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(1) Another mass violence attack due to personal, not political, factors. This time in Boise, Idaho.

I will discuss the law enforcement and policy implications below. The details are particularly horrific so I won't be focusing on those.…
(2) This attack comes just after the #AnnapolisShooting & is similar because dishonest media & activists rushed to judgment regarding the attacker's political views, race, gender and weapon.

Domestic, workplace or housing related violence is MORE COMMON than domestic terrorism.
(3) My two threads on the Capital Gazette shooting:

(4) FEMA has a lot of experience dealing with the misreporting of breaking news, when it can increase harm to innocent people. Their media guidance is the gold standard and should be read by everyone, esp the media: both old and new.…
(5) I followed online & reported on the:
>Pulse shooting
>Chelsea NY bombings
>Post election riots
>J20 riots
>Various jihadist attacks
>Las Vegas
>Sutherland Springs
and many others since 2016.

Here is what I learned.
(6) Too many people believe what they hear, jump to conclusions, and politicize the event TOO EARLY.

Many events DO have a political motive and important implications for the public.

But often, people get it wrong, bc they speak BEFORE doing their own fact checking.
(7) Paid media, activists, politicians and other public figures often KNOW they do not have their facts right when they rush to judgment.

They don't care.

By the time the facts are confirmed, they've achieved their communications/marketing goal & their audience believed them.
(8) Amateurs are not as culpable for KNOWINGLY spreading misinfo/disinfo BUT we each have a responsibility to try harder.

We can't force the public figures to change what they do.

Some of the biggest liars have huge followings; that won't change.

You can only change you.
(9) Now I will talk about what BOTH the Left & the Right get wrong. Do not reply to one tweet in isolation, consider the whole thread, please.

My overall point: When Trump said #BothSides were involved at #Charlottesville, he didn't mean what people think he means.
(10) At Charlottesville, a group claiming to be RW planned a protest. A group claiming to be LW planned a counter-protest.

The local PD messed up. They declared the RW protest unlawful, but failed to protect the LW (&RW) groups from vehicular attack.

Shame on them.
(11) Trump refused to condemn one side (of protesters) more than the other. This was the right thing to do.

Obviously, he condemned the vehicular attack. There is no question about that.

He also ensured his DOJ & FBI looked into what the PD did that day, & spoke to all PDs.
(12) Have you noticed that since 8/12/17, there have been no more significant protests that turned into riots or involved serious injuries to the public or LEOs? I have. @ThomasWictor explained at the time why this is so. It's due to the Trump admin's approach with local LE.
(13) The reason it took about 3 hours to get the first of the crucial facts after the Annapolis Shooting is that the Anne Arundel PD did an extremely good job.

They ignored the intense pressure to release info while they secured public safety & the prosecution case.
(14) Within the first HOUR of the shooting being reported, the Left had already declared that Trump was to blame for an attack on a media outlet, & gun rights advocates, men, and whites were also to blame.

Hardly any facts were known at the time.
(15) The Left are still blaming Trump for the attack, despite the facts now being known. They cite his declaration of the FAKE news media as an "enemy of the people" & spin that as an attack on EVERY reporter & outlet. Which is ridiculous.
(16) Having listened to/read virtually every public comment Trump has made about fake news in the last 3 years, it is OBVIOUS he means those reporters & outlets who lie & distort THE MOST.

The Capital Gazette is at the other end of the spectrum. An almost totally benign outlet.
(17) The Left falsely accuse the Right of a double standard, that white male violence isn't racism, it's mental health, workplace violence etc.

Look, statistics clearly show which types of violence are most common. Racist violence exists. But interpersonal violence is rife.
(18) For its part, people on the Right are just as bad, when they rush to judgment before facts are known.

Sean Hannity messed up when, a few hours into the Annapolis coverage, he declared that Leftist incitement was a factor in the case. I facepalmed so hard.
(19) After Hannity falsely accused the Left over the shooting at the start of his show, we happened to get some more key facts before the end of it. So he finished by reporting that it now appeared non political. But there was no retraction or apology. I facepalmed again.
(20) The conspiracy fantasists who always claim there's a second shooter & that the shooter didn't act alone tend to be self-identified as RW. They make my task harder, like Hannity did.

They are not helping the conservative/MAGA cause one bit.
(21) I criticize #BothSides for misreporting, because that is where the evidence leads. I'm very annoyed that I can't successfully blame just the Left, because some on the Right let my side down.

I'm talking about reporting, not causing the violence. An important distinction.
(22) The evidence of the past 3 years leads to the conclusion that more domestic terrorism in the US is caused by the Left than the Right. The Baseball Shooting is the strongest example, but there are many.

I can also argue that non-political violence is made worse by the Left.
(23) The Left are anti-law enforcement. Non-political violence is caused by complex social factors, but local, state & federal public policy that is tough on crime is essential. Private companies & individuals also need to be prudent.

We need to work TOGETHER, not LW/RW.
(24) The Boise stabbing appears to be interpersonal not political:
>Suspect had been asked to leave apartment complex
>Returned the next day, attacked a group of children

The race, religion & national origin of the suspect & victims are not the most important factors here.
(25) The US accepts more refugees than any other country. Trump has maintained that policy. Often, refugees are housed in urban "social housing" apartment blocks. Is it normal for residents to have low income & education.

Interpersonal conflict is common in such environments.
(26) Set identity politics to one side for a moment, while I tell you that in any poor neighborhood, conflict stems from low educational attainment, income & health status; & high levels of mental illness, substance abuse & criminal records.

The odds of violence are high.
(27) The Boise suspect is in custody & if convicted will likely never see the outside of prison again.


Of course my heart goes out to the children & their families affected. They are the top priority.
(28) Domestic, workplace, housing-related and all interpersonal violence have things in common.

The most dangerous time is when the person has just been removed, fired, evicted or otherwise limited in some way.

Those in charge of a workplace, home etc must act decisively.
(29) You have to be very smart to protect a building from the most determined attackers. Basic protections can stop a less competent attacker.

The Annapolis shooter was very determined. The Parkland shooter was able to exploit the weakest security imaginable for a high school.
(30) Rather than ultra-politicizing a tragedy, esp. while the bodies are still warm, I'd love to see people focus on better prevention of the utterly inevitable repeats.

>Hire security experts to report on measures for your work site
>Demand better performance from local govt
(31) Before evicting a violent person from your apartment building, get your ducks in a row.

Involve law enforcement. Warn all tenants. Hire extra security. Insist on a Police report. Use civil law.

Use common sense. Take responsibility. Be prudent.
(32) And when an incident occurs, we who report or comment on it need to stick to reporting the facts only, especially during those critical first few hours.

Getting it wrong can lead to actual harm for those involved, & indirect harm for the country in general.
(33) Incidents & the reporting of them can contribute to the radicalization of large numbers of people. It is usually difficult to prosecute or sue those who incite violence... the inciters know how to do it in a way that stops them being held accountable.

Education is key.
(34) We can educate each other. That's my overarching goal, whether I'm watching a hurricane or an active shooter incident.

I want people to get better at #readiness, critical thinking & fact checking. Will you help spread the word? Thank you.
(35) Boise Police updates on the stabbing:…

Suspect has a significant criminal record involving violence. Was a short term guest of a tenant he just met. A very nasty incident... hard to prevent. IMO mental health/drug issues seem likely. No excuse ofc.
(36) News that a reporter lost his job for falsely claiming that the Annapolis shooter wore a MAGA hat, was retweeted by @realDonaldTrump today. Read the reporter's apology tweet to Trump supporters, & reporters in general.

(37) Sad news: The 3 year old girl whose birthday party was the scene of the attack has died from her injuries. Several others remain in critical condition.…
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