @Twitter?

Will the #cryptocommunity see a new concept of Twitter? Will the market change the course and get bullish?

Let's find out together!

A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵
2/12 The acquisition of Twitter has been very messy so far. Leaked texts, trials, lawsuits and a bunch of nonsense bull*hit.

However, #ElonMusk sold @Tesla stocks in bulk, getting nearly $6.8 million in cash. So, we have reasons to believe he will go for it!
3/12 Before getting into the consequences of that investment, let's remember the connection between #Tesla's CEO and #cryptocurrency.

@elonmusk is well known for pumping the price and getting profit out of #memecoins. Yes, we are talking about @dogecoin.
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1/9 Heard of @RayDalio's recent announcement? Yes, one of the most influential investors of our times has given control over his empire.

In light of this recent news, let's remember his opinions on #crypto, $BTC, $ETH and more!

A thread by @esatoshiclub! Image
2/9 Before getting into our topic, let's briefly remember who Ray Dalio is. Long story short, he is probably the biggest investor since 1975 (Forgive us, Warren).

He's the founder and ex-CEO of one of the biggest hedge funds in the world: Bridgewater Associates.
3/9 Wow, serious guy this Ray Dalio. Not only because of his firm's achievements but also for his personal ones. He is the author of a few great books, you should definitely read his "Principles"

So, what did this giant investor have to say on #cryptocurrency? Let's find out!
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Kicking off a recap of my eventful 3-day #web3 weekend in #Tokyo!🗼🤩

Pics🖼️, video🎦 and more in the replies below; LFG! 👇🧵

#NFTCommmunity #NFTs #cryptocommunity #Crypto
⭐️ Heading into the 3⃣ day weekend for Autumnal Equinox Day (秋分の日)🍂, I collabed with @RicePowderCake to put the finishing touches on this video for @_NFTJPN_ covering @snns_sanonatsu's animated generative project, #Chimerative Monsters.

Full video ▶️
⭐️The next day I had to check out the @MEGAMINFT 🖼️ exhibition at @ultrasupernew 🆕 in #Harajuku where I got to finally see 2 of my lovely #MEGAMI on display, printed on the awesome @GASHO_2_0 raised metal 'canvas', alongside over 300 other amazing MEGAMI! 🤩
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1/12 #Cardanovasil phase one is done! Do you want to know what's next?

Here's what it means for #Cardano!

A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵
2/16 First of all, let's all take a moment and congratulate both @IOHK_Charles and @Cardano on this historic performance.

The #cryptocommunity is with you!
3/16 Now, to the business.

What's all this buzz on the new #Cardanovasil? Well, it's literally the biggest and most important #crypto event this year but #EthereumMerge.

Now, we're sure you all know that. Let's get to some insides and interesting facts on this upgrade.
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(1/6) Our facility, a Thread:

We started out as a home mining operation with 5 Whatsminer D1's, and quickly grew a passion for crypto mining. #CryptoCommunity Image
(2/6) We realized that POW was the future of crypto so we decided scaled up. #POW #CryptoMining Image
(3/6) This space was able to hold 25 miners, so we chose wisely. We found that Kadena was an immerging blockchain with innovative technology. #kda #Kadena Image
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Yo yo yo, petit thread pour la commu FR sur cette (potentielle) bombe à retardement !

Ca peut faire très mal donc on s'accroche !👇 Je vais ici simplement vous traduire le tout en 🇫🇷 avec des fautes (sorry)

Traduction du thread de @adyingnobody:
TLDR/ Un mec a eu accès à toute les conversations télégram de l'industrie crypto sur 3 ans et va tous publier les 15 & 30 juin puis le reste le 7 juillet.

Scam, rug pull, influenceur, assassina, nft scam, pre-mine, DeFi, NFT. Bref ca va etre 🍿🍿

(si c'est vrais)
" je veux être claire, et je vais surement faire des dégâts à l’entièreté de la communauté crypto sur la route de mon départ.

Au cours des prochaines semaines je vais dévoiler 137.21GB de message et tchat télégram, Groupe dont je ne fais pas partie, Pourquoi ?
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Will $33,000 remain a bottom?
Will we see a new peak in 2022? 👇++

#Bitcoin $BTC #BTCUSD
#cryptocurrency #Crypto #cryptocommunity
#CryptoNews #cryptocurrencies
As can be seen in the chart, the adventure that started after the major crash in November 2011 jumps above the moving average and reaches its peak at the end of 742 days in a parabolic fashion.

There was no closing below the moving averages until the peak. 👇++
The adventure, which started after the big crash in August 2015, rises above the moving average and reaches its peak at the end of 847 days in a parabolic fashion.

There was no closing below the moving averages until the peak. 👇 ++
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According to the #Bitcoin weekly chart (if $32900 is considered a bottom), the first major level we will be rejected is given below. ++


#Bitcoin #Btc $Btc
#Btcusd #Btcusdt
#cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies
#Crypto #cryptocrash #cryptocommunity
When we use the trend basis fibonacci extension tool, we see that the movement has returned from the fibonacci 1.13 level with an increase of 135.55%. ++
Likewise, on the other hand, when we use the trend basis fibonacci tool and take the 135.55% movement as a basis, we see the fibonacci 1.13 level ($77.812).
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In 2011, after the upper break of the channel middle band, only one retest was made and it increased by 3189 %. +++

#Bitcoin #BTC $BTC
#Crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrecy
#CryptoNews #cryptocommunity Image
In 2013, after the upper break of the channel middle band, only 3 retests were made and it increased by 2195%.

In 2017, after the upper break of the channel middle band, only 4 retests were made and it increased by 646%.

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1/ Threading together my presentation from @coindesk's #ConsensusInvest this week.
2/ The presentation was inspired by the 2016 white paper put out by @ARKInvest & @coinbase, which involved @WhiteAdamL, @wintonARK, @CathieDWood & myself. Link to whitepaper here:…
3/ When the white paper came out in July 2016, it got fanfare from the #cryptocommunity, but many from #WallSt dismissed it b/c the aggregate network value of #cryptoassets was $10.5B at the time. Asset classes store trillions, #crypto would never get there...
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