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A standard tourist visa to the UK is £95. We once paid £361 for a 2 year visa for my wife and the UK gave her a six month visa and kept all the money anyway.

And Turks have to pay to actually leave their own country.

So Tim, mate, this is super #firstworldproblems
Oh yeah and when Turks apply for a visa to the UK (or anywhere), they have to fill in 20 pages of forms which seem to dig into family history, finances, job prospects, every aspect of their private lives.

You just have to pay on arrival and you’re done. $35 is a steal.
By the way, when Turks apply for visas (which they have to for almost every Western country) one of the questions is invariably something like:

“Have you ever had trouble with the police over terrorism, WMDs or speeding?”

If you’ve ever done 133km/ph, you’re royally fucked.
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Honestly, what is it with windshield wipers? My vehicle has thrown 2 blades so far this winter. And why are they so complicated to put on? The blade comes with a bunch of incomprehensible pictures and weird bits of plastic. 1/5 #FirstWorldProblems
Instructions? 2/5
There are at least 4 kinds of wiper arm! And mine doesn't look like anything in the photos. Could we not just decide on one and have wiper blades that attach in some sort of intuitive way? #SoFedUp 3/5
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"I for one see no redeeming leadership qualities in a commander-in-chief who wants to be both arsonist and firefighter at the same time." - me, on @msnbc today with @katyturnbc, on how Trump started the Iran crisis which he is now ridiculously trying to claim credit for ending:
@MSNBC @KatyTurNBC "There is no strategy, there is no strategy, there is no strategy! Trump does not do strategy. He could not find Iran on a map if his life depended on it, he has not read the Iran nuclear deal... he probably still doesn't know what Hizbollah is" - me trying to be blunt on @msnbc:
@MSNBC @KatyTurNBC On an unrelated note, I have a bad cold. As you can see/hear. :-( #firstworldproblems
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#FirstWorldProblems: Getting the cool hip au-pairs who all want say they want to go live with families in London to realise they *reallly* want to come to Manchester, of course.
Also, number of au-pairs who say they want to come to the UK has gone way down since Brexit, so that's really going to help all the nurses, single mums and everyone else who absolutely relies on them.
Clarification for those who care: au-pairs are not nannies. They get room, board & small allowance, in exchange for 2-3 hours work per day. Cost to family is £4-5k per year. A full-time nanny costs 10x that.
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Morning campers! I’ll be live-tweeting from the European Court of Justice today about @Google’s “Right to be Forgotten” hearing.

What’s the main point? Should Europe (or France’s #privacy regulator) be able to apply its rules over the internet worldwide.

A recap:
La Vanguardia, a Spanish newspaper, published records in the late 1990s detailing the debt delinquencies of Mario Costeja.

About a decade later, Costeja sued, saying that the publication breached his right to privacy.
After a lengthy legal dispute, the case was referred to the ECJ which, in 2014, ruled that individuals had the right to ask that search engines like @Google remove links (but not the underlying webpages) from search results
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(THREAD) Imagine walking into school - #FirstDaysofSchool. The most significant thing that anyone wants is to know that they belong, feel included, cared for, to feel significant, to know that they matter. As educators, families give us their greatest trust each day #MoralPurpose
From the moment students "step" onto school grounds, everything they see, hear, feel and experience gives them a message about whether they are valued, they matter, if this is a safe place to be in, grow, take risks, challenge, create, to LEARN. #3rdTeacher #GlobalCompetencies
We know that in order for Ss to learn, they must feel safe & included. Neuroscience helps us to understand that when ANY one feels unsafe, theyre not able to learn, engage in complex thinking. Solid #assessment is important & necessary, but without feeling safe, its not effective
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I have to watch The Magic Pill today for an article.

@sallyt, send popcorn. Or xanax.

Should I live-tweet this as a teaser for the article?
Seven minutes: I think they just implied that the fact that they're a family of emotional eaters is the reason why one of this woman's granddaughters is autistic and another one has celiac. Oh, and this woman in her 70s (?) is forgetful. All from sugar, obvs.

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