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trying to remember what happened this year by going back through my tweets. folks, it was a weird one.
a year ago i was just starting to livetweet meetings. it was just a weird hobby i was getting into while i looked for a job.

back in january, i was just finding out about elmer woodard, a man who would later call me a terrorist & accuse me of a crime in open cour06P9
no, seriously. a nazi sued my friend and for some reason his lawyer included in an amended complaint this totally irrelevant and false claim that i'm a bolshevik terrorist

it goes without saying that i am NOT a terrorist, but i have perhaps terrorized elmer with some incredibly sick burns this year

everybody knows nazis came to charlottesville on august 12, 2017 but a lot of people don't know that they kept coming back. mostly for court dates.

there were some big revelations this year, like march's night of the wrong wives

and it was a year of exciting personal firsts, like getting my first real death threats & firing a shotgun for the first time. entirely unrelateokUD
every boring, lonely hour i spent sitting through court proceedings that didn't result in anything important paid off a thousand fold when i got to witness this beautiful, precious gem of a moment

you can get used to anything, apparently. by april it wasn't that shocking that armed nazis were disrupting city council meetings. i am, however, perpetually surprised by how short i look in photos & videycBt
hopefully in 2019 we can all stop pretending cops are here to protect us

lol remember when gab, the social media platform that doesn't even HAVE a block button, blocked me on twitter?

and then the CEO of that social media company reposted his MOTHER'S posts about my appearance?

i didn't know exactly what i was getting myself into when i got extremely online this past year, but i am not at all ashamed of any part of my identity. attacking me on those grounds is futile.

2018, the year i wore nothing but supersoldier pajamas

thank you, @UR_Ninja & jason kessler for bringing me the biggest laugh of the yeaf0B
this is still true. god bless you, mysterious and somehow ubiquitous drum carrier.

these statements are also both still true

six months ago i wasn't quite sure yet that whatever this is was actually my whole life now.

i'd like to think that in 2019 i won't have to see so many racist 'free speech advocates' sue/press charges against my friends for... speaking? but actually i've already got two friends' appeals on my calendar

i didn't celebrate pride this year but i did make a lot of nazis really mad by posting about it, which i guess is its own kind of celebration

maybe in 2019 nazis will finally learn what 'doxxing' means

speaking of doxxing, the guy who spent all spring & half the summer threatening to murder my dogs in increasingly graphic, horrifying ways got awfully quiet after @IdavoxOPP tracked down his identir4Q7
whoever wrote reality this year was a little heavy-handed

i think this was the first of my tweets to end up in a daily caller article, although a video of me giving richard spencer two hearty middle fingers was on their website many months earlier

this whole year was a bizarre fever dream

i saw some beautiful displays of solidarity this year
i accidentally became a freelance journalist or something but i have my own process

may our enemies continue to be pathetic in 2019 🙏

unfortunately for my enemies, i have still never done any crimes

i spent my birthday in court this year & got a very nice gift -- a jury agreed with the lower court decision that a local man had indeed assaulted jason kessler... but that such an act didn't warrant any punishmentujw6
speaking of kessler, shout out to everyone who made it through a very stressful year without celebrating a woman's murder!

the two best parts of that day were the choice offerings at the potluck & seeing a cop trip over a scooter & get a boo boo
(by this point in the year, being assaulted by a cop at a potluck didn't seem that rrOETMkq
in retrospect, it's kinda sad that the person in charge of PR for one of the nation's more prominent white supremacist organizations spent like a whole day posting pictures of me enjoying some snacks

who do you think spent more time thinking about me this year, the league of the south's brad griffin or my own mother? my mom loves me a lot but i think my money's on brad.

i don't know why i worried so much this year about being able to pay my rent when i'm so clearly living rent free in so many dudes' heads

a strong contender for my favorite moment of 2018 was watching @tgracchus1848 empty his pockets into an albemarle county sheriff's deputy's outstretched hands... keys, wallet, change, pack of gum... and the goddamn little red book.

damn, i forgot to do anything with this dox. got 'im dead to rights, he just wasn't very interesting. happy to pass it off to folks in indiana, though, who may want to keep an eye on him.

one of the clearest, most important truths i learned this year: fascists hate each other. maybe even more than we hate them.

the criminal and civil suits that came out of the summer of 2017 will continue through 2019 and beyond. this gem came out of sines v kessler, which is set for trial in july 2019.

this is actually a pretty concise summary of my whole year

i learned a lot about the law this year, i guess.

not a day has gone by in the past two months that i haven't thought of the people murdered in that synagogue. every day i wonder which of the men i'm monitoring will be the next one to go all in and act on his violent fantasies.

i'd be lying if i told you i'm not haunted by this.

it's a dark world out there & we're very lucky dogs exist, especially my dogszZrL
oof, ouch. another very accurate picture of my year.

i sat through hundreds upon hundreds of hours of meetings this year. there was a lot of boredom. some terror. some violence. sometimes tears. outrage, often. and... sometimes just some spectacularly stupid shit.

this actually turned out to be the SECOND BEST powerpoint of the year

it feels wrong to say i'm proud of the work i did covering the fields trial, but it was the heaviest project i took on this year and i think i did the best i could have done with something so complicated and ugly.

there has obviously been a writers' strike and our current reality is being written by fucking amateurs.
i spent a lot of time this year trying to navigate this. many of the points of privilege i enjoy, not coincidentally, play a real role in why i'm the kind of victim of harassment people seem to care about.

i missed ONE charlottesville city council meeting in 2018 & it was because i was a bit preoccupied covering a nazi's murder trial. still, i'm sad to have missed it & even more sad about my perfect attendance retrzkDOni
honestly just moved to tears over and over again by the amount of kindness and care shown to me by comrades & strangers alike this yearCTXo
the universe has an incredibly fucking sick sense of humor, forcing me to witness a man get hit by a car while i was covering the trial of a murder committed via car. 2019: be better than this.

i saw a lot of very bad men get jail time this year. i feel a lot of internal conflict about this, as a prison abolitionist. but i'm glad james alex fields will never breathe another free breath.

i wrote & recorded nearly 50,000 words about the trial of james alex fields. i could probably write another 50,000 and it still wouldn't be enou2K6G
this thread may be my best livetweet of the year. and this was definitely the year's best powerpoint.

i was in the new york times, the guardian, buzzfeed, huffington post, the columbia journalism review, mic, rawstory, SPLC, some french papers i can't read, and god knows where else first, but i FINALLY made it into the local newspaper this month.

one lesson i learned over and over again was that just showing up is so important. i've said plenty of times, i'm in no position to start (let alone finish) a fight. i'm not going to defend my community that way. but bearing witness can be a radical act.

this year-end recap would be incomplete without the very bizarre thread i just wrapped up about ‘jack corbin’

happy new year, comrades. may our enemies continue to be fucking ridiculous in 2019.

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