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Today I should've gotten a ridiculous 5 am phone call from Tiffany singing Happy Birthday in two languages and half a dozen hilarious birthday cards. Those things don't come anymore.

I'm not alone over 700,000 grieving Mom's suffer with me.

#FinishtheWall #StopCartelDrugs
2) Birthday's & holidays are exquisitely painful reminders of Tiffany's absence. Our pain of loss doesn't end at the funeral. It hurts to know that in 5 yrs over 700,000 families have lost loved ones due to drug related causes & the left continues policies enabling their killers
3) When one considers the 10,000 American's lost a year due to illegal alien crimes and the cartel drugs alone the death toll rises to over 750,000 lives lost in 5 yrs. Yet people continue to support the policies and politicians killing our children. I will never understand why
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1/13 In loving memory of the American lives taken by the cartels and their deadly drugs that corrupt politicians continue to protect and enable with porous borders and their failure to enact immigration reform.

#FinishtheWall #StopCartelDrugs #AmericanLivesMatter
2/13) In 2016 alone over 142,000 American's died due to drug related causes. More than twice the number originally thought. If we expanded the fields to include drug related shootings and crimes I can't imagine how much higher that number would climb.
3/13) How many American lives and our children are democrats willing to sacrifice on their altar of open borders and unchecked immigration?
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1. "I am a mother.

I am a bereaved mother.

My child died, and this is my reluctant path.

It is not a path of my choice, but it is a path I must walk mindfully and with intention.
2. It is a journey through the darkest night of my soul and it will take time to wind through the places that scare me.

Every cell in my body aches and longs to be with my beloved child. On days when grief is loud, I may be impatient, distracted, frustrated, and unfocused.
3. I may get angry more easily and I may seem hopeless. I will shed many, many, many tears. I won’t smile as often as my old self. Smiling hurts now. Most everything hurts some days, even breathing.

But please, just sit beside me.

Say nothing.
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🅱️ 1. Can we talk about WeirdOrourke real quick and his whacked rally. He was all over the place but this rant in particular is some creepy one world jibber jabber about two countries joining together and forming something greater? Hard pass. #KAG
2. Lets back up a little though, it started with some odd procession from a high school or to a high school can’t tell but here’s a little flavor of the waiting crowd? Was this his Quinceañera?
3. He opened with Spanish which isn’t a problem bi-lingual is cool then follows in English🙄 Working hard to make sure everyone enunciates BATO like Beeyatoooo.
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(1) Officer Ronil Singh was a Fijian-Indian who migrated legally to the US & become a police officer. There has been a brain drain of Fijian-Indians over the past 30 years bc of racism & repeated coups. Many came to NZ... they are welcomed here, usually pillars of the community.
(2) The most recent coup in Fiji was in 2006. Naval Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrow the lawfully elected govt at the barrel of a gun. Despite murder and repression, the international community "forgot" all about it & even gave him a UN role. Of course.
(3) In fact, Fiji's violent dictator, Frank Bainimarama, was head of the UN's climate change conference for 2017. How nice.
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(1) My thoughts on some recent Trump tweets.

This video clip from an hour ago is wonderful. I will let him speak for himself.🇺🇸❤️

#Winning #SavingLives #MAGA

(2) It's high time we gave proper credit to all the military & other personnel who have contributed to the victory against ISIS.

Ofc it isn't over, I know. But Trump is right to celebrate with the country the substantive victory achieved in 17-18. Local allies "have the watch."
(3) Now for the tweets I missed while on a break. This one is accurate & not new, but I like that he mentions collusion at the end. We've seen the clear evidence of most of the beltway MSM being paid to spread the BS dossier & more. It will all come out.

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(1) Thread #6: Mass illegal immigration attempts.

November 25, 2018: The standoff continues in Tijuana and other border cities. The US has the ability and the will to win this, even with existing crappy laws.

Directory of caravan threads:

(2) BTW, the man dressed in camo and holding a rifle in the above photo isn't military, he's law enforcement. They've always been able to lawfully use force to save the lives of others. Border patrol officers get murdered. Of course they are allowed to shoot back.
(3) I've seen liberal MSM reporters refer to Tijuana as a "town." The population is >1.2 million.

If 10k caravaners are there, that's a ratio of 1:120. There's bound to be a few open borders fans among the locals. They could billet people in their homes, but no.
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(1) Thread #4: Mass illegal immigration attempts on the US Southern border.

Caravans through Mexico will always be with us, certainly long after 2018 midterms. The current ones are different... the strongest response is needed.

Directory of threads:
(2) The strong response being formed now will reduce size/frequency of future caravan attempts. The eventual #EndCatchAndRelease, #FinishTheWall & other actions by the incoming congress will allow the military deployments to end.

#VoteGOP has never been more necessary.
(3) Essential reading about the caravans:…
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(1) Thread #3: Mass illegal immigration attempts on the US Southern border.

Directory of threads:
(2) For over a year I've rejected all violent, lawless rhetoric whenever I tweet or write threads about political issues. This caravan thread is no exception.

The tragedy in Pittsburgh *should* provide a good explanation for why I do this.
(3) IMO, Trump's responses today to the antisemitic hate crime of murdering 11 people, injuring 6, & terrorizing millions more, were perfectly appropriate & balanced, & from the heart. We reject violence, while speaking freely & peacefully fighting for policies & laws we want.
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(1) Caravan Thread #2.

There is no way these thousands of intended illegal "immigrants" are getting into the US this time. Remember April 2018 & stay focused on the ELECTION instead!

Thread #1:

All my caravan threads:
(2) Welcome to my thread folks, including the haters & losers.😁 I provide amateur coverage of major events free for the benefit of all. You don't *have* to read my Thread #1 linked above, but if you reply to this one without doing that, I can usually tell. Remember your manners.
(3) Like all major news affecting the Trump mvt, there's 3 narratives:

A: The liberal MSM distort & lie to undermine the US.

B: Fake Trump supporting pundits sow FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) to undermine the US.

C: Calm, reasoned observers expose A & B.

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(1) #PhotoThread of the desperate Democrats' latest "caravan" of Central Americans who want to illegally enter the US.

Socialists throughout Latin America & Canada are always trying to impose their will on the US. Finally we have a POTUS willing to STOP them.

(2) I've been following the "news" stories and studying available photos to figure out what's really going on. My opinion on this event differs from the group of so-called Trump supporters hysterically calling for deadly force against this group of Democrat pawns.
(3) Yes, this is an "invasion force." They openly state & demonstrate their intent to use the force of numbers to breach the US border. They exploit innocent children, toddlers & babies, as human shields, like other terrorists do.
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