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(1) #Earthquake near #Anchorage, Alaska in the last hour.

Moderately deep & strong, expect some damage, but loss of life unlikely. Magnitude is usually downgraded from initial level.

Best info source:…
(3) Some photos from around Anchorage that I've seen on Twitter. In New Zealand we have an earthquake of this type about once or twice a year. It is scary, but thankfully little damage is done.

#DropCoverHold is the best advice. More:
(4) If you feel an earthquake when you're on a beach or within a few miles of the coast, be aware of #tsunami risk.

"If it's long or strong, get gone." There is no time for warning sirens or messages.

If you don't feel it, that means any tsunami is hours away. You have time.
(5) After a good shake like today's #AnchorageEarthquake you can expect #aftershocks.

Most of the time they are smaller than the original quake. Reassure kids, and utilize the support resources available, incl this free 24/7 helpline:

(6) The reported magnitude of EQs is usually downgraded within an hour but this one was upgraded to a 7.0 (per the below tsunami warning.) 7.0 sounds bad but this was 25 miles deep. If it was 5 miles deep, this would be catastrophic. A lucky escape.…
(7) There is no tsunami risk from this EQ beyond Southern Alaska.

The @NWS provides tsunami info and the @USGS provides EQ info.

(8) The Alaska EQ Center is doing a great job. Best source of info atm.
(9) Starting to see reports of significant damage in some places. Performing proper safety checks on buildings & infrastructure will take time. Engineers will need to be flown in, too.

(10) As I suspected, places like Eagle River, closer to the epicenter than downtown Anchorage, will have serious damage. Population ?around 30k, still checking info.

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is there, too.
(11) The probability of a larger EQ in the same area over the next yr is VERY small but it's exactly what happened to us in 2011. We lost 115 souls in a building collapse bc the initial engineering assessment was wrong. Should've closed after the first quake. Caution is prudent.
(12) Seeing photos and video now of major damage. You can hear the alarm in people's voices. I remember the same feeling, 8 years ago.

The good news is that after this, you'll cope better with earthquakes. Most of us Kiwis do, and the Japanese. Just wanna give y'all some hope.
(13) The USGS website has a model called PAGER, which autogenerates *approximate* predictions of damage & impacts. It had this quake at >1 death as opposed to say 1-10, or 100-1,000, so I didn't panic. But I think there could be a few deaths. I'm sorry. Mother nature is cruel.
(14) Here's a video of road damage. It will alarm you but remember, for me this is nothing. Most cars on the road at the time are not near the big cracks that appear. If they fall in, most people survive.

(15) The PAGER estimate is now upgraded from yellow to orange, not good. Fatalities are always the biggest concern but IMO the economic estimate can be a proxy for size of impacts from injuries, stress & other disruption. This will hit AK hard.…
(16) EQ damage to homes, businesses, and public infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports, schools, hospitals), causes disruption for months & years. It's freezing cold there rn, & just weeks from Christmas.

The lower 49 will send a lot of help, esp FEMA & the military.
(17) The population of greater Anchorage is over 400,000 and a major disaster affects the rest of the state, too. Total pop. is around 800,000 now.

In addition to help from the rest of the US, Canada, Japan & prob Russia will offer help, too. Pacific Ring of Fire v all of us.
(18) The last time there was a sizable quake in Alaska (January 2018) I was super impressed by how good the local agencies were with their communications. It's so important. My live updates thread from the Kodiak EQ in Jan:

Today, from Anchorage PD:
(19) Alaskans old enough to remember the 1964 earthquake will be able to offer emotional support to others. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And it makes buildings safer, bc it's a wake-up call.

1964 was terrible. 139 killed:…
(20) A perfect response and initial statement from @AkGovBillWalker. Reassurance is key (sorry, I used to draft these for a living, I can't help myself.)

The POTUS declaration will probably be signed & announced today. It allows federal relief resources to augment the state's.
(21) This part of AK is like parts of NZ bc there's only one road btwn cities/towns eg Anchorage & the Mat-Su valley to the North.

Supplies & ppl will need land access restored ASAP so there will be Bailey Bridges, temp roads/tracks, & even the use of sea ports to workaround.
(22) Here's an example of what I'm talking about. USACE will have made plans for what to do in a case like this, including wintertime when snow and ice cover adds to the challenges.

Helicopters, too are a godsend in the days & weeks after a disaster.…
(23) I just remembered, beware the #SecondDisaster of unrequested donations of supplies like food, water & clothing. They only worsen the job of first responders & others trying to deal with the emergency early on.

#CashIsKing so please donate to a trusted charity instead,
(24) Once the needs & resources become clearer, the orgs working on the ground will say specifically what help they need. has lots of info on ways to help, eg registering to volunteer.

Like in the rest of the US, Alaskans readily help each other.❤️
(25) A nice message from former Governor Palin. The whole country is praying for Alaskans right now. It's an expression of care and concern, along with the practical help that is given. #Americanism #Love

(26) Just after #thanksgiving, let's count our blessings:

>it happened at 8.29am, many hours of daylight left
>early not mid winter
>lots of military resources there to aid response
>no tsunami
>severe not extreme shaking
>US emergency mgmt is the best it's ever been.
(28) For those who misunderstood my comment that there was "many hours of daylight left" after the quake (sheesh), I know their total daylight hours at this time of year are like, six, but that's way more than you have after a midnight quake.

Honestly. Wow.
(29) USGS map showing the aftershocks in first 5 hours. Epicenter seems the Point McKenzie area, where there's a 1,535 bed state prison & an industrial port. The quake will end up helping the port's prospects.


(30) The article cited above, about Port McKenzie, covered the challenges so far in developing this seaport & proposed commuter ferry terminal.

Earthquakes often shake up infrastructure funding plans in a serendipitous way. If this port gets repaired sooner than the highway...
(31) ... (subject to ice in the Knik Arm, I admit), then Port McKenzie could enable people & freight to move between Mat-Su and Anchorage. All this will be part of the technical assessments & policy decisions being made rn. Ice you can't drive on may as well get broken up.
(32) Supporters of the port's development are prob. telling the naysayers "I told you so." In the 8 years since the first of the Christchurch NZ earthquakes, we've seen bureaucratic incompetence slow the rebuild & recovery. A big challenge like this certainly sharpens the mind.
(33) In the short term, many lose their jobs & small businesses but, at a certain point, there's a job boom for the rebuild. The US already has a shortage of skilled workers, incl. those who build homes & roads. Companies will cover all relocation costs, desperate for staff.
(34) There will be an acute shortage of housing both for those with wrecked homes, and all the workers needed to rebuild them. Rents will skyrocket, too.

People will temporarily/permanently move out of the affected area, to elsewhere in AK, to Canada, & to the rest of the USA.
(35) OK, back to the immediate day to day needs in Alaska.

This tweet gives you an example of the kind of unnecessary garbage that disaster-affected people have to put up with.

EARTHQUAKES CANNOT BE PREDICTED. If they learn how, I'll let you know.

(36) I'll be starting Thread #2 soon, link below.

Thank you for all the RTs & TYs. We bystanders feel so helpless when disaster strikes, but we can share info that informs & uplifts others.

Christchurch folk came together in 2011 like you wouldn't believe. OK it was Summer.
(37) A very good thread with both prepping and scientific info for those interested.

There's always "noise" on disaster hashtags and that will never change. All we can do is put info out there & hope people find it. Individual responsibility.

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