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Tonight on #BreakingBarriers 👇👇

Let’s declutter our space☺️

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Good evening all and trust we had a great day? It’s time for #BreakingBarriers 🙏🙏🙏

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1. The simple life is a “manly/womanly” life because a man defines himself not by his possessions but by his character, virtues, relationships, and experiences. #BreakingBarriers
2. These are the things that he invests his time, energy, and emotions in, because these are the things that no natural disaster, no bomb, no prison can ever take away from him. #BreakingBarriers
3. The less stuff we accumulate, the less energy we have to devote to the maintenance of it, and the more energy we can put into becoming better person.

Life is as simple or complicated as we make it. #BreakingBarriers
4. The dreaded “C” word. Clutter.

We all deal with it. In some part of our world, we face it: be it in our closets, in our offices, or even in our bodies. But the most distracting and debilitating cluttered space is in the head of most people. #BreakingBarriers
5. What if we told you that you could declutter your life and make more room for what truly matters? Less clutter, more organization. Less stress, more time. Less debt, more freedom. Less discontent, more intention.

6. Making space in your life for what really matters might be even trickier than decluttering physical things from your life, but it’s worth it.

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7. It’s easy to load up your plate with commitment after commitment. Between work, school, sports, church and keeping up some kind of a social life, it can be hard to find time to breathe! #BreakingBarriers @Mosopemi @CHIDIMMAIDIKA
10. Live with intention: Before you buy anything, step back and ask yourself if your life really needs another one of these things in it—whatever it is. Do you really need another pair of jeans? Why? #BreakingBarriers
11. Do you need to replace a pair, or do you just have an itch to buy something, anything? Sure, those picture frames might be on sale, but do you need more? Do they bring you joy? Be intentional about your purchases as you work to declutter your life. #BreakingBarriers
12. Remember, don’t buy things you don’t need, especially if they don’t have value or mean something to you.

Let go of comparisons:
Look away from the clutter on your news feed. Back away slowly from your friend who’s bragging about their brand-new car #BreakingBarriers
13. And the vacation they took to Dubai. This whole comparison trap is real. So real that people are getting involve in things all because they need to meet up to others standard and expectations. Far be it! #BreakingBarriers
Sometimes you need to spend less time on social media (or take a break completely) to reevaluate its place in your life. There are some great apps out there, like Moment, that will actually tell you how much time you’re spending on social media each day. #BreakingBarriers
15. You can even set daily limits for yourself, and you’ll get a notification if you’ve gone over. This helps you be mindful of how much time you’re on your phone and makes sure you stay accountable.

16. You might not think you spend that much time on your phone, but it’s hard to argue with big, bold numbers showing that you spent a grand total of five hours on it today. Yikes! #BreakingBarriers

Is it really possible to declutter your life by getting rid of debt? Oh, you better believe it. There is nothing more freeing and purposeful than paying for things with money you actually have and not owing anyone anything.
Take the following steps and see your life changing:
1. Keep a gratitude log.

Gratitude is appreciating what you have. It’s saying that what you have is enough. Taking time every day to consider your blessings will help bring balance to your life. #BreakingBarriers
19. It’s hard to be grateful and angry at the same time.

Spend five minutes every day to note at least five things you’re grateful for. Some ideas: time with a friend, an award at school, your seatbelt, your breath, for clothes, ability to go to toilet 😀et al #BreakingBarriers
20. 2. Journal:

Whether digitally or with paper, journaling is a wonderful release of pent-up thought. By writing down your thoughts, worries, hopes, and experiences, you are finding respite from the chatter inside your head.

#BreakingBarriers @OpeyeGod1 @OroAdunni @FireOFola
21. Try to journal every day for however long it takes to feel peace on a topic. The more you do it, the faster the peace comes. Like in therapy, simply letting it out is healing because we’re relieved of the burden of keeping it all inside.
#BreakingBarriers @MomentsWithBren
3. Laugh.

Laughter has been proven to be the best medicine for relieving stress. It eases defensiveness, lightens your emotional load, and lifts stress off your shoulders. It brings balance to your psyche because laughter is presence.
Practice not taking yourself so seriously and laugh more often. Really laugh. A deep,hearty,Santa laugh. Watch comedies, hang out with funny friends, go to a comedy club, or play with your kids or your dog.With so many options, stress doesn’t stand a chance #BreakingBarriers
24. For me, meditation and movies does it better! #BreakingBarriers
25. 4. Zone out.

Take time to rest your mind every day. Let your mind shut off from having to process, apply, or interpret information. This means no TV, no conversation, no reading, and no problem solving. @FireOFola have you tried this ☺️? #BreakingBarriers
26. Take a break from the chores, from the duties of the day. Let the breath come and go naturally, and the eyes roam wherever they want.

27. Look at the trees sway, the clouds float, the stars shimmer. Afterward, when it comes time to work, you’ll find focus more easily than before your mini-retreat.

28. 5. Control your media intake.

Watching or listening to anything and everything just because it’s on doesn’t bode well for your psyche. Subtle opinions, biases, and judgments creep into your mind and embed thought structures.#BreakingBarriers
29. Oblivious, you then form opinions that aren’t your own, simply because you heard it on the radio,TV,Twitter, FB or Instagram.

Start really paying attention to the noise that you let seep into your eyes and ears. Ask, Is this benefitting my life in any way? #BreakingBarriers
6. Get creative.

As often as possible, connect with your inner child by exploring your imagination. Let curiosity lead. When it comes to opportunities to get creative, there are plenty!

31. 7. Exercise.
Move. Sweat. Stretch. Get active&get your endorphins going! Exercise helps control your weight, prevent illness, boost energy,& improve your mood. It helps you sleep better, feel better,&focus better. Aunty @HenshawKate can teach this better 💗
Find an activity that inspires you to raise your heart rate—dance, yoga, martial arts, running, walking, whatever. If maintain some level of frequent activity, it will serve your health and well-being for years to come.

33. 8. Get clear on your priorities.

To figure out your top priorities, list your goals, your motivations, and those relationships that matter most to you. Then rank them in order of importance to your well-being. #BreakingBarriers
34. These are the things, respectively, that you’ll want to spend the most time on.

Evaluate anything that comes between you and your priorities—is it worth you compromising on what matters most?

35. 9. Do something kind for another person.

The late Zig Ziglar said, “You’ll get everything you want if you help others get what they want.” Whatever we feel is lacking in a situation is something we’re not giving. And anytime we feel lack or longing, we’re out of balance.
36. Sounds counterintuitive, but if you want to see more of something in your life, start giving that thing away—be it love, money, or attention.

Make it a point every day to be kind with your actions, your words, and especially your thoughts.

37. If you don’t feel genuinely moved to lend a helping hand or pass along a compliment, simply smile instead. That act alone is enough to improve your mood and clear the mental blockage between you and compassion.

38. 10. Let go.

Since when does worrying get you anywhere? Release those useless, negative thoughts of worry. When we do this regularly, we drastically reduce the amount of “stuff” that needs our attention and depletes our energy.
Drawers and cabinets are not the only areas that need tidying. Our minds are full of thoughts in the form of judgments, expectations, and fears that blind us from the truth. #BreakingBarriers
40. Try monitoring your mind and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. You’ll soon notice a change in your entire outlook on life.

41. Life’s full of surprises. We control how we respond to them, and the best way to strike a balance is to roll with the punches and go with the flow. Life’s unpredictable course is our opportunity to meet surprises with acceptance and grace.

42. It helps to have an open mind.

Your turn: What are some ways you find clarity, focus, and balance in life? #BreakingBarriers
43. In all choose happiness. Intentionally cherish and protect your happiness in life. Don’t subject your happiness to anyone and anything. 👌#InternationalHappinessDay #BreakingBarriers

Thank you 🙏
Remember with God it’s people like us that succeed in life. @LanreAgboola1

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To your success,
Adedayo Olabamiji
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