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Cerita tentang seorang perempuan, ibu dan saudara yang dihujani santet sampai meninggal dunia.

True Story

#bacahorror @bacahorror @IDN_Horor #TrueStory #horor #bacahoror #threadstory #threadhoror #hororviral #viral2023 #santet

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"aku titip anak-anakku lek sampek aku gak dowo umur."
(aku titip anak-anakku kalau sampai aku tidak panjang umur)

ucap bu nia yang sudah lelah menahan sesuatu yang berada didalam raganya.
sesuatu yang tidak ada namun berjalan cepat didalam tubuhnya.

Dia tidak percaya apa yang selama ini dia alami. hingga sampai ada yang tega melakukan hal seperti itu kepadanya.

bu nia dengan raut wajah yang lelah melihat anak-anaknya yang nampak khawatir duduk di sofa
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Happy Friday and Happy #thread Day!
You wanted to know about the meaning(s) behind Genesis 1? Well here it is! But buckle up because it's not what you think!
#ThreadsOfLight #threadstory #threads #THREADOFTHREADS
The very first question we should be asking ourselves about Genesis 1 is not "is this true?" That's a Sunday School question, and we're at the adults table. The question is, "Who wrote it?" Genesis 1 is what scholars denote as a "P" Source, meaning the author(s).../1
...were or considered themselves, descendants of Aaron or representing the priestly descendants’ interest. They were most likely from the kingdom of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, and were very familiar with priestly practices and had access to these documents.../2
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JANHIT MEIN JAARI - HOW I ALMOST GOT SCAMMED - #Jamtara Real Life Incident. #threadstory

Today morning at around 09:45 AM, I got a call from 964675397 'FedEx' customer care saying a package attached to my Aadhar ID had been flagged because it contained illegal items. (1/n)
I allegedly sent the package on December 13, 2022, from Mumbai to Taiwan and it contains 3 Kg of textiles, 5 Credit Cards, 11 Passports, 2 pairs of shoes and...wait for it... 800 gm of weed. I haven't sent any such parcel through FedEx, and I don't live in Bombay. (2/n)
I panicked at hearing that the police needed to get involved because it included illegal items. The customer care executive patiently gave me details about the parcel & 'patched' the call to Mumbai Police Cyber Cell. Red flag 1: Why are police on the hot dial with FedEx? (3/n)
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A quick thread on "Woke" and, what it truly means, why the right hates it, and why Judaism is woke as hell.
Let's do this. #Thread #threadstorytimes #threadstory #woke #wokeaf #wokementality
Now, I'll first state that as a Caucasian American Jew of Ashkenazi descent, I can speak to this aspect of American life knowing that I live with a great deal of white privilege. As an assimilated Reform Jew, I can blend into the white Christian world easily to avoid conflict./1
There are Jews who make the decision to wear Jewish ritual object (keepot/ tallit) that make them targets of antisemitism. However, a black American does not face the existential crises that white Jews do, as black Americans CANNOT hide their background and are always targets./2
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Few things on #IndiaFightsCOVID19

#1 Demand Supply Gap
there is a sudden surge in demand for testing, beds, Oxygen, etc. Make no mistake crisis is real

#2 Panic due to scarcity
Panic driven by scarcity. Like a run on bank, remember #icicibank run in 2008 ?
#3 Precautionary Procurement
Patients get into panic driven precautionary engagement - especially beds, oxygen, medicines (Remdesivir etc)

#4 Amplification by panic
panic multiplies efforts. 1 person needing a bed puts word to 5 people - 5X beds are being sought for 1x need
#5 Black marketing thugs
Get into play to make money out of panic situation. Lots of bad elements hand in glove all over

International articles are written showcasing deaths, tragic situations, crematoria. Putting #India down.
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Ganesh Prasad ji Varni (1874–1961) was one of the foundational figures of the modern Indian Digambara intellectual tradition during the early 20th century.
Read the thread to know how much he has done for jains.
#jainGem #Jainism #threadstory
He was the founder of several schools and institutions of advanced learning. He was born in Lalitpur (UP), who belonged to the Asati community(mostly Vaishnava), his father had a deep faith in the Namokar Mantra. He used to live in a Jain neighbourhood and visit the Jain temple
near his house in Mandawara. Influenced by lectures there, at the age of ten, he took a vow to take meals before sunset throughout his life. During his yajnopavita ceremony, he had an argument with the priest & his mother, and declared that he will be a Jain henceforth.
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i'm not crazy i promise 💀 . but my mom got like a whole box of tasers for whatever reason 😐. & she just gave me one . & i went home & showed josh . he didn't care 🙁 .i kept pressing the button .
he told me to stop . & he was just being mean 😐 . i was fake crying . & when he came over to me i pressed the button on the taser . he got scared & took it from me 😭 .
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People support their own criminals and murderers, it doesn't matter that they are the ones that are the major victims.

The military yesterday killed the most dreaded killer in Benue State, and possibly
the North Central, Tarwase Akwaza, popularly known as Gana. I saw the pain and distress it caused Gov. Ortom, who lamented that Gana was coming for SECOND AMNESTY before the military laid ambush and killed him.

Well, I thought that Ortom was alone in this pain until Uzordimma Enzo Nzeribe drew my attention to a post made by one Benue indigine, who said he had so much respect for the military, but had lost that respect because of the extrajudicial killing of Gana.
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Kisah nyataku

------------A THREAD-----------

#threadhorror #threadhoror #Thread #threadstory #horor #hororstory #horor #TheRead #threadseru #threadsadis Image
Hallo manteman mutualan inces yang cantik dan ganteng kembali lagi sama thread horor dari inces ya kali ini inces ng thread horor yang ke 2 ya hehehe semoga kalian suka ya guys😘 tetap jaga kesehatan yah lapyu muach😍😂
Kita mulai ya... 2 tahun lalu aku sekolah di smk yang pernah aku cerita di tread sebelumnya bagi yang udah baca pasti tau hehehe oke aku jurusan keperawatan di sekolahku karna hobby ku memang mengarah kedunia medis.
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Every stone sculpture...narrates a story.This temple dedicated to Shiva has stunning sculptures & vimana is sculpured to look like
a chariot with wheels &horses was build during the reign of Kulothunga Chola

Amirthakadeswarar Temple,Mela Kadambur,Near Cuddalore,TN

1/n ImageImage
#storytimethread -Devas who churned amrit began to consume it without worshipping Ganesha, so he got angry n took away amrit pot.When he passed through this place,a drop of amrit fell on earth & it became a Swayambu Linga.So deity is called Amirthakateshwarar

Realizing their mistake, Indira and Devas came here n worshipped forVinayaka’s pardon who in turn advised them to worship Shiva linga. Athithi, mother of Devas worshipped Shiva - Amirtha kateshwarar here for granting amrit to her children(devas).
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Aavani Moola festival of #Madurai
#meenakshi Amman #Temple -dedicated to Sundareswarar (Shiva)&his Thiru vilayadals (Miracles) #Thread

8th day of this festival -Moola
Nakshatra in Tamil month Aavani -Nariyai Pariyaakkiya (Turing Fox
to Horse)Leelai-to save Manickavasagar
📸- previous yrs event.This year it is cancelled due to COVID-19

#threadstorytime -This thiru vilavadal of Shiva -related to Athmanatha Swamy #temple, Avudaiyarkoil
Manickavasagar(Vadhavooran) minister of King Arimarthana Pandiyan of Madurai was given money to buy horses
Vadhavooran went to buy,but on the way Shiva came in the form of Dakshinamoorthy -preached Upanishads &Vedas.Afterwards he spent his whole time in chanting Mantras& devotional songs about Shiva & forgot to buy horses.King was waiting for horses,but no news about Vadhavooran
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Gnana Saraswati #temple - located on banks of Godavari River at Basar,Telangana
One of the famous Saraswati temples in India,the other is Sharada Peeth.
Gnana Saraswathi Devi’, is in a seated position with a ‘Veena’ in hand.This temple also is abode of Goddess Lakshmi and Kali. ImageImageImage
#storytimethread- Rishi Veda Vyasa after Kurukshetra war was searching for peace & reached Basara on the banks of River Godavari.He found this place very serene,so started meditating here.
Goddess ordered rishi to place three handful of sand at three places every day.

1/n ImageImage
With that 3 small heaps,Rishi Vyasa made images of Saraswati, Lakshmi& Kali with his mystic power,later conducted prayers. As Maharishi Vyasa spent considerable time in prayers, place was then called Vasara,turned into Basara due to influence of Marathi lang in this region.
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Perkenalkan saya Rina, saya mau berbagi pengalaman tentang berbagai gangguan dari “Mereka” di rumah saya.Cerita berawal saat pembangunan rumah ku ini di tahun 2015 waktu pulang dari Kalimantan.
Saat itu nenek ku bagi bagi warisan tanah dari tanah hasil warisan ini Ibuku serta Bulekku membangun rumah barengan dan kebetulan yang menjadi tukang bangunannya itu masih keluarga sendiri,pakdhe ku dan ponakan ku. FYI kami sembilan bersaudara.
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Check out our latest paper on @biorxivpreprint!

Phosphorylation of the overlooked #tyrosine 310 regulates the structure, #aggregation, and #microtubule- and #lipid-binding properties of #Tau…

Short #thread!

#AcademicTwitter #biochemistry #threadstory
Tau misfolding and aggregation are implicated in tauopathies such as #Alzheimers and #PSP. Tau is extensively post-translationally modified and aberrant pattern of PTMs are found in disease. Tyrosine PTMs have received the least attention, especially Y310.
Tau has 5 tyrosines, and Y310 is in the crucial position within the aggregation-prone MT- and lipid-binding repeat domain. It compacts and folds into beta-sheet structure. We asked:

How would addition of bulky negatively charged phosphogroups to tyrosines impact Tau properties?
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Kerajaan Pantai Selatan.
(A Thread) Image
Malam ini saya akan coba menulis sebuah thread perdana saya.
Sesuai judul, saya akan menceritakan sedikit banyak tentang Kerajaan Laut Selatan.
Sebelum mulai, saya tegaskan bahwa semua yang saya tuliskan adalah cerita yang original, yang saya dapatkan dari salah satu kawan yang dia merupakan seorang indigo sejak lahir.

Kalian bebas percaya atau tidak, yang pasti mereka ada hanya beda dunia.
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~A Thread~

"Tinggal Sendiri di Kos-Kosan"

Based on true story

#bacahorror #horrorthread #threadhorror #Threadstory @bacahorror
Hallo semua, ini thread pertama gw, mohon dimaklumi jika masih banyak kesalahan dalam penulisan dan mungkin kurang tertata rapih dan engga bikin merinding.

Maklum newbie, hehe.

Salam horror.
#bacahorror #threadhorror
Cerita ini terjadi di antara pertengahan tahun 2017 sampai awal tahun 2018 lalu.

Semua nama tokoh, nama tempat, yang ada di cerita ini disamarkan, spy menghormati pemilik kos-kosan tersebut.
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#Threadstory 🔞
Percaya nggak kalo ada cewek yg bikin sagne tapi segan buat di ew, cewek kayak gitu tuh mengairahkan tapi ga murahan, bikin cowok ketagihan sampe pingin berakhir bersama di pernikahan.

Ini tentang Kenanga, yg lebih dari Dahlia, Tulip, maupun Bunga.
Dulu Sempet mikir kenapa Kenaga mau deket² cowok bermotor kayak gue, disaat cowok bermobil ngecengin dia, bahkan sempet minder kalo dikelaksonin mobil sama cowok yg kenal dia pas gue goncengan sama Kenanga kalo pulang kerja. Mana Kenanga keliatan maksain banget buat deket gue.
Dia tuh cewek look like princess gitu, ga kebagian loker mewek, takut kobokan, ga minum es, ga suka kopi, ga suka asap roko, ga suka karaoke, ga pernah ngomong kasar, banyak hal lain yg ga dia suka, tapi anehnya ya jadi suka aja sama hal yg bikin gue ga suka, karena itu Kenanga.
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#Threadstory 🔞
Alat kelamin manusia berbeda, ada Penis dan vagina, bagaimana jika ternyata Jati menyukai jenis yg sama?
Dunia memberikan pilihan yg bisa lu pilih, tapi ternyata ada beberapa pilihan yang cuma bisa elu terima.
Mari bercerita tentang Jati yg sedikit berbeda.
Sebelumnya gue mikir penetrasi itu ya cuma penis dan vagina aja. Soalnya waktu kelas 5 SD gue pernah nemuin CD bercover gambar kayak gitu di lemari Bapak. Gue mikir "oh..orang dewasa kayak gini". Karena kesel gw pernah ngerjain bapak dengan Note alarm di Nokia 3315 nya.
Suara desahan itu biasanya dimulai 22.30 mulai dah terdengar, gue nguping dari dalam kamar yg dekat ruang TV, gue liat jam udah 22.29 gue hitung mundur 3..2.. dan,
Alarm nya nyala, tadi gue nambahin Note di Alarm nya. "H4y0o...l4g1 n94p41nd..?.
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#Threadstory 🔞
Mungkin cerita kumpul kebo ini udah banyak banget yg ngalamin, gue ga masalah buat yg lagi ngejalaninya silahkan mumpung badan masih sehat²nya nenen baru berisi masih kenyal² nya, semua gaya, posisi bisa dimaenin. Tapi Awas, kalo jadi kawinin. Jangan gugurin!
Waktu itu untuk pertama kalinya gue mergokin anak manusya abis bermain. Ok.fine, saking begonya gue malah wawancarain.
"Lah...elu abis ngapain?.
"Gak...ini gue tadi abis keujanan mampir deh buat..."
"Nggak...ini ngeringin baju.
Gue perhatiin baju dilantai..
"Semuanya masih kering ah".
"Ia tadi basah".
"Basah dimana?. Didalem?".
Suasana jadi menegangkan, kota ini emang udah beberapa minggu lagi deres² nya ujan. Deres juga keinginan untuk melakukan hal-hal yg diinginkan. Gue tadi tbtb dapet BBM Call.
"Plese...please kesini..!".
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#Threadstory 🔞
Orang mikirnya kalo Desa ya isinya orang yg baik² aja dripada orang kota. Kebodohan utama manusia adalah ketika berpikir cuma dri apa yg dia pikir aja.
Gue prnah berfikir tentang sbuah tempat, dimana pertumpahan sperma & percampuranya dengan ovum sangatlah biasa.
Dimana desah² manja terjadi gitu aja, kpn aja, dimana aja, bahkan degan siapa aja. Random tnpa rencana.
Ini bukan bercanda.
Ini beneran ada.
Mari berkunjung Ke Desa Para Bunga.

Gue rasa bumi berputar cukup cepat cuma buat si Bunga. Gue gak tau dia hidup dilapisan sebelah mana nya bumi, dia prnah cerita kalo dia dibesarkan di Desa yg ditumbuhi padi² yg terbentang luas dengan jalan raya yg membelahnya dan membuatnya terlihat seperti savana.
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#Threadstory 🔞
Gue punya temen seorang Lonte & dia menikmatinya. Banyak hal yg dia share, ada cerita yg bikin ketawa terngakak² sampe yg bikin gue termemek². Bberapa hal yg bikin gue salute dan tetep betemen sama dia, meskipun hati kecil gue sebenernya risih.

Bgini ceritanya..
Keindahan kota ini menyembunyikan sisi kelam didalamnya, gw tau setelah kenal sama si "Bunga", waktu itu dia belum terbuka hingga suatu hari pas ngumpul dia di jemput Pajero "Bentar ya, sejam lagi aku balik". Dan pas balik lagi dia nenteng seabreg makanan branded.
"Abis di BO shortime...Dia ketawa bahagia banget kayanya sambil bagi tu makanan. Gue liatnya cringe, ga percaya aja. Tapi temen gue yg udah lebih dulu kenal tu anak keliatanya udah biasa. Dari situ gue curiga, gue perhatiin rambut nya acak²an, basah. Tapi masa ia?
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