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📺 @NicolaSturgeon: “The proposals on the table from Boris Johnson would not be acceptable to the SNP. They would take Scotland out of the EU, out of the single market, out of the customs union, with all the damage that would do - and against our will.” #SNP19 #Marr
NS: "I am not prepared, as the First Minister of Scotland, to accept the inevitability of Brexit." #SNP19 #Marr
NS: "Over the past few weeks I have been of the view that the best sequence of events would be for the opposition to try and get rid of Boris Johnson in a vote of confidence, then have the extension secured, and then have a general election as quickly as possible." #SNP19 #Marr
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Watching #Marr is like being in George Orwell's 1984.
EVERYTHING is the complete OPPOSITE of the Truth.

Keir Starmer is a Neoliberal Globalist Fascist Blairite Remainer who has NEVER wanted to leave.

He is also a Corporate Globalist Fascist Trilateral Member.

The EU is a completely corrupt, anti democracy, Neoliberal Globast Fascist org that wants to transfer ALL Wealth & Power to Banking & Corporate Elites, Impoverish Europeans, Destroy Europe, and bring in the "NWO" - Authoritarian One World Gov…

EU is deliberately causing massive social unrest, the economic destruction of Europe & impoverishing ordinary people, with its disastrous Neoliberal Globalist Authoritarian policies from the Brussels Dictatorship

The sooner the EU is gone, the better for everyone in Europe
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My new book about Brexit, "Slaying Brexit Unicorns", is out on Amazon Kindle. Tackles a tonne of Brexit myths head on. Covers the consequences and benefits of Brexit - yes, there are *some*! (Free sample available at link...) #Ridge #Marr…
Some of the things it covers...
- Referendum & aftermath
- Single Market, Customs Union & Irish backstop
- Article 50
- No deal dangers
- What trading on WTO terms means
- £39 billion financial settlement
- Fishing
- Sovereignty
- Public ownership & state aid
- Take back control
- Brexit scepticism & Project Fear
- Crashing pound
- Other countries do fine outside EU
- We were OK before EU
- They need us more than we need them
- Just get on with it
- Could we switch to air freight to trade with the world?
- Organising a second referendum
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Stephen Barclay just admitted that there would be years or decades of negotiations needed after Brexit deal or no deal. Whizzed past so quickly #Marr hardly noticed it. But it was a real blooper I think.
For context, #Marr teed him up by attacking the Tory conference "Get Brexit Done" slogan, pointing out everything that would have to happen as a matter of urgency after a no deal exit.

Barclay said something like "Well, that would apply in all circumstances, deal or no deal."
Hopefully someone with a dab hand at video clipping will grab the short segment along with Marr's lead-in question.
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Johnson #Marr
“I’ve been a model of restraint,” he continued. And in his way, he had. Because he had got through the entire interview without once putting his hand on Marr’s thigh or trying to get him into bed. That was the sign of a real leader.”…
Next up was a 3-way discussion between Alok Sharma, Ben Wallace & Liz Truss – 3 ministers fighting over a single IQ point –

The highlight was Wallace insisting that just because people couldn’t see submarines, it didn’t mean they didn’t exist – no shit”
“Barclay was so dull he didn’t even notice that he had come to the end of his speech. The only person to raise a pulse was Rees-Mogg who ran through several of some of Nanny’s favourite rhymes. It’s a Tory thang.”
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'after the collapse of a trial into an alleged Mafia-run sex ring', it came to light that none other than JEREMY CORBYN had 'backed' the [Visa?] application of the alleged Chicago Mafia pimp, James Foster, accused of running 200 sex workers from a Mayfair front. 1/3
So many unanswered questions.

The trial collapsed because a crooked detective was also found to be a pimp.

Note though Corbyn does not condemn what had happened, or show any concern for the 200 sex workers being exploited. 2/3

#Marr #Ridge
Does Corbyn just sponsor/support anyone's visa application? He has always professed a hatred of the US & the free market, so why give a visa to a US 'businessman'?

I can only think that Foster must have said he had links to NORAID.

Anyone else got any ideas? 3/3

#Marr #Ridge
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Boris Johnson says “we don’t do deals with other parties,” which begs the question of whether Cameron & Clegg was just a freaky dream #marr
*We never had relations with the DUP*
Or technology lessons of any kind
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Jo Swinson is leading an illiberal, anti democracy, FASCIST party.

Anti democracy, Neoliberal Globalist Fascist extremist @GuyVerhofstadt calls for the "New World Order" & " a European Empire".

This is straight out of the Nazi playbook.

@guyverhofstadt The true nature of the EU is apparent from the fact that a Megalomaniac Fascist Psychopath @GuyVerhofstadt is the leader of the "liberals" in the EU "Parliament".

The EU will become even more authoritarian, dictatorial & corrupt over time.

@guyverhofstadt This is the true face of Spanish & EU "Democracy".

An elderly woman beaten up by Spanish Riot Police for wanting to vote "the wrong way" in the 2017 #CatalanReferendum.

There is NO democracy in the EU.

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Please RT this video
1) 150k people now know that the #Brexit company:
Has no members, all you can do is give them money
Has no way of voting on policy (how do you "consult supporters" in any meaningful, transparent way?)
And that Farage is Leader for life
2) #marr a few comments on Farage's words:
"Can you be voted out as leader?"
"Not at the moment"

No, not ever, as per the constitution of the #Brexit company & by design Farage can *never* be voted out, he is the chief executive of the company for life
3) is there any party democracy?
No, Farage got tired of democracy failing to make the "right decision" so he dropped all of it in the #Brexit Company

Also, members vote on policy in a ballot, no-one "consults supporters" in a mystical fashion and calls it democracy
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Former Black Rod Leakey to #marr: “typically prorogation lasts a few days” in order to make arrangements for Queens Speech ceremony but that the Queen has no choice but to accept PMs timetable...
Starmer says Opposition will not allow PM to hold an election over the Oct 31st No Deal deadline - (though FTPA does allow PM to choose date if 14 days elapse after a Vote of No confidence with no alternative gaining confidence)
Starmer leaves door open, after Corbyn attempts to win confidence vote first, if that fails, for Labour then backing someone else...
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Sunlit uplands lookin' kinda murky. Where'd all the unicorns go? #marr #SundayThoughts #RevokeArticle50
Seriously, if you are reading this and you're not terrified, there's something seriously wrong with you.
This is so far removed from

"Exact same benefits"
"No considerable downsides"
"Sunlit uplands"
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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Collective responsibility depends on collective decision-making, says Philip Hammond to #Marr
Transcript of Philip Hammond is here…
Hammond is confident parliament will prevent no-deal Brexit on 31 Oct
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Irish Foreign min/ Tanaiste @simoncoveney preemptively telling #Marr that a PM Johnson should not expect more than PM May. Says No Deal will only happen if House of Commons and a new PM chooses it.

Message directly to MPs already repeatedly voting against No Deal.
important bit of Coveney was description of Alt Arrangements as “Effectively meaning a border on island of Ireland away from the border which would fundamentally disrupt the all Ireland economy”.

rejecting concept not just of checks at border but of moving checks away from it...
This came up, as I reported on Today last week, within some of the Government’s own Alternative Arrangements Working Groups - concern raised at downplaying of Joint Report 2017 in those group...
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The most interesting part, for me, about this @ShippersUnbound splash is what it says about Team Boris, rather than where the EU/Irish are on #Brexit - it's same old assumption that Merkel or whover is coming to the rescue. Not sure they are. 1/Thread…
@ShippersUnbound As I think you'll see @simoncoveney say on @AndrewMarr9 #Marr this morning, the Irish are not for turning...and the Coveney Sunday Times piece is pretty clear on that.

It takes a lot to see an "olive branch" in the pledge to use future relationship to do away with backstop /2
@ShippersUnbound @simoncoveney @AndrewMarr9 That is just EU #Brexit boilerplate, it's the same as Merkel said last week about using the Political Declaration to obviate need for the backstop

- so if UK either accepts NI-only backstop,

- or if all UK remained aligned in a way that makes border

...backstop falls. /3
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Amber Rudd says she no longer thinks a new referendum is better than no-deal Brexit #Marr
Here's the transcript…
Everyone saying she wants to keep her job, but is teasing Johnson about bulldozers the way to do it?
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Wow, #Marr just flipped *very* quickly past a story about Isabel Oakeshott during the paper review, saying "we may or may not talk about this later".
Doesn't look likely we're going to hear it discussed, because #Marr is carefully lingering for a long time on other papers. But I might be proven wrong.
"Let's go to the cricket". Dodging like mad.
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Peter Hitchens: Having Fun with al-Qaeda Supporting, Neocon War Lobbyist, Professor Scott Lucas @ScottLucas_EA…

Deliberately covering up the true circumstances of the #Douma "gas attack" which was a staged #FalseFlag by terrorists, renders any credibility the OPCW once had null & void.
Previous reports such as the #Skripal poisoning also have zero credibility…

The April 2017 "Sarin gas attack" in Idlib was also a #FalseFlag staged event by al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) & #WhiteHelmets terrorists.
The OPCW broke their own rules on Chain of Custody to report otherwise…

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The privileged union bureaucracy at Unite should stop obsessing about my journalism and start obsessing about members jobs being lost due to Brexit... I didn't see #Marr but I hear yet another attack on me by a well-paid union official for writing this:…
One reason the Unite bureaucracy is so pissed off with me is that my job is to write the truth. The truth is two key officials around Corbyn have more influence on policy than the entire shadow Cabinet and they got it badly wrong: their strategy lost us the European election....
The Times attack on Corbyn's health is of course bullshit. The allegation that officials refused to implement a Shadow Cabinet decision to leave the talks is true. Now to the substance...
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If your family suffers from No-Deal blame these Labour MPs

@Y_FovargueMP @CarolineFlintMP @KevinBarronMP @JonCruddas_1 @SarahChampionMP @GloriaDePiero @JulieForBurnley @FitzMP Rosie Cooper @grahamemorris @lisanandy @GlindonMary @SKinnock @OnnMel @MikeHillMPl Dennis Skinner #Marr
Boris Johnson is not going to present a deal that protects UK Jobs ESPECIALLY in the Labour heartlands some of these MPs claim to represent. And even if he did, most Brexit voters wouldn't like it.
So all these MPs are doing is facilitating No-Deal.
Here's Caroline Flint leading a @UKLabour charge towards a No-Deal Brexit on #Marr.
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Hard to tell, but is Caroline Flint wearing a huge gold unicorn on #marr ?
Here's a pic. Probably a horse, but it's genuinely difficult to tell...
Closeup of the maybe-a-horn...
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Aaaand there we have it...

@RoryStewartUK believes the #SingleMarket would be a "big mistake", b/c...


He'd be happy with a #CustomsUnion, as long as it didn't involve...


He's as much an anti-immigration Tory as the rest of them.


@RoryStewartUK As if to underline his non-#SingleMarket, Leaver credentials, @RoryStewartUK says:-

"I want to leave all the institutions of the #EU".

I'll repeat the reason he gave in my previous clip:-



@RoryStewartUK A few clips from @RoryStewartUK on @LBC, where he chose to display his true colours.

1) Under that urbane exterior, he just wants to "get [#Brexit] done".

To "get back our sovereignty" and "get back control of our borders".

I thought the govt WP said UK was always sovereign?
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Brexit is not THAT complicated!
▪️2016: 52% voted Leave
▪️2017: 80% voted for Parties whose manifestos said to Leave
▪️2017: 53% voted for parties whose manifestos said we must NOT leave without a deal
▪️Most hate the deal
Only MORE democracy can solve that contradiction!
Correction: roughly 84% of the vote was for pro-Brexit parties in 2017.…
A) Labour took votes from people like me who saw voting for them as the only way to stop a hard Brexit and we were right at the time.…
B) Doesn't change the fact that the majority voted for parties who opposed No Deal.
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If ever there was any doubt whatsoever over the danger our #NHS is facing due to Brexit, the US Ambassador to the UK confirms it prior to the visit of President Trump... #Marr
The architects of Brexit have been working on butchering the UK carcass for years, here's the BBC, yes, the BBC, giving a platform to Tufton St to peddle their misinformation on the #NHS
Of course, what Vote Leave forgot to tell voters was that you're waiting longer for #NHS treatment not because of the EU but because of MASSIVE Tory underfunding and that you'll get seen to in future only as long as you've paid the exorbitant insurance premiums they're planning.
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