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Rapportsäsongen 2021 -

"@Malmo_FF och stadion"

Började fundera mer efter MFFs rapport på den eviga diskussionen: Vad kostar egentligen stadion föreningen?

Och i förlängningen: är den ett lok eller ankare?

TRÅD 👇👇👇

#Allsvenskan #arenaekonomi #mff
Vad är problemet?

I korta drag: hyra eller äga.

De flesta klubbarna hyr in sig på en arena som kommunen äger och betalar enligt modellen grundhyra + någon slags avgift per åskådare + övriga säkerhetskostnader.

Under 2020 = inga åskådare, endast grundhyra....
...medan de som äger - MFF, Elfsborg, IFK Nkpg - sitter med fasta kostnader som fortfarande måste hanteras.

Om man hyr: lägre fasta kostnader, högre rörliga kostnader per åskådare

Om man äger: höga fasta kostnader, lägre rörliga.

Väldigt förenklat.
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Rapportsäsongen 2021 -

@Malmo_FF levererar den näst största förlusten i Allsvenskans historia, tätt bakom @ofk_1996 2019

Men låt oss gå lite djupare än så

TRÅD 👇👇👇

#Allsvenskan #fotbollsekonomi #mff
OBS! Notera att jag skriver ut koncernens tal primärt här. MFF driver sin verksamhet i moderföreningen och har sen två dotterbolag - MFF Event AB (restauranger etc) och Fotbollsstadion i Malmö Fastighets AB (stadion)

Skriver explicit om något gäller moderf., annars koncernen.
First things first -

Nej, MFF klarar helt fint den här lavetten.

Ja, man har fortfarande överlägset starkast finanser av alla Svenska klubbar.

Ja, man vann ju för f-n ligan.

Bara så alla vet vad utgångspunkten är
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Hungary & Poland just voted against #RuleofLaw mechanism, and reserved their right to challenge it before Court (as anticipated in #EUCO conclusions)

But there’s (much) more

Hungary (not Poland) states that its veto remains on the whole #MFF and just been temporarily lifted pending the imminent Court’s case 2/
The Commission declares to be bound by #EUCO interpretative declaration in toto, which it green lights as legal under the EU Treaties.

Quod non. 3/
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What’s next in the adoption of EU budget, notably of its #RuleofLaw Regulation, following #EUCO?

(Spoiler: More, much more than is currently reported)

THREAD #MFF #NextGenerationEU
Although #EUCO conclusions on RoL Regulation are a political document, they’re legally relevant as they might potentially (yet illegally) amend the new #ruleoflaw mechanism.

For this they must however be ‘transposed’ by Commission & Parliament…

Here’s a preview of Parliament’s draft resolution to be adopted this week opposing #EUCO attempt at amending the RoL Regulation.

No reference to motion of censure against @vonderleyen but antagonistic tone against Commission is unprecedented 3/
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Hungary/Poland lift their veto on EU budget, after being reassured that new #RuleOfLaw mechanism won't be applied to them until a judgment of ECJ will define 'methodology' to be applied.

This is not only unprecedented, but also LEGALLY questionable THREAD #EUCO 1/ Image
The draft #EUCO Conclusions, a non-legally binding political declaration, de facto suspend application of #RuleOfLaw mechanism.

As such, notably point 2 c), could be challenged by an EU institution, such as the European Parliament, before @EUCourtPress as ULTRA VIRES 2/ Image
Regardless of whether #EUCO conclusions will be challenged, the inaction of the Commission while omitting to apply #RuleOfLaw mechanism pending the Court's judgement might also be challenged before the ECJ.

Art. 5 of the rule of law mechanism says that the Commission "shall" 3/ Image
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EU leaders had a 16 min discussion on rule of law #MFF tonight #euco. Orban gave a concise and to the point expalanation of Hungary's stance. There were no fireworks or emotive pleas from the rest, including Merkel. One diplomat describes it as "stage managed" to avoid a bust up
Merkel kicked off #euco proceedings with a technical intervention about need to get a dealHungary, Slovenia, and Poland all took the floor at. Diplomats don't think Polish veto is as solid as the Hungarian one (for now) while Jansa is playing for a domestic crowd.
Rule of Law spat was never going to be solved at #euco tonight. Relatively short and drama-free interventions - including from Orban - indicator that a possible deal is in the works. Silence in Brussels is usually the sound of a fudge brewing
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Lots of smoke & mirrors in fight over rule of law. Here's my take in @POLITICOEurope on what's really going on: "If European leaders want to escape this autocracy trap, they must begin by standing up forcefully to regimes that try to hold the EU hostage"🧵…
2. First, on how we got here, it all goes back to @EPP appeasement of their pet autocrat Orbán over past decade. "The EPP has protected Orbán for political gain... But this week its pet autocrat turned against his long-time protectors" They are now reaping what they sowed.
3. As those who follow me know, I've been writing about this for years - most recently in my Article on "The European Union's Authoritarian Equilibrium" - summarized here:
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There’s really nothing like a budgetary crisis to budge the Europe forward in the right direction. If HU and PO continue to block, the normal thing to do would be for the EU leaders to cave in – as they did to the British in 2016. #EUCO 1/
The much better thing would be to trigger enhanced cooperation (by QMV) and establish the grant element of the economic recovery programme by and on behalf of only those states which participate. 2/
Once established, the core group can choose to act by QMV even for the decision to raise the own resources ceiling as well as for a new #MFF — all with European Parliament consent. The enhanced group has to pay for itself — which should stimulate the markets. 3/
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🇪🇺 Today’s #COREPER II has just started. EU Ambassadors will take important votes on the next #EUbudget. Among them are votes on
🔹the #EUbudget & recovery package,
🔹the conditionality mechanism and
🔹the own resources decision.
‼️ #COREPER update: First decision was on the regulation on the protection of the Union budget (conditionality machanism)
👉 EU Ambassadors confirmed the final compromise text with qualified majority.

#EUBudget #MFF #RuleOfLaw
‼️ #COREPER update: The 2nd decision was on the agreement in principle on the Multiannual Financial Framework & Recovery Package
👉 2 EUMS expressed reservations with regard to their opposition to 1 element of the overall package - but not to the substance of the #MFF agreement
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My two cents on the latest EU RoL. I expected to write about the report's content, but ended up doing a political analysis of where we stand - bc in the end, the report can be a brilliant analysis, beautifully written and very thorough, the question is what we do with it. /1
First, let me emphasise that this is a positive development. The European Commission recognises the relevance of Rule of Law, analysing the situation in all EU27. Glass half full, but it could have been different. It is a first step in the right direction. /2
The annual report creates the evidence needed to assess the RoL situation. We already had ample information on some EU MS (heads up to the EP & CoE), but not on all - this EU27 report allows to say “we looked at everyone the same way”. Evidence is always good start for PM. /3
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So 🇭🇺, 🇵🇱, 🇸🇪, 🇫🇮, 🇩🇰, 🇳🇱 & 🇧🇪 opposed 🇩🇪’s compromise proposal on how to tie #NextGenerationEU & #MFF disbursements to the rule-of-law. 🇦🇹 & 🇱🇺 abstained. The proposal still got the required qualified majority. But in theory, any of these countries could still block the package:
Allowing the European Commission to raise the agreed debt (750 billion) needs unanimity. So the rule of law legislation only needs qualified majority, and 🇭🇺’s objections can be bypassed there, but if 🇭🇺 wants, it can block the “own resources” decision and blow the whole thing up
Plus we need to keep in mind that the EU Parliament also needs to give its backing to the package (by simple majority). Germany only got a mandate from Member states today to negotiate with the Parliament on the rule of law conditionality. It’s something, but not the end of it.
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Deutschlands EU-Botschafter Clauß macht öffentlich Druck auf Europaparlamentarier, sich bei den Verhandlungen zu #MFR und #Corona Hilfen zu sputen. Gegenfrage:hat die deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft schon ein Verhandlungsmandat für den #Rechtstaatsmechanismus? @derspiegel @EU2020DE
Antwort an den deutschen EU-Botschafter erfolgt postwendend: „Ich würde mir eine aktivere Rolle von Kanzlerin Angela Merkel und Finanzminister Scholz in den EU Haushaltsverhandlungen wünschen", sagt der Deutsche im ParlamentsVerhandlungsteam @RasmusAndresen . @derspiegel #Corona
Unterstützung erhielt das deutsche Verhandlungsteam eben beim Treffen der EU-Botschafter. Rund ein Drittel der Delegationen sagten, dass die den Eigenmittelbeschluss nicht mittragen können, solange sie keinen Überblick über den Gesamthaushalt hätten. Druck auf Parlament steigt.
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Tunne, kun yrität argumentoida EU-hölynpölyn olemassaolon puolesta, mutta päädyt itse tekemään varsinaista sanallista akrobatiaa.

Tämä juttu on ihan hölynpölyä. Ketju 1/12…
Kolumnissa Puopolo "avaa" EU-hölynpölyn kolmen kärkeä, jonka muodostaa kokonaishyöty, kaikki voittivat ajattelu ja poliittinen pääoma.

Pureskellaanpa vähän. 2/
"”Kokonaishyöty” astuu kuvaan vasta silloin, kun todellista hyötyä ei kukaan ymmärrä. "Vaikka annamme EU:lle kuusi miljardia ja saamme takaisin vain kolme, on kokonaishyöty niin suuri, että se kannattaa!""

EU:n tuottaman hyödyn ajattelu näin on tarkoituksenhakuista. 3/
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This morning @EUCouncil agree on historic 3y spending to kickstart the economy (750Bn€, w/ 390Bn grants & 360Bn loans) + 7y #EUbudget to invest in the long term (1.074Bn€). Before @Europarl_EN decides on this deal, let's see what’s in it: the good, the bad and the ugly. #Thread
Good n°1: Good news: there is a deal, and we are in July. I personally did not expect them to find an agreement before the fall, so having a deal in mid-July is already a positive piece of news in itself.
Good n°2: The overall architecture has not changed. Yes, less money will be invested than what was originally proposed (more👇), but we still get a reasonably sized budget (1.074bn€ over next 7y) + significant input of fresh money (390Bn€ in grants) that is good for #recovery
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The deal on #RecoveryPlan & #MFF sanctions the birth of deeply transformed EU, less principled, less European:

- lighter on values such as #ruleoflaw

- less committed to research, health & climate

- debt prone, lacking own resources

Misaligned with Parliament & citizens! Image
And NOW the EU Parliament:

After having being condemned to silently watch over record-long #EUCO, the EU Parliament WON’T miss the opportunity to highlight shortcomings of such as deal on #MFF and #RecoveryPlan

@Europarl_EN can’t do much more, unfortunately.

EU leaders give up their attempt at subjecting disbursement EU funding on respect of #RuleOfLaw with vague commitment to ‘rapidly’ set up new regime governed by QMV. It’s yet another victory for #Orbán & co. & consolidation of authoritarian equilibrium @rdanielkelemen #MFF #EUCO Image
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Looks like #EUCO has reached the point of “last resort” where enhanced cooperation can kick in to “further the objectives of the Union, protect its interests and reinforce its integration process” (Art. 20 TEU). Merkel & Macron can easily corral the minimum 9 member states. 1/
The group will represent the majority of EU population and the great bulk of its GNI. @vonderleyen needs to make the proposal based on the Commission’s original plan to issue eurobonds at scale to fund an economic recovery programme run by itself subject only to reverse QMV. 2/
Eurobond-holders will be paid by direct taxes levied only from taxpayers in the participating states. Spending will be above and beyond the EU budget. Council unanimity is required to launch such enhanced cooperation and MEPs have to give their consent (Art. 329 TFEU). 3/
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Today, #EUCO discuss the EU Recovery Fund and the long-term budget (MFF). @CiolosDacian summarised our priorities in @POLITICOEurope:

⚖️ EU money cannot finance illiberalism. Rule of law must be respected

🇪🇺 New own resources at EU level


In Renew Europe, we believe that respecting EU values is not negotiable.

Our MEPs @katka_cseh (🇭🇺) & @sandrogozi (🇫🇷) have a proposal to ensure that:

🚫Autocrats who ignore our values don't get EU money

✅EU funds reach those who need it the most

We should not be fighting for EU values alone. This is a debate that concerns everyone, including the @EPPGroup which remains silent and provides safe harbour to the likes of Viktor Orban

Read @CiolosDacian's take in @EURACTIV…
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Today's #EUCO is a crucial moment for EU's future. Discussions on #RI & #MFF in past weeks have shown that 1. It's complex (size, alloc. criteria, grants & loans, refinancing mec., rebates, conditionalities, etc. ), 2. There are some divisions (hi #Frugals)... /1
... but also 3. There is potential for compromise. While an ambitious MFF w/ "modern" priorities & an efficient RoL mechanism are unlikely: Let's hope for a compromise that won't be too half-baked or based on dodgy deals (hi #Orban & #Costa). /2
Now it's time for 🇩🇪 to show leadership as they are in the driving seat - together w/ @eucopresident of course. (And who knows: maybe #Merkel's birthday will lighten the mood in the negotiations?) /3
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This is the first EU budget negotiation where I am not involved in the end game. Did parts of Agenda 2000 as a civil servant, 2007-14 as an MEP (lesser role) and 2014-20 as Europe Minister in charge of the Finnish negotiations. This time up until January leading @EIB team...
There is always lots of drama around negotiations on money, never more so than now with the other rescue packages bringing the total tally north of 2,5 trillion euros. I do not want to spoil the party, but European leaders will clinch a deal either over the weekend or...
...before the end July. It is much easier to find a compromise when there is such an array of issues on table to bargain for. Before that there will be the usual drama of public statements, historic crisis, deadlocks, misunderstood and misjudged statemens...
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In view of the upcoming special #EUCO @EUCouncil a number of related studies have been published recently by @wiiw_news together with our #EU partners @IMKFlash @ofceparis @BlomeyerSanz @WIFOat @oegfe on the #MFF and the #NextGenerationEU plan (a thread)…
This includes an @oegfe policy brief together with @JBachtroegler @v_kubekova @MargitSchratz on 'Overcoming the net position thinking in EU member states'
The policy brief is based on a joint @BlomeyerSanz @WIFOat @wiiw_news study on 'How EU funds tackle economic divide in the European Union' for the @EP_Budgets of the @Europarl_EN
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I am afraid #RuleOfLaw could become a victim of the EU's #recoveryfund and #MFF negotiations.

Let me explain briefly using the data from @ecfr's new #EUCoalitionExplorer [thread, 1/7]

#RethinkEurope @MercatorDE…
On the face of it, most EU members are in favour of pressing hard for the protection of #RuleOfLaw by the EU institutions, including through the development of new tools [2/7]…
But #RuleOfLaw is 2nd order issue for most EU members. Only in FI, NL, SE, LU, ES, MT does it feature among TOP5 policy priorities, according to our survey of policy professionals. Not a single respondent in FR considers it an issue of high priority [3/7]…
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A quick, depressing 🧵 on what to expect in next steps toward autocracy in Poland. I hope @fromTGA is right and Poles will defend their democracy. However, I think things will get much worse and Poland will become an autocracy like Hungary 1/n
So far Kaczyński’s PiS government has been following the standard elected autocrat’s playbook very closely, following Orbán’s example of how to get away with building an autocracy inside the EU. Here are the steps: 2/n
As @fromTGA said, so far PiS focused on capturing the courts, turning state media into propaganda arm, & demonizing opposition. Next key steps will be to suppress vestiges of independence in lower ranks of judiciary & to establish PiS control over private media 3/n
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