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this is what journalists think an own is. “oh yeah? put up 10,000 dollars and we can talk about why my article is idiotic”. they need bannings and artificial elevation because put in a verbal sparring match with anyone one v one theyd get absolutely destroyed.
.@Lollardfish david. my debate fee is that you drive to virginia + we drink ayahuasca at the summit of mt rogers. i am able to wave this fee for fathers as u will most likely pass your incorrect views onto your son, so for his sake respond and i will tell u why ur article is bad.
so, completely and totally proving my above point, David challenged me to tell him why he was wrong and then blocked me so i couldnt actually do so, which is exactly the phenomenon i described in my above tweet. guess ill do it anywhere here in this thread.
this has nothing to do with why its wrong but this article is less than 1000 words and took 2 people to write. just saying.

this analysis will be largely redundant for my followers but who cares.
first up im not sure this is what david is saying but just in case, this is one of my favorite fallacies. the symbolic and literal preference for white/light over dark has 0 to do with white people + exists basically everywhere, from korea to egypt. it transcends race entierly
I.e this system where light and white is good and dark is bad is found even in places and cultures that wouldn’t have had serious contact with white people. so either david doesn’t know this or he threw it in so he could inject race into the term “dark ages” of all things lmao
we’ll get to the heart of why the point of this article, that defending western civilization is racist, is dumb, soon.

he also asserts that white men ignored the stories of people who didnt look like them.
this is kind of a twofold dishonesty. a) we cant really fault these people for it being a long time ago and them not... what? being able to go to the library to read about buddhism? lol
also of course the second any access was ever given to basically any foreign system of thought or idea it was devoured eagerly by western white men. travelling really far to get manuscripts, translating arabic texts, there was + is obviously a deep hunger for non western material
its so omnipresent that the idea of trying to prove this is in and of itself hilarious but here’s a great example. the toledo school of translators translated a ton of medical, scientific, philosophical work from Arabic and scholars came from all over Europe to read this stuff
the crown (the king, one of these white guys david is saying was stupid) paid for a ton of this. also this was in the 12th and 13th centuries, multiple centuries before david is saying white westerners guys only cared about other white western guys. this interest only increased.
so, total and complete mischaracterization of western culture as only interested in western culture when the total opposite is actually the case. not even gonna go into western white dudes going to absurd length to get things like buddhist texts, etc.
(he actually specifically says they ignored arabic lmao)

david also alleges that the common heritage of europe + america is “supposed” rather than an actuality thats demonstrable via an absurd amount of things America has taken from Europe. wouldnt even know where to start here
gonna stop picking random things though + address the heart of his assertion, which is common among charlatans. it is essentially that since the boundaries of western culture can be blurry, and because western culture has changed, it doesnt [really] exist, its not really a thing
this is an extremely common argument. it goes, well, what IS western culture anyway? can you point to the one thing that makes a nation western? can’t you find a culture on the boundary that’s maybe western, maybe not? therefore the term is a kind of fallacy, its not a real thing
due to the nature of culture, this type of dismantling argument could be used to argue that literally any culture does not exist. what’s the one thing that makes someone japanese? they don’t all eat sushi, they don’t all listen to japanese music, what’s the common element?
there isnt one, of course. there is never going to be one definitive thing that marks something as 100% a part of that culture or not. cultures are nebulous and are umbrellas that hold many disparate things underneath them. that doesnt mean they dont exist, thats a wild leap.
this is basically, in my opinion, the thrust of the article. “well, the term western culture is just made up, whats western has changed a lot, its changing now, so its not really a thing”. would david turn this deconstructive lens on any other culture? of course not.
just had to point out this gem: david thinks all these people and pro-western culture people in general think europe has “always been christian” lmao bro what
such basic fallacies i feel boring pointing them out but literally no one thinks the history of the west is the history of one ethnicity, literally no one thinks there werent bad things that happened, like, what am i even reading right now
skipped this but huge bonus, david was just telling us that brevik wants Europe to return to some mythical christian past. let’s take two seconds and see what religion he actually is. oops! (also in his manifesto he specifically says he doesnt have a relationship with jesus)
cant really blame david for not checking though, I mean, i didnt know that and it took me like 35 seconds to check while writing this thread, why would you bother looking into something youre putting in one of the biggest papers in the country right
david, thats all the consultation u get for free. havent even gone in to the white people stuff. if youd like to continue we will have to meet + discuss my debate fee or ill settle for a photo of u with an actual shaman who will testify you have gone through the proper procedures
if you are planning on meeting me near mt rogers, there is a lovely shelter at the summit so you will not need a tent, only warm clothes. you should also bring feathers of day birds only. do not bring feathers of night bird such as owl
closer: also when he posted this article to his feed he used a totally different argument, that since western culture did bad things defending it is racist, another extremely basic point that you can most likely refute if youve been intellectually aware for more than 35 seconds
he originally retweeted his reply to me so his followers would see it and come here then undid this retweet when i actually started responding... my work here is done
i very politely dmed the professor who co-wrote this article to ask him if i was wrong or misinformed about something here and he instantly blocked me. this guy is a head professor (or something) of religion and culture.
dont want to reopen this but just to give a window into actual history, far from ignoring texts by people that werent like them, at one translation school in spain we can find italians, scots, germans and a flemish guy all working to translate non-western texts... in the 1100s.
this head professor is telling people im racist right now instead of responding to me.
hes actually making a thread now about how im racist + not worth talking to. also the only post i have on my feed about shapiro is making fun of him

i actually dmed him instead of tagging him in a public post at first so he could tell me if i was wrong about anything privately
when youre an academic and a painter casually asks you about your work in private and the correct move is obviously to get super mad
when you really are not mad online

i didnt even ask for a “debate” lmao
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