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I think I already did - but for your benefit, allow me to do so again. You're stupid.

How dare the EU tell us how to spend our money? How fucking dare they suggest that perhaps we should be spending money on some of the things that our government for some fucking reason isn't.
Outrageous that we should be paying money to the EU that they fritter away on development projects in far away impoverished areas like Cornwall, West Wales, and the North. Let's call this tyranny what it really is - foreign aid.

We are the unwilling recipients of foreign aid.
How dare they suggest we should be spending money on environmental protection like pollution control and flood defences. It's our fucking country and we should be allowed to fuck it up how we like, yes?
I'll tell you what, we'd have a lot more gold medallist swimmers if kids learned to swim at beaches pumping raw sewerage into the sea - nothing makes you swim faster than pink toilet paper floating past your face!
If we wanted to protect the homes of people in coastal areas and on flood plains then we wouldn't have given them planning permission to build houses next to fucking rivers, would we? or given a fuck about burning coal, old sofas and tires?
They'd probably try to stop us from fracking for gas as well, the tree-hugging bastards. Don't they know it's an Englishman's God-given right to perform controlled explosions deep in methane-rich shale causing earthquakes and polluting the water table and fuck the consequences?
And fuck them for all those farming subsidies. Those French farmers milking the system and how much do we pay for that? Okay, it's nothing because the French are net contributors, but why should we have to protect our farmers? We have The Archers, is that not enough?
Elites, that's what they are. Specifically foreign elites. Not like our Great British Elites who go to public school, make up the vast majority of our Government, ad also happen to be the leaders of our Great British Brexit crusade.
The EU elites (whoever they are) must hate our British elites so much, since they vindictively forced on us a law preventing them from hiding their wealth off-shore - a proud British tradition. That's cultural warfare, the swines!
That must be why it's imperative that the UK Leave no later than the end of March 2019. Can you only imagine the public embarrassment and pearl clutching that may result from having to declare that ones assets were squirrelled away in the Caymans on tax day? Heaven forefend!
And if it's not the elites its the corporates. Who do they think they are telling OUR faceless corporate overlords that they have to give US, the British people, indulgences like holidays, sick pay, maternity leave, or a minimum wage?
We set the gold standard in worker exploitation in the industrial age and who the fuck are the EU to tell us that we can't make people work 80 hours a week in dangerous conditions? If we want children to work then we'll send them up chimneys and they'll do fuck all about it. Yea?
You know, as I sit here in a hotel, having used my Freedom of Movement to yet again travel to a once communist country, I can look out of the window and see at least three European flags that I can see flying outside.
If I were a Leaver, my blood would be boiling. Another hapless country under the hegemony of the tyrannical EU, with its nice(ish) buildings, friendly(ish) people, history and heritage intact, making a go of it, and being reasonably successful - all within the hated EU.
Of course, we paid for all of it (well, some of it - very little, really) and how do the ungrateful bastards show their thanks? ... by inviting me over as part of several hundred thousands of pounds worth of business my company does with them. Ingrates!
If they knew the truth they would have wished that the Russians had been successful in keeping them back in the Soviet Union - just like the EU is trying to do with the UK (except without the tanks, and they're sad to see us go but lets sit down and work out a deal, yeah?)
It's almost as if it's not the EU that's holding the UK back, it's the UK. It's the government that can't seem to see beyond London and the home counties. It's the culture of elitism in the ruling classes - in both tribes, and the nativism that enables them.
We have a choice between a far right wing with libertarian, authoritarian, bordering on fascistic tendencies, and a far left wing just as authoritarian but also Trotskyist, and not in a good way.
Both right and left wings are stuck in the past - slaves to ideology fighting a class war neither can win. Both are followed by hoards of brainwashed nativist guppies perpetuating the nonsense.
And if that's not bad enough, you've got outsider wing-nuts, possibly sponsored by foreign powers and sinister vested interests, breaking down trust in anything and everything, and stirring up racial tensions - tactics straight out of Goebbels Greatest Hits.
They are the reason nothing worthwhile gets done. They are the reason the smart, sensible people can't fix the UKs problems and get shit done. It's stupid because they're stupid.
Perhaps we could have a bit of business to make some money which we spend for a bit of socialism to look after people? You know, a happy medium like (most) countries in the EU are working towards (some with more success than others)? Wouldn't that be nice?
No! The mad feckers are in charge so it must be one fecking extreme or the other! Unbridled capitalism or communism - them's your choices. And don't let those Centrist feckers tell you otherwise!

Anyone who can look at our so-called leaders on the left and the right, whether they're in power or not and still say that they're not the problem, is part of the problem.

But no, it must be the EU... something something about tyranny...

So yeah, maybe you're stupid...
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