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It's painful watching this now that I've been reading @AndrewPollackFL's forthcoming book "Why Meadow Died".

@AndrewPollackFL If just ONE adult in a position of responsibility had responded to the numerous red flags around Cruz's increasingly irrational & violent behavior in the years leading up to the Parkland shooting, Meadow would still be here.…
@AndrewPollackFL You will have to read Andrew's book to fully embrace the complete horror of what was allowed to unfold at MSD High School in February of 2018.

A dysfunctional system that placed students in mortal danger & was REWARDING itself for doing so.
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1. #News ~ Google Insider @Perpetualmaniac: "people have been waiting for this Google Snowden moment..." Hundreds of leaked Google documents available on @Project_Veritas website... #TRUMP

2. #News ~ NEW: Google "Machine Learning Fairness" Whistleblower Goes Public, says: "burden lifted off of my soul," Leaks Hundreds of Internal Documents #TRUMP

3. #News ~ Democrats/ Leftists THREATEN MURDER OF EL PASO VICTIM'S FAMILY b/c they met with President Trump During His Visit to Texas… #Trump @realDonaldTrump
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Waking up to #CuccinelliResign trending, because someone dared revise the text of #TheNewColossus.

It cracks me up when libs lose their minds over this poem, acting like it's settled law. Then their next move it to play the "America is a nation of immigrants" card.
What they fail to acknowledge is that even though we are, their hollow attempts to point out hypocrisy from those of us who had ancestors who came through Ellis Island and other ports of entry had family who...

Over time, our immigration laws have changed. Just as you needed to come through Ellis Island 100+ years ago, we have a new process.

It's this process that the "migrant caravans" (i.e. criminal aliens aka invading foreign nationals) choose to ignore.
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For the #WalkAway folks, a letter from Rod Weddington, one of the lawyers who successfully argued Roe v. Wade, to President-elect Bill Clinton asking for the abortion pill to be legalized to keep the black population in check. Be sure to read no. 9 in the thread. 1/24
Dear President-To-Be Clinton,

Some years ago another Southern Governor, when asked about the possibilities for prison reform, supposedly said something to the effect of, “Well, I don’t think we’re going to get very far until we get a better class of prisoner.”
Well, I don’t think you are going to get very far in reforming the country until we have a better educated, healthier, wealthier population.
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1) News Roundup! Black AmericansAre Waking Up, Governor Sununu Protects the 2A, Gun Sales Rise, #WalkAway, Biden Gave Me Goosebumps, Wall, Koch Foods Job Fair, Democrats Don’t Talk About the Economy, Canada’s Economy Is In Trouble, Major Fundraising For PDJT, Fort Trump,
2) The Hunt, Legally, Epstein, Sempre Fe.....

Black Americans are continuing to wake up and speak out. I absolutely loved that they destroyed the POS fake reverend.

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60 Years of Crying Wolf: A Thread

I’ve often wondered: If we currently had a different Republican president who didn’t have Trump’s personality - say Jeb Bush or John Kasich - would Democrats be calling them racists & nazis anyway?

Let’s look at history to find our answer…
1960: “[Richard Nixon is using] Hitler-type propaganda” -Mayor Richard Daley

1964: “The stench of fascism is in the air” -Gov. Pat Brown on Barry Goldwater
1980: “Im scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we’re going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan & a resurgence of the Nazi party”-Coretta King

1983: “Ronald Reagan is trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf”Rep William Clay
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Find out how @Mrs_StantonKing discovered her greatness by choosing to #WalkAway
Join us for:
The #WalkAway Black Americans Town Hall, LA, 7PM E on official #WalkAway YouTube channel.
Also starting: @Joy_Villa @IWashington @BrandonStraka @LegendaryEnergy @JLPtalk @majorformayor
Hey All- plz retweet the above tweet! We conservatives don’t have the luxury of a media that promotes our message, it’s up 2 us to share our media & events to spread our message. Plz retweet the above, share it in influencer comments, & encourage your followers 2 watch our event!
Tonight- the YouTube premiere of the #WalkAway Away Black Americans Town Hall, Los Angeles
7pm EST on Official #WalkAway YouTube channel (click here to set reminder):

(Filmed April, 2019)
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Love this guy. Join my friend An0maly @LegendaryEnergy & @BrandonStraka @Joy_Villa @IWashington @Mrs_StantonKing @JLPtalk @majorformayor
for this week’s #WalkAway Sun Night Premiere:
The #WalkAway Black Americans Town Hall, Los Angeles, 7PM E
Official #WalkAway YouTube Channel
Hey All- plz retweet the above tweet! We conservatives don’t have the luxury of a media that promotes our message, it’s up 2 us to share our media & events to spread our message. Plz retweet the above, share it in influencer comments, & encourage your followers 2 watch our event!
Tonight- the YouTube premiere of the #WalkAway Away Black Americans Town Hall, Los Angeles
7pm EST on Official #WalkAway YouTube channel (click here to set reminder):

(Filmed April, 2019)
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Eyes On!!!!

BREAKING: Armed Man with Rifle, Handgun, 100 Rounds of Ammo and Body Armor Stopped and Arrested Outside Springfield, Missouri Walmart… via @gatewaypundit
Witnesses told police the man, who was described as being in his 20s, pulled up to the store, put on the body armor and military fatigues and entered the store. Police said the man was recording himself on a cell phone as he walked through the store with a cart.
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This week’s #WalkAway Sun Night Premiere (7pmE-Official #WalkAway YouTube Channel) will be the #WalkAway Black Americans Town Hall, LA.
See this powerful event starring: @Joy_Villa @BrandonStraka @IWashington @Mrs_StantonKing @LegendaryEnergy
@majorformayor @JLPtalk
Hey All- plz retweet the above tweet! We conservatives don’t have the luxury of a media that promotes our message, it’s up 2 us to share our media & events to spread our message. Plz retweet the above, share it in influencer comments, & encourage your followers 2 watch our event!
Tom. night! Click below to set your reminder for the
#WalkAway Black Americans
Town Hall, LA, PREMIERE on the official #WalkAway YouTube Channel!
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THREAD: While we were at the #WalkAway Anniversary rally, the man featured in this video was there. He got into a heated confrontation with @DavidJHarrisJr, @ygnyghtstorm and @BrandonStraka.
I periscoped it. We were praying for him when he called himself Jesus Christ. There are people who are not mentally stable on both sides of the aisle. But there is only one place where we are seeing the violent rhetoric- and that is the left.
He mirrored the false talking points he’s heard on the legacy media and he parrots the claim that @realDonaldTrump is a racist. They are attempting for a hot civil conflict. There’s no doubt about this. It’s their goal.
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from a Belgian Anon…
“For those who need a little perspective, imagine yourself in Trump's shoes right now and the immensely daunting task he faces.”
“Become prayer because now more than ever it is needed the most.”
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1) News Roundup! FEAR, Don’t Fuck With the EAGLE, Peter Navarro Is A Dragon Slayer, Scott Presler Is An Amazing Human Being, Pedophiles Are Despised In Prison, Maduro Is Feeling the Arrows, PDJT Has Put Google On the Clock, Tom Homan Is A Patriot,
2) You Never Stop Being A Parent.....

Everything you are hearing coming out of Hollywood, MSM, Democrats, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. is complete FEAR. They have done everything humanly possible to break our President. You name it they did it. Yet he is not only still
3) standing, he is getting stronger and stronger.

I have shared the data from 2016 on the percentage of Blacks (8%) and Hispanics (29%) that voted for our President and he still won. Those percentages will increase BIGLY in 2020.

I would not be shocked if 15% to 18% of Blacks
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John Minford, #SunTzu 8: 7 "There are roads not to take."
The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
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President Trump does not NEED the minority vote to win. So why fight for these communities? We talk about the advancements made for these communities with pride?
Answer: Because he loves them.
@realDonaldTrump @LaraLeaTrump @parscale #WalkAway
#maga #TrumpRally
Let’s let President Trump know how we feel and that we’re standing behind him!
Please share the tweet above! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Full speech here. Please share🇺🇸:
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El Paso: Antifa? Many witnesses are saying there were multiple shooters dressed in black and police are looking for them in local area businesses and towns. IT WAS NOT A SINGLE SHOOTER. ANDY NGO REPORTED 5 Days Ago #FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened
Liberals are changing the online records as soon as the shooting occurs so they can blame Trump and Republicans #FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened
New Zealand
El Paso
Plus many more!! FALSE FLAGS! Leftists Change Shooter Patrick Crusius's MyLife Page after Saturday Shooting from Democrat to Republican #FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened…
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥 The @FBI basically confirms that Trump and his administration, @FoxNews anchors and guests, Qanon and William Barr are a new domestic terrorism threat😲
🔥🔥🔥The FBI intelligence bulletin from the Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists” like Qanon and the Pizzagate conspiracy that were supported by MAGA extremists like General Flynn, Cernovich, Posobiec, Trump Jr... etc
WHOA‼️The @FBI document specifically names QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in a “deep state conspiracy” against President Trump- a conspiracy that @realDonaldTrump, Attorney General William Barr, @KellyannePolls and @SarahHuckabee and others in his administration promote‼️
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"Federal Reserve is pegged to the Wall Street Economy.
President Trump’s policies are pegged to the Main Street Economy.
There is a disconnect; a new dimension in U.S. economics;
and very few people understand what happens in this space between them."
When monetary policy became controlled by multinationals (Wall Street influencers purchasing politicians), capital investment moved to generate purely higher profits. Businesses, specifically manufacturing, went abroad. As a consequence the determination of prices, ie
‘inflation’, was no longer influenced by the Fed because the actual economic activity was/is outside the U.S. borders.

We see this today.

President Trump’s middle-class policy, through tariffs, is intended to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. China and the EU are trying to
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I was curious if there was any common thread for #WorstCitiesInAmerica and so I did a little digging. Facty had a recently (2019) updated and detailed look into the "Top Ten Worst Cities in America".…
No surprise, they're ALL ran by Democrats. Maybe it's time the voters held their elected government accountable. There's nothing #racist about calling out the Mayors, and Representatives from these cities and districts. That's just just common sense. #VoteDemOut #WalkAway
1) Florida City, FL - Mayor Otis Wallace (D)
2) Detroit, MI - Mayor Mike Duggan (D)
3) Monroe, LA - Mayor Jamie Mayo (D)
4) Albany, GA - Mayor Dorothy Hubbard (D)
5) Nanakuli, Oahu, HI - Mayor Kirk Caldwell (D)
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This is for all of my followers, #MAGA and all Patriots. I need advice & prayers. I am engaged, part of the LGBT community and conservative. I had to #WalkAway. I have been red-pilled & follow Q. I love my fiancé, but things are really rough.😞..
.. I have shared most of what I’ve learned w/her, but she just stares at me blankly, or nods, thinking I’m crazy. This year, I wanted to wear a “LGBTQ FOR TRUMP” shirt when I accompanied her to Pride. That was a big no. I know she’s disappointed that my...d
...views on things have changed. I’m so grateful & proud to be awake, but at the same time, she thinks I’m a traitor, so to speak. I know that the truth is coming out, but our relationship is rocky, at best. I’m so disheartened and worried...
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