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1. Too many people spend their lives counting down the days until the weekend so they can bask in their temporary reprieve. Then it’s right back on the hamster wheel. #BreakingBarriers
2. Some live their lives in comfortable ignorance, unaware of their true potential. They have it good; you can’t agonize over anything you don’t value. #wednesdaythoughts #BreakingBarriers
3. But then there are those who know better, that feel like life is passing them by because they have so much to offer. #BreakingBarriers
4. Plagued by the fact that all of their creative energy is going to waste, they are tortured souls.We’re often left wondering when, if ever,we’ll fulfill our dreams, and how we’ll ever end up attracting all the things into our lives we’ve ever set our sights on #BreakingBarriers
5. Whether you’re looking for the perfect job, the ideal relationship, the right car, or even the best place to live, attracting the right things into your life can seem like a daunting task.

If this is you, I have good news: You can change that.

6. No one is going to make anything happen for you. Nobody owe you anything in life. That’s your job. The brilliant idea you have in your head will never see the light of day unless you sit down, ignore all distractions, and just do the work. #BreakingBarriers @FireOFola
7. Most of us already know this, but our actions and behaviors indicate otherwise. Think of all of the wisdom that circulates around social media every day: life is short; time is precious; carpe diem. #BreakingBarriers
8. We hear these phrases so often now that they’ve become nothing but overlooked platitudes. Case in point: anyone that tells you how they want to start a business,write a book, or start making more art,&then spends every minute of their free time doing anything #BreakingBarriers
9. Don’t be afraid to start your own PATH.

One of the biggest hang-ups for creative people is their innate desire to rally the troops. I struggled with this for years. Until I realize way out. #BreakingBarriers
10. Want to make things happen in your life? Check your FOCUS! The truth, whether some believe it or not, is that you get whatever it is that you focus on in life. You reap what you sow and cultivate what you grow. #BreakingBarriers
11. When our minds are steeped in negativity, we tend to see things from a negative light. But when we’re positive and look to the silver lining, so to speak, we ultimately produce positive results.

12.The hard part?Moving away from negative emotions is hard. But that’s also the only way we can attract the right things into our lives. Like attracts like.Our vibrational energy and our auras play a big role in helping to produce the outcomes that we’re after. #BreakingBarriers
13. Direction is the result of pure focus.
One very powerful way to attract the things you want in life is to direct your focus. Achieving any goal, big or small, is purely a matter of focus. We get whatever it is that we focus on. #BreakingBarriers
14. Focus on a positive result, and in time, you’ll reap what you sow. Focus on negativity, and, well, you’ll just end up steering into the wall, so to speak.
15. 👉Never let failure hold you back
Failure is tough. It does a number on us. When we fail,&we’re going through that pain, the last thing we can think about is attracting good things into our lives because we’re so focused on all the bad things surrounding us. #BreakingBarriers
16. Your failures in life are signals to success and your possibilities ahead in all endeavors. Failure should never hold us back. Ever. Failure is just a stepping stone, a fork in the road if you will.

#BreakingBarriers @Nappyb0yy @IAmSteveHarvey
17. 3. Plan for tomorrow, but live for today.
Whether or not we only live once is a matter up for discussion. But, consciously speaking, we’re only aware of this present life, even if we’ve lived before. The point?#BreakingBarriers
18. Whatever it is that you believe in, live for today but plan for tomorrow. Take calculated risks. Don’t live in fear or steeped in worry and regret. If you’ve made mistakes in the past, forgive yourself, and live your life.
#BreakingBarriers @naval
It’s hard to truly live when we’re constantly worrying about our past decisions or feeling sorry for ourselves. Yes, we all make mistakes. It’s okay. No one is perfect. As long as we do our best not to repeat those mistakes, that’s the purpose of this journey we call life.
4. Everything comes in time to those who can wait
While this saying has been around for a while, we’re not all the best at living a patient life. #BreakingBarriers
21. Patience is a virtue, but clearly, not many of us have the ability to wait for a seemingly infinite amount of time to see our goals to fruition. We’re an instant-gratification society. We want want we want, and we want it now. #BreakingBarriers
22. Trust your struggles and process in life. Stop comparison and blaming games. Take ownership of your life and full responsibility of your world. Intentionally make things happen for yourself. #BreakingBarriers
23. Lastly, It’s all about the journey, not just the destination
As hard as it is sometimes to appreciate it, goals are about the journey and not about the destination. #BreakingBarriers
24. It’s about who we become along the way. It involves spiritual growth, mental understanding, and increase in emotional capacity to become more kind, sympathetic, empathetic, and even giving. #BreakingBarriers
25. As much as we might want to attract things into our lives right now, sometimes the direct opposite can occur if we’re not careful.

When we don’t appreciate the journey and who we become, it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty of life. #BreakingBarriers @FireOFola
26. Celebrate that man and woman you’ve become. You’re work in progress. Celebrate your scars and carry them as a badge. Make messages out of your mess and inspire your world. Most of us don’t look like what we’ve been through. #BreakingBarriers @Mosopemi @CHIDIMMAIDIKA 😊
27. It’s far harder to see the forest through the trees when our eyes are blanketed by things by the illusion created by desire, lust, and greed. #BreakingBarriers
28. We have to appreciate the journey towards our goals, and not just the destinations. We have to be grateful for what we have rather than just pining over what we don’t. #BreakingBarriers
29. Stop listening to what people say. Focus your energy on how to make yourself better than yesterday. Keep grinding till your success speak for you. #BreakingBarriers
30. Want to make things happen in your life? Start now! #BreakingBarriers
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Remember with God it’s people like us that succeed in life.

To your success,
Adedayo Olabamiji

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