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I'm just going to say again, they could have hired me instead.

I've been a politics reporter for 30yrs, worked for one British and five American and dailies and seven national magazines as well as several weeklies and two radio stations.

This hire is just #bothsides-ism.
My only point being that there are a bazillion journalists and editors out here who are qualified for the position.
The optics are horrible. It doesn't matter if all the anchors are left when this one person is getting all the media.
Remember when the NYT hired Quinn Norton for their both-sides-ism and it turned out she had a bunch of white nationalist stuff in her TL and the outrage was so extreme they had to fire her?
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Thread. @ThePlumLineGS has a lot to say about #BothSides media coverage of Trump, his #shutdown and his stupid wall. I’m not an assiduous consumer of cable TV news, and so am prone to dismiss the influence of this on public opinion. Perhaps I am wrong. But here’s a thought...
2. There’s a part of major electronic media where #BothSides coverage doesn’t happen. As @ThePlumLineGS points out, this is FoxWorld. In FoxWorld, airtime is devoted to Praise-for-the-Leader, every day and nearly all the time. It’s a business model as much as anything.
3. The FoxWorld audience wants affirmation and storylines more than information. No tweaking of news coverage or commentary from other outlets (or print media) will make up for that. What about an attack on the business model?
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1) Now that Trump has caved in the shutdown fight, I'd like to suggest that there's a lesson in this outcome about the continuing blight of #BothSides media coverage.

2) When Nancy Pelosi canceled Trump’s State of the Union speech, the thrust of a great deal of media discussion was that Pelosi had "sunk to Trump's level."
3) But this precluded any reasoned judgment about whether one side’s use of the levers of power was more legitimate and even more mature and considered under the circumstances than the other.

As I wrote, this subtly put a thumb on the scales for Trump:…
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as Trump's mindless shutdown stretches on, the press retreats more and more to #BothSides nonsense. @amjoyshow
normalizing Trump is a drug
this is NOT like previous shutdowns and the press should not rely on old scripts.
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see, “Washington” is the problem
this piece is predictably awful—the big take-away is Trump ‘has changed DC culture.’ boy, nothing gets by the NYT
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wise advice—wish it wasn’t necessary since it’s nearly 2019;…
stop enabling Trump WH liars. drop #BothSides. these are things that I and others were pleading the press to do back in winter of 2017
we face a national crisis, the media’s slow-motion incrementalism isn’t going to cut it
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To even pretend NJ Dems are like Wisc GOP is just painfully embarrassing;…
it’s the #BothSides addiction
a proposal to redraw districts that the Dem gov disapproves of is NOT like overturning an election and having it approved by the GOP gov
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maddening—NYT even uses Bush death to push insipid #BothSides.
i.e."Washington culture" has changed for the worse since Bush's time.

see, #BothSides are to blame
here's what GOP's done since Bush's time

1. spent 8 yrs trying to drive from office massively popular Dem president
2. started trillion-dollar war based on lies
3. radically opposed agenda of another massively popular Dem president
4. worships historically corrupt Repub POTUS
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TRUMP on GM plant closures: "We don't like it. I believe they'll be opening up something else. And I was very tough. I spoke with her when I heard they were closing and I said, you know, this country has done a lot for general motors. You better get back in there soon."
Trump dismisses govt report about dire economic consequences of climate change: "I don't believe it. And here's other thing, you're going to have to China & Japan & all of Asia & all of these other countries -- you know, it addresses our country. Right now we're the cleanest."
REPORTER: Are you okay tear-gassing children?

TRUMP: "They're not -- as you know, they're not -- they had to be used, b/c they were being rushed by some very tough people & they used tear gas. And here's bottom line. Nobody's coming into our country unless they come in legally"
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#Ukraine’s on the verge of martial law b/c #Russia just seriously escalated its 4yo illegal war—blocking key Kerch Strait, firing on & seizing 3 Ukrainian navy ships, wounding 6 Ukrainian sailors—AND Trump attacks NATO & EU. Appalling, terrifying & expected of a #PutinPuppet.
#Russia’s fresh aggression in its 4+yr illegal war on #Ukraine is a crisis with advance warning. Read @KyivPost’s coverage of Russia’s military threats to gain control of Azov Sea… via @BSBonner #KerchStrait #KerchBlockade #PutinWar #RussiaAttacksUkraine
Escalating tensions between #Russia and #Ukraine in the Sea of Azov bear echoes of Russian provocations that led to the war with Georgia in 2008… via @AtlanticCouncil h/t @IlvesToomas #KerchBlockade #KerchStrait #RussiaAttacksUkraine #BlackSea
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good grief, if you think Jewish community is ‘deeply divided’ over the Trumps, I know some bridges for sale.
NYT simply cannot bring itself to break from from #BothSides nonsense
coming next week from NYT: Black Voters Face Deep Divide Over Trump
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.@NPRWeekend doing the #bothsides hand-wringing tango this morning.

I honestly wonder how journalists can so misremember US history to claim THIS is the most fraught America ever.

To be blunt, only middle-aged class white men think this. It's not true for women & POC.
@NPRWeekend Black America lived through Jim Crow and lynching in our lifetimes. When I was a little girl and my parents were Civil Rights workers, my parents got death threats. Four young girls who were only a few years older than I was, were blown up on a Sunday in church bombing. CHURCH.
@NPRWeekend Women were arrested and tortured for decades for campaigning to vote. The war on women has been so pervasive that 3wks ago a man accused of attempted rape was voted on to the SCOTUS for life.

Women's lives are still expendable.
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is what it is, i suppose.....CNN the target of bomb threat and **still pushing #BothSides** insanity.

it's hard to root for these folks.
the day after everyone on Trump/Fox News Most Hated list gets bombs delivered to their doors,

CNN stresses that Hillary is mean, too.

it's hard to help them when they can't help themselves
producer: so Hillary and Maxine Waters were targets of the bomber

King: hmm, anyone we can blame them?

producer: sorry?

King: is there anyway we can suggest Clinton and Waters are to blame?

producer: for *receiving bombs*?

King: hear me out...
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Trump and GOP have unleashed ugly, racist, white nationalist agenda, Dems are trying courageously to defend the powerless—this isn’t #BothSides.
lots of DC journos have revealed themselves in last few years—it’s not pretty
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t’s 2018, any column that compares/likens Trump’s behavior to a Democrats’ is by definition as dumb as you think
Trump is literally covering up the murder of a WashPost columnist, so WashPost columnist decides it’s right time for #BothSides piece comparing Trump to Hillary—complete madness
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Gavin McInnes is a white supremacist leading a classic brown shirt fascist militia. It's a small, violent, well funded, national organization with ties to the Republican Party.
He is NOT a provocateur, a pundit, someone who is outraged, a hipster. He is the leader of a militia. It's nationally organized, and though small, it's funding allows its members to travel around the country and collaborate with other local militias.
The historical precedents of informal paramilitary militias aligning themselves with right-wing political parties, esp those captured by personality-cult dictators, is pretty cut and dry. It's like HIST 102 (bc 101 is pre-reformation) stuff.
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how were Dems “blemished” for trying to determine if SC nomimeee was guilty of sexual assault?
ftr, it was Republican senators who demanded additional FBI investigation
its inevitable but still disappointing to watch DC press portray Kavanaugh debacle as another #BothSides chapter
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Kavanaugh hearings start soon. As I said last night I'll tweet as I can.

A reminder. This is not a criminal trial no matter what the right says.
The committee room is coming to order. Grassley likes to start things on time so I expect we'll be gaveled to order real quick here
Grassley gavels the proceedings to order. Begins with a lecture on civility and apologies to both Ford and Kavanaugh for how they have been treated.

Says he wants the proceedings to be safe and comfortable for both witnesses
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btw, Republicans in Congress are rarely treated like this by press—open assumption that they’re really only acting on behalf of presidential political ambitions
it’s also an attempt by NYT to #BothSides the hearings; to suggest GOP and Dems are just using this week for politics
i see that this press narrative is *everywhere* this morning: Booker and Harris are showboats.

folks, this is NOT how press treats white GOP men in the senate
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and the refusal to say so is part of a long running problem
this country is going to #BothSides itself into authoritarian rule
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.@SecNielsen echoes Trump's #BothSides comments about violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville: "I think what's important about that conversation is, it's not that one side is right, one side is wrong -- anybody that is advocating violence, we need to work to mitigate."
DHS Secretary Nielsen characterizes violent white supremacy as a nuanced issue…
Asked about lesssons of Charlottesville, @SecNielsen refuses to condemn violent white supremacists…
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The President of the United States of America just took to the podium and repeatedly attacked the United States while defending Russia - playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin.
The President of the United States was asked to name just one issue where Russia is to blame for the state of relations between our nations. He could not name one. Instead reverts to the #BothSides rhetoric he used to defend racists in Charlottesville.
Responding to the question of Russia's meddling in our elections, the President dismissed our own defense and intelligence agencies and instead retreated to a puppet-like response of Putin's "strong and powerful" denial.
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Waiting on white smoke to arise to let us know the name of the next white man who will be chosen to interpret the our founding text in a way that confirms all of his political preferences
The fact that the Warren court, which existed for less than two decades, is the lone exception to this, speaks volumes about how reactionary & undemocratic the Supreme Court has been. With extremist Republicans about to take charge, it's poised to become outright anti-democratic
Trump's next Supreme Court appointee will help the Republican Party tear our democracy to shreds @SeanMcElwee
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btw, he told Russia media that most of Trump’s controversies are simply “continuation” of US policies. so he nailed his #BothSides landing
he also told Russian media, while in Russia, that he’s even *more* convinced Russia didn’t attack US election. he’s beyond self-parody
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