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(1) My new #Kavanaugh thread, starting 9/28/18.

Long 9/22/18 thread:

Short 7/9/18 thread:

🦅"What is right will eventually triumph" -Reagan🇺🇸

#WomenForKavanaugh #WomenForTrump #VoteGOP #WalkAway
(2) So things have been clear as mud for a few hours. I will attempt to explain what I think is happening. I am not worried about eventually winning this thing. Not at all.

(3) The FBI is merely updating the file. It is not investigating a crime, bc no one has provided a date, time, place, or ANY substantiating or corroborating evidence. We already know that Ford's 4 supposed witnesses deny her *claims*.

Please remember: A claim is just a claim.
(4) The only potential "evidence" for the FBI to work with are the statements made by Ford, Kavanaugh, & the 3 others named by Ford. There is no there, there.

The FBI file update is a formality only.

It is a spectacularly hollow victory for Jeff Flake, an utter waste of time.
(5) POTUS ordering the FBI to update the file was an extremely tiny trade-off to get Flake to vote yes in committee. Senate procedure matters. The 11-10 vote provides significant help in the process over the next few days.

I trust Trump, & I trust his friend Mitch.
(6) I've backed up my arguments in the previous thread, which you can find in tweet #1 above.

>GWB loves Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh like they're family. They practically are.
>Mitch, Grassley, Hatch & Graham clearly & abundantly support Trump in 2018.

All. Will. Be. Well.
(7) Here's Bush introducing the Queen of the United Kingdom to Brett Kavanaugh. Look at her face. She does not look that happy when she meets most people. (I've been observing her closely for most of my 48 years.)
(48) Here's the 3rd-ranked Ken Starr investigator from 1994 to 1998 greeting former President Clinton on AF1 during the GWB years.

Kavanaugh respects the OFFICE of the Presidency, & the Constitution, & the country, enough to offer his hand.

Gonna be a great SCOTUS Justice.
(5) Oh man, I meant to write (4) not (48) above. I really want this thread to be shorter than the last one, LOL.

This confirmation process will end up being the most significant, historic event in decades, not counting our amazing victory on November 8, 2016.
(6) All kinds of Democrat lawlessness has already been exposed as part of this process, and there is much more to come.

I am pretty intelligent (it's been measured) but I am nowhere near as intelligent as Trump, Pence, Mitch, Grassley, Hatch, Graham, and a host of others.
(7) Rather than worry about this process, I have no problem trusting these great Americans to manage it to the correct outcome. The future of the country is in the balance. They know darn well that if they fail, they can kiss goodbye to the midterms & everything else.
(8) So, they won't fail. I do not understand the intricacies of Senate procedure or criminal law in the US. I have to trust those who do.

This is no time to be attacking the Republican party, which is the only thing standing in the way of Democrat fascism.
(9) Trump and the rest of the Republican party leadership are saving the Republic without a shot being fired. This is epic. I consider it a privilege to be able to watch this happen. Instead of complaining, I'm GRATEFUL.

Which, BTW, is the key to happiness and success.
(10) I had been expecting the Senate to #ConfirmKavanaugh on Tuesday the 2nd or Wednesday the 3rd, but I'm OK about it taking a few more days (at most) because it makes no difference...
(11) Whether the vote is in 5 days or 10 days:

>The Dems won't be happy anyway
>Kavanaugh will be seated regardless
>Even if he misses the oral arguments, he can rule on the case via transcripts.

Trump always has two or more ways to win. Are you getting that yet?
(12) Many examples of the Dimms thinking this throws them a bone. It doesn't.

It's not a "probe into" Kav. It's a re-taking of testimony from 1 person who claims something happened & 4 people who swore under penalty of felony that it didn't.

The outcome is certain. Also:
(13) The Twitter trend about protesters confronting Flake refers to yet another incident designed to terrorize Senators from both parties.

They have excellent security & are safe. Never surrender to domestic terrorists. Never condone their tactics. Stand up to bullying.
(14) Oh and I just remembered. The penalty for lying to the FBI is severe. Under Trump, we've seen prosecutions and sentencing for this on a regular basis. It seems to be increasing.

So, if I were Ford, I wouldn't lie to the FBI. We're about to find out what really went on.
(16) This short thread explains the value of the FBI file update process really well:

(17) POTUS himself confirms the view expressed by many of us yesterday:

(18) Here's a side thread of photos, videos and analysis:

(19) If these 3 investigations are about to become public, I would not be at all surprised. Evidence of this wrongdoing has been in plain view.

(20). Whoa. This letter from Dennis Ketterer re the ridiculous Swetnick allegations should be read by everyone. IMO it's a disgrace that individuals are STILL having to reveal such private, sensitive info bc of Democrat obstructionism.…
(21) Like everything else about this confirmation process, though, there is a silver lining. Ketterer, a male survivor of child sexual abuse, & a Democrat, has drawn much-needed attention to the real policy & social issues of sexual crime REGARDLESS of gender. Thank God! #HimToo
(23) Ford's claims are falling apart faster than ever before. This time of night (10pm onward) is when stuff happens. Follow @senorrinhatch - his office has the best, latest info & the old guy has quite the sense of humor.
(24) This is something we spotted on 9/27 & it has now become official. Very telling:…
(25) Hopefully tonight will see the next step in #ConfirmKavanaugh, the filing of cloture. What is cloture? Read more here:…

Note that Mitch can do this with 51 votes, not 60. #ThanksHarryReid

My live tweeting thread:
(26) 27 year old Democrat staffer Jackson Cosko charged with serious federal crimes related to the doxxing of GOP Senators' personal info during the 9/27 hearing.

He's in a world of trouble. GOOD.…
(27) There are 1,000s of Coskos, willing & able to break the law for the Dem cause. Charges:

>Making Public Restricted Personal Info
>Witness Tampering
>Threats in Interstate Communications
>Unauthorized Access of a Gov Computer
>2nd Degree Burglary & Unlawful Entry.
(28) Meanwhile, @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell keeps the ball rolling in the Senate, the only place that matters regarding #ConfirmKavanaugh. He said today that none of the Democrats' tricks will stop him.

(29) The FBI supplemental report has been sent to POTUS tonight. The Senate Judiciary Committee will get to read it Thursday.

Nothing will satisfy the Democrats so IDGAF what they think of it.
(31) White House statement at 2.24am Thursday on the FBI info, from Dep Press Sec @RajShah45.

The WSJ claims the FBI found no corroboration of Ford's claims, which would be no surprise because they are imaginary.
(32) Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY) took a strong stand this morning in support of Kavanaugh and #DueProcess.
(33) Looking like a confirmation vote some time after 5pm Saturday:

(34) FOX reports Sen Steve Daines (R-MT) has been excused for Saturday for his daughter's wedding. Now, knowing how pro-Trump he is, this tells me:

>he has been excused bc Mitch has the votes OR

>Mitch is planning for Sunday if he has to.

No big deal either way. 9/6/18:
(35) IMHO if Steve Daines knew for sure that the only way to #ConfirmKavanaugh would be to miss his daughter's wedding (out West), he'd miss it. She'd agree.

The GOP controls the Senate. Mitch can hold the vote on Sat, Sun or Mon.

Resist the chaos narrative. All will be well.
(36) Not only will the Senate #ConfirmKavanaugh either on Sat without Daines, or on Sun/Mon WITH Daines but, sharing this months-old info rn is another sign about how great McConnell is.

He's keeping the story in the news. Which helps with #VoteGOP in 32 days' time.

(37) Gonna assume Daddy Steve's little girl👰 (we're always their little girl) supports Kav to the point where she'd demand he stay if he were NEEDED for the vote.

Steve will have told Mitch about the wedding MONTHS ago.

Mitch & Co have got this. Stop underestimating them.
(38) And, since the sight of happy, successful conservatives so easily triggers the other side, here's Steve and Cindy Daines with their four kids & his parents on his first day as a Congressman in 2013. #MAGA
(39) My next thread starts below, and there's a link to a directory of ALL my Kavanaugh threads. Because he's worth it.


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