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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
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🚨🐉🚨#TH3D3N is highlighting all of the Missing Kids that are out there but get little to no attention, hashtagged by State. Please DO SUBSCRIBE, CHECK OFTEN & SHARE Missing kids posters on other channels & platforms

#OpWhereAreTheKids ~ IT MATTERS

Rafael Martinez
Fatima Martinez

Kishe Banks-Jones

Usmaan Nawaz

🚨🐉🚨If you have seen any of these children~ please call 911,
1-800-THE-LOST or visit :… for more information on each poster

Arden Pepion

Jonathan Blevins

Samantha Johns

Ryan Larsen

🚨🐉🚨If you have seen any of these children~ please call 911,
1-800-THE-LOST or visit :… for more information on each poster
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Here is the list of 175 Republicans who voted to cover up the violent attack on our Capitol and Democracy.
#ncpol #January6Commission #January6CommissionNow
Rep. Aderholt
Rep. Brooks
Rep. Carl
Rep. Moore
Rep. Palmer
Rep. Rogers
Rep. Young
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#Iowa's HSB 272 ("An Act relating to tax collection and penalties, tax permits and loans made by state-chartered banks") is the kind of bureaucratic maneuver Woody Guthrie's meant with, "Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen."…

1/ An early 20th Century map of Iowa with a Peloton bike superi
On its face, the bill is a completely ordinary piece of tax-code cleanup, purging some superannuated rules and consolidating others. But as Iowa law prof @ChrisOdinet writes for @creditslips, there's a clever gotcha hidden in that bloodless language.…

Here's where the knife slips in: "The general assembly of Iowa hereby declares… it does not want any of the provisions of any of the amendments contained in Public Law No. 96-221 (94 stat. 132), sections 521, 522 and 523 to apply with respect to loans made in this state…"

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Happening Now: BLM Protesters Gather At The Iowa State Capitol Building
Current Size Of The Group
The BLM Protesters Are There To Oppose Legislation That They Find Racist..

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#Lockdowns Could Reshape American Politics for a Generation, or Several

Never before has such a globalized and comprehensive regime of closures, #curfews, quarantines, travel restrictions, and #surveillance been deployed for any excuse [...]…
Experts staan voor raadsel: besmettingscijfers in #ZuidAfrika spectaculair gedaald zonder strenge #lockdown…
“The International evidence and American evidence is clear. The lockdowns have not stopped the spread of the disease in any measurable way” Roundtable discussion today with @GovRonDeSantis . #lockdownharms #focusedprotection
March 2021
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Republicans who voted against #Covid19 #AmericanRescuePlan that would help their people.
Use Hashtag with state name.

Rep. Gary Palmer
Rep. Mo Brooks
Rep. Mike Rogers
Rep. Barry Moore
Rep. Jerry Carl
Rep. Robert Aderholt
Sen. Richard Shelby
Sen. Tommy Tuberville
Rep. Don Young
Sen. Daniel S. Sullivan
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Rep. Andy Biggs
Rep. Paul Gosar
Rep. David Schweikert
Rep. Debbie Lesko
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I know no one’s surprised, but we need to call it out anyway. Today the Republican Party sealed their legacy w/Trumpism. They’re now & forever the party of racism, white supremacy, neo-nazism, domestic terrorism, conspiracy theorists & fact deniers. They own this. #GOPCowards
Republicans of conscience, now is the time. There’s no “saving” your party at this point. Now is your fleeting opportunity to come over to the right side of history & join the Dems. @SenBillCassidy @SenatorBurr @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @MittRomney @BenSasse @SenToomey
For the other 43 - the #GOPCowards - us REAL patriots will see to it that you’re stripped of all power & your big $ donors drop you.

To the REAL patriots: FLOOD YOUR SENATORS’ PHONES. Tell them how sickened you are, as one of their constituents. Contact info to follow (thread)
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An #Iowa Senate Education subcommittee will soon consider one of the many anti- #LGBTQ bills Republican lawmakers have introduced this year. Details on meeting:…
Bill designed to stop #Iowa schools from accommodating #trans students:…
Really unfortunate that some lawmakers are so hung up on bathrooms. The younger generation by and large does not care. #ialegis
#Iowa's #CivilRights Act has prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity since 2007. Bill would carve out an exception to allow (in fact require) schools to ban students from using the bathroom that conforms to their gender identity. #ialegis
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THREAD: #Election2020 Results On The Statewide Level In A Whole New Light! Let This Guide All #Resisters In Our #Resistance To Trumpism In Future Elections!

#byebyetrump #BidenWon #BidenHarris2020 #ResistersUnite #BuildBackBetter #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #DemVoice1 #FBRParty
I based the color scheme on traffic lights. Green is good, red is bad & yellow is something in the middle! Hope this is easy to follow for the remainder of the thread!

#GreenWall #GreenEnergy #BlueWave2020 #BlueWave #BidenWon #ByeDon #BidenCalm #BuildBackBetter #DemVoice1 #FBR
Michigan Headline: That’s A Bit More Like It!

2016: -10,704 -0.23%
2020: +154,188 +2.78%
Difference: +164,992 +3.01%

+16 Electoral Votes For @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris!

#Michigan #BidenWon #DemCastMI #ResistersUnite #Resisters #FBRParty #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica
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Visit by @POTUS on Thursday to @StateDept will be largely focused on his desire to thank members of the foreign and civil services there, says @PressSec, who adds he will also talk broadly about his foreign policy.
"We need to work with our allies" and partners on how we approach our relationship with #China, says @PressSec.
"Our view is this bill itself is bipartisan" because of the wide public support, says @PressSec of the #CovidReliefBill.
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Wir sammeln mal ein paar Beiträge zum Wahnsinn, der sich gerade in #Washington abspielt.

Die wollen bestimmt auch nur die "Treppen" bewundern. Image
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Reynolds' Covid Data is misleading, falsified, & inaccurate.
She uses this fraudulent data to:
▪️ Force schools open again 1/4/2021.
▪️ Withhold adequate testing.
▪️ Endanger Public Health of all Iowans. Dashboard data from both sites collected directly on 12/31/2
Scientists of ecology, epidemiology, & environmental science, accurately predicted this #CovidCrisis in the 80’s.

We had solutions too, that were quashed by those who refused to invest in Pandemic Response. #RepublicansDontCare
This will not end until science governs.
Antigen testing is a separate surveillance tool.
Antigen testing is NOT an acceptable measure of Current COVID infection. (See Lyme Elsa)
The PCR test IS THE ONLY TEST USED in determining Test Positivity Rates (“Positivity”) an Epidemiological indicator of current transmission.
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#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠

As the #US rolls out the #Pfizer#BioNTech vaccine, let’s have a look... how’s your state doing? Share a 📷 or a thought/perspective as we battle back against the #coronavirus / #covid19? Thread.

First up. New York. Image
#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #Illinois

Doug Meyer, 38 respiratory therapist, airway manager @OSFHealthCare @PeoriaIllinois is among the 1st #Illinois healthcare workers to receive the #COVID19Vaccine. Ht @BlueRoomStream

#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #RhodeIsland

A Latino doctor, Dr. Christian Arbelaez, was the 1st person in Rhode Island to get the #COVID19 vaccine. Now he wants to be an example for his community.… @DanMcGowan reports. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/21/2020…
This entrepreneur is plugging the world’s drinking water into the (digital) cloud…

#WaterQuality #SensorTechnology #digitization #entrepreneurism #WaterAccess
Farmers in One Iowa County Help City Cut Mississippi River Nutrient Flows (YouTube)

#WaterQuality #SensorTechnology #iowa #agriculture #MississippiRiver
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"We had a great victory here four years ago," says @realDonaldTrump, beginning #Election2020 rally remarks in Dubuque, #Iowa. "We've had a great run together."
"We are going to win Iowa and we're going to win Wisconsin" to gain four more years in the @WhiteHouse, predicts @realDonaldTrump.
"China realized I'm gonna win" so it boosted its US soybean purchases, according to @POTUS.
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Sento i TG dare #Trump 7 punti avanti a #Biden in #Iowa.
Controllo e tradotto è lo 0,7.
Silenzio sugli altri #swingstates2020, che sono 9.
Provo perciò a fornire un po' di info grafiche.
Ho consultato @nytimes @CNN @guardian @FiveThirtyEight @270toWin. ⤵️
Nei 9 #SwingStates la lotta è serrata, ma gli scenari, a 4i ore dal voto si vanno definendo. ⤵️
Il #Texas che per qualche giorno sembrava potesse diventare #blue con uno storico sorpasso, torna rosso.
Lo #Iowa che fino al 27 ottobre dava un #tie, sembra si stia sbilanciato su #Trump (la notizia falsata data oggi) ⤵️
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Pourquoi tout le monde parle de CE sondage dans l'#Iowa, qui est, pour #Trump, la meilleure nouvelle du mois? Parce qu'il vient de Selzer, la plus réputée sondeuse du pays. Et montre la solidité de l'emprise trumpiste sur cet Etat rural et blanc. ET/…
2) Tout d'abord, ça ne reste qu'un #sondage et non 1 prédiction, même s'il a été réalisé par J. Ann Selzer, qui peut elle aussi se tromper, surtout sur des échantillons aussi limités, comme le rappelle @Nate_Cohn...
3)...mais, certes, à ce moment précis où les sondages prennent enfin tout leur sens 😉 puisque réalisés sur 1 électorat qui tend à se rapprocher au plus près de celui d'#ElectionDay- cette étude Selzer vient comme une double piqûre de rappel pour #Biden et les progressistes...
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Air Force One arrives Williamsport Regional Airport for the fourth and final @realDonaldTrump #Pennsylvania rally of the day.
"This is a hell of a crowd," @realDonaldTrump begins in Montoursville, #Pennsylvania. "We saved the best for last."
He signed an order today "so that people cannot play with your fracking industry," says @realDonaldTrump at #Pennsylvania rally.
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Sur le vote anticipé pour la présidentielle US #Trump/#Biden, la comparaison significative n'est pas avec le vote anticipé en 2016- déjà dépassé 54 millions de voix v 47- car avec la généralisation du vote par correspondance pour cause de #COVIDー19, il ne pouvait que croître...
2)... en 2020, 7 Etats ont ainsi autorisé 1 vote par correspondance sans justification ou au seul motif de l'épidémie de #COVIDー19- comme à New York, 17 Etats ont décidé d'envoyer à TOUS les électeurs formulaires d'inscription au vote par correspondance ou bulletins. Pas en 2016
3) Bref, la possibilité de voter librement par correspondance concernait en 2020 1 nombre bien plus important d'Etatsuniens qu'en 2016, d'où 1 croissance logique du nombre de votes anticipés.
En 2016, 20 Etats réclamaient 1 justification pour 1 vote par correspondance. 5 en 2020.
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[THREAD] With #ElectionDay less than 2 weeks away, we're thrilled to share the results of our 2020 State Science Initiative developed w our wonderful partner, @scipolnetwork! #StateScienceQs 1/ Image
This year, coalitions of motivated citizens & incredible local & national science organizations across the US worked together forming Science Debate teams. They developed science policy questionnaires for their candidates focused on issues critical to each state & the nation. 2/
Topics ranged from grappling with #COVID19 to #ClimateChange. Teams asked candidates about policy priorities related to this year's devastating #wildfires & the impacts of flooding on agriculture & the economy across the Midwest. 3/
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We need to #FlipTheSenate #Elections2020 Boy do we.
There are 23 GOP Senators up #Senate2020
#AK #AR #AZ #CO #GA(x2) #IA #ID #KS #KY #LA #ME #MS #MT #NC #NE #OK #SC #SD #TN #TX #WV #WY
As of Oct 15
THREAD w/ Info & Links for each Democratic Candidate
Hey #ALASKA! Help #FlipTheSenate!
There is a Independent Democratic Challenger
running against Dan Sullivan!
&, seriously, watch this video
Bye to Martha McSally in 2020?
Special Election! VOTE Nov 3, 2020
#Senate2020 #AZ
Mark Kelly
Donate Here:…
Merch here:
All States #23GOP
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"We're going to win 4 more years in the White House," @realDonaldTrump tells crowd in #Iowa. Image
"This is a big smoking gun," says @realDonaldTrump about @nypost article about Hunter Biden.
"There never was an administration more corrupt than the Obama-Biden administration," claims @POTUS. "Biden is a corrupt politician who shouldn't even be allowed to run for the presidency." Image
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