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@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia Dear Sir, I have my hard earned money used for buying a flat in Mangalore 10 years back. The builder took us for granted and violated @5% on construction and now can not get us completion certificate. I am personally suffering due to this issue as can not sell the flat.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 Apeksha apartment owners had gone to consumer forum at all levels and got the judgment in owners favor. Builder wants to get the certificate through Akrama Sakrama and which is pending in Supreme court. There is no way I can get relief from this as entire ecosystem not supporting
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 Buyers are not ready as banks will not give loans..no one seems to be bothered by the plight that we are going through. I have paid(after paying IT) for my dwelling and not asking for free, why all these barriers? I request the issue to be taken at highest place and resolve soon!
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 Please punish the guilty immediately and provide relief to apartment owners. Do not take honest tax paying citizens like me for granted! I am not guilty and being harrased due to this for almost a decade! Request political parties donot play with us with countering strategies.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Can people confronting Akrama Sakrama scheme be sensitive to the citizens like me suffering for no fault of ours. Can you please ensure only very serious violations to be covered under this scheme and relieve minor violations like @5% be given Occupancy Certificate?
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Builder did not let me know that there is a violation and now I am not able to dispose of the property as I do not live there. I need to sell and buy where I live. Can government help? Except for 5% deviation on floor space there are no issues.builder tells us that he is helpless
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Even though the court ruled in favor of residents, there is no provision for surrendering the apartment back to the builder as he has failed to provide OC. The consumer forum in Mangalore also supporting builder during the implementation of the ruling to wait for Akrama Sakrama.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Can courts agree to builder's request to wait for Akrama Sakrama scheme?
The court should have asked builder either issue OC or refund with interest to the Apartment owners ..It's surprising!
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta Can you please take a note of the sufferings of the Apartment owners and the uncertainity that Apartment owners face? Posted few snippets from latest judgement
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta The entire saga started almost @10 years back and now it's waiting for Akarama Sakrama to come into force and then allow builder to apply for the same. What is the relief to me and other owners of the apartment?
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 In my opinion democracy has failed in this case! Citizens are targets for loot and no help from any corners. Why I should suffer like this in India for paying all the flat purchase amount in White and after paying tax!
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @rajeev_mp Sir, Can you please urge SC to provide relief to all Apartment owners like me who have been misled by builders? You may continue to challenge Akrama Sakrama, however, be mindful of the implications of the same to citizens. Providing relief should be the top priority.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy Can leadership of our country focus on resolving this issue which has severely impacted my ease of living!!!😩
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy In this is one can see that time value of implementing judgement is not appreciated & enough loop holes at final stages to escape punishment
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy May God Ganesh remove vignas to get the completion certificate! I pray God to give sadbuddhi to all involved to resolve the concerns sooner
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel I hope you are aware of the agony of the apartment owners for over 10 Yrs. We expect you to help us and provide relief urgently
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel This flat was purchased with my hard earned money and did not have any way to forecast builder would do anything wrong. Why I should suffer? and who will compensate me for the loss? This is a tragedy for honest taxpayers in India! Need urgent help!!
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel I request @rajeev_mp please either buy my flat or arrange to purchase by any of your associates as I can not sell. I can not suffer due to your actions. Please punish the builder and help the aggrieved apartment owners. Why govt is not interested in resolving this issue forever?
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel Please let SC know how many people are impacted due to delays.They may be seeing only builders violating rules..day by day hearing needed/1
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel Central govt must also get involved as #RERA is not effective in this case. Lakhs of #middleincome income families have been impacted..help!
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @rajeev_mp you may have good intentions but don’t push innocent citizens to the edge.Use collective wisdom to find best possible resolution.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel Can’t govt form a firefighting committee to resolve this issue? Why we are at the mercy of many for no fault of ours? I need justice ASAP
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM When will I see ease of buying and selling property in india?It’s definitely needed attention.should courts, associations bother me so much?
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM Can the govt bring an ordinance that if govt authorities and builders are unable issue OC within fixed time of 5 years,then issue automatiy
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM Any litigation between builders and government can continue without really impacting innocent buyers.In any case, buyers must be insulated!!
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM @arunjaitley If govt implement measures to resolve issues for apartment buyers as suggested can improve ease of doing business realistically
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM @arunjaitley In case of any futures corrective actions buyers are compensated by builders to the extent of losses..one must find soln out of the box.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM @arunjaitley #RERA can also direct municipal corporations to issue OC with provisions to continue legal actions on builders & protect buyers at any cost
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM @arunjaitley Govt must use this as reference case study, as this has all aspects of how system conspired & deliverered injustice to unsuspecting buyers.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM @arunjaitley @SushmaSwaraj @inR15 What is the use of any ease of doing business if lifetime savings are erased in this manner? anyone earned with hardworking can understand/3
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp @republic @IndianExpress @timesofindia @suvarnanewstv @DeccanHerald @prajavani @diganthaonline @hosadiganta @10 @narendramodi @hd_kumaraswamy @nalinkateel @NamoINDIAPM @arunjaitley @SushmaSwaraj @inR15 I really appreciate govt achievements on ease of doing businesses. The value can be felt at grassroots only if anamolies are removed /4
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp most of urban citizens in Bengaluru and other cities may turn hostile to your party as they are victims of #AkramaSakrama saga /1
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Even supreme court thinks it's not urgent to hear your appeal against#AkramaSakrama bill to punish builders, ignoring the victims like me /2
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Our hard earned money for life time is locked due to your careless actions ignoring impact to citizens. Mostly #middleclass are victims /3
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp I am unhappy that you & your party want to play with #middleclass and do not have alternative ways to address the issue w/o impacting us /4
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp If you have any humanity please help resolving this issue without politicising. You can ask govt to penalize builders and compensate victims
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @rajeev_mp Only deaf & selfish people may not understand gravity of our issues. Take action & be respected for solving problems of common people.
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 I am clueless why corporation can not on its own do inspection and decide exact violation and decide next steps for residents.@MangaloreCity
@bmkavalrwa @DrParameshwara @PMOIndia @5 @MangaloreCity @utkhader Sir, What tamasha all politicians want to see with us honest citizens?
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