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Eversince I said Muslims & Christians are not Tamilians, there was a barrage of abuse, filth & stink thrown at me by these brain dead so called rationalists joined by Muslims & Christians

Now time to expose them big time and prove that these categories are not Tamilians
Can one become a Tamilian just because they speak Tamiz ? Definitely not. This trio of

Rationalists (aethists)

Say they represent Tamilians & Tamil Nadu just because they speak Tamiz. They are wrong
Other than speaking Tamil , there are certain cultural identities that are essential to categories & classify one as a Tamilian .

Let's see what these cultural identities are one by one . Let's seperate milk from water today.
First & foremost identity of a Tamilian is celebrating Pongal. To mark the beginning of Uttrayana & end of dakshinayana , pongal is celebrated with pomp & splendour by Tamilians world over. Sun God is worshipped by Tamilians.
Some Muslims & Christians might take part in public functions for optics but they don't celebrate pongal at home.
Pongal is about worshipping Nature. Muslims & Christians never worship nature, both these desert cults have massacred nature worshippers (pagans) in Europe.
These Christians & Muslims call themselves as Tamils but on the other indulge in conversions to convert tamilnadu into an Islamic or christian state.
Hunting with the hound & running with the hare

Brain dead Dravidian party aethists are taken for a ride by these desert cults.
On the other hand Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka migrated to Australia and other countries, struggled for existence but took their culture with them and are celebrating Pongal & other Hindu festivals. These people are Tamils in letter & spirit
In Hindu culture & Tamil culture worshipping
Guru &
God is the norm.
In Tamil culture doing Shradda ceremonies to their departed parents is a must. These aethists don't do.

But Muslims never worship anyone other than Allah.
When ever I say Tamil Culture kindly read it as Hindu culture .
Some Muslims were saying " we should not send our children to Govt schools, because they teach our children to worship mata,pita,guru& God, this is against our Islam " this exposes their hatred for Tamil culture.

How can you be a tamil when you don't follow it's tenets ?
MGR as CM went to mookambigai temple in karnataka, these rationalists took him for a ride & abused him. MGR had to react by saying that in Goddess mookambigais face I saw my mother sathya.

These aethists have abused the very same Tamil culture which they claim to represent
The next cultural identity of Tamils is Vanakkam. But Muslims will never fold their hands, once in 1980s karunanidhi & veeramani were invited for muslim meet. While they were on stage, a neo convert to Islam Arumugam greeted the crowd by saying Vanakkam, the crowd scolded him
The muslim crowd in one voice shouted at Arumugam " don't say Vanakkam, say Aslam Walikum" , MGR & veeramani who were on stage had no guts to establish their Tamil identity there . They had their tails between their legs. Those who can't accept Vanakkam are not Tamils.
Let me continue this thread later. Office time . Aethist, muslim & Christian trio try to answer me , else keep fuming.

Ippo thanda padam arambichirukku mappungla
The next important cultural identity of Tamils is "Thaali " or Mangalsutra .No marriage in a Tamil family happens without a Thaali. " Thaali perukkudhal" is a ceremony that's mandatory in almost every Tamil Caste & sub caste. Over 98% of Tamils follow this. No one can deny this
Even 98% of Dravidian party leader' s wives wear this Thaali. They have a big vermilion (size of a 1 rupee coin). But these guys made their caders wive's to remove Thaali & vermilion talking about pagutharivu. So it's suffice to say that even these Dravidian Parties accept thaali
Even in DMK marriages the leaders give thaali to their cadre , even the second & third wives of Dravidian party leaders sport a Thaali. 😃 , even in registered marriages the registrar gives a Thaali to the couple, even in run away marriages thaali is the norm. 😃😃😃
No marriage in a Tamil movie will take place without sloka " mangalyam thanthunane mama jeevana hethuna",even the rabidly anti Hindu tamil cinema is attaching so much importance to this Thaali, it's an integral part of Tamil culture.The most important cultural identity of Tamils
Christians & Muslims never use Thaali, how can you call Muslims & Christians as Tamils when they don't follow this vital identity of Tamils ?

Can you answer my dear poralis ?
The next most important cultural identity of Tamils is
They smear cow dung water in front of their houses every morning. They consider it as auspicious, followed by kolam (rangoli)
Only 3 houses in TN don't put rangolis
Muslim houses
Christian houses
& houses mourning
Muslims & christians hate cow dung, they consider this as impure, they have no respect cow dung, less talked about rangolis with respect to desert cults the better it is. when they hate this tamil culture, how can you call Christians & Muslims as Tamils ?
Another important aspect of Tamil culture is aayudha pooja. Entire TN comes to a standstill. Everyone worships their business tools.

Christians & Muslims don't celebrate aayudha pooja.

How do you call themselves as Tamils ?
Tamil farmers offer their first produce to the sun God.

Do Muslims & Christians follow this ? No
Walking on fire is an integral part of Tamil culture to fulfill their religious woe.

Do Christians & Muslims do it ? No
Tamils worship cow they have a seperate day called mattu pongal ,

Do Christians and Muslims worship cows ?

If you don't how can you call yourself as a Tamil?
Even today when a new house is solemnised & gruhapravesam is done Tamils bring cows with their calves into their houses, symbolic entry of Godess Maha Lakshmi

Do Christians & Muslims do it ? No
Tamils have rich folk culture , they perform
Mayil attam
Etc .,

Do Christians and Muslims take part ? No
Poikaal kudhirai
Etc are other rich art forms of Tamils. There is no Christian or muslim footprint in any of these tamil art forms
Kaavadi dance performed to please Muruga is unique to the Tamil culture .
Christians & Muslims have nothing to do in this rich Tamil tradition. How on earth can you call them as Tamils ?
Alagu kutthal (body piercing ) ritual is done to please mariamma/ kaaliamma/ durga devi. This is integral feature of Tamil culture.

Do Christians and Muslims have anything to do with this Tamil ritual ?
No auspicious function takes place in Tamil families without the classical Naadaswaram.

This richness in Tamil culture has nothing to do either with Muslims or Christians.
The great literary work Thirukkural which is accepted & promoted even by the Dravidian parties, commences by paying obesciences to the Supreme Lord

Christians tried to remove this verse, then tried to own it but failed , Tamils kicked their efforts take over this masterpiece
There is lots more I can add but this is just a sample to show how intricate the relationship between tamil & Hindu culture. Its like the relationship between blood & RBC both are made for each other.
They are inseparable
I have no problem with Christians & Muslims having their unique identity, I respect them, but if they try to appropriate our Tamil culture, they will be isolated in the eyes of the people.
My message to christians & muslins in Tamil Nadu is : by Merely speaking Tamil Language you don't become a Tamilian, you have to imbibe , absorb & assimilate the basic tenets of the Tamil culture into your way of life

So respect Tamil culture don't try to finger the faultlines
If any Christian or muslim calls himself as a Tamilian refer this thread.
Vaalga Tamil , Valarga Bharatham

Jai Hind
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