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@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 Did Prof Tilley have full editorial control of this programme? The reason I ask is that there is an extraordinary lack of balance in the way he presents Leave & Remain voters, and so one could be forgiven for perceiving a bias against Remain voters.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 For example, prior to the #EURef, and persisting today, was the belief amongst #Leave voters (encouraged by Leave politicians) that the UK would be forced to join an #EUarmy.

In fact, it's constitutionally impossible for this to occur. UK has a double protection.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 This double protection against the formation of an EU Army (let alone being forced to join one) is that
(a) the decision must be unanimous per Art. 42(2) of the European Union Treaty and
(b) any move to downgrade "unanimous" to QMV must be approved unanimously!

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The Authoritarian Fascists in the EU are Planning to Destroy Truth & Accurate Information By Censoring the Internet & Replacing it with the #Filternet using Article 13.

Love Freedom?
Hate Corporate Control?
Well fuck you says the EU

Article 13 and EU Copyright Law explained: This is how the EU plans to destroy the Internet

Sign this UK gov petition to stop this horrendous Authoritarian Fascist #Censorship Law for Corporate Control…

Stop ACTA 2: Protests, Internet Blackouts and Hacktivist Actions To Lead Up To Final Vote On Dystopian Orwellian #Censorship Articles 11 and 13 In EU…

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James Brokenshire: "Why would the UK want the EU's trade deals when we can make our own deals?" #marr
How about...
- The EU already has more than 40, covering 70+ countries including Japan
- We can't get better deals than theirs in many cases because of clauses in their deals.
- We have only managed to roll over deals with Chile and the Faroe Islands in the last 2.5 years. In the same period, the EU cemented deals with Japan and Singapore.
- Our bargaining power is much much less than the EU's (smaller market and population)
The EU has over 500 trade negotiators. We have a few dozens.
- Liam Fox
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2wks ago, Opinium had Labour 3pts ahead of the Tories, in line with most other polling companies (excluding Tory-owned YouGov). Today, in a poll commissioned by the Observer, Opinium have Labour 7pts behind the Tories. An astonishing 10pt swing. Fishy. 1/7 #Marr
Coincidentally, today's Observer has a front page story suggesting 6 "centrist" Labour MPs are ready to resign from the party, presumably as a precursor to forming a new centrist party with various disgruntled Tories and Lib Dems. More fishy. 2/7
Coincidentally, today's Observer also has an op-ed by @JamesEnders, CEO of Opinium, in which he claims there is a reservoir of untapped support for a new centrist party. At the bottom of the op-ed, it states Endersby is on the advisory board of Progressive Centre UK. Fishier. 3/7
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Did I miss a key referendum leaflet? When were we told there would be:
- food & medicine shortages
- destruction of manufacturing industries
- army on the streets
- Government commandeering ferries
Which one said Brexit would be "survivable" & "not national suicide"?
#marr #ridge
Meanwhile, this is the reality of Brexit as it's already impacting the UK...
And this is what trading on WTO terms after a no deal Brexit would entail...
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A lot of talk in the papers and on #marr this morning about an alleged coup attempt being cooked up by Parliament to sideline the Government...
A) Giving MPs a proper say and control over things doesn't pass the "coup" sniff test. "So it's ok for the Government to take back
control, but not Parliament who are the real representatives of the people?"
B) Even stripped of the absurdist "coup" language, none of this would be happening if Theresa May had a majority Government, or had been fully inclusive of all parties and both Leave & Remain during the
Brexit planning and negotiations. It is only her astonishing lack of grip that is forcing MPs to act in such a desperate way. With no hands on the steering wheel, they feel they have no alternative but to grab it.
C) This may make us better as a nation in the long run, because
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The economic benefit of the EU comes from making rules & trade policy together so trade within the EU is cheaper and so we have more negotiating leverage in global trade.
Keeping those benefits outside the EU just means we're no longer making the rules, just following them.
If we don't follow those rules, that makes continental trade more expensive FOR US. Even businesses who don't export: They and their staff all rely on EU products being as cheap as possible.
Who voted to give EU-based companies an advantage over British ones?
Now, once we've admitted that we're putting ourselves at a competitive disadvantage on our own continent, the only question is:
Can trade with the rest of the world replace trade lost closer to home?
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Arghhh! Jeremy Corbyn just said on #Marr that the European Court of Human Rights is "in part an EU institution". It isn't! It's a totally separate institution, arising from a separate treaty which well pre-dates the EU and would remain in place whatever version of Brexit
This really is very basic @jeremycorbyn - the European Court of Human Rights isn't part of the EU. Here's a handy explainer from @rights_info on the topic but you really should know this!…
@jeremycorbyn @rights_info Here's a helpful infographic also from @rights_info which shows the history of the European Court of Human Rights which was established in 1959 (well before the European Union)…
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Corbyn comes across as just another politician who won't answer a straight question with a straight answer #Marr
At least it should be clear (despite his attempts to dodge the questions) to all potential Labour voters that Jeremy Corbyn wants to campaign on a campaign of carrying out Brexit #Marr
His pitch seems to be that he would be the PM to channel the anger of the electorate. A kind of psychologist in chief? #Marr
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140+ factual, fully-sourced examples of the impact Brexit is already having on the UK. Jobs going, investment drying up, companies moving assets to the EU, or redomiciling. And all happening as Government burns through £billions chasing a no deal Brexit.
#ridge #marr
The Government has spent £4.2 billion pounds on Brexit preparations (£2.2 billion in previous Budgets, plus an additional £2 billion in the most recent Budget.) 1/143…
Barden Corporation is closing down its Plymouth factory after 51 years, putting 400 jobs at risk, as its parent company Schaeffler shifts production to various sites outside the UK due to Brexit. 2/143…
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Huge crowds are marching & singing in the #ChampsElysées, #Paris for the start of the #GiletsJaunes protests in #ActeVIII

Watch Live

#GiletsJaunes march in #Lyons to protest against #Macron's disastrous Neoliberal policies which have caused so much widespread poverty and human misery throughout France.

#GiletsJaunes protesters sing La Marseillaise in #Marseille

Vive La France!

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Some of Labour's greatest broadcast moments of 2018 in no particular order [Thread]
Shadow Defence Secretary @NiaGriffithMP didn't know how much trident costs [January]
Labour's shadow transport minister @KarlTurnerMP explains how aeroplanes work [October]
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1) honest, straightforward #Brexit politics
There's now 4 major players in the Brexit debate
- Remainers
- May's Deal supporters
- Hard/No deal brexiters
- Labour Leadership

Labour Leadership are the most dishonest & duplicitous by any measure by some margin
2) Remainers - are clear on their offer and objectives. Do not pretend that a reversal would be easy but are the most clear on exactly what Remain means.
The economic impacts are most clear as well, because Remain has no negative impact in the short or mid term
3) May's deal - for all its faults May's deal is at least real & achievable. There's a level of dishonesty as to what it means & the implications, and a pretence that it's "better for the country" but in general people can assess it

Like Remain, the EU will accept it
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Dear @Theresa_May,
Stop playing games with the UK people. You won't win.
It's not either your deal or No Deal. Parliament and the People know that!
And now you're trying to scare Parliament and your own citizens about a mess that is completely under your control.
It's like pointing a gun at a crowd and saying "Guys I'm gonna start shooting soon, you should all run for your lives, sorry".
It's shameful
Do you now what's messed up? You'd think that the metaphor above was an exaggeration of reality. Nope. Let's say a gun has 13 bullets, right? Now compare that with this:…
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It takes a special kind of politician to lie to people and then suggest that people would have to be 'dim' to believe your lies.
Michael Gove is that kind of politician.
Remember this, Michael Gove?
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Micheal Gove.... You are being UTTERLY deceitful!!
A second referendum is not saying people were "too dim" when they voted for Brexit. It means they weren't bloomin PSYCHIC! Nobody knew the deal in 2016. We have it now. Everyone agrees it's crap. Let's vote. SIMPLE!
This constant "YOU CALLING ME THICK?" is designed to make Brexit voters feel threatened by the notion of voting on a deal they themselves ALSO hate. It's truly disgusting politics. It puts words in Remainers mouths, inflames divisions. Completely irresponsible Michael Gove!
And let's not forget, Michael Gove... if supporting a People's Vote on the negotiated deal is the same as calling people 'dim', then Jacob Rees-Mogg has also called the whole of the UK 'dim'.
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Theresa Villiers should not be allowed on TV to discuss Brexit after saying:

"There is no reason why we have to change our border arrangements in the event of a Brexit, because they've been broadly consistent in the 100 years since the creation of Ireland as a separate state."
Today on #Ridge, Theresa Villiers argued in favour of leaving with No Deal and trading on WTO terms, even though the WTO has already confirmed (on #Marr) that that would break the Good Friday Agreement.
Can more people start calling out Theresa Villiers please?
She was the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. She can't be allowed to keep saying absolute rubbish on the topic! #Ridge
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So, Brexit is such a magnificently brilliant idea, the Health Minister is ordering 5,000 huge fridges to stockpile baby milk in.

Because that’s what normal countries do in the normal course of normal business, normally. Nothing to see here, folks...…
Turns out 80% of baby milk is imported from the EU, something that only seems to have become apparent to the UK Government very recently.

Pity they don’t have access to a giant “web” containing every piece of information in the world, plus free tools to search it. Oh, wait...
Once the above has sunk in, how about another 100+ real consequences of Brexit? All things happening right now, not in some hypothetical future. #projectfact #marr #ridge #bbcsp
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So, those Brexit costs are really mounting up...
- £4.2 billion for Government preparations
- £1.2 billion written off on Galileo
- £92 million for Galileo replacement feasibility study
- £9 billion plus for alternative to Galileo
- £500 million/week in lost economic growth
Note on the last point: it’s perfectly possible for the economy to be growing AND for it to be damaged by Brexit. They’re not contradictory.

(If growth was expected to take us from 100 to 104, and instead only took us to 102, we’re down 2 compared to where we were meant to be.)
That “opportunity cost” of Brexit is real, and has a real impact.

We have to grow the economy constantly just to stay still to beat inflation.

If Brexit is hurting the economy, we’re going backwards in real terms.
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So, Theresa May has pulled the UK out of the £9 billion Galileo GPS satellite programme. Talk of the UK building its own system, with £90 million earmarked for a feasibility study.

Presumably line 1 will say: “This project will cost at least £9 billion.”…
Also worth noting that Theresa May is so desperate to get us out of the EU that the £1.2 billion the UK contributed to Galileo is just another thing written off due to Brexit, like the £4.2 billion spent on Government preparations. Anyone would think the UK is made of money!
Oh, and the final jolly jape in this caper is we lost the work on, and funding for, future ground stations for the Galileo network to Spain, because of Brexit. And the existing UK data centre will be moved to the EU27 too.
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1) Was Marr out of order?
Finally watched the #Marr interview with Chakrabarti end to end. Marr has been attacked for bullying etc.

I'm no fan of @AndrewMarr9 & he's far too cozy with brexiters. However, I think overall the attacks are unfair. Chakrabarti did not do well
@AndrewMarr9 2) there's 2 aspects in my view, her articulation of the Labour Brexit position & her own attitude in the interview. Both imho were questionable & frustrating.
@AndrewMarr9 3) firstly, the Labour Brexit position is clearly all over the place & this came across. I wish Andrew Marr would apply the same attitude to brexiters but the Labour position does not hold water and easily fell apart under fairly light questioning
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Jesus Christ Barry Gardiner... He's arguing that Labour's custom's union would give the UK a veto on all the EU's future trade deals, despite not being an EU member.
I might have to start drinking.
Shami Chakrabarti has now repeated the nonsense that the UK would control the EU's trade policy without being a member of the EU. When is this Empire 2.0 crap going to end?! #Marr
If Labour was providing a clear plan for what they would do if they won a general election (ideally 'We would DEFINITELY put the deal to a public vote'), that would be one thing.
But what we're hearing is talk of the UK controlling the EU's trade policy from the outside.🤡 #Marr
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Oh is it time for #Marr? A short thread. Remember this? I was asked on #Marr to talk about "my story". In fact it was @shahmiruk's story. But I wasn't asked a single question about what he had revealed. About Vote Leave overspending

No @BBC bulletin covered @shahmiruk's story. His hugely significant revelations went unreported. Instead a leak from Number 10 co-ordinated with Vote Leave & Tax Payers Alliance shaped the news agenda. This wasn't electoral fraud. It was a 'Toxic Sex Row'
But it didn't end there. 2 weeks before Electoral Commission reported Vote Leave broke multiple laws @matthew_elliott leaked it to @BBC. He used BBC to smear @shahmirUK & call a fantasist & a liar. Elliott got to frame the story. The BBC was played
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Steris PLC, a company with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, is planning to redomicile from the UK to Ireland due to Brexit. What that means is that, as an Irish company, the Irish tax authorities will collect its taxes going forward and not HMRC. 2/50
8 health providers have warned of medicine shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit: "we do not believe that the current medicine supply plans will suffice, and we will have widespread shortages if we do not respond urgently." 3/50
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