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Down at Fresno City Council December 6,2018 ! Pastor Joe White will be leading the invocation this morning
Some items on consent Approve the award of a purchase contract to Braun Northwest Inc., a Washington-based corporation, for the purchase of a North Star 234-5 Type V SWAT command vehicle in the amount of $267,753.00
Approve a vendor agreement with Sculpture Conservation Studio
in the amount of $164,500 to provide non-professional maintenance services for 32 artworks located on Fulton Street between Inyo Street and Tuolumne Street (Council District 3)
Approve Contract Change Order No. 17 to the construction contract with W.M. Lyles Company for the City
W.M. Lyles Company for the City of Fresno’s Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility Project, to REDUCE of the total construction contract amount by $1,015,444 actual decrease in a contract!) @stevebrandau Make a Difference Day Sponsors and Volunteers who helped soccer kids.
FPOA bbq’d for families and players. Mid Valley Disposal, PG&E, Clovis and Fresno Unified among sponsors for this event. Fresno City Women’s Soccer helped guide the children’s soccer. Brandau took this over from Blong Xiong and will need Council to continue this great event
Cristian Robles Day by @ClintOlivier with Blake Konzal of Workforce Board. Robles learned welding leading to permanent employment at Quality Concessions While continuing at Fresno City College. Part of All Youth One System at Workforce Board
Lincoln Elementary School students in the chambers to see Council at work. @PaulCaprioglio congratulates Fresno State Bulldogs for Mountain West Championship! Public Work employees for helping with an event “The Big Load” He will Present more on that in coming weeks.
@stevebrandau Santa’s Village next Thursday in Pinedale. Raffles, food, gifts in association with Community Based Policing. @Esmeralda_Soria says Livingstone’s wil Be re-opening in the Tower District after two hour closure due to arson. She all has toy drive going. Consent 1-C
consent item regarding 2109 Meeting Schedule by @stevebrandau. Council is going to Closed Session to discuss labor agreement. Returning after 10-15 minutes for that. 1-C being discussed. Brandau is saying today is example by lumping much too much. Mar 14, April 5, Dec 19 adding
extra meetings. Dec 19 is close to Holidays. 7 of the months will be 3 meetings with some with more. Approved 7-0. A bond item of $1.5 billion for St Agnes hospital (City won’t have any liability for re-payment)
H Spees speaking on Workshop on Restore Fresno: Neighborhood Revitalization led to decreased blight, crime , Language Arts ,Mathematics, Resident Efficacy and Property went up PowerPoint…
RESTORE Fresno hopes to target certain neighborhoods and commercial districts to help the city using partners of City of Fresno. “Collective Impact” aligning resources to get larger impact. Neighborhood Revitalization going back to 2009 with Lowell Neighborhood. Long term
sustainable impact using Code Enforcement which sometimes will lead to why a Neighborhood has issues. Phil Sty (sp.)speaking now about 13 neighborhoods. Blight has been reduced by 96% since 2009. 17,000 code cases in 12 neighborhoods like El Dorado Park.
Slater and Kirk Elementaries Neighborhoods. as well Police Chief Dyer says Crime has reduced 5% in these neighborhoods while adjacent went up 5%. “A displacement effect” In some neighborhoods adjoining neighborhoods saw decrease there as well. Dedicating police and other
government officers makes a difference in crime. @PaulCaprioglio thanks Dyer for bike patrol. H Spees says Property Values have increased in these neighborhoods. Preston Prince of Housing Authority helped with apartments being rehabbed. Community at large and in neighborhood have
Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson says education outcomes have increased in these neighborhoods. H Spees says overall RESTORE Fresno has made a large difference.
Agenda is to decrease concentrated poverty in Neighborhoods. Graffiti is down. Housing Division helps homeowners in need. Community partners like Habitat for Humanity, Love Inc. Mayir’s Fairh Based Partnership Council have helped with 60 projects. Commercial Revitalization is
also important such as Olive Ave, Chinatown, Kings Canyon will be part of 2019 focus. Homelessnessans Human Trafficking. Tim Rios of Wells Fargo is contributing to Mayors’ Banking Collaborative. Perfect time for Fresno to start this.
Brandau says this Workshop is great for Council to understand the Homelessness Task force HERO. Lowell is in Phase III and furthest along which is sustainable and mature progress to neighborhood engagement . Phase IV would be private funding (grants etc) to keep it going.
Brandau says he still has Neighborhoods in Noethwest Fresno. Some need to have preventive to prevent them from slipping eg Pinedale and Highway City but Shaw and Marks especially. Deterioration along Shaw Ave. Staff Sty: Slater Neighborhood is part of future plans. Soria says
work has begun in that area. (Lots of people in the audience to speak on homelessness I believe) @District5Chavez thanks for help in Winchell and Vang Pao Neighborhoods. Thinks Lane and Calwa Neighborhoods should get future consideration. Local neighborhood leadership can result
from these partnerships. A teen tried his bicycle and circled while Chavez and Neighbors did clean up. The teen ended up joining in helping. Possible future neighborhood leader. Wrapping up Workshop portion. Bin-Co added to non-exclusive Roll-off franchise for roll off collection
Moving on to State Senate Bill 850 Homeless Emergency Aid Program Grant of $3 million. State wide $11 million given to Fresno. Need to declare there is a shelter crisis to accept this money along with working with partners. 13 best practices Called Street to Home created.
Accepting this grant will start this process. (Some in audience are here for HERO task force that has been continued to next week.) public asks that low barrier homeless shelters are needed and it would be helpful to not have all of them near Poverello House.
Any matching funds needed from City asks @PaulCaprioglio No says H Spees Could some of the funds be used for proposed Senior Center? A: Yes with RFP (request for proposal) Brandau likes a 200- bed shelter that isn’t in today’s proposal. Low Barrier (spouses , pets etc.) needed
Declaration of Emergency would allow shelter to be built quicker. He doesn’t like all of what is in today’s proposal but will vote in favor. @District5Chavez agrees low barrier shelter is needed. Homelessness touched entire city. 3 abandoned homes have burned in his district.
Q: how much has Housing Authority has secured for homelessness? A: veterans Vouchers for 1700 vets, permanent housing from SB 2 funds & 600-800 more beds are needed. Soria: likes flexibility of today’s proposal. Thinks we need even more shelters. Will listen. 2700 children in
Fresno Unified alone. Maybe not directly on the street (cars, Couch surfing) says @Esmeralda_Soria but still classified as homeless. Prince says 1700 of homelessness are in inadequate unsheltered places to sleep. Different definition of homelessness are out there. Affordable
housing is needed for Fresno says Soria. If City is going to sell of assets profits need to be placed into affordable housing. @MayorLeeBrand says drug abuse , human trafficking is all part of this big issue. Mayor of 11 largest cities secured money for these Cities. A work in
progress. We are open to discussion on how many shelters,locations and size of shelters. Huge humanitarian problem. Passes 7-0. Moving on to Raising Councilmembers salaries to $80,000. Baines: They work 6 days a week, $billion Budget. Jim Cobb Taxpayers Association Rep asks if
you raise salaries that better candidates come in. Low salaries prevent that type of candidate and leaves council susceptible to special interest. @GarryBredefeld says last raised in 2006. Says this will only apply to new Councilmembers. He is not in favor to Supervisors salaries
who have their salaries tied to judges salaries. This is a rigged system and not accountable to public. Supervisors don’t have to make tough votes. Have $125,000 salaries but only meet half the time as Council. Says he heard on KMJ that City doesn’t need Council as City Staff
can just do it but Council is not a rubber stamp. Bredefeld asks Baines to remove salary tie to Supervisors salary. Baines agrees to that change. (Good move! ) Caprioglio says any raises should always be in front of public. He does asks that Council terms should be longer as
long learning curve for job. Olivier jokes that he would like salary increase would be retroactive to his first year in Council 😜Caprioglio says this job has hurt his law practice due to time this job. Passes 5-2 with Brandau and Olivier in negative.
Gottschalks building and Spiral Garage sale to Club One Casino for $1.7 million. (Soria recuses herself from this item). Kyle Kirkland from Club One thanks City Staff. Bring $1 million to City but current location is becoming too small. Will take 24 months and $13-15 million to
rehab this building. They will work with neighbors to still use spiral garage. Casino is slower during summer when Grizzlies are playing. Wants to be a good neighbor to surrounding businesses. Wants to continue to have public use parking garage. Brandau looking into a Parking
Authority for the City. Was looked at in 1980’s but never happened. Tom Walker is an expert that could be contacted. Motion will include notifying this expert. Garage is being sold at appraised value. Needs repairs. Kirkland: will begin on this repairs immediately. $3 million
deferred maintenance for Gottschalks Building. Thinks all City’s parking garages will be used as Fulton Street improves. Passes 6-0. Mary Savala asks that Farmland Mitigation item be continued to next week. Daniel O’Connell is here as well Adjourning until 1:30 for lunch break.
Council resumes from lunch break at 1:43. Unscheduled Public Communications. Homelessness Advocate asks about property confiscated by PD. Items like tents , artwork , etc. Items were not stored and allowed to reclaim their property.
DARM with pre-zoning proposal by staff Bonique Emerson. Jeff Roberts agrees with staff report on behalf of Assemi group. @PaulCaprioglio liked Emerson’s very short presentation. Passes. DARM’s Dan Zack with text changes and General Plan rezoning clarifications. Implementation
Committees and Planning Commission Approved. Jeff Roberts says Assemi Group is in favor of this issue. Example is using shading with solar panels. Building Industry’s Mike Prandini has concerns regarding text amendments due to last minute provided the list . Staff assure he can
request changes if by next Monday. Brady McGuinness of Scout Island that was misidentified in original General Plan but is cleaned up here. Sierra Racquet Club RS-3 from RS-4 which allows 9000 sq ft lots to match better the neighborhood. (Green Lot in Photo)
@PaulCaprioglio Commercial Cannabis subcommittee Cannabis innovation zone established. Maximum number of manufacturers or growers will be 16. 8 can be established in Buffer Zone with some restrictions but tried to keep most on hub. @ClintOlivier thanks rest of council for help
with this post- prop 64 matter. Final version of California regulations will occur and many more cities will come online. Lots of time by staff on this issue. Fresno is a conservative town which makes it important to get this correct and not fail. Mary Duetch (sp) did lots of
Prop 64 allowed those in illegal market to switch to a legal market. @stevebrandau asks if this is leaning toward recreational? A: two options today. One is adult recreational. Brandau says this is different than what we spoke about for last two years. Olivier says final Calif
regulation will allow delivery to anywhere in California. Brandau interrupts Olivier. Says Council says we were not speaking on recreational dispensaries. Olivier says it will be legalized in a matter of weeks. Canabis will flow into Fresno from@other cities and revenue flow out
to other cities unless Council votes to allow recreational sales in Fresno. City of Sacramento has 30 retail outlets with 4% tax rate bringing in $5 million. $6.8 coming from other related uses. Fresno proposes only 14 even though we are larger. Crime and cannabis use shows no
correlation. Tax revenue has led Sacramento to put out of business 400 illicit marijuana places. San Diego has 300 illicit and legal would like City to stamp out more of those types. Licensees would also like Fresno to stamp out this illegal markets. Need to be more like Sacra-
mento and less like San Diego. This is still a conservative Proposal But is a good step forward says Olivier in a post 64 world. Oliver Baines says Brandau was correct regarding adult recreational use in past two years. Shift in state changes that. Not allowing recreational
not curb illicit market and this discussion today will protect its citizens. Vote won’t actually happen today but next week. Olivier would like Brandau’s input on this. Baines says an ordinance will create framework over next few months to allow cannabis businesses. Social Equity
Additional steps to comment will be allowed. Tuff Kids Dwayne McCoy says shifting marijuana revenue to investing in public and not to police will make City safer. @GarryBredefeld asks about vote. Tax rate could be voted today says Counsel. Medicinal marijuana was council’s
focus. High tax rate on marijuana won’t eradicate illicit market. Baines says it severely curbs illicit market but not entirely get rid of it. State rate will be lowered as well. Chief Dyer says black market is still large. Dedicated team of officers is needed to eradicate it.
This conversation regarding recreational use is all new to him as well. Bredefeld was in favor of limited medicinal marijuana. Asks Mayor Brand to follow thru on his pledge to be against recreational use. Bredefeld doesn’t think road is paved with gold. Olivier asks if he will
support if we limit it to medicinal only. Bredefeld will support only if limited number of dispensaries. 14-20 is too many. Olivier in support of medicinal only and let administration build a framework. Public asks how equitable will this be? People of color can find a business
What is best for the community? What are better steps to allow community to engage? How to work with new City Council ? Baines says it needed to be made legal first. Soria will help with social equity portion. Baines will stay involved. Public Shannon Luce(sp) thanks Council for
getting it this far. Brandau says council minutes from 2017 states that “Brandau motioned to limit it to medicinal only along with Bredeld with second. “ Feels rug was pulled out from under him. He is good friends with other Councilmembers and doesn’t have a problem with
disagreeing. Says he was worried about it being a slippery slope to recreational or current term “adult use”. He won’t be in support. He doesn’t want to call out the mayor but wonders if Mayor will veto this in this form. Dyer says he has concerns about this. Put name on Measure
A and that we are not going backwards and that he wasn’t being used. @District5Chavez appreciates subcommittee’s work on this. Asks for compromise: Medicinal for first year with recreational in second year if that council wants it. Olivier says State doesn’t specify adult v
medicinal. Dispensaries from other cities will deliver the adult use no matter what we do here. Baines says Illegal Cannabis is already being delivered for recreational use but its time is coming. We are just pretending it isn’t happening. (Baines walks off ). Caprioglio says
we didn’t frame this well by not jumping straight to articles 34 and 33. Everyone is in agreement on dispensaries and not on recreational. Caprioglio says subcommittee couldn’t tell Brandau about this without violating Brown Act. Tax revenue will leave Fresno if we don’t vote.
Fresno is dropping tax rate to 4%. Chavez says police will Be Enforcement for this monopoly we are creating here. Olivier says just stick with 33 today ( medicinal) and let next Council do adult (34). Soria would like phasing of adult use in it. After one year go to adult.
Licensing will take until Fall 2019 warns Olivier. We were hoping to be a model today but says any legal dispensary won’t be able to open in 2019. Next Council won’t really be able to have any dispensaries to regulate until 2020. Moving to adopt medicinal first year , consult
with PD and then move onto adult use in year two. Soria: Only four Districts will actually have dispensaries. She would like reduced to half mile buffer. Asks City Manager to notify when an applicant occurs in each district. Olivier says subcommittee would like to not have elect
-eds have control over who gets dispensaries. Hasn’t worked well where that happens. Conditional Use Permit would be needed via Planning Commission. Soria would like implementation Committee to have input too. Soria would like to be on Social Equity subcommittee as well what
happens to tax revenue. Any burdens caused by dispensaries like increased traffic revenue should be directed to those districts. Counsel asks about buffer. Olivier: 1000 ft from a school. State regulations asks only 800 feet. Brandau warns about carving out a specific districts.
@stevebrandau says if so he would just carve District 2 completely out of any dispensaries. Caprioglio asks to trust the subcommittee. Olivier says just because hard work has been done is not a reason to pass something. Says school kids won’t be able to tell what is being made
Soria says she needs buffer or won’t vote for it. Caprioglio says State buffer will makes that happen anyway. Olivier says Woodlake has one dispensary that is helping to revitalize that area. Dispensaries are not adversarial with Police but partners. Caprioglio says tax rate
on revenue will depend on typenof dispensaries. Retail, testing etc. Retail at 4% , $6 for manufacturing canopy sq ft 1% distribution and zero for testing. Passes 5-1 with Brandau with NO. Move to 3-A for police services at Fresno State. Deputy Chief here for any questions.
3-B Solar powered lighting for bus shelters by Urban Solar of Oregon. Passes. Adjustment to Master Fee. One is Special Event parking fee at $7 at Stadium. Parade Route Fee. Soria asks Chief Dyer about if parade fees are excessive. PD absorbs some of the costs already. Soria will
approve but we may want to revisit this later. Soria asks about parking fee?Staff says safety ones like parking in bike lanes which go up to $100. Council no longer has a quorum as only Soria and Baines present.
Sale of vacant land at Seventh and Ventura to MM Shirin for mixed use. Passes 4-0 with Caprioglio present as well as Chavez. Now Street LED Lighting Improvements on Blackstone from Divisadero to Shields for $1.1 million awarded to Sebastian of Fresno. Passes 5-0
40 unit affordable senior rental housing project at Annandale and Elm. Passes 5-0. Accepting Measure C dollars for Microtransit Pilot Project and Adaptive Signal Control of $4 million . Passes 5-0. $1,200,000 for construction of Police Substation. Passes 5-0. End Council meeting.
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