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1). Patrick Vallance tells the @CommonsSTC that SAGE advised the govt to impose lockdown measures “as soon as possible” “on the 18th or 16th of March, I can’t remember”

Remarkable that he doesn’t recall the date.

He fails to explain why the govt wait a week before locking down?
2). Professor @JeremyFarrar, who is a member of SAGE, does remember.

He has just clarified that on 13 March - with #COVID infections doubling every 2-3 days - SAGE decided a lockdown was needed.

They advised the govt of this on 16 March.

UK locked down on 23 March.
3/. On 10/6, @neil_ferguson who did the modelling presented on 16 March, said locking down a week earlier could have saved 20,000 lives.

Modeller, Prof Edmunds, told #Marr: “We should have gone into lockdown earlier…I think that has cost a lot of lives.”
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So is anyone else going to chat about the First Minster declaring yesterday on #Marr that independence is off until the "economic legacy" of Covid has been cleared?
(I know @CraigMurrayOrg has).

See from 10:09 onwards - esp 11.30.
I mean, in national budget terms (if not inequality and other harmful impacts), the legacy of the 2008 Financial Crisis ended in 2017, just after the impact of Brexit began which itself hadn't ended before the Covid crisis began and there's a Climate crisis about decade away...
I agree that the acute crisis does demand response right now - even though an Autumn indy referendum was looking unlikely before the pandemic, the pandemic has quashed it.…
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1) Ystdy, in order to explain what the PM had really meant when he said care homes "didn't really follow the procedures", No.10 said "the extent of asymptomatic transmission wasn’t known.”

@Dr_PhilippaW asked him about it on 11/3, & on 22/4 Hancock said👇
2). It’s true that we didn't know the exact extent of asymptomatic spread, but @MattHancock said on 22 April it was “very significant”.

"The scientific evidence DOES show that asymptomatic transmission occurs & that is one of the very significant challenges this virus presents."
3). On 9 April, Patrick Vallance said 30-50% of those infected by coronavirus could be asymptomatic carriers.

This was at a time when people were being transferred from hospitals to care home without testing.

20,000 care home residents died of #COVID19
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Fury as @BorisJohnson blames care homes over #coronavirus deaths, saying: “We discovered too many care homes didn't really follow the procedures in the way that they could have."

No.10 claims he meant the procedures because “the extent of asymptomatic transmission wasn’t known.”
Last month, @Helen_Whately attempted to blame scientists for govt’s policy of transferring #coronavirus patients from hospitals into care homes without testing.

@KayBurley: You can't stick this on the scientists

@Helen_Whately: Well, I can
The govt knew about asymptomatic transmission in January. Now they claim the didn’t.

Hancock told #Marr ystdy the reason 25,000 people were moved from hospitals to care homes without being tested is because “we didn’t know about asymptomatic transmission”
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@carolecadwalla @globalhlthtwit @devisridhar @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @Johnrashton47 This was @tomaspueyo on 14 March soon after his article saying “the UK must lock down now” went viral.

Also interviewed here is Prof John Edmunds - one of the govt’s key modellers. On Sunday, Edmunds admitted to #Marr that late lockdown was a mistake.
@carolecadwalla @globalhlthtwit @devisridhar @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @Johnrashton47 @tomaspueyo Writing in @TheLancet in January, @richardhorton1 had spelled out the danger posed by #coronavirus.

Here on #BBCQT he describes the government’s inaction as “a national scandal,” & says the UK “wasted February” when we should have been preparing.
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Asked what he regrets, SAGE's Professor John Edmunds: "We should have gone into lockdown earlier. It would have been hard to pull the trigger at that point, but it has cost a lot of lives unfortunately" #Marr
John Edmunds also warns large #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations increase the chance of Covid-19 spreading again: “If one in a thousand people are infectious, then a crowd of thousands would have some who are infectious in it. It does increase the risk" #Marr
Are you sure lives would not have been saved by locking down earlier? Matt Hancock ducks answering: “I’m sure that taking into account everything we knew at that moment, my view is we made the right decisions at the right time” #Marr
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Aug 2018: Bloomberg article -
Does #China Have What It Takes to Be a #Superpower?…
Dec 2019: In the #UN, #China uses threats and cajolery to promote its worldview…
Apr 2020: #China is handed a position on #UN #HumanRights Council despite long-record of human rights abuses and wide-spread suspicions they have lied over #coronavirus
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Ystdy, In answer to @Keir_Starmer’s question why the coronavirus test-track-and-trace system was not up & running, @BorisJohnson responded angrily that it was.

Now @guardian reports it is not expected to work at full speed until September or October.…
This week #C4 finally broadcast @BorisJohnson’s #GreenwichSpeech on 3 Feb in which he warns against allowing #coronavirus to “trigger a panic” which results in measures “that go beyond what is medically rational” & do “unnecessary economic damage.” WATCH 👇
On 20/5, the PM promised a fully operational “world beating” system by 1 June.

Last week, @didoharding who is heading the govt’s Test & Trace system told MPs the system won’t be fully operational at local level until the end of June, 4 weeks after lockdown restrictions ease.
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1/ Want to know when that devastating second wave of Covid-19 in the UK will come? I am going to go out on a limb and say October this year. There will be several catalysts for it, but I am going to talk about the one I have some expertise in - the Higher Education system.
2/ Caveats: I am an academic working in a university. I am not an epidemiologist or a scientist. I study culture and meaning; how people communicate and behave. My observations here are anecdotal but they are informed by sociology and statistics.
3/ Let me tell you about Fresher's Flu.

By week two or three of every first semester of the university year, everyone gets ill. We call it Fresher's Flu. That's because every year, a soup of virii descends into this environment. Some years it's a cold, some years it's worse.
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#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020

#WHO empfahl völlig unspezifische #Corona-#Virentests
"..Proben auch dann als „positiv“ zu befunden, wenn irgendein Virus der großen und sehr alten Corona-Familie bestätigt wurde. Sollte dieser Testmodus weltweit"…
#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Meditation
Vielen Dank @TeamKenFM!

Ignorance Meditation am 15. und 16. Mai 2020 in #Berlin…
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REVEALED: The anatomy of a very British #fakenews psy-op using #KawasakiDisease.

1. On 17th May, an a/c (@JuneSim63) posted a pic at 0900 supposedly from @Leeds_Childrens PICU dept of a little girl called 'Scarlett Roberts' on a ventilator.
2. At 0900, the #Marr show began on #BBC.

At 0909, the 'father' (@MrRoberts_1) RT'd @JuneSim63.

After inspecting the JPG metadata, specific info was missing from it, which was odd, as if the file was 'prepared' for release rather than an organic shot, a moment in time.
3. The overall delivery & 'timing alongside #Marr #Ridge & #COVID19 tags seemed too designed, than authentic.

On @GMB today, the surname changed to 'Nicholas' rather than 'Roberts', the father's name. Earlier this morning via an article from @TheSun - the name was unchanged.
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Gove says ‘schools are safe!’- UK Govt advice “if child develops #COVID19 symptoms at school “they must be sent home...If a child is awaiting collection, they should be moved, if possible, to a room where they can be isolated behind a closed door-Thread👇🏽
..depending on age of child & with appropriate adult supervision if required. Ideally, a window should be opened for ventilation. If it is not possible to isolate them, move them to an area which is at least 2 metres away from other people🙈…
If they need to go to the bathroom while waiting to be collected, they should use a separate bathroom if possible. The bathroom should be cleaned & disinfected using standard cleaning products before being used by anyone else.
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Michael Gove just claimed on #Marr that the UK is doing more testing than any other country.

This is an easily disprovable lie of Trumpian proportions.

This was the situation yesterday.

#Gove #MichaelGove Image
And this is the situation that Michael Gove's shameless lie about testing was intended to disguise.

The UK is nowhere near having sufficient reliable data to be in a position to safely move out of lockdown.

#Marr #MichaelGove #Gove… Image
Michael Gove: "Any tips, Mr President?"

Donald Trump: "Sure, Mikey - when you tell a lie, make it a big one. Then tell some more."

#Marr #MichaelGove #Gove Image
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This is my 5 yrs old great niece. She was fit & healthy until a mild bout of Covid19 5wks ago from which she appeared to recover.
She is now in ICU with a Kawasaki inflammatory response.
She is off the ventilator but has developed heart problems.1/
Her parents, a doctor (mum) and teacher (dad, my nephew), want her story sharing as they not only now have this dreadfully intimate personal experience but are both at the frontline of this crisis & see firsthand how schools will be the next frontline. 2/
My nephew & his wife want the UK to know they are appalled at proposals to bring back to school full year groups on 1st June. They expect, as do the teaching & medical unions, more cases like that of their daughter if the govt persists in this plan. 3/
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The smoking gun of govt care home policy?

Govt advice from 2 April.

“Some of these patients may have #COVOD19. All can be cared for in care homes.”

“Negative tests are not required before transfer/admission to the care home.” #coronavirus via @Goldbug40…
Here’s a link to the PDF (p.4).

What’s almost as shocking as this document is the fact that it’s been in the public domain for 6 weeks & no journalist has looked at it.

The same happened with PM’s #GreenwichSpeech from 2 Feb which I posted a month ago.…
If you haven’t seen @borisjohnson’s #GreenwichSpeech you can view it here👇

It’s the smoking gun of the govt’s #HerdImmunity strategy. The entire #THREAD is well worth a read if you have a bit of time on your hands. #COVID19 #coronavirus #COVIDー19 #Covid
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#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

2,5 Mio Patienten konnten nicht operiert werden, obwohl nötig.
Folge: nach Schätzungen 5.000 und bis zu 125.000 Patienten werden sterben oder sind schon tot infolge #Lockdown!…
#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

Gestern #Fake, heute Wahrheit: Der große #Corona-Lügen-Report
Selten wurden #FakeNews so schnell zur regierungsamtlichen Wahrheit wie in Zeiten von #Corona.…
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Boris Johnson's #Covid19 response is a study in "dither and delay".

"Britain was given a head start to tackle the coronavirus as it spread through other countries.

Much of that time has been wasted"

@LBC #c4news #bbcaq #Newsnight

All 'journalists' who repeatedly told us Boris Johnson was "following the science", even tho' his actions contradicted those of almost every other nation, & criticism of him was biased & insincere:

You were wrong, & 1000s will now likely die because of it
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Thread: Len McCluskey hasn’t offered “continued dialogue” with @JewishLabour and certainly hasn’t supported us. When it was clear his mind was closed and agenda fixed, we figured there was little point trying to explain anti-Jewish racism to a “lifelong anti-racist” #Marr
Almost two years ago, in early 2018 I along with a small group of people went to meet Len at @unitetheunion’s offices in Holborn. The meeting lasted over 2 hours and was painful as it was embarrassing. It followed a spat over his behaviour at 2017 Party Conference
He had earned his place within the trio “Ken (Livingstone), Ken (Loach) and Len” denying and diminishing the extent of anti-Jewish racism within the Labour Party, whilst showing up to the launch of a group founded to whitewash it.…
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The purpose of the "European Army" is not to defend Europe.
It is to oppress Europeans as the EU becomes increasingly impoverished under the yoke of the Globalists & take what Macron is doing to the #GiletsJaunes to the next level.

Frightening 😡😡😡
Truly, very, very, frightening.

EU's Mogherini "we need to merge the military and policing functions."

If you merge the military with the police you have created a Police State.

UK is signed up to the new EU Army, aka "EU Defence Union"

Mogherini confirmed in 2017 that "23 member states have already signed up to the new EU army, aka "EU Defence Union" (including the UK)".

New EU Army & EI2 are scheduled to become fully operational in 2020.

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I hate to make political points of a tragedy like #LondonBridge but since the #Conservative party are lying through their teeth trying to blame #Labour its time to remind people of Tory complicity & responsibility for blow back terrorism. Here’s a brief thread. Pls RT #Marr etc
1. Back in 2011 David Cameron was PM & Theresa May Home Sec: UK Gov was actively seeking to topple Gaddafi using scaremongering like “massacre about to happen”. UK along with usual invaders France & US started illegally bombing #Libya : foreign jihadi fighters were needed
2. Salman Abedi ( #Manchester bomber) & his father were members of a Libyan dissident group – the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – covertly supported by the UK to assassinate Qadafi in 1996. At this time, the LIFG was an affiliate of Osama Bin Laden’s #alqaeda . #Marr
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Political parties viewed through a Lord of the Rings prism...
A) LibDems: hobbits, largely overlooked but with an important part to play.
B) Greens: elves, defending the natural spaces
C) Labour: men (some good, some evil, many arrogant)
D) Tories: orcs
#Ridge #marr #MarrShow
E) Brexit Party: Uruk-hai
F) Brexit: the One Ring
G) Jeremy Corbyn: Denethor
H) Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel, Michael Gove etc: ringwraiths
J) Boris Johnson: Gollum at his least Smeagol-like
K) Lady Hale: Galadriel
L) Dominic Cummings: Wormtongue
M) Putin and/or Trump: Sauron
N) Nigel Farage: Saruman
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Syria in 3 pictures.

Why does the #BBC and #SkyNews NEVER report the truth about Syria?

Why does the #BBC and #SkyNews NEVER report the fact the U.S., UK, Saudi Arabia & Qatar armed an invasion of al-Qaeda type terrorists to start the War in Syria?

In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War…

The Geopolitics of WW3.

This is an excellent short video (22 minutes) which explains most of the why of Geopolitics over the last several years.
If you want to understand what is going on in the world - watch this.

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You may have seen my research on A/B testing reported by the @observer online, in print or via the #Marr show. Here is a full @Medium report by me on what the news article and @AndrewMarr9 show touched upon. Big ol' thread 1/

⬇️⬇️⬇️Read here ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
Political parties using #Facebook ads have a powerful capacity to hone their messages. Unlike the past where expensive and hard to organise focus groups were the only avenue available for parties to test their messages; today all the political parties engage in #ABtesting 2/
Political parties have never had it so good, as it’s ‘us’ (the users), who help make this happen. Today party campaigning is Janus-faced, a fantastic example of this phenomenon is via the many faces of @joswinson the #LiberalDemocrats were recently pushing. 3/
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