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#BlackoutInfo What might be consequences of a national or even european #Blackout, lasting more than 72 hours in our electricity addicted society? How is our country prepared for? And how much our politicians engage for this catastrophic case?
#BlackoutInfo Within hours after a national #Blackout for 90% of all homes no more drinking water will flow out of the tap. Flushing the WC will work only one last time. Therefore risk of diseases is growing fast. No human can stand more than 3 days without water supply...
#BlackoutInfo As a follow of a national #Blackout production of food isn’t possible anymore. Distributing still available stockpiles is becoming difficult & very quick impossible. Automated warehouses can’t deliver anymore, because all is offline. Supermarkets run out of stocks.
#BlackoutInfo Within seconds after a national #Blackout non-cash payment won’t be possible anymore. Electrical cash registers also don’t work. Payment in cash only, but can’t be drawn from ATM, due to loss of electricity. And now? 🤔
#BlackoutInfo Within seconds after a national #Blackout fuel can be pumped at almost none of the gas stations. Uncountable cars and trucks conk out and block traffic routes. A huge number of people have to walk home or need shelter and supply due to large distance to home.
#BlackoutInfo The longer a #Blackout lasts, the less law enforcement, firefighters or civil protection forces will be available, because they have and want to take care of their families, too! Assembling and supplying their families in secured areas is not planned.
#BlackoutInfo After a national #Blackout vital medication will be available at pharmacies for cash until they run out of stocks. Supplies can’t be ordered or if, not delivered. What to do now? Obtain from overcrowded, for maybe 3 days emergency powered hospitals? Good luck!
#BlackoutInfo Within seconds after a national #Blackout rail transport breaks down. Daily millions of people use trains to go to work or other travel. Therefore hundreds of thousands are stuck in the middle of nowhere without chance to get home and now need food and shelter.
#BlackoutInfo National preperations for a #Blackout are to call at best half-hearted. Maxim is: „Nothing to see here! Everything under control! Move on! Nothing to see! Move on! Everything is good! We’ll make it! Very calming…
#BlackoutInfo After a national #Blackout hundreds of thousands #insulin needing #diabetics can’t store their medication at adequate temperature. Also supply from pharmacies will run out soon. Consequences will be dramatic within a few days!
#BlackoutInfo Within short time after a national #Blackout it won’t be possible to treat all of he tens of thousands #dialysis patients. At the latest when fuel for the hospital emergency generators runs out, vital treatment comes to an end. Death will be unavoidable.
#BlackoutInfo Communication of law enforcement and others will break down within hours after a national #Blackout. Citizens can’t do emergency calls anymore and forces can’t be dispatched. As long there is fuel, roving patrols will help... at least in the beginning.
#BlackoutInfo After 3 days without water a human dies. Sick, old, weak & kids even earlier. Drinking of none purified water leads to severe gastrointestinal diseases which can’t be treated appropriate in the anyway overcrowded hospitals. Death tolls raise quick! #Blackout
#BlackoutInfo Within hours after a national #Blackout mobile phone nets break down. Landline at once, if pluged in or working with #voip connected to a electricity driven router. No emergency calls or communication with family & friends possible or informational internet access.
#BlackoutInfo Although hospitals have emergency generators, the water supply collapses, too. Cooking in the large kitchens will be massively limited. Not only due to traffic problems, fewer and fewer employees report for duty. How long stay operational? 3 days? 1 week?
#BlackoutInfo Short time after a national #Blackout situation for hundreds of thousands in nursing homes is becoming precarious! The anyway limited staff is not able to ensure treatment. Life-sustaining machines stop working at once or after emergency battery system runs out.
#BlackoutInfo Is a national or international #Blackout even possible? According to experts and authorities yes, although with very low likelihood! Biggest problem is to boot and stabilize the energy grid. Will last for more than 96 hours, if there are no severe hardware damages!
#BlackoutInfo During a national, long-lasting #Blackout there are more or less fast, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people at mortal danger:
- nursing homes
- hospitals
- diabetics type 1 & 2
-dialysis patients
- many more reliant on life-saving measures
#BlackoutInfo In case of a national, long-lasting #Blackout people dependent on life-saving medications just will last out to the end of their personal stock. Supply only in few cases, if any. Is this tantamount to death sentence?
#BlackoutInfo In case of a national, long-lasting #Blackout while the cold time of the year, most of the heatings stop working. Flats and houses become cold very quick. Heatable emergency shelters stay rare and are not available for everyone.
#BlackoutInfo A national, long-lasting #Blackout does not announce itself with dark clouds at the horizon. It hits us unexpected, lightning fast and no one knows when. Only one thing is clear, the longer the electricity is gone, the more serious and deadly are the consequences!
#BlackoutInfo How many of the millions of daily #subway users need to be rescued from tunnels with almost no light, when a national, long-lasting #Blackout hits us?
#BlackoutInfo Are really all airports capable of working for several hours after a national, long-lasting #Blackout? Especially if redirecting of incoming flights is not possible because all other airports are affected too? Hopefully yes, but is it probed, tested and trained?

It is absolutely wrong, that politicians and government don’t care about a national, long-lasting #Blackout!

They do it in a very tactical way!

Ok, it’s only ostrich tactics, but at least something!

Prepare now, because if it happens, it is much too late!!!
#BlackoutInfo What to do, if after a national, long-lasting #Blackout food for your pet runs out? Nothing to buy at #Walmart and cash is short anyway. Will neighbours help out? Or does the pet become even YOUR own food?!?
#BlackoutInfo Uncountable elevators will be stuck in the case of a national, long-lasting #Blackout! How much time it will take to rescue hundreds of thousands people? Are there enough firefighters to gain control over this situation, while subways and more are hit too?
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