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New at @nature - Efficacy of MEK inhibition in patients with histiocytosis. The culmination of an amazing 7-year collaboration @sloan_kettering with Eli Diamond @AbdelWahablab @ECDGA @Histiocytosis @Roche and many others! [1/x]
We stumbled into histiocytosis after Barret Rollins' lab discovered BRAF V600 mutations in ~50% of LCH, followed later by Julian Haroche making similar observations in ECD.…… [2/x]
At the time I had just opened the vemurafenib basket (VE-BASKET) study and the first patient we treated was a woman who had been neurologically devastated by ECD - 7 years later she remains healthy on drug! [3/x]
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Starting "Voices without Frontiers" #VoicesIWS
A program by @IWS_Network to promote awareness about the challenges & lessons learned by #Immigrant and #International #WomenInScience

I was born & raised in Chicoral, Colombia. A tiny town in the middle of the Andes Cordillera.
I attended Nuestra Señora del Rosario school, located in Espinal, 15Km away from Chicoral. Due to the high heat by noon, all schools start really early back home. This meant, I had to wake up at 5am to attend school every morning since I was 4 years old. #VoicesIWS
I did well in math and science in elementary and high school, so I chose to study clinical microbiology. Although coming from a low-middle income family, I was able to attend university, thanks to my parents’ effort to prioritize education over other commodities. #VoicesIWS
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There are a lot of misconceptions about sunscreen and whether or not dark-skinned people need to wear it to prevent skin cancer. This NPR piece does a POOR job presenting the actual evidence. I think a TWEETORIAL is in order.
Melanoma is a potentially deadly form of skin cancer that has been linked to over exposure to UV rays from the sun. Thus, the promotion of sunscreen as an effective intervention to prevent melanoma is a reasonable public health message.
While this may be true for fair-skinned patients, i.e. white people, this is NOT the case for dark-skinned people, i.e. most black and brown people.
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In 2005, Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory University, decided to conduct an experiment to demonstrate the power of conformity (this has relevance in oncology and medicine in general, so bear with me)
Berns and his team recruited volunteers and asked them to participitae in a game in which each group member was shown 2 different 3D objects on a computer screen and asked if the first object can be rotated to match the second
He then used fMRI scanning to evaluate the areas of volunteers brains as they conformed to or broke with group opinion. Berns came out with 2 interesting observations:
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