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(1) Thread #3: Mass illegal immigration attempts on the US Southern border.

Directory of threads:
(2) For over a year I've rejected all violent, lawless rhetoric whenever I tweet or write threads about political issues. This caravan thread is no exception.

The tragedy in Pittsburgh *should* provide a good explanation for why I do this.
(3) IMO, Trump's responses today to the antisemitic hate crime of murdering 11 people, injuring 6, & terrorizing millions more, were perfectly appropriate & balanced, & from the heart. We reject violence, while speaking freely & peacefully fighting for policies & laws we want.
(4) The antisemitic mass murderer (I try to avoid using their names) posted on social media about the caravans just 5 minutes before entering the Synagogue:

"I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered,” he wrote. “Screw your optics, I'm going in.”
(5) When I've talked in this series of threads against those who casually talk about the use of "deadly force" if anyone gets close enough to the US border to try to breach it, it's not about optics. It's about their urge to react violently, regardless of legality or otherwise.
(6) Democrats are furiously denouncing anyone who calls the caravan an invasion, bc this killer called it that. Accordingly, I will choose my words even more carefully, in the hope that privately owned Twitter resists the urge to suspend my account. You do you.
(7) If my account is suspended, my ability to share information will become severely hampered. It won't be impossible, but it will be a monumental PITA for me. If interested in later finding me, I'm at….
(8) Never mind that Louis Farrakhan gets away with saying what he does, recently sat on stage with a former POTUS at Aretha Franklin's funeral, & is a well known friend of at least one other former POTUS from that party.

I can't the change world, I can only change myself.
(9) Y'all should google the other verses of the Serenity Prayer. They talk about accepting this world as it is, not how I'd want it to be.

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And wisdom to know the difference.
(10) I hereby use my wisdom & courage to try to help Americans fight for the common sense law changes that would #EndCatchAndRelease, & see enough funding voted to #FinishTheWall. It would saves lives on BOTH sides of the border.
(11) I will continue to denounce the appalling practice of adults (who may or may not be related) taking little children through what is effectively a war zone, with 19th-century sanitation levels. Mexico just OFFERED to take them, but they rejected it.
(12) I'm not talking about hypotheticals like their intent to reach the border. I'm not convinced that is likely to end up happening. I'm talking about the evidence of child abuse in the here and now. The child abusers are directly responsible, not politicians, not funders.
(13) Ronald Reagan said we need to stop blaming "society" for the criminal acts of an individual. Chris Wallace said something similar to Shephard Smith yesterday, when he tried (and failed) to blame Trump for the actions of the insane IED mailer in Florida.
(14) It's perfectly clear to any honest observer that the people in the caravans can't possibly get very far without funding for food, gas, medical supplies, shoes, and so on. Cash is need to pay the criminal gangs, too. No serious person questions that outside money is involved.
(15) It's well-evidenced that faith-based groups from multiple religions & denominations are providing cash & in-kind support, calling the caravan participants refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, & immigrants, but never people unlawfully in a country.
(16) I'd argue that the Catholic Church is the largest faith-based group supporting the caravans bc it's the largest religion in Central America, & from the Pope down, the global church is absolutely in favor of socialist causes & unfettered migration, where legal or not.
(17) The difference between the Pittsburgh killer & myself, the President, & frankly, most Americans, is that we use peaceful, lawful means to address the aiding & abetting of lawlessness like the blatant fomenting of large crowds to breach a border.
(18) The dif. between the "use deadly force!" brigade & myself is that I 'm convinced that this President, his admin, & every other relevant official in the US are willing & ABLE to keep the US border secure at this time. It's much harder than it will be in 18 months though.
(19) In spite of Democrats' many attempts to derail the #VoteGOP midterms campaign, a resounding GOP win appears more likely each day. (You must get out & vote, every vote counts!)

Most Americans see what is really going on.
(20) While waiting for tonight's rally to start in IL, these loving Americans united in prayer for the victims, survivors & families of the Tree Of Life Synagogue tragedy. The man looking at the camera is probably wondering why the MSM photographer is intruding to close to them.
(21) I'm not a Christian. But every day I see Christians and Jews getting along fine in America. I also see Muslims getting along fine with Christians and Jews in America. Each group, & secular people, unfortunately have a tiny number of extremists.
(22) If you are breaking the law, such as trying to breach a border, or applying for asylum & never showing up for your court hearing, then it doesn't matter if you have a faith or no faith, or what color your skin is.

It's simply about the rule of law.
(23) The killer blamed all Jews for the tiny group that is assisting the caravans. His sick ideology is not that different from the public statements of Democrats in this campaign, which morph & twist reality to suit their political agenda. Doing that costs people their lives.
(24) Distorting facts in order to get elected, is why the US has an out-of-control border policy that hasn't been common sense-updated in 30-50 years.

Last night Trump called this #TheCommonSenseElection.

He didn't make the caravans the central issue. It's just one of many.
(25) Some useful details on exactly what the >5,000 US military personnel will be doing along the border. There's also an extra 1,000 CBP personnel being sent there from elsewhere in the country. More on that in the next tweet.…
(26) Trump has said repeatedly that if individuals in the caravans present at ports of entry & seek asylum, they will be processed according to US law, as quickly as possible. Sufficient detention facilities are being built, & will be ready in time.
(27) As a temporary emergency measure, military judges are being utilized to fast-track asylum applications, & facilities are being built to detain applicants until the end of the process. I predict that most will be declined & deported. Any kids will be rescued from abusers.
(28) The large military presence is required, to harden the border, & to act as a deterrent. It would be a mistake to underestimate this effect. I'm sure the DHS & DoD are monitoring the approaching groups & if more personnel are required, they will be deployed.
(29) I'm super-excited about the size & nature of the US military border deployment that's underway right now. Inspiring stuff! Operation Faithful Patriot will cost millions & wouldn't be needed if Democrats had done their job. Remember that & #VoteGOP!…
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