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1/7 The epic Rise of #zkHyperion saga begins!

🎬 Unveiling EP.1 - End of the World. 🌍

Enter the year in 2118 - a chilling landscape, a world twisted beyond recognition.

Are you ready for what lies ahead?


#zkSync #zkApes #zkEVM #NFTdrop #NFTs #zkSyncEra #zkSyncNFTs Image
2/7 In this dystopian timeline, unchecked human ambition and insatiable power-lust ignited the catastrophic 'Last War.'

The enemy? None other than ourselves.

In our pursuit of dominance, we forged the architect of our own downfall. 💔 Image
3/7 The war we ignited birthed our greatest nightmares.

Quantum-powered #zkHyperions, once symbols of progress, were summoned. 🤖⚡

Weaponized in a frantic race for supremacy, these giants turned thriving cities into ashes.

Behold, the heartbreaking saga of destruction💥 Image
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Social development is a critical aspect of a child's overall growth and well-being. It involves learning to interact with others, understand social norms, and develop relationships with family, friends, and peers. 👇 A thread. 🔥🍌 Image
1/🍌 Social development starts early on in a child's life, even before they start speaking. Babies as young as a few months old can recognize familiar faces and respond to social cues.
2/🍌 As children grow, they start to develop more complex social skills, such as turn-taking, sharing, and empathy. These skills are essential for building positive relationships and establishing a sense of belonging.
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Today the @MonkeDAO dropped news that they will be releasing a new collection. I did a deep dive so you don't have to all in a 2 minute read 🧵🔥
Exciting news from @MonkeDAO! The official SMB Gen3 Collection has been revealed and the proposal is now live. This new collection boasts three key objectives - Legacy, Relatability, and Appeal. Get ready to experience iconic and unique art that appeals to a diverse audience.
The SMB Gen 3 collection promises to bring a new level of fun and excitement to the Monke community. The 32x32 pixel canvas is easily recognizable, timeless, and perfect for the next generation of the Monke brand. #NFTs #Solana
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Gitcoin Grant GR15 is live! ⏰ 🔥mega-thread 🪂

Just funded 83 grants in the Quadratic funding on @gitcoin

Gitcoin Grants - an innovative way to fund the Web3 ecosystem!

Here’s a short list of orgs I’m donating to that are advocating for a more diverse Web3:

👇🏽🧵 Image
Airdrop Alert Daily Top 83 Hidden Gem Project #Gitcoin #Grant 15

Opportunity to earn millions has come again | लाखो कमाने का मौका फिर आ गया | Dont Miss This Video

❤️like & retweet Guys 🙌
More Details :…

Your $1 donation will be matched with $99!!

What a glorious Sunday morning. Just funded 40 grants in the Quadratic funding on @gitcoin Your $1 donation will be matched with $99!!

Gitcoin Grants are an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on projects you believe in.
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Claim BlokDrops NFT for free!!!

Blokdrops is the part of BlokHash. BlokHash is a community venture, NFT DAO and Crypto Airdrop Hunter At Early Stage.
What Is Blokhash ?
BlokHash is a community driven venture which believes in helping potential startups to bloom in several ways.
They have invested in 20+ projects including Defiyield, Quoth, xHashtag and many top tiers.
Steps To Claim
1/ Signup On Quest3
Quest3 is still in the Beta version, an invite code is required to unlock the adventure.

Use any of these invite codes VUEYPX or GYCIKP or any of the 2 links below
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Chubby Troops is a first ever #P2E Game with bidding
mechanics on #Solana.

Long thread, continue reading. (1/10)

#NFTCommunity #NFTProject #NFTdrop #SolanaNFT #SolanaSummer Image

There are 3 species Araenians, Human & Apes, they are on war with each other. They are fighting for their survival and Arkane.

Wanna know the story in depth, go ahead checkout our White paper : (2/10) Image

Mint from the collection of 100 Coliseums and become a Ringmaster. Host battles and get a share in every bid.
(3/10) Image
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💎 Tonight I dropped my #NFT"TheFrog" at @makersplace.
Number #1 of 35 editions was bought by @baggins_fomo for 0.5Ξ($1,172.55).

✨I am infinitely grateful for so much support and hope that "#TheFrog" #1 finds a special place in your collection! ⚡️
#NFTCommuntiy #NFTdrop 1/3
❤️I am speechless about so much support and trust!
🖼If you would like, I would be very happy to prepare a high resolution print of the work for you. That would be a pleasure.⚡️
#NFTCommuntiy #NFTdrop @baggins_fomo 2/3
Number 2# was sold today as a buy-it-now to @dangiuz
Yes we met under the worst possible circumstances, but I would also like to thank you for your purchase of "TheFrog" #2, I know you will keep it in honor. 🤝 3/3
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💎Finaly my last project: #TheFrog is now available as a limited 1/35 edition on @Makersplace.💎

⚡️I'm very happy that there was so much support in the past days and I am very excited where the journey goes👀
#NFT #NFTCommumity #DigitalArt #NFTdrop… 1/4
⚡️For those who have not seen the trailer in the last few days, I attach it here.
It was rendered in the @unity engine and the beautiful soundtrack was created by the talented musician @rossbugden.👇 2/4
#NFT #NFTCommumity @makersplace @ScamChair
⚡️Here is also the link to the collection of the 1/35 editions itself. Currently there are 3 pieces. I will now mine the remaining 32 editions piece by piece
#NFT #NFTCommumity #DigitalArt @ScamChair…
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😎 HOW TO QUANTIFY a Book value of an NFT?
Most of us an NFT investors or traders, we value an NFT project by analyzing the qualitative variables of the project.

But what if there is a way to quantify it?
Let's talk about that

#NFT #NFTGiveaways #NFTdrop #NFTCommuntiy
If you are in in the stock market or at least you learn about corporate finance, investing in that area require you to calculate intrinsic value of an instrument.

Based on my experience as MBA graduate and Strategic consultant, usually we use 3 methods
P/E ratio, Discounted Cashflow, and EV/EBITDA. You can read all of those methods in the link bellow:……
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#撸空投方法论 #白名单 #NFTGiveaway #NFTdrop #NFT
0/ 不要瞧不起你拿到的任何一个白,很有可能就是n顿猪脚饭🔨🔨
0.5/ 朋友三月份抽奖中了某项目的白名单,忘了开票没填地址,一个月过去mint的时候发现项目火了,找项目方补地址被拒
按蓝衣战法来说,地板价翻倍了就这个项目就可以mint了,这个白起码也是个小毛,于是n顿猪脚饭跑了 ImageImageImage
1/ 首先认清一件事,为什么要撸空投/肝白?
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Excited to welcome the first member of the Bored Comrades #NFTCommunity Building the new economy in the shell of the old.


The orders are coming in thick and fast. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to exit the capitalist system.

#Ethereum #NFTCommunity #NFTDrop Newt: I will have one of your finest Apes please. You can se
When you by an oxidisible NFT from us, you know that the heavyweights of Marxist theory are backing it.

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1/ List of Upcoming #RugPullMafia Scams
World War 3 Apes : @WW3Apes - Active

Coming soon I guess ...
Imaginary Apes : @Imaginary_Apes
Imaginary Dog: @Imaginary_Dogs
Dinoape:Genesis: @Dino_Ape
Walking ape: @walking_ape
Imaginary Mutant: @ImaginaryMutant
2/ Walking Mutant: @Walking_Mutant
Bored Cats Yacht Club: @BoredCatsYC
The Other World: @NFTotherWorld
Doodle Ape Walkers: @DoodleApeWalker
Stay Safe out there. The space is full or Wolves.
Well @BoreCatsYC is now @CoolCatsYC, different name same scammers
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🗞️ Selon une étude récente publiée par Crypto Head, les recherches de #tatouages liés aux crypto-monnaies ont bondi de 222% au cours de la dernière année.
#NFT #NFTCollection #NFTCommunity #NFTs #nftcollector #NFTdrop #NFTartist
1 900 requêtes impliquaient le terme de recherche « tatouage cryptographique ».

« Bitcoin tattoo », d’autre part, a vu 1 600 requêtes de recherche au cours des 12 derniers mois et « dogecoin tattoo » a eu 700 recherches.
Environ 956 publications Instagram avaient le hashtag « #cryptotattoo » et seulement 11 publications contenaient le hashtag « #dogecointattoo ».
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1/ Time to snooze. But before ... I just found out that the #RugPullMafia is set to release @WW3apes SOON. Website is already up and running under :
Collection is set to release on OS under contract: 0x7575c922cc33d4214cd639949da1d08d3aed0798
2/ Same new Registrar they have been using lately and contract created a few days ago and money came from the same wallet which gave us MANY other #RugPulls indcludiong #DoodleZuki
Wallet: 0x4240781a9ebdb2eb14a183466e8820978b7da4e2
3/ GN #NFTCommunity - And get ready for this one. Its coming faster than expected. Maybe in a couple of Hours or days ... Calling all #ASSES on that one @NFT_Awareness @nftscamtracker @Ammo9168 @SylvieAnnalea @ErrorZer0invest @NFTScrutiny @zerofucs123 - Something is coming
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@0xFanCraze, la plateforme #NFT officielle du #Cricket, lève 100 millions de dollars en financement de série A, selon un rapport de Bloomberg @business vendredi

#NFT #NFTCollection #NFTCommunity #NFTs #nftcollector #NFTdrop #NFTartist Image
B Capital Group et Insight Partners sont en tête du tour, avec la participation de la société sud-coréenne Mirae Asset, selon les sources. La superstar internationale du football @Cristiano Ronaldo serait également l'un des investisseurs.
FanCraze a conclu un partenariat avec l'organe directeur international du cricket, l'International Cricket Council (ICC), en novembre dernier, pour lancer un marché #NFT de cricket.
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The #RugPullMafia is constantly changing their usernames. Thanks to my new friend @SoftNez, now I will track their Twitter IDS instead, which should not changed no matter how much they change their names. So Here is a new list of 30 #Scammer Accounts
1/User 1 Markᵉᵗʰᵉʳᵉᵘᵐ :…

User 2 Ken Griffin:…

User 3 David | MetaKrypt :…

User 4 Gordan Moore :…

User 5 Simon·ʲᵖᵉᵍ :…
2/User 6 Jeff·ʲᵖᵉᵍ ( Ambassador):…

User 7: Gavin Wood·ᵍᵐ…

User 8 Ray Cyrus :…

User 9 Sun Yajun :…

User 10 Cyrus Rockefeller:…
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Bu aralar ölü gibiyim ve pek içerik üretemiyorum, elimde biriken #NFTs size vereyim öldü sanmayın :D

@GameCreatures koleksiyonundan 1 kişiye #NFT

@GameCreatures takip edip, beğeni - rt yeterli

Bir testnet yazana kadar sürer max 2 saat Bol şanslar

#AVAX #NFTCommunity #NFTdrop
Bir thread yazıyorum proje hakkında. Pizzadotta olduğu gibi, floor 20 avax'a kadar gitti, kanayan yaram ben hariç herkes aldı :)

Strange creatures, #Avax'ta bir #P2E ve #R2E projesi.

Oyunda 3 grup yer alıyor:
-İnsanlar (% 90)
-Vampirler (% 9)
-Kurt adamlar: (% 1)
İnsanları kurt adama çevirebiliyorsunuz. 10 günlük staking ederek.

İleride bir PVP oyunları olacak orada kullanılacak bu NFT'ler, insanlar, kurt adamlar vs.

PVP: Oyunun ilerleyen bölümlerinde kurt adam sahiplerinin erişebileceği ve oyuncuların tokenler ile yarışacağı bir+
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Selamlar! 1 arkadaşıma kendi cüzdanımdan #Solana #NFT

2 saat sürecek!

- @introduckingNFT ve @MadenciF takip

- #RT - beğeni yapmanız yeterli.

Şu an satışı mevcut bir #NFTs , bol şanslar <3

#NFTCommunity #NFTGiveaway #NFTdrop #Giveaway
@introduckingNFT @MadenciF Solana cüzdanınızı atmayı unutmayın :)
@introduckingNFT @MadenciF 2 saat dolar dolmaz bitiriyorum.
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1/ An NFT investment lifecycle and high level execution process framework 🧵

The NFT space is a grind, quite often I feel lack of clarity as to what projects are launching and when along with various other aspects involved within the NFT investment lifecycle.
2/ After reading @readyplayerh thread on automating whitelists..(Highly recommend read)

I am now on a mission to scale my personal NFT investment process, with this I wanted to lay the high level ground work to get this kickstarted.
3/ I started with outlining the high level new project investment lifecycle, processes and tooling that exists within each phase.

*FYI - This is the initial draft, this will be iterated and improved based on community feedback*
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This is the #metaverse... A live rave happening right now in @decentraland for the upcoming @LightbulbmanNFT release by #BjarneMelgaard. Music from @feedelity @prins_thomas @mightbetwins #NFTdrop #rave #virtualevent #NFTCommunity
Oooo were trending guys thanks for the support x #Metaverse
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(1/8) Let's dive into what Rock Game will offer! Rock Game is an AFK NFT battle simulator on #AVAX. The game will be fully live a few days after the mint and will be play-to-earn. Let us explain the game in this simple thread.🧵
#NFTs #NFTGiveaway #NFTdrop #GameFi #Avalanche #P2E Image
(2/8) To play Rock Game you need to own a Rock NFT. These Rock NFT's will be mintable through the website. Every Rock represents a character, you can play the game with however many characters you want! Image
(3/8) Every Rock has a unique look and additionally has "Combat Stats": Attack, Defense, Strength, Health, and Regen. The Rock's aesthetics are fixed, but the stats are upgradable by playing the game. Image
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- FAQ-

Q: How do I sign up?

A: simply navigate to our sign up page and click on one of the buttons to register directly using Twitter or Google. You can use the same button to easily login again at a later point. Image
- FAQ-

Q: How do I make sure to never miss another #NFTdrop / #NFTlaunch ?

A: Sign up for our NFT Drop Alert by clicking here -->…
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Since I’ve been doing stuff in web3 over the past few months, I can answer questions from skeptical folks about all this NFT stuff, or whatever other questions you have.

First up, some common questions:
Q: Are NFTs a scam?
A: Some yes, some no, depending on your definition.

There is a time investment required to learn common indicators/to identify scam-like behavior.

Threat actors (criminals) exist in every financial ecosystem, NFTs no exception.
The space is unregulated, the technologies are new/currently in development, and few cybersecurity folks have made time investments into web3.

This will change, and so will the behavior of threat actors as they seek to adapt to environments which enable them to win.
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Let's play a game ! Choose the piece (and its price) I'll drop in 3 hours.
Pieces are in the thread👇👇

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #nftarts #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
Piece 1️⃣
Piece 2️⃣
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