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The SKALEverse is entering a new frontier!

Introducing the Levitation Protocol, a fully-decentralized, Zero-Knowledge (#ZK) scaling solution, built on the world's fastest and most expansive EVM blockchain network.

The future of ZK scaling is built on SKALE.
Today #SKALE developers announced an Improvement Proposal, named the Levitation Protocol, a fully-decentralized, ZK scaling solution, enabling existing ZK solutions to connect seamlessly into SKALE's App-chain Architecture, with rollup connectivity to the #Ethereum Mainnet.
In addition to the Levitation Protocol, the proposal calls for a further ecosystem upgrade. The creation of a "Layer 1 Megachain" called SKALE G (G for Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system) fortified by ZK Rollups, with L2 ZK hooks back to Ethereum.
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@xandargames, an adventure and arena-based #MMORPG, combining the power of blockchain, web3, and AI, is building on #SKALE. Image
@xandargames @xandargames is a realm of adventure and arena-based #MMORPG that marries the latest advancements in AI technology with the power of #blockchain to create innovative gaming features that allow for a unique and immersive gaming experience.
@xandargames @xandargames introduces the twin elements of Inter-#Metaverse Operability and Multiverse Reality, empowering players to explore vast #metaverses, collect rare #NFT artifacts, and engage in arena battles.
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@BionicOwls, a groundbreaking #NFT-enabled, play-to-impact, and play-to-earn game that is set to redefine the boundaries of inclusivity and engagement in the #web3 space, is building on #SKALE! 🦉🧵👇 Image
@BionicOwls Prepare to step into a world where boundaries blur, where the line between play and impact dissipates, and where players wield the power to shape their destiny. @BionicOwls is not your ordinary game, it is a testament to the untapped potential of the #metaverse.
@BionicOwls With awe-inspiring graphics and a seamless user interface, @BionicOwls transports players to realms teeming with adventure, camaraderie, and limitless possibilities.
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Announcing the Metaport Bridge.

This powerful tool is designed to benefit both end-users and #SKALE developers alike, offering a secure, easy experience for transferring tokens across #SKALE Chains, Dapps and #Ethereum. 🧵👇
The Metaport Bridge was built to support the unique #SKALE multi-chain architecture which currently consists of 20 EVM-native #blockchains including application-specific chains, Hubs, and individual Dapp chains.
A bridge was needed so users could easily navigate the advanced Multi-chain ecosystem and provide a way to easily and securely direct tokens to where they want to use them.

Free Token Transfers via Metaport are made possible by #SKALE's zero-gas fee architecture.
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🧵 $CGT 🧵
🧵 @curio_invest 🧵

Thread about $CGT an #RWA narrative project with a multi-chain protocol for tokenization of global illiquid assets and collectibles.


Let`s go!
@moonshilla @BinanceResearch Image
@curio_invest @moonshilla @BinanceResearch @curio_invest is a a project based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that is leveraging smart contracts on a blockchain.

They take the DAO seriously, not like some project just adding the name!

CurioDAO wants to provide tools for others to create their own DAOs.
Curio ecosystem is based on 6 modules:

1⃣ Rollapp store Module
It enables users to earn income on their real assets.

This allow us crypto investors to trade into real physical assets on a blockchain! Image
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Congrats to all the $SKL bounty winners at #ETHNewYork, and thank you to all 35 teams who built on #SKALE (and took home a piece of the prize pool)! Check out the thread below for the full list of winners. 🧵👇
#SKALEverse #Hackathon #Blockchain
1/ 🥇Grand prize (tie): HE(ART)

HE(ART) is a gamified, #DAO governed collective to enable artists and users to take part in the creation and funding of public social good projects.
2/ 🥇Grand prize (tie): Ozen Web 3.0 Music Player

A #Web3 Spotify-disruptor where artists get paid directly in real time with no third-party intermediaries, all on the #blockchain.
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Updated thread of ⚡️

A high-performance blockchain infrastructure that scales & connects the financial Internet

World's first hybrid consensus using $MTR the PoW stablecoin & PoS HotStuff consensus with $MTRG the governance token


In addition to being a high performant #Layer1 infrastructure Meter can scale other L1 mainnets as a sidechain solution

Meter uses the most advanced deterministic consensus protocol called #HotStuff

@Meta's Libra (formerly FB) is a variant of this consensus


There are multiple #Layer2 solutions currently on the market including Optimistic Rollup, zk Rollups, state channel & side chains

Optimistic Rollup is promising but it is definitely over hyped

Zk based techniques are incompatible with existing smart contracts

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1/ Note to the SKALE Community:

While there is turmoil at the macro level, we will keep building. This is not our first cycle. We're prepared and will not stop launching and growing the ecosystem.

I'm more excited than every about this ecosystem and what is being built.
2/ Winning teams have a long-term focus. There are so many committed people working on SKALE from so many teams.

Each partner/dApp/contributor/validator I speak with knows that this is the beginning and has a long-term focus.
3/ Europa is set to launch very soon. Keep your eyes peeled. My understanding is that everything is baked and the projects are coordinating on launch timing. The market is red, but it won't stop them from bringing on users and launching a world class game changing product.
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1 - There has been a lot of chat lately on CT about modular vs monolithic blockchains. SKALE has been building modular, configurable, elastic blockchains since 2018. I don't think there is much clarity as to what is a modular blockchain is, so I'm going to take a cut at it.
3 - Modularity is a system property which measures the degree to which densely connected compartments within a system can be decoupled into separate communities or clusters which interact more among themselves rather than other communities. (ty wikipedia and science direct)
4 - Modularity is the degree to which a system's components may be separated and recombined, often with the benefit of flexibility and variety in use. There are nuances in defining modularity, but there are consistent themes.
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1/ It's been a busy week for #SKALE. Here's a quick recap thread of everything you might have missed! 🧵👇

2/ On Tuesday we announced the Calypso #NFT Hub, in partnership with @MyLilius, @Afenblockchain @curateproject and @NFTradeOfficial.…
3/ On Wednesday we announced that @mcuban and @falonfatemi's company @FiresideChatApp would be building on #SKALE and leveraging our $100m Ecosystem Fund.…
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Last week, @jackoholleran sat down with Paul Barclay of @gamecredits to discuss #BlockBrawlers and its upcoming launch on #SKALEnetwork. #InCaseYouMissedIt, you can watch the entire interview here, or check out some highlights in the 🧵.

How #SKALENetwork's #gasless transactions lead to an improved end user experience.…

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BREAKING NEWS! We are thrilled to announce @FiresideChatApp, the First Participatory Entertainment Platform, founded by @mcuban and @falonfatemi, is being built on SKALE!

#Blockchain $ETH #SKL $SKL #SKALEverse #SKALE…
2/ Fireside will leverage #SKALENetwork's $100 Million Ecosystem fund for the “Creatives Unleashed” grant program to help kickstart a new generation of creators to transition to Web3.
3/ Creators who qualify for the program will utilize Fireside’s new Web3 content studio and NFT powered Community Memberships, in partnership with SKALE, to engage and activate their fans in entirely new ways.
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1 - Hi #SKALIENS! Technical AMA next week!

After many years of intense work and engineering SKALE V2 is here. Interconnected multichain networks are where the market is going. While other chains are announcing we are deploying. Let’s keep the positive vibes going!
2 - There are a lot of moving parts and dependencies in the V2 rollout phases. We are ultimately working to a point of having a robust ecosystem anchored by hubs, dApp chains, marketplaces, and partner integrations. There are phases in implementation.
3 - The rollout is complex and decentralized. It involves many teams and projects. I am seeing some FAQs pop up. Please list your questions here or in Telegram and Discord. We’ll host a technical AMA next week. I’ll also start answering here.

Time to crank it up! #skale
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It's happening!

As #SKALE V2 goes live, we're also pleased to confirm that the Europa Initiative is also launching - ensuring that every SKALE #dApp will have access to compatible versions of bridged tokens.…

A big "thank you" goes out to @bootfinance, @impossiblefi, @01node, and @StakinOfficial for signing up as Europa co-founders alongside #Ruby, as well as our frens at @SkaleNetwork for their tireless work to launch V2, which is rolling out now!…

Super-quick recap.

#SKALE V2 is a massively performant, flexible ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible chains with unlimited scalability.

As an open, permissionless network, SKALE doesn't impose any token standards on its bridges.

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1/ The one certain thing about markets is that they have cycles. The best projects are ready for this and build through the downturns. Lemons turn into lemonade for prepared teams with longterm vision, strong cash positions, and committed communities + core teams
2/ These cycles hurt, but they should be expected. It is not a matter of if, but when. This means opportunity for those that are prepared and have the right perspective
3/ I'm proud to say that across the entire SKALE project we are in a position to come out of this cycle in a far stronger relative position than we started. The core team is in a strong cash position and is funded with multiple years of runway
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