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1. @WHO held a press briefing today. Some interesting but disparate points made at it.
Pediatric #hepatitis: To date 348 probable cases from 5 regions of the world have met the case definition; 70 more are being studied. Only 6 countries have reported more than five cases.
2. Of the pediatric #hepatitis cases, 70% have tested positive for adenovirus, mostly type 41. ~18% of the cases tested positive for #Covid19. @WHO's Philippa Easterbrook says while adenovirus is still the chief suspect, prior or current Covid as a cofactor is still in the mix.
3. @WHO's Easterbrook says "within the week" there should be data from a UK case control study comparing adenovirus rates between kids with hepatitis of unknown etiology and other hospitalized children. Will help to see if #adenovirus is an incidental finding, she said.
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1. It's rare to have a single #Ebola case. How big will the current outbreak in #DRC get? Anyone's guess at this point. But authorities have confirmed a 2nd person has died at Mbandaka, the sister-in-law of the first identified case.
2. The woman died yesterday; she started experiencing symptoms 12 days earlier, ie about a week after her now dead brother-in-law. No word yet if she was treated in hospital & if so, if the hospital realized she had #Ebola & staff took appropriate precautions.
3. @WHOAFRO says that 145 contacts of these two people have been identified and are being monitored to see if they develop symptoms of #Ebola and need to be isolated.
No word yet if the 2nd case had been previously vaccinated; the 1st case was.
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1. Here’s a new update on #IS’s global Ramadan campaign.

In the last week, #IS has deployed more attacks than at any other point since last Ramadan.
2. Since 17 April, #IS has carried out some 132 attacks as part of this campaign.

That's nearly three times more ops per day than usual.
3. #IS’s attacks have been spread far and wide, but with four clear front-runners: #Iraq, #Nigeria, #Syria, and #Afghanistan.

#Iraq: 43
#Nigeria: 34
#Syria: 19
#Afghanistan: 13
#Niger: 5
#DRC: 4
#Egypt: 5
#Somalia: 4
#Pakistan: 2
#India: 1
#Libya: 1
#Uzbekistan: 1
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1. This was fast! Genetic sequencing of #Ebola viruses collected from a man in NW #DRC who died on April 21 reveals that this is a new spillover event, not resurgence of activity from earlier outbreaks in this part of DRC.
The sequencing was done at @inrb_kinshasa.
Short 🧵
2. In the past getting an answer to this would have taken a lot more time. Impressive to see how quickly this question was answered.
The sequencing information was contained in a report that discloses important details about this new #Ebola case.…
3. The man who died of #Ebola on April 21 in Mbandaka was vaccinated against Ebola in 2020 during an earlier outbreak there.
The main purpose of the Merck Ebola vaccine is to extinguish outbreaks. Questions remain about how long it protects. This is n=1, but 😟.
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1. #Ebola thread.
#DRC has declared a new #Ebola outbreak after diagnosing the disease in a 31 yo man who died in Mbandaka in NW DRC. This is across the country from the terrible North Kivu-Ituri outbreak that raged from 2018-2020.…
2. The man began experiencing symptoms on April 5 but only ended up in an #Ebola treatment unit on April 21. That means there were probably unsafe exposures during that time. Or as @MoetiTshidi put it: "The disease has had a two-week head start and we are now playing catch-up."
3. On the positive side: at the #Ebola treatment unit, staff recognized what they were dealing with & were protected. The man was given a safe burial.
And there are a lot of people in Mbandaka & surrounding region who have been vaccinated with the Merck Ebola vaccine. #DRC
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The Islamic State has released photos from #DRC showing the ADF, or the Congolese branch of its Central African Province, renewing its allegiance to the Islamic State's new leader. It looks like, though still unconfirmed, Musa Baluku - ADF's overall emir - is in first two photos
Also looks like at least two ADF camps shown in the photos. Photos 1 & 2 are from one camp, 3 & 4 another. Shows the group coordinated from multiple camps to renew the pledge, despite being on the move after the joint Ugandan-Congolese intervention against it.
These are just a sample to show the camp distribution in the photos. IS released a total of 10 photos from #Congo and another 9 from the #Mozambique wing of ISCAP - all showing the fighters renewing their oaths of allegiance to Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.
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There are over 100 armed conflicts happening in the world right now.

Here are 5 you may not have heard about👇
1️⃣ #Ethiopia:

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes due to the violence.

Families are separated and are vulnerable to exploitation.

Access to basic services, like water and healthcare, is limited.

Their resilience is stretched to the limit.
2️⃣ #Afghanistan:

The combined effects of loss of income, fighting, lack of cash, food prices increase and the harsh winter are devastating the lives of millions.

55% of the population, 24.4 million people, need humanitarian assistance.

This is a 30% increase from last year.
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While this is a significant arrest, the real test in #CARII is whether @KarimKhanQC has the courage to prosecute Hassan Bouba. The message that needs to be 'sent' in CAR now is that no one, including people in the current government, is above the law. That is the top priority now
For background on Bouba and his release, see here…… Bouba was arrested by the Special Criminal Court but freed illegally by the government. There is a case file, ready to be prosecuted. The #ICC should step in and prosecute
Khan often talks of complementarity. This would be complementarity in all its glory. An 'unwilling' government shielding one of its own from 'genuine justice, a willing state court transfers case file to the #ICC, and UN peacekeepers arrest a sitting government official
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#Russia’s nickel & Germany’s #cathode and auto #EV industry.

Nornickel + #BASF: An long term term partnership descends into an unholy alliance

As Russia attacks Ukraine, our industry’s eyes are fixed on @BASF and what it does next

And here’s why…

Russia’s Nornickel (Norilsk) supplies 20% of world’s class 1 nickel - the suitable supply for lithium ion batteries and #ElectricVehicles (and 7% of global nickel)

Most of this goes to China.

Germany was relying on expanded future supply of Russian #nickel as a key pillar in its battery and #EV expansion

This is via the partnership between Nornickel and German chemical / cathode maker, #BASF

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Two recent @Fastmarkets articles explain an interesting dynamic unfolding in the Chinese #cobalt market:
Cobalt sulphate price has hit a 3-year high driven in part by strong downstream demand, but particularly by tightness in supply of the upstream feedstock, cobalt hydroxide, due to logistics issues getting material from the #DRC out via #SouthAfrica:…
Market participants are not anticipating the problems to be resolved in the near term: “I don’t think the logistics issues from South Africa to China will ease in the first quarter or even the first half of 2022,” a cobalt hydroxide supplier said.
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BREAKING: President Paul Kagame says relations with #Burundi have improved greatly in recent months & more will be done together with President @GeneralNeva to fully restore ties, in order for the citizens of the two countries to co-exist.
President Kagame said the issues between #Rwanda & #Burundi, including insecurity along the shared border, can be easily addressed & soon will be got out of the way for the people of the two countries to freely move across the borders. He emphasized the will on both sides.
On relations with Uganda, President Kagame touched on recent developments, including the reopening of the Gatuna OSBP, once again reiterating the issues which in the first place led to the closure of the border. He also used the opportunity to give the background of the problem.
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Great news: The 13th #Ebola outbreak that started on 8 October in #DRC’s 🇨🇩 North Kivu Province has been declared over. No new cases were reported at the end of a 42-day countdown.

11 cases (8 confirmed, 3 probable), including 9 deaths and 2 survivors were reported in the #Ebola outbreak that occurred in the same province as the 2018 outbreak that lasted 2 years and the 2021 outbreak that ended in May.

More than 1800 people were vaccinated in a campaign that started 5 days after the first case was detected. For the first time, licensed vaccines against #Ebola were used from the ICG-managed global stockpile of Ebola vaccines, with support from @gavi

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WHO published its Management Response Plan to address the findings of the Independent Commission on allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation during the 10th #Ebola outbreak response in #DRC ⬇️
The plan outlines short-term actions focusing on the most urgent Commission's recommendations, but also describes the actions that WHO will undertake over the next 15 months to improve its policies and procedures.
WHO is committed to supporting the survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation in #DRC including with livelihood support.
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Media briefing on Independent Commission's review of the allegations of sexual abuse & exploitation during the #Ebola 2018-2020 outbreak in #DRC…
"In October last year, I appointed an Independent Commission to investigate allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse during the response to the 10th #Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in North Kivu and Ituri, in the #DRC"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The commission was co-chaired by Aïchatou Mindaoudou, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Social Development of 🇳🇪, & Julienne Lusenge, an internationally recognized human rights activist and advocate for survivors of sexual violence in conflict, from #DRC"-@DrTedros
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"Today, the #DRC declared an outbreak of meningitis in the north-eastern Tshopo Province, with 261 suspected cases and 129 deaths reported”, @DrTedros says at start of @WHO presser.
A reminder that #covid19 "is far from the only health threat to which WHO is responding”, he says
@DrTedros @WHO "Over 50,000 people have died with #COVID19 every week since October last year and for the past month, deaths have remained at almost 70,000 a week”, says @DrTedros.
Solutions to save lives are there, he says, “but those solutions are not being used well nor shared well."
@DrTedros @WHO "Some countries with the highest vaccine coverage are now seeing a decoupling of #COVID19 cases and deaths, which is allowing them to reopen their societies without their health systems being overwhelmed”, says @DrTedros.
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@DrTedros "Today, the #DRC declared an outbreak of #meningitis in the north-eastern Tshopo Province, with 261 suspected cases and 129 deaths reported. Health authorities have deployed an initial emergency team, and WHO is supporting the response"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "More than 100 patients are already receiving treatment at home & in 🇨🇩 health centres. WHO has provided medical supplies & plans to deploy more experts & resources. #Meningitis is a deadly & debilitating disease, with serious health, economic & social consequences"-@DrTedros
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LIVE: Inauguration of the WHO Hub for pandemic & epidemic intelligence with @DrTedros & Chancellor Merkel…
🎉 The WHO Hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence is officially inaugurated by @DrTedros and 🇩🇪 Chancellor Merkel
"It is an honour and a privilege to be here today for the opening of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence.

I want to begin by taking you back to 2015, when the terrible West African #Ebola outbreak was just beginning to be brought under control"-@DrTedros
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1. Since June, the ADF / Islamic State Central Africa Province has mounted a sustained offensive in southern #Irumu #Ituri #DRC pushing further north towards Komanda. This represents a significant shift and expansion of its traditional AO in #Beni territory of #NorthKivu.
2. While most of its efforts are along RN4 between Eringeti and Komanda, it has also mounted a significant targeted campaign near Boga and Tshabi, also in southern #Ituri, killing and kidnapping nearly 100 people in this same timeframe. All of this data is available @KivuSecurity
3. Meanwhile, the Islamic State has heavily publicized the offensive along RN4, claiming 5 operations alongside 18 exclusive photos and one video. The pictures also detail the ADF's brief occupations of the villages of Ofai and Maniala, just a few kms south of Komanda.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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LIVE: Join our press briefing on the latest #COVID19 updates in #Africa, including discussions on the third wave & COVID-19 vaccine passports.…
"There have now been more than 5.3 million #COVID19 cases on the African continent, & 138,000 lives sadly lost. The third wave is picking up speed, spreading faster, hitting harder." - Dr @MoetiTshidi
"This is incredibly worrying. With rapidly rising case numbers & increasing reports of serious illness, the latest surge threatens to be #Africa's worst yet." - Dr @MoetiTshidi
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Today the 74th World Health Assembly #WHA74 saw new resolutions on the health and care workforce and strategic directions for nursing and midwifery.
The #COVID19 pandemic has underscored the critical role of all health and care workers at the forefront of the pandemic, who have faced multiple risks related to their health, well-being and safety. #WHA74

Read more
New resolution stresses the need for decent pay, recognition, a safe working environment, and protection of the rights of health and care workers. #WHA74
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Finally, here is Friday's #Coronavirus megathread

🚦review imminent, I'm getting a lot of questions.
I reply to everyone but it's so time consuming
I'm now working on 7-day rates for EVERY Greek island.

No obligation but if my efforts are worth £1, thx…
I'll continue to post free advice and data, so nothing will be hidden from anyone, so please don't be angry or upset! And yes you can still ask questions!

So the big news in UK today is that the single shot Jansen (J&J) #Covid19 vaccine has been approved…
The big #Covid19 data news overnight is that #Argentina smashed its own record again, topping 40,000 cases in a day for the first time.

41,080 new cases to be precise, up around 15% on last week's total.
Another 547 new deaths
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Here at 12:22 pm is the UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from by UNSG @antonioguterres for 1059th day, have emailed @StephDujarric Qs on Viet Nam elex scam like SG's, #Burundi, #Haiti, #DRC, #Mali #Honduras #Cameroon, Hochschild #MeToo, thread below Image
Inner City Press has asked, "What are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that in UNSC member Vietnam, authorities have detained independent candidates ahead of National Assembly elections? The candidates used social media to announce their candidacy Image
Relatedly, what are Guterres' views on that all 7+ opponent to him have had their CVs blocked, one [Inner City Press] is banned and Emma Reilly's home was "swatted" by Swiss police, she tells Inner City Press, at the UN's request? Image
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Today #Itamaraty and Minister Carlos França celebrate #AfricaDay, on the 58th anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity, predecessor of the African Union @_AfricanUnion.
Brazil salutes its African brothers through Félix Tshisekedi @Presidence_RDC, president of the Democratic Republic of Congo #DRC and the #AfricanUnion, and @AUC_MoussaFaki, chairman of the #AUCommission.
Deep historical, cultural, and linguistic ties link Brazil and Africa. More than half of the Brazilian population is of African ancestry. Our roots also make us children of Africa. #AfricaDay.
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