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Dear friends and neighbors,

A situation like this can cause a lot of fear and stress. A few bits of information to hopefully help reduce the stress: 1/7
1. Studies of COVID-19 in other countries are demonstrating that while our children can get infected, they generally only demonstrate mild symptoms and are often carriers without symptoms. Meaning that our children are strong and can handle this! The biggest risk... 2/7
for our children is spreading the illness amongst each other and taking it home to people who could get more seriously ill from the virus. It is vital that we take steps like closing schools to stop this spread.
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"Glenwood Center For Intellectual Disabilities Experimenting Eugenics Leading To Death And Sexual Arousal Studies On Patients Locked There; The DOJ Says"…
#Pedovore #eugenics #Nazi #SexualAbuse #Glenwood #Iowa #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Hitler @Michell52303921
2- The Department of Justice is investigating deaths, human experiments, sexual arousal studies and more on people with intellectual disabilities and other health issues at a state-run center in Iowa.
3-The facility houses about 250 people, according to KCCI.
Federal investigators visited the Glenwood Resource Center on December 6 to investigate a series of allegations made about the treatment of patients living at this facility...
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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🌟 Elizabeth Warren appears to be the only one of the presidential candidates who is stressing over and over how she will fight corruption in Washington.

She has a plan.

Getting rid of Trump will not be enough.

Shouldn’t this be priority #1 for all #Democrats?

🌟 To donate to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, please click here:
🌟 Elizabeth Warren is third in delegates after the #Iowa and #NewHampshire races.

Hello, #SouthCarolina!

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1er bilan de cette primaire du #NewHampshire?
3 faits majeurs:
1. #BernieSanders vainqueur mais avec 1 marge plus faible que prévu sur #Buttigieg. Ils sortent en tête de la séquence #Iowa/#NH
2. Désastre total pour #Warren ET #Biden sous les 10%
3. #Klobuchar surgit vraiment.
2) Le #NewHampshire, juge de paix de la 1ère "étape" des primaires démocrates, a rendu 1 verdict en 3 étages:
. les 3ers candidats ont chacun de quoi se réjouir.
. Il y a 2 vaincus écrasés.
. Le grupetto (désolé mais j'aime ma métaphore TDF😉) des petits candidats est écrémé.
3) Pour #BernieSanders, si la victoire est bien moins éclatante qu'en 2016 dans 1 #NewHampshire frontalier de son #Vermont d'élection, à cause d' 1 contexte différent, "a win is a win" et le contrat est rempli. Il apparaît, avec l'effondrement de #Biden, en "frontrunner" national
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If you count the number of voters, #Bernie walked away with #Iowa… It’s not a matter whether you're for or against Sanders, it’s whether you're for or against democracy:… #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
It's F.O.B. Fear of #Bernie. There's a panic at the national Democratic party. And as happened in 2016, it's California where the DNC leadership is going to try to block Sanders. History is about to repeat itself.… #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
Be warned: If you want to vote in California's Democratic primary, make your life easy, sign up as Democrat. Register or check your registration right now!…
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"They needed smartphones to retrieve a code, but they had been told not to bring their phones into the “boiler room” in Des Moines." @ReidEpstein @melbournecoal @ByMikeBaker

@reidepstein @melbournecoal @ByMikeBaker Others...began telling some PCT leaders to email photos of their worksheets to a dedicated email address. But for hrs, no one monitored the inbox. When it was finally opened Tues AM, there were 700 unread emails waiting, w/ photos that had been sent sideways
@reidepstein @melbournecoal @ByMikeBaker #TroyPrice huddled in a room w other officials, none of them w a clear strategy to manage the chaos...A conference call w the pres'l cmpgns ended w Price hanging up on them, amid accusatns tht caucus results in IA may hv bn incorrectly reported for decades😱👀
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I knew it! After the Iowa debacle, Democrats want to change the order of states.

Before the Iowa caucuses, Democrat media outlets were griping about Iowa being first and insinuating Iowa was “too white and rural.”
November - Julian Castro said Iowa and New Hampshire didn’t reflect the Democrat party.…
January 29, The Atlantic - “Iowa has white privilege and should t be first.”…
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yet another hit piece against a certain candidate.
"In a rant on MSNBC that went viral on Tuesday evening, the longtime Democratic strategist vented his concerns about the party’s prospects for beating Donald Trump, taking particular aim at the party’s leftward lurch."
"We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells.
It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party."
"For fuck’s sake, we’ve got Trump at Davos talking about cutting Medicare and no one in
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1. Guy on @MSNBC said @JoeBiden can't make an "electability" argument because he's struggled in #Iowa. To me, electability" relates to the race with Trump. Emerging from Democratic Party primary gauntlet where a third want a Socialist, I call "survivability." Money's the issue.
2. For people voting in the #NewHampshirePrimary, if @JoeBiden fades then you may see candidate not even on you #NHprimary ballot move to the top. Biden's loss will be @MikeBloomberg's gain in his push to solidify @theDemocrats' moderates.
3. So by torching Biden during the #ImpeachmentTrial @POTUS stands to lose a weak funder in Biden to run against a real Gazillionaire in @MikeBloomberg? Whose big idea was that plan? @IvankaTrump? @EricTrump? @RudyGiuliani? @parscale? 😎
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Thread. 1. Reposting these images now with the title
"Iowa Math is the #NewMath." In my original post I called these #RoundingErrors. But they are not errors. This is exactly the way the Iowa Democratic Party wants the votes to be counted. #IowaCaucus
2. From my post: "Because of the way the math was done at the caucuses, many precincts wound up with an extra delegate that got 'assigned' to one of the candidates at the end of the caucus. We were able to look at worksheets from 18 precincts that were posted on Twitter." #Iowa
3. "We found a strange process where numbers below .5 were being rounded up in multiple precincts. 6 of the precincts (1/3) had the unusual 'rounding up.' Of the 6 precincts with the "rounding up" - 4 were given to Buttigieg, 2 to Biden, and 1 to Warren. #IowaCaucuses #NewMath
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They fucking misreported my precinct. Bernie won 2 delegates in Polk County - Des Moines Precinct 14 in Merle Hay and we fought like hell for them. And @iowademocrats put one of our SDEs in Warren's column but correctly reported vote. #IowaCaucusDisaster #iowacaucus #iowa
Here's my tweet night of reporting same and another view of the board in Polk - Des Moines Precinct 14. @nytimes @iowademocrats @DNC FIX THIS. #IowaCaucusDisaster #Iowa #TomPerezResign #MayorCheat #Iowacaucus
Here is the raw misreporting on the failing @iowademocrats's website. That .27 should be a .52 SDE. Instead, they gave it to Warren. They're trying to steal this. #IowaCaucuses #iowa #IowaCaucusDisaster
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A) I just want to point out AGAIN, that while we Democrats are having fun crapping on our own party and acting like a circular firing squad...THE REPUBLICANS ARE HAPPILY LINING UP TO GO TO PRISON FOR DONALD TRUMP. Focus, people. We’re going to get the results. #IowaCaucus
B) Big deal there was a temporary malfunction in #Iowa. Calm the F down. Remember when the entire country freaked out that the affordable care act website wasn’t up and running perfectly, day f ing one? A brand new national health policy that served millions of Americans.
C) The corrupt R party never does this sh*t. We played in to their BS “Dems can’t roll out a new policy without messing it up.” narrative with the ACA. Let’s not play that exact game again. We have the brains, experience and the NUMBERS. Stay united, Dems. On to #NewHampshire 🇺🇸
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Don't get fooled by Corporate media headlines
They DELIBERATELY lie & know Jack Shit about Primary Election Rules

In order to win Bernie Sanders needs to get multiple Corporate Dems to drop out ASAP to get to 1,990 delegates on First Ballot

Let's take this scenario as an example.

Bernie Sanders wins #Iowa by a LANDSLIDE.
Sanders 40% - 16 of 41 delegates
Biden, Warren, & Buttigieg all get 15 to 25%, above 15% threshold = 25 delegates.

Sanders LOSES at DNC controlled Convention

In order to win, Sanders needs to defacto reduce the race to between him & ONE remaining seemingly viable Corporate Dem candidate AT or BEFORE Super Tuesday March 3, when Cali votes

It doesn't matter if other Corp Dems remain in as long as they never get above 15%

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As #Iowa caucuses tonight, I have the following advice on health care if this issue is important to you. Vote for the candidate who within 4 years has the greatest chance to pass legislation that does the most good for the most people and sets us up for more progress ahead.

There is no “one and done” bill, there’s only progress. The future is unknowable, the system too complex, and our needs are changing significantly every few years anyway. Plus there will be pieces that just don’t work on any bill. 2/
Insurance companies do not need to be part of the future. No one likes them. But hospitals and doctors do and someone needs to pay them. And someone needs to coordinate care.
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It's been a long journey to reach that conclusion. Please hear me out.

My journey started in Beirut, where I grew up in a brutal civil war. Violence and injustice everywhere.

But today's America alarms me more than Beirut...

In America today, children are stolen from their parents, locked in freezers, caged, gunned down in schools.

Billionaires get richer while children go hungry, homeless, and without healthcare.

A society that brutalizes children is BROKEN...

When I quit my music career to become an anti-Bush activist at the turn of the millennium, it stunned me to see the Democratic Party, my party, largely go along with Bush's assault on civil liberties. Torture. War based on lies. Patriot Act...
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IMPORTANT: I just got off the phone with a Bernie volunteer who said that caucus locations are being switched in Iowa, and particularly in places where Bernie is polling well. Make sure to communicate with other Bernie voters in your area about location updates. #Bernie2020 #Iowa
In the mean time, make calls and make sure people are prepped to vote. I’ll be updating this thread throughout the day with more info. Please retweet this thread as we learn more, and leave info you know below. Thank you. #IowaCaucus
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"I worked so hard for this state," says @POTUS, opening political rally in #Iowa.
@POTUS "It's going to be a historic landslide," predicts @POTUS at @DrakeUniversity rally. "If we don't win your farms are going to hell."
@POTUS @DrakeUniversity After disparaging @ewarren, @SenSanders and @JoeBiden, @POTUS remarks: "Boot-edge-edge...presides over a city that failed,.

"What happened to mini-Mike? Where's he?"
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President Donald J Trump's Public Schedule
❤️🇺🇸 The White House
Office of the Press Secretary


12:15 PM President receives his intelligence briefing
• Oval Office
1:15 PM President departs White House en route to Joint Base Andrews • South Lawn

1:25 PM President arrives at Joint Base Andrews

1:35 PM President departs Washington, DC en route to Harrison Charter Township, MI
3:00 PM President arrives at Selfridge Air National Guard Base • Harrison Charter Township, MI

3:10 PM President departs Harrison Charter Township, MI, en route to Warren, MI

3:35 PM President arrives at Dana Incorporated
• Warren, MI
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THREAD @Dr_ColetteDavis: What happens at the #Iowa #caucus?The caucus is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, yet I wld argue that it asserts the very best of democracy. It may not work in other places, but in #Iowa, it is a Beautiful Thing. #IowaCaucus
Allow me to explain. On a cold Jan night, Iowans leave their homes & go to the high school, community center, small school house, or even a home. When I lived in Iowa City (for 12 years and three election cycles), we caucased (yes, that’s a verb) at the nearby high school.
When I lived in Iowa City (for 12 years and three election cycles), we caucased (yes, that’s a verb) at the nearby high school. Starting the prior summer during the Iowa State Fair, candidates begin to descend on Iowa.
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OMG 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

President Trump got almost 5% in an #Iowa Democrat caucus poll. He polled more than twice better than Yang and Steyer.

A Democrat caucus poll. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Dems must be shatting themselves.
Oops pardon my grammar....he polled over two times better*
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Look it’s no secret that I was a full fledged supporter of @CoryBooker in this race. He’s my senator, I’ve known him since his mayoral campaigns and I firmly believe he is the person to move us beyond #Trumpism so yeah I’m sad and upset right now,
But my heart is troubled today because I worry we are not as well poised to defeat @realDonaldTrump because we have lost many excellent candidates due to a combo of a bad plan re: #DemDebates and the outsized influence of money. The only reason @TomSteyer is still in is $$$
Millions of campaign ads got him the name recognition he needed. We should have let candidates on the debate stage through #Iowa and #NH and let VOTERS decide who is viable. Instead we have a small field and a white one. @CoryBooker was my top choice,
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As reported last night on @TuckerCarlson and @BreitbartNews the following (GOP) Republican Governors want to increase the number of illegals (refugees) in their state! Which of course we taxpayers will pay for!
Let’s call out those Governors shall we! Let them know how you feel about this!!
First we have @MikeDeWine Governor of #Ohio

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There are 23 GOP Senators up for re-election in 2020 in #AK #AR #AZ #CO #GA #IA #ID #KS #KY #LA #ME #MS #MT #NC #NE #OK #SC #SD #TN #TX #WV #WY #FlipTheSenate #BlueWave2020THREAD

Democratic Challengers for #Senate2020 GOP seats

*JANUARY update
THREAD of All the Democratic Candidates for GOP #Senate2020 seats


Update JANUARY 2020

Hey #ALASKA! Can you help #FlipTheSenate?
There are 2 Democratic Challengers
for Dan Sullivan's seat
Al Gross
Valerie Nurr'araaluk Davidson
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