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Border Patrol Agents Apprehend MS-13 Gang Member in Eagle Pass… via @cbp
Lack of Infrastructure Continually Exploited For Illegal Immigration…
Border Patrol Seizes Nearly $1M Worth of Marijuana in the Rio Grande Valley… via @cbp
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Another Trojan Horse waiting to attack. No thank you! Good luck sleeping in the bed she created. #FinishTheWall
Not an ounce of sympathy.
Ilhan Omar will probably come to her defense. SMH
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg IS ALIVE! She Talks About Her Post-Surgery Condition at Reagan Airport; RBG to sit for oral arguments for first time since December surgery; Expect Her To Retire Before 2020 #PatriotsAwakened #FinishTheWall…
TMZ HOAX? She is standing straight which she never does, animatronics working to create illusion of being alive DONT BELIEVE IT #PatriotsAwakened
Fake News? Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court for oral arguments - #PatriotsAwakened #FinishTheWall…
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Here's a thread with my thoughts on the #Crisisattheborder and why we need to #FinishTheWall

What prompted me to do this? The mantra from the left that they do not 'beleive' there is a crisis at the border or that it is a fiction made up by President Trump
When people use words like I dont believe this, especially in today's world it calls to mind postmodernism and how there is no real truth. Truth is what I believe and it not based upon facts, but my interpretation of them.
When we cannot as a society agree on facts, it leads us down so many dangerous paths.
We cannot agree on when life begins, how many genders there are, and now we cannot even agree on the definition of the word crisis.
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Check out the following #QAnon post:

I believe I'm going to elaborate on both of these links.
They're so important to understanding the optics being put into place here & Why!

@realDonaldTrump: I will never waver from my sacred duty to defend this Nation and its people. We will get the job done.

Trump is reassuring #America he has & will continue to keep every campaign promise made & he will continue to fight for #WeThePeople

President Trump was elected partly on his promise to secure the Southern Border with a barrier and, since his first day in office, he has been following through on that promise.

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Q Thread - Saturday February 16, 2019


#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1GWA #SpyGate #PatriotsUnited @POTUS
2) Q is back on Saturday with Drop 2738

Anons have known this for a very long time. H/T to @intheMatrixxx for the Red_Castle Green_Castle decode!


Army Chief of Engineers?
How long have Anons known?

3) A photo emerged yesterday of POTUS discussing Wall plans with the Commanding General of RED_CASTLE (Army Corps Of Engineers).
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Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta wouldn’t even look a the Angel Mom. It’s a real crisis when you can’t protect your border. #FinishTheWall
The president had no choice. Shutting down the government would have been useless. Paul Ryan screwed this entire matter up last year. Trump is doing what he has to do.
Interesting how the liberal MSM won’t even admit that he got more than a dollar from Fancy Nancy for the border wall. Remember she said he would only get that.
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Anons knew last March?
Do you believe in coincidences?
At what point is it mathematically impossible?

Credit to Anons who deciphered Red/Green Castle.
Why must we communicate this way?
Think NAT SEC laws.

Anon :

Got eyes on someone in china early today?
Thanks Q for all you and your people are doing to unite our world!!
We owe you more than you know

#QAnon :

We only go ‘public’ when we want the ‘target’ to ‘know’.

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1 : An #ElChapo US corruption thread:

Evidence presented at trial demonstrated that to further the interests of the Sinaloa Cartel, Guzman 'El Chapo' Loera and his organization took advantage of a "vast network of corrupt government officials."…

2 : These officials ranged from local law enforcement officers, prison guards, state officials, high ranking members of the armed forces, as well as politicians. Corrupt officials assisted #ElChapo in exchange for millions in bribery payments.…
3 : According to reporters in the Brooklyn courthouse, Mr Peña Nieto requested $250m before settling on $100m. Cifuentes claimed the delivery was made to Mexico City in October 2012 by a friend of #ElChapo.…
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Hello folks, I had the opportunity to go to the #ElPasoTrumpRally and this is my perspective.
If you are ever in El Paso and want to go to the El Paso Coliseum do not use Google for directions. It sent us into Mexico. Luckily we didn't have any issues getting back across. #MAGA
Sitting in line at the Texas border. We did not have our passports but they were able to check their system and verify.
This was a beautiful sight. God bless Texas.
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🅱️ 1. Can we talk about WeirdOrourke real quick and his whacked rally. He was all over the place but this rant in particular is some creepy one world jibber jabber about two countries joining together and forming something greater? Hard pass. #KAG
2. Lets back up a little though, it started with some odd procession from a high school or to a high school can’t tell but here’s a little flavor of the waiting crowd? Was this his Quinceañera?
3. He opened with Spanish which isn’t a problem bi-lingual is cool then follows in English🙄 Working hard to make sure everyone enunciates BATO like Beeyatoooo.
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POTUS "Did they get the clip?"
Yes, Mr. President.
POTUS "Did they catch all the references?"
Yes, Mr. President.
POTUS "Show me."
Thank you, Mr. John Vineyard.
Thank you, Anons.
(return publicly)

Anon :

Here to the end, sir.

#QAnon :

You will never be alone.
We are UNITED.
God speed, Patriot.

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Everyone had dreams, including #Hussein ...
#Hussein wondered what #MagicWand could bring back manufacturing and #Jobs to #USA . OUR #DreamsComeTrue with #JesusChrist & #Trump2020
Which to the chagrin of #TrojanHorse #Hussein
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Julie < Typical Dem/ Lib -LIES about @POTUS. You guys are so predictable.
Most likely screens outside.

He did NOT lie about capacity - but said "..75000 people signed up for his campaign rally tonight in El Paso, but the arena only holds 8,000"… #RALLY
- FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Donald Trump Jr SPEAKING NOW!

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #Winning #MAGA #KAG #FinishTheWall #RALLY
3.) JUST IN: FBI Counsel Talked to Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer About Comey Letter on Weiner Laptop Clinton Emails Days Before 2016 Election…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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Thread 2.11.2019!
Isa. 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, & not be weary; & they shall walk, & not faint! 🦅

#WaitOnTheLord #TrustHisPlan #QAnon
President Trump’s Tweets 2.11.2019!
1. 7:41:49 EST [14.3] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray Adding Q Drops 741 & 143!
President Trump’s Tweets 2.11.2019!
2. 7:43:45 EST [2] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray Adding Q Drops 743 & 2!
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10 USMC 284 which authorizes @realDonaldTrump to Deploy US Military to the Southern Border to Build Fences. Operation Red Castle Green Castle..
and ya all thought Q not real?
Operation Red Castle Green Castle
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
I repeat Nothing
Patriots Are In Control
Grab popcorn
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(1) Officer Ronil Singh was a Fijian-Indian who migrated legally to the US & become a police officer. There has been a brain drain of Fijian-Indians over the past 30 years bc of racism & repeated coups. Many came to NZ... they are welcomed here, usually pillars of the community.
(2) The most recent coup in Fiji was in 2006. Naval Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrow the lawfully elected govt at the barrel of a gun. Despite murder and repression, the international community "forgot" all about it & even gave him a UN role. Of course.
(3) In fact, Fiji's violent dictator, Frank Bainimarama, was head of the UN's climate change conference for 2017. How nice.
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(1) My thoughts on some recent Trump tweets.

This video clip from an hour ago is wonderful. I will let him speak for himself.🇺🇸❤️

#Winning #SavingLives #MAGA

(2) It's high time we gave proper credit to all the military & other personnel who have contributed to the victory against ISIS.

Ofc it isn't over, I know. But Trump is right to celebrate with the country the substantive victory achieved in 17-18. Local allies "have the watch."
(3) Now for the tweets I missed while on a break. This one is accurate & not new, but I like that he mentions collusion at the end. We've seen the clear evidence of most of the beltway MSM being paid to spread the BS dossier & more. It will all come out.

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(1) Thread #6: Mass illegal immigration attempts.

November 25, 2018: The standoff continues in Tijuana and other border cities. The US has the ability and the will to win this, even with existing crappy laws.

Directory of caravan threads:

(2) BTW, the man dressed in camo and holding a rifle in the above photo isn't military, he's law enforcement. They've always been able to lawfully use force to save the lives of others. Border patrol officers get murdered. Of course they are allowed to shoot back.
(3) I've seen liberal MSM reporters refer to Tijuana as a "town." The population is >1.2 million.

If 10k caravaners are there, that's a ratio of 1:120. There's bound to be a few open borders fans among the locals. They could billet people in their homes, but no.
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Amanda will never smile again. Never teach 6th grade again after brutally run over by an illegal alien.

Why wasn't he deported?
2 reasons:
1. Liberal judges opposing Trump
2. Democrats need the votes.

RT if you are outraged.

We are all #AmandaFergusonWeyant

These activist judges preventing President Trump from doing his job of protecting our border have blood on their hands.

As do Pelosi and Schumer blocking DJT from getting a wall.

@SCOTUS are you part of the problem or the solution? John Roberts should call out the 9th Circuit.
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(1) Thread #4: Mass illegal immigration attempts on the US Southern border.

Caravans through Mexico will always be with us, certainly long after 2018 midterms. The current ones are different... the strongest response is needed.

Directory of threads:
(2) The strong response being formed now will reduce size/frequency of future caravan attempts. The eventual #EndCatchAndRelease, #FinishTheWall & other actions by the incoming congress will allow the military deployments to end.

#VoteGOP has never been more necessary.
(3) Essential reading about the caravans:…
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(1) Thread #3: Mass illegal immigration attempts on the US Southern border.

Directory of threads:
(2) For over a year I've rejected all violent, lawless rhetoric whenever I tweet or write threads about political issues. This caravan thread is no exception.

The tragedy in Pittsburgh *should* provide a good explanation for why I do this.
(3) IMO, Trump's responses today to the antisemitic hate crime of murdering 11 people, injuring 6, & terrorizing millions more, were perfectly appropriate & balanced, & from the heart. We reject violence, while speaking freely & peacefully fighting for policies & laws we want.
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