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New updates= New alpha

-Summarise news about DEFI and CZ!
- New projects and their evolving in bear market Image
/1 Pre-Alpha Testnet
Public #zkEVM and PoW #ZKP Mining in @OpsideZK (but Dapp and Bridge arnt working((
/2 Unfortunately, the Mint Square team is closing their project, access to smart contracts and the website will be open until June 30.

For those who don't remember, this is an NFT marketplace on StarkNet and zkSync.
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1500万刀融资!聊聊@PolyhedraZK 为何如此受宠?

该项目要实现全栈的ZK互操作性和可扩展性,团队设计了deVirgo和paraPlonk两个 #ZKP 协议,分别基于Virgo算法和Plonk算法。
deVirgo的亮点是它基于分布式计算网络并行计算,能够将证明生成时间缩短⬇️ Image
paraPlonk则是为现有的 #zkRollup 提供加速,具有通用性较好的优点,可以兼容多种zk协议。

此外,该项目还推出了 #zkNFT ,这是一种可编程的 #NFT 协议,能够打包和保护隐私性的资产和数据。另外,项目还推出了 #zkDID ,可以保证隐私性的同时实现跨链互操作,不过目前已经有不少类似的zkID项目。
团队方面,Polyhedra Network的创始团队非常优秀,核心成员来自于加州大学伯克利分校、清华大学和斯坦福大学。

总体来说,Polyhedra Network是一个具有大胆愿景、实力雄厚、得到资金支持的项目,是zk赛道中不错的项目。值得关注!

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🔒 Understanding Zero Knowledge Proofs: A thread

🤔 Have you ever wondered how you can prove you know something without revealing any information about it? This is where zero-knowledge proofs come into play!

Continue reading👇👇👇 Zero knowledge proofs
1️⃣ Zero-knowledge proofs are a type of #cryptographic protocol that allows you to prove knowledge of something without actually revealing the info itself.

This is done by using complex mathematical #algorithms to check the validity of a claim without learning about its info.
2️⃣ One common use case for zero-knowledge proofs is in password authentication.

Instead of sending your actual #password to a server, which could be intercepted by an attacker, a zero-knowledge proof can be used to prove that you know your password without revealing what it is.
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Today, I want you to ask yourself one question 🧵

How important is anonymity to you? 🔎

Data is the new oil, and keeping your prized financial/crypto data out of the hands of potential exploiters is imperative.

Let me tell you about @proxyswap

A thread on $PROXY👇

1/26 Image
@proxyswap You guessed it!

WTF is @proxyswap?


Proxy is a private swap platform for (yep!) swapping tokens. Users can buy/sell tokens without ever revealing their MetaMask address. It utilises tech such as zero-knowledge proof (#ZKP) to keep the trade details confidential.

2/26 Image
@proxyswap Essentially, Proxy allows you to swap any ERC20 token anonymously, breaking the link between you and the transaction on the Blockchain using ZKP and Relayer contracts.

It's a topic I feel has lost focus, and is completely underserved in the industry right now.


3/26 Image
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Worldcoin launched its World ID protocol.
The project aimed at establishing digital identity via biometrics stored on-chain🔐
It can potentially help developers establish whether a real person is behind a digital action👶

#WorldID #DecentralizedID
Worldcoin's biometric identity verification system, the Orb, scans users' irises to establish unique personhood in the digital world.

At launch, World ID can be bridged to networks beyond Ethereum like Optimism, Arbitrum, as well as Polygon.

#Arbitrum #Optimism #ARB #OP #Eth
Worldcoin's documentation states that it uses zero-knowledge proofs, allowing individuals to prove something is true without revealing what that thing is, to establish personhood.

#ZKP #ZK #personhood
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🔥1/ Introducing Brevis @Brevis_zk: a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) omnichain data attestation platform, enabling dApps and smart contracts to access, compute, and utilize arbitrary data across multiple blockchains in a completely trust-free way. #ZKP #ZK #ZKproof…
👋2/ Why Brevis?
Although Web3 dApps are built on append-only, publicly accessible data storage, counterintuitively, they are mostly “blind”: smart contracts can only access data via defined interfaces, on the same blockchain, and without a complete historical view.
3/ Brevis is built to solve these challenges—its architecture has 3 components:
1️⃣ zkFabric collects block headers from connected blockchains, generating Consensus Proofs via ZK light client circuits, enabling dApps to access headers & states from all supported chains trust-free.
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Zero Knowledge Proofs are a powerful tool that helps enhance security & privacy. There are several #ZKPs that systems can use. Here, we’ll look at zkSNARKs (SNARKs), zkSTARKS (STARKS) & Bulletproofs. No clear winner in academia or practical applications exists among these three. Image
2/ SNARKs are known for their high efficiency and scalability. They allow for very short proofs & can be used to verify large amounts of data in a single computation. They are useful for a wide range of applications, including privacy-preserving transactions and authentication.
3/ Bulletproofs are a more efficient variant of SNARKs that use logarithmic-sized proofs. They shrink the size of the cryptographic proof and support proof aggregation. They are useful for applications that need proof verification on resource-constrained devices.
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Bear market is a great time to learn something new. Today I will share with you what I personally had the pleasure of delving into - the technical solution of @MantaNetwork product:
MantaPay - Decentralized Anonymous Payment
1/36 Image
The Manta payment protocol is designed to protect the identities of people who make private transactions. It does this by hiding the type of asset being transferred so that attackers cannot figure out what is being transferred.
It also mixes all private transactions together in a single pool, which makes it harder for attackers to identify individual transactions. All processes are under protection of zero-knowledge proofs.
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白话介绍下 TC:


#zk #ZKP




TC 通过两个方法来实现加密转账,第一个是deposit ,第二个方法是 withdraw.

TC的加密转账实际上需要执行两步,先deposit到Tornado Cash合约中,然后隔一段时间后用另外一个账户从合约中取出来,来完成一笔加密转账
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It's time to reintroduce the #zkPass, the composable identity protocol leveraging zero-knowledge attestation from Web2/Web3 based on MPC & ZKP.

A thread🧵about how it implements privacy-preserving, verifiable, compatibility, and anti-cheating features.
Web3 identity plays a crucial role in establishing a secure and decentralized online environment.

By utilizing Web3, users can take control of their identities and data, rather than relying on centralized data brokers that may put them at risk of data breaches.
The current Web3 identity solutions have limitations, including privacy concerns and compatibility issues with existing systems.

Many of these solutions require users to disclose personal information, potentially exposing them to identity theft risks.
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The FUTURE of digital identity management is here 💫🪪

Introducing #PolygonID, a decentralized and privacy-preserving solution for SSI in #Web3. Polygon ID implements the Iden3 protocol and is built to overcome challenges in SSI adoption.
The internet was built without an identity layer, leading to reliance on centralized platforms that exploit personal data. The Self-Sovereign Identity (#SSI) movement aims to change that by giving users control over their personal data.
The SSI ecosystem is composed of Issuers, Identity Holders, and Verifiers. Decentralized Identifiers (#DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials have become the industry standard for SSI, with over 100 DID methods registered.
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It has been almost 10 months since I and @Prak_ap had the first ever discussion on the idea of @buktrips.
Here's a twitter thread with 10 points which cover the story (till date) and the future of BUK as we have imagined.
1/ From the beginning we imagined BUK as the protocol and buk (note lowercase) as the service. If this sounds confusing, read the next 4 tweets.
2/ The BUK protocol is a family of smart contracts which enable tokenization of hotel room nights inventory. This tokenization leads to many advantages which this thread expands on
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Everyone is talking about #ZK proofs these days. But what if I told you that there is a superior tech to #ZKP, already integrated in an L1 #blockchain, which is not even launched on exchanges yet? It's $MPC #Partisia! More details below.👀
First of all, what are #ZK proofs and how do they work? In a zero-knowledge proof, one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that they know a certain piece of information, without revealing what that information is.
This is possible because the proof itself is a mathematical statement that is easy to verify but hard to replicate without knowing the original information. So, one of the main benefits of zero-knowledge proofs in crypto is the ability to enhance #privacy.
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How #Zeroknowledge will Change Gaming Forever

New blogpost by @godstar28


#ZKP can be implemented in #gaming in two key ways:

1. Multiplayer gaming architecture
2. Gameplay

1/12 🧵👇
Incorporating ZKP to gaming results in:

- Lowered costs
- Increased privacy protection
- Effective anti-cheat methods
- Enhanced scalability

There are 4 ways online games are hosted today:

- Dedicated Game Server (Client-Server)
- Host-based #P2P
- P2P Hybrid
- #blockchain
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You won't find a clearer thread about ZK than this!

Let's go! 9🧵

#ZK #ZKP #ZKPs #web3 #blockchain #crypto #cryptomarket #cryptonews #zeroknowledgeproof
1/9 Have you heard about Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs)? #ZKPs are becoming increasingly important for ensuring privacy and security in various industries.
2/9 One of the key benefits of #ZKPs is that they allow for verification of info without revealing the underlying data. This is especially crucial in situations where sensitive information needs to be kept confidential, such as financial transactions or personal identification.
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In this Twitter thread, I want to talk about the Aleo project.
Aleo is a platform for private application development (with zero knowledge) ⬇️🧵1/7
@AleoHQ @aleofans @aleocommunity
#Web3 #Crypto #zkp #blockchain
Aleo achieves this by using decentralized systems and zero-knowledge cryptography to protect user data online.
Aleo has its own programming language, Leo. Aleo Studio is created to simplify the work. It is the first interactive development environment (IDE) for writing zero-knowledge programs in Leo.
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Learn how Peggy proves a data to Victor without revealing any extra information using Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs

A thread 🧵

beginner friendly 🚨

1/ It’s a brand new day to properly understand Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) and what they entail.

Today, let's dive into a scenario between two friends, Peggy and Victor.
2/ Peggy wants to prove to Victor that he holds two balls of different colors, but Victor is colorblind.

To us, it may seem impossible to prove this to Victor, but to Peggy, it can be done.
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There’re two participants in #zkps: provers and verifiers. Provers provide ‘proofs’ of a statement, and verifiers verify it without giving additional information.
#ZKP is encryption on computation. After the encryption, a cryptography proof of the correctness or validity of the computation will be generated. It is this cryptography proof that allows a border Zero-knowledge application.
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I had the occasion to speak about #nexera and #nexeraID in previous posts. In this post I will explain #NexeraID without using #NFT, #MetaNFT #ZKP or any #web3 word. Fasten your belt and be ready for an awesome journey:
1 - NexeraID: The digital passport and wallet that unlock seamless embedded compliance
2 - NexeraID is a #selfsovereignidentity issuance and verification platform that allows any institution to easily integrate complex compliance workflows, all while preserving the self-custody and security of consumers’ identity and assets.
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🧵 Recap of the previous Day on Zero-Knowledge Proof 🧵

📅 4th~8th January 2023 (Part I)

🔍 Research and Knowledge

Note 📜: please feel free to comment below 🙏
1/ Thanks @lightcoin brought some great zk learning material when talking about Rollup.

2/ Thanks to @ResearchFundNFT for tweeting that we can see the wonderful article written by @gryptooo…
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Let’s continue our #WhyZK series:
In our last thread, we used a Sudoku game to explain some terms and the properties of ZK. In this thread, we’ll keep using Sudoku to explain the concept of Interactive Proof and Non-Interactive Proof.
Dr. Strange proved that he could solve a Sudoku puzzle without telling Hulk how he solved it. The next day, Hulk said, 'Why don't we live stream the game online?' Dr. Strange thought it was a great idea, so they started a Youtube channel and asked Iron Man to join as ops manager.
Their channel soon drew many followers. One day, Dr. Strange forgot the solution to the puzzle right before live streaming. He had nothing to do but tell Hulk to fake the verification process with him. Iron Man, after witnessing this, was disappointed at this behavior.
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In this thread, let's talk about #whyZK matters and why ZK will be one of the main narratives in the next cycle #WhyZK

At @EFDevcon, more than 20% of talks were about ZK. @RaeWrh summarized here…
During the @VitalikButerin's ZK talk on day 1 of Devcon, @VitalikButerin emphasized that ZK is the preferred scaling method for blockchain. The censorship-resistant feature that blockchain provides sacrificed ‘scalability’ and ‘privacy:’ this is where ZK-SNARKs fit in.
#ZKP is getting lots of traction from VCs. VCs are paying more attention to ZKP projects, making large investments in ZKP technology with high expectations of its future. A ZKP project can raise $10m, and many of the ZKP projects have a valuation of more than $100m.
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@bob_way 1/ First and probably most important, I want to express my appreciation.

Talking about #anonymity and #privacy appears to be becoming increasingly frowned upon. Seeing your open and refreshing ideas on the subject definitely helped me open my eyes even further.
. . .
@bob_way 2/ . . .
As you have already indicated, we must first educate people on the distinction between #anonymity and #privacy.

Most individuals do not fully comprehend #cash and the challenges surrounding its "disposal".
. . .
@bob_way 3/ . . .
As you pointed out, we do not have #anonymity when purchasing a beer in a bar, but because the cashier will only print a receipt and will not send any personal informations about my nightly activities back to the government or any other company,
. . .
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🛰️AquaSwitch Report📡

Do you have any idea how the internet works, or how it even started?

Or even, what the risks and rewards are of the up-and-coming web3 internet?

A short 🧵 to keep you up to speed on this crucial public infrastructure 🚠
1/ The origins 🕳️

Some say the OG was telegraphy, which allows us to share messages globally through electrical signals.

Others say it was the first network of local computers from the 1950s...

In any case, these pseudo-internets are certainly part of the recipe.
2/ Network of networks 🖇️

Key innovations in the 60s and 70s at @NPL 🇬🇧 , #ARPANET 🇺🇸 and #cyclades 🇫🇷 culminated in a network of computer networks 🖇️

An exclusive "inter-net" was born, used solely by academic and defence institutions, not quite the facilitator we know.
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